Now that we're heading into the winter season (if you're in the Northern hemisphere, that is), what better a time to discuss tropical locations and potential vacations? There's no reason why you can't start planning them now... Or just dream about them if you're not ready to make solid plans yet. To spice things up a little, we're about to explore some places that seem unreal and others that are a little bit too real. With all the modern technologies of today's day and age, vacationing underwater isn't so far out of reach -- In fact, you can actually do it.

You'd better believe it -- many resorts are offering underwater rentals as well as diving excursions that can give you a once in a lifetime experience. Gone are the days when we need to scope Google to see what lies at the ocean's depths and in are the days when we can actually go and see it. Along with all the new and thrilling adventures you can take, we're also providing you with some popular tourist destinations to avoid -- Just in case you're not quite ready to earn your sea legs yet. Here are 15 underwater spots for adventure seekers and ten drydocked tourist attractions that you might want to reevaluate.

25 Underwater: Tragoess, Austria: Green Lake

This unique destination is a modern marvel as far as its ecological system. Not only is it a park at the base of Karst Mountain in Austria, but it completely transforms once the seasons change. When the warm weather makes an appearance, the water run-off from the mountainside turns this dry park into an underwater oasis. It has drawn many a diver from all over the world to scope out its radical transformation since its crystal-clear waters make for perfect diving conditions. It's truly the best of both worlds.

24 Underwater: Manta Resort Off Pemba Island

Looking for something a bit more extreme when it comes to your future underwater vacation? If being isolated is something you enjoy, then try the Manta Resort on Pemba Island. This tiny hotel room floats freely in the middle of aquamarine waters and allows guests to swim, dip their feet, or scope out the water from the safety of a room that dips just below sea level. It's a sight to behold and while it's not cheap, it's entirely worth it for those who love the sea.

23 Underwater: Maldives: Subsix Bar

The Maldives has a long-standing reputation for being one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. This set of sandbars offers a bit of tropical isolation as well as simply gorgeous ocean views that you can't quite find anywhere else. Additionally, they have underwater dining options for those who desire a unique experience that defies all logic. The Subsix Bar sits just below sea level and features floor to ceiling glass windows, allowing you to have the most perfect aquatic show while sipping a Mai Thai.

22 Underwater: Palm Islands, Dubai: Atlantis

The Atlantis resort in Dubai is appropriately named since that's what it'll feel like as you stroll through its lobby. Many parts of this hotel are underwater, providing guests with the feeling that they're on a new planet entirely. With perfect blue waters and occasional marine life swimming by, you'll forget that you're just a short ways from the surface. This hotel is stunning from the outside as well and was built to give an experience -- and an atmosphere -- that sweeps you off your feet and never fails to give you mermaid vibes.

21 Overrated: The Eiffel Tower, Paris

When most people think of the Eiffel Tower, they think of romantic getaways, cozy little cafes, and a hot latte while strolling past its glittering lights. In reality, the Eiffel Tower is crowded on most days and isn't nearly as entrancing during the day as it is at night when it's all lit up. Additionally, you'll be scooting to the side to avoid getting in other people's pictures while attempting to take your own, and the entire experience doesn't last nearly as long as you'd think.

20 Underwater: Tonga: Whale Diving

Have you ever thought about diving with whales? Heck, if you've ever thought of going scuba diving, period, then this is a must-do vacation. Whales are gentle giants and anyone who has swum with them describes it as a surreal experience. To be in-tune with an animal as great as this one lends itself to a tremendous experience, and at the Kingdom of Tonga, you can have it. Whale Discoveries allows you to swim with these majestic creatures and learn more about the Humpback Whale as you see it in its natural habitat.

19 Overrated: The Hollywood Sign, California

Talk about disappointing -- The Hollywood sign, while a symbol of wild money and fame in California, isn't really as great as it seems up close. Just like any other sign, each letter is simply just that -- A giant billboard that can be seen for miles. Just as you wouldn't make a trip to scope out a billboard sign up close, this tourist attraction doesn't exactly hold any water as being anything spectacular. However, the view from just above the Hollywood sign is definitely worth checking out if you're in the area.

18 Underwater: Cancun, Mexico: MUSA Underwater Museum

When you think of Cancun, you're probably thinking of crazy college kids and wild, out of control club parties. While this is one aspect of Cancun life, it's most certainly not all Mexico has to offer. In addition to some incredible food, it doesn't hurt to check out the MUSA Underwater Museum. This unique experience allows divers to explore sculptures created by Jason DeCaires Taylor, whose work was submerged in order to promote marine life. This encouragement of coral reef growth is a sight to see, albeit a bit unusual.

17 Underwater: Port Royal, Jamaica: World's Wickedest City

If pirates and history are your things, then Port Royal is the place to be. We're not talking about Pirates of the Caribbean, although you definitely get those same vibes. This pirate's dream is in Jamaica and was created when a Tsunami, generated by a massive earthquake, sunk everything on land. Divers will encounter what was once a bustling seaport, ships, and may even find some artifacts from the late 1600s. If adventure is calling your name, then Port Royal is definitely your diving dream.

