Museums are among the most underrated form of entertainment in which one can choose to spend a few hours. Countless museums exist all over the world with many different themes. Most historical ones provide exhibits and artifacts about prior eras for us to appreciate. The cultural themed museums also create places to learn about the history of various places in the world. However, there are some unique ones that stand out a bit more when looking at it.

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It takes a lot to make such a statement as a strange museum theme given how many exist. We will look at ten specific places where you can appreciate the most random things possible when visiting them. They range from ideas that no one could have expected to become museums to some that cross the line and could be classified as its own experience. Find out just what may pique your interest with ten of the strangest museums in the world.

10 International Spy Museum (Washington, DC)

The name alone sparks interests to the average person when finding the International Spy Museum. Washington, D.C. is the home of the museum looking at some of the most interesting and unique espionage items from those that had the profession of spy work.

Items like disguised weapons, counterfeit money and miniature cameras are found in the International Spy Museum. They even try to add fun attractions with interactive spy adventures for a more immersive experience. Anyone to have a fascinating with spy movies will find joy in this museum.

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9 Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum (Gatlinburg, Tennessee)

The dining experience of using salt and pepper shakers will never be the same after visiting the Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. This unique place exists in the Gatlinburg area of Tennessee for those wanting to have a strange museum experience.

The shakers used to contain the salt and pepper will be on display with various exhibitions. An anthropologist’s peculiar fascination led to this museum with over 22,000 different shakers. Naturally, the gift shop sells their own salt and pepper shakers to always remember the museum.

8 Celebrity Lingerie Museum (Los Angeles, California)

Frederick’s of Hollywood is responsible for this strange collection of items for those wanting a unique day of museum fun. There is a collection of celebrity items from memorable movies to make up the Celebrity Lingerie Hall of Fame Museum in California.

The location features a downstairs retail store for lingerie shopping, but the upstairs museum is home of the odd entertainment. Various worn celebrity undergarments from movies and television shows are on display. One of the standout items is the boxer shorts worn by Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump for anyone that wants to witness it.

7 Bread Museum (Ebergötzen, Germany)

Germany is the home of the next odd museum that features old bread. The Bread Museum is aptly named for the exhibits for those that want an experience in the Ebergötzen area of witnessing historic bread.

There are over 18,000 exhibits on display looking at the history of bread. They range from inedible breads that will not look appealing to artifacts from baking in the Stone Age days. Bread enthusiasts will finally have a place to enjoy the unique interest when visiting the Museum of Bread in Germany.

6 Museum of Bad Art (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Thousands of museums all over the world are dedicated to some of the most beautiful pieces of art you’ll find. Any artist would consider it a dream to have their work proudly displayed at a museum. However, there is one Museum of Bad Art that may be less of an honor.

The museum located in Somerville, Massachusetts features some of the less beloved art pieces on display. These exhibits ranged from mistakes in paintings to things that were intentionally made to look bad. It is a unique museum experience that certainly provides a different aspect of fun.

5 Museum of Sex (Manhattan, New York)

New York City is home to many risqué ideas, but the Museum of Sex is one of the top attractions of that category. Anyone visiting the big city will have a museum experience that investigates a different side of life for those that want to further explore it.

The museum looks at the history and evolution of sexuality in both fun and educational ways. Exhibits range from artifacts that open a discussion about the subject to silly fun in a huge bouncy castle. New York City residents get a sample size of it with unique ads on the trains.

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4 Tap Water Museum (Beijing, China)

We all have a love for water in our daily lives, but the Tap Water Museum certainly takes it to another level. Beijing, China is the home of this museum dedicated to a rather ordinary subject. The unique museum has over 100 objects that relate to the tap water experience.

One of the main exhibits looks at the first tap water company called the Beijing Tap Water Company and the artifacts that go along with it. The Beijing tap water is not one that is advised to drink strangely enough, but the Tap Water Museum is a nice consolation prize at least.

3 Umbrella Cover Museum (Portland, Maine)

An unusual museum in Maine features the collection of a resident owning many different umbrella covers. Upon having the idea pitched by friends and family, Nancy Hoffman decided to create the Umbrella Cover Museum in the Portland area of Maine.

The various covers range from colorful to generic to themed ones meant to cover one’s umbrella. Her desire to create a museum to appreciate the mundane in life sparked success. Hoffman even plays her accordion during guided tours to add to the fun of the Umbrella Cover Museum experience.

2 Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia)

Most people have experienced romantic heartbreak at some point in their lives which adds to the appeal of this idea. The Museum of Broken Relationships is located in the Zagreb region of Croatia. It is dedicated to items that symbolizes the broken relationships of the average person.

Items range from letters to gifts given by the other half of a relationship before it ends. The idea of utilizing these items to create a museum made more sense than throwing them out. There are hundreds of breakups involved in the exhibits on display at the Museum of Broken Relationships.

1 Instant Ramen Museum (Osaka, Japan)

Ramen has become one of the most beloved foods in North America for those wanting a fun dining experience, but instant ramen remains a cheap option for those struggling for cash. The Instant Ramen Museum highlights instant ramen in a bigger spotlight than most would have imagined was possible.

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Osaka, Japan is the home this unique museum with exhibits looking at the common food item. Exhibits range from the packages of international flavors to the sauce packets to even rare limited-edition instant ramen releases. The Instant Ramen Museum is the perfect strange museum for any ramen enthusiast or just someone wanting a look into a direct yet peculiar food item.