It’s time to leave! Yes, the moment is finally here. However, a question all travelers, both male and female, tend to ask themselves is: "do I have everything?" Packing at the last minute is never a good idea; if you figure out you're missing something, it's likely too late. For that reason, make sure to start packing well ahead. This can ensure you won’t be leaving without any essential items.

In this article we separate the women and the men, discussing things each might be prone to forget. As you’ll see throughout the article, forgetting some of these items can lead to extra dollars being wasted. Don’t let this happen to you and make sure to write a checklist of the musts for a vacation.

On the female side, we discuss easy-to-forget items such as a laundry bag, converter plug and that dreaded phone charger. We’ll also discuss ways to ensure you won’t forget these items. As for the male portion of this article, we'll highlight common items that shouldn’t be forgotten (such as a backpack or everyday hygienic products).

Sit back, relax and make sure that all of these items are in your suitcase the next time it is time to depart. Without further ado here are 10 things all female travelers shouldn’t leave without and 10 for males. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share this with a fellow traveler. Let’s begin!

20 Female - Laundry Bag

This is something a female traveler tends to forget unfortunately. Especially during a long trip, you’ll need some type of laundry bin. Whether it be freshening up those clothes while on vacation or separating the dirty clothes away from the clean ones in a suitcase, a laundry bag has quite the purpose.

Make sure to bring it the next time around as it basically takes up no space whatsoever inside of a suitcase. This can give the traveler an easier alternative especially when it comes to repackaging for the trip back home. A traveler can simply put the dirty clothes in the laundry bag without having to refold them in the suitcase with the clean items.

19 Male – Backpack

This one can apply to females as well. Whether the type of trip is a sightseeing one or simply a beach destination, a backpack can serve an important purpose. Instead of having to lug around various items a traveler can simply have them at their disposal in the backpack.

Unfortunately for male travelers once they realize this they’ve already arrived at the destination and are forced to purchase one at the souvenir shop. Make it a priority the next time and pack it before anything else.

18 Female - Converter Plug

Depending on the place you decide to travel to, the plugs might be different. Don’t forget to contact the hotel and ask before leaving. If not, all those valuable appliances won’t work without a converter plug. Just imagine not having your hair straightened for an entire vacation! Nightmare, right?

What’s even worse is being forced to buy one - converter plugs don’t come cheap and that’s especially true when it comes to touristic areas. You’ll be forced to buy an overpriced one because seriously, who wants to shop around for a converter while on vacation? Get informed and put one in your suitcase ASAP if needed!

17 Male - Carry-on Luggage

The fellow bros out there don’t really care for a carry-on. Men are simple folks, they want to travel with 'the least amount of things to think about as possible'. For that reason most of their goods usually go in the suitcase.

Although this might be convenient, what happens if the luggage gets lost and you’re stuck with nothing? Don’t let this happen and instead remember to pack a light carry-on. This can take literally two minutes. Just take a bathing suit, bathroom accessories and some clothing options and boom, you’re ready to go. Better to be safe than sorry!

16 Female - Reserved Airplane Seats

Whether it’s a trip with the hubby or a friend, one of the goals of a trip is not only to sightsee but to also enjoy some relax time with a loved one. That can start off on the opposite track in the event that airplane seats aren’t reserved in advance. You arrive to the airport only to find out you’ll be sitting alone on the total opposite end of the plane from a travel buddy.

Airlines offer the chance to reserve seats well in advance. Make it a priority to get this done even before packing a suitcase. If need be, create a note as a reminder. It can make such a difference.

15 Male - Converted Money

Some traveling males tend to be very last minute. On the day of the trip, some guys take on all sorts of tasks, whether it be purchasing last-minute swim gear or getting that haircut. Before they know it it’s time to leave and that bag still isn’t packed. “Whatever, at least I don’t need to convert my money, I can do that at the airport,” is usually the thought.

This might seem logical due to time constraints however a traveler might lose out by doing so. Airport and hotel exchange rates tend to be quite different. You’ll lose out compared to making the exchange at a local bureau or bank. Don’t enter the airport without having that money converted!

14 Female - The Basics Of Where You’re Going

This isn’t necessarily a thing but something more important, knowledge. Arriving to a destination and knowing absolutely nothing can turn into a stressful situation. Instead of spending all that time buying new clothing items for a trip take at least 20 minutes to get to know the place you’re going to. If it’s a destination that has a different language, get accustomed to the common words.

A traveler can also research what to expect once they arrive and what they have close by. Knowing these things can make the transition so much smoother once the plane lands.

13 Male (or female) - Reusable Water Jug

Keeping active is a common theme during a trip. Dehydration can happen very frequently even in the not-so-warm climates due to all the activity. Buying water bottles is fine. However in order to save, a traveler should buy an empty reusable water jug. These are cheap and all you’ll have to worry about is filling it up. Jugs are also easily accessible and not a burden to carry around.

Remember that dehydration can lead to lots of problems including headaches, nausea and indigestion. It can also cause fatigue to kick in quicker. Stay fueled and get the jug in time for the next vacation.

12 Female - Phone Charger

Has this ever happened to you? It’s time to leave and you give your phone one last charge. The only problem is you pull it off the charger only to leave the plug hanging on the wall. Once you realize, it is too late and you are forced to fork over some money in order to buy a new one.

