10 Things All Travelers Do Wrong (And 10 Ways To Avoid Them)

It is easy for something to go wrong during a trip. However what lots of travelers tend to neglect is the fact that a lot of the headaches can be avoided even before the vacation has started. A common theme in this article is being prepared even before stepping onto a flight. It can lead to an easy experience and one that you’ll never forget. It sounds painful but a lot of the things travelers do wrong are a result of the things they don’t do before booking a trip. A bunch of things can play into that. Cost cutting is one reason. Another can be the stresses of thinking about so many other things, that you end up neglecting certain travel factors that can change everything when it comes to both a flight and destination experience.

Not to worry as we also feature proper ways to avoid such problems. Just having a little more knowledge about the destination can go a long way and it can cause a stress-free type of trip both heading to the spot and when you have arrived. From bringing a carry-on to exchanging your money just days before, these are some of the ways to avoid any type of difficulties.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are 10 things all travelers do wrong and 10 ways to avoid them. Let’s get started with one of the most stressful parts of a trip: packing!

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20 Wrong – Packing The Wrong Stuff

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Packing the wrong stuff is a common problem lots of travelers face. This can happen in two ways. One, you over commit and before you know it you’re stuck with having to pay an extra fee due to the weight of the bag. Another reoccurrence that can take place; packing the wrong things that just aren’t suitable for the destination.

This can lead to a big problem and more money being spent. Why must one have to purchase an umbrella when you could have just easily packed a small sized one? Planning ahead and planning wisely is an easy way to avoid such a problem.

19 Solution – Small Suitcase/Check Weather


To ensure you don’t bring too many things, just pack a smaller suitcase. This can lead to an easier travel experience while forcing you to leave a couple of things behind. We also advise packing some clothes in a carry-on but we’ll discuss why a little later in the article.

The most important factor of all, make sure to check the weather of the destination before packing a luggage. Rain and even colder climates can change what a particular traveler had in mind for the experience. Such weather changes can cause a traveler to completely revamp what they bring. So instead of t-shirts and shorts you might be better off with a thicker sweater.

18 Wrong - Booking a Car On The Spot


Renting a car is another stressful part of a trip but in truth, it really shouldn’t be. Lots of travelers make the mistake of leaving this to the very end. You become agitated during the flight thinking about the long lineup of people waiting to rent a car - not to mention the types of vehicles they’ll have left. Perhaps you wanted an SUV but you get stuck with something half the size.

This is a common mistake travelers make and something that can be fixed beforehand. Just doing a couple of extra minutes of research will put you at ease and make you avoid this problem altogether.

17 Solution - Book Car Before The Trip


Yes, the solution can be this easy. Instead of waiting till you arrive at the destination you skip out on that entire hassle and rent beforehand. You can even reserve before at certain airports. Although another affordable alternative might be looking elsewhere near the airport - at times companies nearby offer better rental options at half the price.

Just imagine getting off the plane and not having to worry about what car you'll be getting. You can simply already reserve or just fetch a quick cab nearby taking you to a rental place while saving lots of money. Do the research and you’ll be at ease cruising in that rental.

16 Wrong – Exchanging Money At The Airport


Leaving everything for the last minute isn’t the best idea. Although it might seem convenient and a stress-free option, it really isn’t - in the end it is quite the opposite. Another part a traveler leaves till the very end is the money exchange. With several locations available at the airport it just seems so easy to make that transaction just before fetching a flight. However, this is absolutely wrong.

You’ll be losing out on lots of extra money due to the inflated rates provided by the airport exchange bureau. This is a common mistake and one the airport might take advantage of.

15 Solution – Exchange Money At Cheap Exchange Bureau (Beforehand)


Similar to booking a car ahead of time changing your money beforehand is the way to go. Keeping track of the dollar value is key as well. Although it might seem rash to exchange money weeks in advance this can lead to extra spending money before a trip. Make sure to keep an eye out on the status of your dollar. Make the exchange when the rate is low.

Secondly, make the transaction at a local exchange bureau. Smaller chains typically offer a better exchange rate in comparison to the bigger ones you’ll find at airports. Make the change in advance and avoid the lessened exchange rate.

14 Wrong – Taxi


You get off a flight and seem to be overwhelmed by all the new faces around you. Lots of people are going to hassle you into taking a taxi to a resort or wherever you plan on staying at. Yes, it is so easy just to jump in an air conditioned cab away from all the madness but it is another common mistake you must avoid.

Simply taking a deep breath and a step back can cause you to avoid this mistake altogether. Better options exist and they are usually half the price. They can also save you so much time.

13 Solution – Look For Best Transportation Available


Again, just doing your homework beforehand can come in handy. Even just asking around is another way to go for the optimal solution. When going on a resort, buses from the airport are usually free of charge! Yes, that’s right that cab you paid all those dollars for was just so unnecessary. When it comes to all-inclusive types of trips, buses are usually factored into the total price.

When it comes to other populated destinations such alternatives like a train can be dirt cheap and also save you lots of time in terms of travel distance. Instead of being stuck in a cab you can be already at the destination by simply opting for the smarter alternative.

12 Wrong – Putting Everything In A Suitcase


This one seems like common sense. Why bring a carry-on when you can put everything in  a suitcase? You won’t have to hassle anyone on the plane nor will you need to carry it around. 'I’ll be free', you tell yourself!

