Arriving at the destination might be the purpose of a road trip. However, experienced couples are well aware that the true joy of a road trip is the experience on route to the destination. This separates a good trip from a great trip.

As you’ll see in this article, things can go south quite easily on a road trip. In certain cases not planning ahead of time can cause lots of complications while forcing a traveling couple to dig a little deeper into their pockets. In the same regard, over-planning can also cause a great amount of stress to the trip. It is important to find a middle ground being well prepared but not too prepared when it comes to visiting certain attraction areas. Creating an allotted amount of time can be one of the worst things to do. This can just create stress and anxiety to see as many things as possible, in the article we’ll discuss what to instead.

We’ll feature various other complications and the easy ways to sidestep these issues. By the end of this article, you and a significant other might be more than ready for a lengthy road trip with these tips!

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. Without further ado, let’s get to it. Here are 10 things traveling couples should avoid while on a road trip and 10 things to do instead. Let’s get started!

20 Avoid - Agree To The First Price At Every Stop

It can be easy to get sucked into spending a lot of money on a meal or a hotel room when a couple has been traveling (and we mean crammed in a car) for hours on end. Let's say you've been on the road for 10 hours (or more) and it starts getting dark out and you start feeling your eyes heavy and dry. It would only make sense to take that as a sign that it's time to stop somewhere to get some rest, and probably a decent meal.

Unfortunately, if a couple has not planned ahead, they could end up spending way more than they would have liked because a tiered mind will not make the wisest decisions when it comes to saving money.

19 Do Instead - Plan The Stops Ahead Of Time

If a couple did their research ahead of time, they should be able to avoid spending more than they have to on a comfortable night’s rest, and a good, hearty meal.

We don't only mean researching the possible stops along the way, we mean researching the distance between every city or state, and what preferred stops are found in each location.

Doing this will not only help the travelers save money (and sometimes it could be a significant amount of money), but it will also allow the couple to feel at ease during their long road trip. No one wants to drive more hours than they already have to, and if a hotel along the way is not vacant, well there won't be much choice than to keep driving to find a vacant room...

18 Avoid - Waiting Until The Very Last Second To Fill Up On Gas

Imagine driving along what seems to be a deserted highway, only to realize that your gas light just went on and you're about to run out of gas completely. Now imagine there is no station in sight (and there aren't even any signs displaying where the nearest gas station is located)... what do you do? Well, starting to panic will probably be the first thing; then you'd likely be stuck in the middle of nowhere, sitting in a car with no fuel.

No one wants to deal with this sort of situation, especially not during a road trip. Odds are, you've gone too far to call any friend or relative to come help, so you end up having to deal with the situation by wasting precious time, and some of the cash you were saving for your trip.

17 Do Instead - Plan The Distance And Gas Stops

Yes, travelers are able to tell when the gas line is getting close to the empty symbol, but what if a traveling couple is too busy looking at their surroundings and taking in the beautiful landscapes, that they lose track of the distance they've just covered, and by the time they realize they are running low on fuel, the gas light is already on.

Doing proper research ahead of time will allow couples to be more aware of how long they have been on the road when arriving in a new city or town, and will know that it's time to gas up.

16 Avoid - Using You Own Car (And Putting Lots Of Unnecessary Mileage On It)

There is no doubt that planning for a road trip is exciting and fun, especially for people who love to drive for hours.

Although it is probably great to take the road in a car that you know and are comfortable in, it might not be the best investment to put all that mileage on a car that you need every day to get you from home to work, and everything in between (especially if you are driving a leased car).

It might be fun to take your car on a road trip, but it might not be so fun to return home after with all that extra mileage, and possibly a few pieces to replace.

15 Do Instead - Rent A Car

Yes, we know what some of you might be thinking: "why would I pay to rent a car when I own a perfectly good car?" It's true that renting a car will mean having to waste a bit more money on the road trip you planned, but knowing that you won't have to add unnecessary mileage on the vehicle you need to drive every single day is worth the extra cash.

Also, many car rental companies offer road-side services that you might otherwise not have if you chose to take your own car. If something were to happen while you are miles away from home, having those services on hand would no doubt save traveling couples A LOT of headaches.

14 Avoid - Only Relying On Your Phone's GPS

Considering that we have direct access to a GPS on our cell phone, it is understandable that couples would think that they don't need to bring along any sort of map or portable GPS on the road trip. Doing this would not be the wisest decision.

Imagine you are driving through the mountains and you lose reception on your phone... one wrong turn and you could end up wasting hours on a road that is bringing you in the total opposite direction you were headed in.

Having your phone run out of battery at the wrong time could also be another possible nightmare scenario that no one wants to have to deal with on a road trip.

13 Do Instead - Bring A Map (And Another GPS Device)

Although you might use your cell phone for a lot of things during a road trip, having a backup option (or more than one backup option) is probably the wisest decision. If your phone battery suddenly gives out because you've been using up too much data, or the reception signal becomes too weak to guide you, then having an option to rely on something else (like a map or a portable GPS device) will allow you to not panic and stop you from making a wrong turn.

Yes, maps are very old school and not something millennials aren't big on, but making use of a map in an emergency situation will be a huge win move.

12 Avoid - Rely On The Radio For Music

Part of what makes a couples road trip so much fun is knowing that you are taking the road with a loved one, with nothing but the wind breezing past you, while listening to some good tunes.