In order to ensure this doesn’t happen a traveler can easily buy an extra charger plug at a local retail store. You can store that one in the luggage stress-free while the other charges your phone until the last minute when it is time to leave.

11 Male - First Aid Essentials

Female travelers are likely to think of this more so than men. The only problem here is that males are more likely to be the ones to get injured during a trip. First aid essentials need to be of the utmost importance when packing a suitcase. This should be one of the very first items.

A traveler can easily purchase this, whether it be at Walmart or the Dollar Store. It takes up no room and travelling formats are available at just about any pharmacy. In the event that a cut or anything of the sort takes place at least you’ll have the essentials needed.

10 Female – Advil

If you haven’t experienced a headache during a vacation, consider yourself lucky. Headaches can easily occur while traveling, whether it be due to the changes in climate, dehydration or just sheer exhaustion of the body. Of course, alcohol can also play a role in one’s head feeling like a darn brick.

For all those reasons even if you don’t get headaches, bring a bottle of Advil just in case. A traveler can easily store away the bottle as miniature travel versions can be found at just about any pharmacy. No need to buy it while on vacation, put it in the suitcase before leaving!

9 Male - Tums

Women are prone to headaches while men are more likely to suffer from indigestion. Like a headache, this can take place in a variety of ways. Alcohol is the biggest factor. A different style of cuisine can also cause the stomach to go into complete disarray. Dehydration is another reason difficulties can ensue.

Due to all those reasons, bringing a bottle of Tums needs to be essential especially for travelers who aren’t afraid to try different foods while indulging on a beverage or two. Like Advil, small formats of Tums also exist; pack this into your accessory part of the luggage.

8 Female - Hygienic Products

Yes, hotels have a lot of things already available (such as feminine products and soaps). However if that still doesn’t float your boat you can easily bring a smaller format from home. Instead of buying a new bottle of say, your favorite conditioner, a female traveler can simply buy a smaller empty format at the pharmacy and pour it in. It’s truly that easy!

As for the other things, make sure not to forget deodorants, perfumes and the various other hygienic items you might need (especially if it’s that time of the month). If needed, make a list and make sure to check them off once you’ve placed them in the luggage.

7 Male - Hygienic Products

The same goes for the bros; make it a priority to bring all the hygienic products needed. Smaller formats are also available in case you don’t want to bring an entire soap container. As we just stated a traveler can also buy an empty container and simply pour the substance inside.

Making a checklist is important. This can ensure you don’t forget anything. How unfortunate it would be to take a trip to Miami only to realize that you have no sunscreen. Yes, a traveler can easily buy it but why would you go through that hassle when you could have easily packed a smaller format!

6 Female - Makeup

Hotels offer lots of bathroom amenities, however makeup isn’t one of them. This can be a nightmare for female travelers. It's easy to forget due to the fact that these products are being used just prior to departing. Like a phone charger, this can be forgotten about quite easily because of the last minute usage.

If need be, purchase a smaller format of the makeup kit and put it in the suitcase at the start of your packing day. You won’t run the risk of forgetting it with this safety measure.

5 Male – Fitness Supplements

This entry is specifically for male and female gym-goers. It happens far too often that fitness enthusiasts forget to pack essentials such as multi-vitamins or protein powders. Not to worry, airline reps won’t get the protein powder confused with another illegal substance. You can easily bring it.

It would be wise to bring this especially due to the elevated costs of such products. GNC is among the well known wellness stores, though some prices can be elevated compared to what you might pay at home. The same goes for a protein bar. You’ll pay one bar the equivalent of an entire box from Costco! Pack those fit essentials.

4 Female – Hair Products

Frizzy hair? Oh lord, I should have brought my special oil! Don’t let this happen and pack those hair products immediately. Yes hotels have shampoos but they do not have those top tier hair products that make us feel like a million bucks.

Oils and conditioners usually aren’t included so make it a priority to get these items in a suitcase. A traveler can be wise with this and bring small sample packs. No need to take up all that suitcase room with a massive jug of hair treatment oil.

3 Male - Tip Money

Once you converted that money before the airport, make sure that the bureau exchange worker gives you a variety of bills and not just $50s and $100s. Instead ask for some $1s and $5s. This is important especially for tips, whether it be at a resort, restaurant or in a cab.

At resort destinations like Cancun, keep in mind that most of the employees make a bulk of their earnings off of tip. Giving a couple of extra bucks can go a long way and the service is also going to improve with such a gesture. To ensure this step, have a variety of tip money for the trip.

2 Female - Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is of the utmost importance during a trip. There are so many germs that it’s easy to catch an illness if not protected. The great part about hand sanitizer is that it kills all the bacteria and viruses before they get a chance to enter the skin.

Small travel sized sanitizers exist. A female traveler can easily store away a couple in their purse prior to departing. You can also get creative and by different types of scents. You’ll be fighting away those germs while keeping fresh!

1 Male – Ear Phones

Remember that time you entered the gym only to realize you forget those earphones? Yeah, it must have been pretty bad. Now try to imagine taking a six hour flight without them because they're laying on your bed or in that gym bag back at home... Nightmare!

No need to bring those expensive Beats. In the risk that they get lost you’ll be glad they weren’t packed. Instead go out to your local Walmart (or any other retail electronic store) and purchase a cheaper pair only for vacation. This will ensure that plane ride runs smoothly and you won’t have to worry about losing them either, in the event that this takes place.