That all sounds great but what happens if the flight airline loses your bag? Yeah, that won’t be nice especially with every single item you brought in the bag. Losing a bag happens so often, so at the very least taking some precautionary measures might do you some good. Carrying an extra bag can make all the difference in such a situation. Don’t stuff that suitcase with everything you’re bringing.

11 Solution – Bring Extras In Carry On


The solution is quite simple. Bring a carry-on and pack a light load with a couple of essentials. That can include a backup toothbrush, extra bathing suit and maybe a couple of clothing items. At the very least it’ll put you at ease and you won’t need to be thinking about the possibility of losing every single item in the drastic event that the airline loses your bag.

The last thing you want to be doing is shopping at the hotel boutique for some new clothes or the over-priced outlets in the airport. Bringing a carry-on is a simple solution and a choice you should always make both going and coming back.

10 Wrong – Wi-Fi Charges


This one can become a bad situation for some travelers. If you don’t do the homework beforehand it can lead to spending a couple of nights in a location that isn’t Wi-Fi-friendly.

Even some hotels that include Wi-Fi can charge a disturbing extra fee. Lots of travelers need Wi-Fi these days, whether it be work related or just to connect with others. If this is an essential part of a trip do the homework before and don’t leave it till you arrive at the destination. Learn about all the additional fees and charges before booking.

9 Solution - Choose Wi-Fi Friendly Areas


Before you book a hotel be sure to get information about the Wi-Fi situation. Today most resorts or hotels have this included free of charge. However in some cases, there are locations that have a flat fee in for the usage of Wi-Fi. This happens more than one thinks.

It is a mistake travelers often make and by the end of it you are forced to pay a lot more than expected for something that easily can be free at a hotel just nearby. Once again something as simple as doing the homework beforehand or simply calling the hotel can save travelers a lot of money and the hassle as well.

8 Wrong – Not Knowing The Language

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Just because you are going to a foreign country doesn’t mean that you can get away with not speaking the dialogue. In fact this can lead to several problems. Not knowing the very basics of a foreign language can become costly whether it be for something as simple as transportation or anything else.

Just by simply nodding your head you might be paying for something you didn’t even know about. The sad reality is lots of foreign destination take advantage of this and that’s especially true with travelers that seem to be more foreign than the others. A cab charge can be another unnecessary money grab.

7 Solution – Know The Basics 

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Just simply knowing the basics can lead to avoiding these additional costs. You’ll also have an easier time getting around. Get familiar with some of the basic words and most of all, get familiar with the surroundings before you even go on the trip.

There isn’t anything worse than not speaking a word of the language and not knowing where anything is either. Having a bit of knowledge with both can allow you to enjoy the trip and it’ll stop you from wasting unnecessary time trying to communicate with someone at the location.

6 Wrong – Booking Seats At The Airport


Packing, exchanging money, work – these are all some of the things you might be focusing on the day before leaving. However raise your hand if this has happened to you; you took care of all those things before the airport only to arrive at the check-in station and you hear the news that you'll be sitting alone away from a fellow traveler.

That tends to be a nightmare and the only way to remedy it at times is to upgrade to the premium section and travelers know that doesn’t come cheap. This can be very frustrating but once again, it is a mistake that can be easily avoided.

5 Solution – Book Seats Before

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If you book with a travel agent they’ll likely tell you to book the seats in advance the day before, online. However, if sitting next to a loved one is an absolute must you can also pay and extra fee a week before and reserve a couple of the seats. Taking such a measure does cost a little but it will also allow you to fly enjoyably and without having to worry about who is sitting next to you.

It can also ensure you get that aisle or window seat as well. This is a crucial way to avoid a problem many travelers face with their airline regularly.

4 Wrong – Getting Travel Insurance


Getting travel insurance is very important, let’s not kid ourselves. In the event that something goes wrong it is imperative to have coverage. However a mistake made by lots of travelers is getting the insurance without even knowing that they’re already insured to begin with. If you book through a travel agency, they usually push the insurance (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

However those that don’t do their homework usually agree and pay the extra fee. The real kicker? Some are covered but they don’t even know. It is a common travel mistake lots of tourists mess up every year.

3 Solution – Be Prepared

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Instead of instantly linking the mind to fear take a second before saying yes to the insurance. Take a look at what work-related insurances you are covered with. It might be unknown at times but travel insurance can be one of the elements already covered.

Do the homework before answering this question. It can save you both time and money with a travel agency when booking a trip. In fact, some can also cover their significant other with the insurance policy as well. Make it a priority to find out whether or not you are covered just before booking the next trip.

2 Wrong – Booking The Cheapest Options


A common error travelers usually make is opting for the cheaper option. You might feel great looking at the amount of money saved. However this shouldn’t be of the utmost importance when booking an airline or hotel.

Instead you need to dig deeper. At times cheap flights consist of layovers. This can change a three-hour flight into one that’s triple the time. On the other hand, it can also cause you to miss a flight due to the closeness of the next one. It needs to be about convenience and not the best price point when booking either a hotel or a flight.

1 Solution – Quality Over Quantity

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Saving a buck is a nice way to live, however when it comes to travel one must search in depth and not simply due to cost-cutting measures. Search for the airline and get feedback on the customer experience. Also when booking a hotel get an idea of what’s near you beforehand. At times the cheaper alternative is so cheap due to the fact that it is completely out of the hot spots with nothing nearby.

Take your time when booking a flight and hotel – don’t make the price point ruin your experience. Location and quality need to be pushed ahead of everything else.

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