16 Overrated: The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Italy

Many people have said of the Leaning Tower of Pisa that it's not quite all they'd hoped it would be. Not only will you deal with crowds of people trying to get that perfect Instagram selfie, but you'll also notice that it's not quite as big as it seems. When there's so much to do in a country such as Italy, making this your main tourist destination is almost a crime. Forgo the crowds and Instagram shot and explore some of the city's lesser-known hot spots for some serious culture and history.

15 Underwater: Alexandria, Egypt: Cleopatra's Palace and Pharos Lighthouse

Egypt is likely the opposite of what you'd think of when you think of a "diving excursion", but Alexandria stands alone in its unique and rich history. In the Eastern Harbor, divers can find artifacts from a time when Cleopatra reigned supreme, including Pharoah statues, hieroglyphics inscribed tablets, and leftover stone from what was once the Pharos Lighthouse. For lovers of Egyptian history, this underwater haven serves as a perfectly preserved collection of artifacts that details the history of a time when things were much, much different in Egypt.

14 Overrated: Statue Of Liberty, New York City

The Statue of Liberty is a brilliant symbol of freedom and the chance at a new life, but it's not the greatest tourist destination if you're city-bound. New York City is known for so much more and many things worthy of seeing (avoid Times Square) are within a short subway ride or a brisk walk up or downtown. The ferry to Ellis Island is always crowded, you'll be maneuvering between hoards of people, and likely bumping into unapologetic New Yorkers who don't care if you've never seen a historical landmark before.

13 Underwater: Key Biscayne, Florida: The Neptune Memorial Reef

If seeing Florida above sea level has you growing tired of palm trees and sun rays, check out the Neptune Memorial Reef. This unique installation allows people to have their remains turned into something beautiful beneath the surface of the ocean -- A coral reef. Researchers have recorded marine life soaring into the thousands with the creation of this memorial site, bringing both peace to those still on land as well as life to those dwelling under the water. It's easily accessible by diving and features some heartfelt dedications.

12 Overrated: Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge is one of the great mysteries of the world but when it comes down to actually visiting it, it's a bit less dramatic than everyone presumes it to be. The actual location of Stonehenge is beautiful, but the problem is that you can't actually get near this question mark of a historical site. The lines are long and the distance from these stone pillars makes the trip almost questionable, as the entire structure is surrounded by a protective fence. Unless you're happy with a photo you've taken on full zoom, this might be one tourist attraction to skip... Or at least tack it onto the end of your itinerary.

11 Underwater: Belize: Belize Barrier Reef

Belize is a diver's dream. Not only is it home to the largest underwater hole in the world, but it's also home to some stunning coral reefs. The Great Hole in Belize is believed to be either a sinkhole or a cave but has given way to an interesting array of wildlife that surrounds it. While only experienced divers are allowed to search its depths, the reefs surrounding are a wonderful experience on their own. In these calm waters, you can take your time and explore all that these waters have to offer.

10 Overrated: The London Eye, England

While this giant attraction draws many due to its views of London, it's also a crowded mess to ride. If you have an existing fear of heights, you might as well cross this off your list -- It's essentially a giant Ferris wheel. While the views are great, it's not always the most fun place to wait in line and if crowds aren't your thing, then don't count on being in a good mood while you wait. London is home to much more than just an oversized Ferris wheel, so check out the surrounding area before committing yourself to an hour-long wait.

9 Underwater: Canada: Shores Of Churchill

The tiny town of Churchill is known for its polar bear to people ratio but there's plenty of wildlife outside of the bear population. In addition to bear-watching, tourists can also take to the sea and scope out the waters surrounding the town as well. The shores of Churchill are enchanting and hold a special surprise for those who are patient -- Beluga whales! Whether you're diving or just whale watching, Canada is a stunning country to make your next vacation destination... Just make sure to pack warm clothes.

8 Overrated: The Empire State Building, New York City

Similar to the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building is in a constant state of building lines. There will never be a time when you're not waiting outside this skyscraper just to make it to the top and in the winter, the wait can be frigid and freezing. the Highline is a much better (and easier) way to go if you're looking for a bird's eye view of the city, but there's plenty to do on the ground just as easily. Avoid the lines, rude people, and tourist reputation and hit up some lesser-known spots with the time you'll save by not waiting on a crowded line.

7 Underwater: Key Largo, Florida: Jules Undersea Lodge

Known as one of the first underwater hotels, the Jules Undersea Lodge can be reached via scube diving. This attraction, local to Key Largo, has a long-standing reputation for those who desire a bit of diversity in their Florida vacation. These small, pod-like rooms offer comfort while also allowing guests to keep a watchful eye on the goings on outside their rooms. The porthole windows on the exterior walls allow a clear view into the surrounding water, making for a relaxing yet exciting stay.

6 Underwater: Mexico: The Sandfalls

For serious divers only, the Sandfalls is as unique as you can get. This modern wonder is what happens when ocean currents propel sand down into an underwater pit. It doesn't sound like much, but the view down under is pretty spectacular. Divers can watch as nature takes its course and creates a seemingly improssible underwater river. Diving allows you to get up close and personal with this gentle cascade of sand, sending up plumes as it makes its way to the sea floor.