Public baths are sometimes a must during international trips. For example, Japan's onsen are a staple of Japanese culture. There are also historical bathhouses that are must-sees if you plan to visit certain areas of Europe.

However, not every public bath is built the same, with some builders thinking outside the box. Why not make it a little more unique? What if the water was tea or wine instead? These days, there is a bath for everyone whether it be dictated by type of budget or even taste buds.

Here are ten strange public baths you can visit around the world.

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9 The Bernard Beer Spa In Prague, Czech Republic

In Prague, there is a spa that serves you unlimited beer as you bathe. The tap is right next to you, so you can just drink and refill as you soak your body in a warm beer bath. You can rent completely private rooms for yourself, your family, or a group of friends. While you are there, you can also learn a lot about Prague's beer history.

It's the beer that is the real draw to this place, but it also as also spa-like activities such as massage and a salt cave.

8 The Yunessun Spa Resort Near Tokyo, Japan

Onsen (Japanese public bath) theme parks have been getting more and more popular. One that has become known for its unique bathing options is the Yunessun Spa Resort, where you can bathe in coffee, wine, green tea, and sake. There are also a number of indoor and outdoor pools for children to play. There are also themed baths such as a Roman-styled Ancient Roman Bath or God’s Aegean Sea. However, it is definitely the drink-themed ones that steal the show.

7 Volcan Del Totumo In Santa Catalina, Columbia

A real unique public bath experience is when you purposefully come out dirtier than you were before! That is what happens at the Volcan del Totumo, a public volcanic mud bath. It is a natural volcano, and the bath is right in its crater.

The mud within will cover you and dry, making your skin very hard. So you will likely have to get another bath afterwards just to clean off the mud. However, like most public baths, it is noted that the experience is relaxing and rejuvenating.

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6 Hotel Hershey In Pennsylvania, United States

The spa of Hotel Hershey is also known as a Chocolate Spa. They have chocolate treatments that make your mouth water just to hear about them. You can to experience their Chocolate Sugar Scrub, a chocolate scented oil massage, and their chocolate fondue wrap where they nourish your skin with cocoa and moor mud.

Basically, think of every spa treatment and just add chocolate and you have the right idea of what this place offers.

5 Hello Kitty Onsen In Shima Grand Hotel, Japan

The creators of Hello Kitty, Sanrio, and the Shima Grand Hotel have partnered together to create a onsen with a cute twist. The decor throughout the onsen is Hello Kitty themed. With how popular this character is both internationally and in Japan, this facility may come as no surprise to some.

4 The Toyotomi Onsen In Wakkanai City, Japan

The Toyotomi Onsen is known for its petroleum hot spring. That's right, oil. The Japan Hot Springs Association’s Fuyama-san has said, “That’s right; there’s a very thin layer of petroleum oil floating on top of the spring water here, which means there’s an ever-so-slight whiff of gasoline. But the oil in the water is actually very good for skin conditions, and so hot spring fans from all over the country flock here each year.”

Apparently the contents of the hot spring are known to be effective against psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

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3 Tamagawa Onsen In Akita, Japan

This onsen is unique as it has a pH of 1.2, making it the most acidic hot spring in Japan. To give an idea as to the scale, neutral pH is 7. Lemon juice has around 2 pH, which means this hot spring is twice as acidic as that.

The high acidity of the hot spring is said to have sterilizing properties that help with treating rheumatism, skin diseases, and anemia. In the onsen, you will feel as though you are in carbonated water. You can even drink the water, which is said to be good for your stomach.

2 The AIRE Ancient Baths In New York, United States

This place used to be a textile factory back in 1883 but later became a public bathhouse with the intention of  making the experience close to the ancient times of the Roman, Greek, and Ottoman traditions. They have a number of differently sized pools of varying temperatures. The photographs inside this place are gorgeous and romantic, so you definitely get a calming aesthetic as you soak.

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1 Hammam Banos Arabes In Andalucía, Spain

Travels do not see baths quite as elegant as these every day. This place is very popular due to its historic feel and visitors undoubtedly need to book it in advance. The town of Andalucía has a Moorish heritage, and they have put that heritage into their baths.

Truly what makes this place strange is just how lavish it is which some may not consider odd, but it certainly is not in the realm of every day. You do not typically bath in a pool that makes you feel like royalty.

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