Yes, the radio will offer some diversity with various channels playing different styles of music, but there is no guarantee that you won't run into a bad signal at some point and all you'll have to listen to is static coming through that song you like.

Such a scenario wouldn’t be the best.

11 Do Instead - Update Your iPod, Cell Phone (Or Any Other Audio Device)

Making sure to download a long playlist before departing on a road trip is very important. Yes, it's true that anyone could have access to music if they have data on their cell phone, but why waste data (or risk running out of battery) when you can plan ahead and download everything you'll want to listen to during your road trip before departing?

If anything, this can be another way to create some fun anticipation prior to a trip. It can include songs from both then and now – this is an underrated part of a road trip that can make all the difference while creating positive vibes.

10 Avoid - Forgetting To Pack Snacks

You might have thought of everything and done your research ahead of time (knowing where and when you'll be stopping for food or beverages) but being on the road for a long time might make you hungrier than you thought you'd be.

If you didn't pack any nutritious snacks for the trip, odds are you'll have to find a drugstore or gas station along to way to settle your cravings. There is also a big chance that you'll end up paying for something that isn't nutritious and you or your significant other won't even feel satisfied with your snacks.

9 Do Instead - Fill The Glove Compartment With Goodies

There won't be a need to make an unnecessary stop along the way for a snack if you planned ahead and filled your glove compartment with nutritious, yummy goodies before getting on the road.

This can include so much goodness; however, make sure the goodies are easy to digest. Fun and low-calorie rice cakes can be a quick an easy way to satisfy the appetite. Unsalted cashews and almonds is another strong possibility, of course, in moderation. Power bars can also help to give the driver and passenger a quick and easy protein fuel source.

8 Avoid - Stopping For Water Or Coffee

Stopping for coffee or water is just one of those unnecessary pit-stops than can be easily avoided. Making this stop can cause the road trip to be extended for no reason whatsoever. If anything, all you’re really doing by making this stop is wasting that precious road trip time before arriving at the destination.

It’ll also cost the traveling couple extra bucks for no reason as well. Stops for coffee can build and before you know it that money could have easily gone somewhere else, especially for couples that are road-tripping on a budget.

7 Do Instead - Bring Re-Usable Water Bottle Or Travel Coffee Mug

Yes, it can be that easy. No need to stop anywhere when you’ve already got a re-usable water jug.

In fact, re-usable jugs are usually three-times the size of a regular water bottle. This means that a couple can stay fueled at all-times without having the pullover time and time again.

The same goes for coffee. In fact, thanks to a traveling coffee mug, it can stay hot for long stretches of time in a traveling thermos as opposed to getting a cup from a regular store. Like water, a traveling mug is able to carry more coffee as well.

6 Avoid - Forgetting To Pack Essentials

If you're driving for a while and were smart enough to pack some snacks, then you won't have to stop for food every single time you get hungry, but what you will need are things like napkins and Scott Towels (or wet wipes) in case anything spills. Even something as common like Kleenex can be forgotten about at times.

These essentials need to be packed prior to a trip. Just imagine having to find a local Wal-Mart while road-tripping for these supplies. No need to go through that hassle, it is best to get these essential before.

5 Do Instead - Pack "Road Trip" Kit

Prior to the voyage, create a road trip type of kit. This can be so easy. Jot down a list of essentials that are crucial for the road trip and pack them into one supply bag. This can include napkins, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, Advil or any other relief medicine for that matter. A First-Aid kit is also recommended. A couple doesn’t want to be without anything in the case of a sudden cut.

Having all of this can put both of your minds at peace without having to think about what if scenarios like a sudden headache or paper cut.

4 Avoid - Go Too Long Without Stopping

Lots of road-trippers tend to be guilty when it comes to this. We’re so excited to arrive at the destination that stopping becomes of the secondary purpose. All of a sudden, the trip turns into a burden as you’re trying to cut all the corners possible without stopping and getting to the destination as quick as possible.

Not only does that defeat the point of a road trip but it can also set a bad vibe for the entire trip. Driving for so long, couples can easily spiral into this feeling.

3 Do Instead - Walk And Stretch Your Legs Every Time You Stop

When driving for a long time without stopping, it is easy for the mood to change. Not only that, but the driver and passenger might start to feel a lot worse due to staying in the same position for so much time.

The easiest way to battle this is by pulling over for scheduled stops. Plan ahead and think about the times it might best to stop, not only to get some fresh air but to stretch those legs a little and enjoy a laugh with your significant other. It is not a race, enjoy every minute and make the appropriate stops.

2 Avoid - Thinking You Can See Everything At Once

It is admirable to want to see as much as possible during any type of trip. However, wanting to see everything can create a burden. This can lead to rushing at places you wanted to see while saving extra time for other marginal areas that you might care about a little less. Just to say you saw it, you might sacrifice time spent in another tourist attraction.

All of this leads to a poor experience. Planning ahead of time is admirable, however, the proper time must be allotted even if it means not seeing everything.

1 Do Instead - Plan To See Only The Things That Are Important And Worth The Time

Creating an itinerary with so many pit-stops isn’t the wisest decision. Instead, why not list the must-see place on your road trip adventure. If anything, keep the other places listed and if time permits, then visit the other destinations.

Road trip couples must leave the proper amount of time per pit-stop to fully enjoy the experience. This can enhance a road trip for the better while only focusing on stops that you want to see. Make this a priority for the next trip and don’t create a timetable for it either. Just go with the flow.