Cruises provide an ideal vacation experience with the variety offered. The ability to get away from home for a few days will give you a massive ship with fun ways to spend the free time. A combination of seeing new places, enjoying amenities, and exploring a potential interest can lead to the dream vacation. Cruise lines have started expanding the variety when it comes to the kind of experiences offered each year.

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Fans of just about any form of entertainment or with any unique interest will have something catered to them to choose from. They range from hobbies and entertainment to everything in between that will get a huge group of people together that share the same interests. We will look at some of the more surprising cruises that have existed out there. Find out just how deep the variety goes. These are ten strange themed cruises that actually happened and rocked.

10 Star Trek: The Cruise

The fan base of Star Trek is a large and passionate group that came out to enjoy the cruise experience that comes along with it. Star Trek: The Cruise featured a six-day event on the Norwegian Jade with many events dedicated to creating an experience for the fans.

George Takei was the host of the cruise, providing star-studded entertainment for all aboard. Photo opportunities, question and answer sessions, parties, costume contests, and many other attractions were offered to those attending the Star Trek cruise for a dream vacation. Another Star Trek Cruise is planned for early 2020.

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9 Zen Cruise

Zen Cruise sounds like it takes the cake in the field of relaxing cruises. Mindfulness was the key intent of the vacation experience as it was aimed toward those with similar passions. The subjects of yoga, meditation, and many other activities were the main attractions.

Some people travel all over the world to learn from the leaders in these fields. Many of the top names were on the cruise offering special experiences to explore the mind, body, and soul. Anyone with related interests and a desire to zen out would have been ecstatic to get a trip on the Zen Cruise.

8 Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea

Professional wrestling on a cruise seems like a strange idea given the size of a wrestling ring and the concept of grappling foes on chartered seas. Chris Jericho, however, decided to take a risky project that paid off huge for him and many wrestling fans taking the trip.

The Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea Cruise featured a combination of wrestling and rock music. Jericho performed with his band Fozzy and many other rock bands were part of the experience. Ring of Honor wrestlers wrestled matches in the unique environment. Jericho is already selling cabins for a second cruise.

7 Meow Meow Cruise

The Meow Meow Cruise is back again in 2019 after a few years of successful experiences. Cat lovers are all over the world and unite for this unique cruise aimed toward their favorite pets. People of all ages meet and take part in experiences bonding them for the shared passion.

Some of the activities include meet and greets, group dining experiences, trivia contests, and limited-edition gift bags to take back home to your cat. The cruise provided enough happiness for those attending that it is back for another run at the end of the year.

6 Kiss Kruise

One of the most successful annual cruises is the Kiss Kruise. Fans of the band Kiss have been fortunate enough to have the option to attend eight cruises in the past. The Kiss Kruise is returning for its 9th experience at the end of 2019.

Kiss performs its legendary hits for the diehard fans on board experiencing the performance together. Other bands join to provide variety throughout the cruise. The non-music experiences include dining, parties, contests, and many other incentives for Kiss fans to enjoy the cruise.

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5 Impractical Jokers Cruise

The television show Impractical Jokers has created an annual cruise experience that has found success each year. Fans of the series have the option to experience the Impractical Jokers Cruise as they will have their fourth cruise in early 2020.

Experiences on the cruise include live shows, comedy performances and many other themes. Fans of the show will be able to interact with all the talent along with hosted events like karaoke nights, relay races and book readings. The Impractical Jokers Cruise tries to please the entire fan base with the shared interests.

4 The Weezer Cruise

One of the strange yet fun musical themed cruises featured the band Weezer. Unlike other bands like Kiss, Weezer is not as popular to have a cruise every year, but they tried one back in 2014. The pictures and videos shared from the event showed people having the time of their lives.

Weezer performed a few times with full performances of their hit albums The Blue Album and Pinkerton from start to finish. Other musicians, comedians and activities were offered. Any diehard fans of the band had the time of their lives hitting the time machine for stories and performances from the glory days on The Weezer Cruise.

3 Knitting Cruise

Knitting can be viewed as a boring experience to the average person, but it provides relaxation and fun to countless people. The combination of getting away for a few weeks while partaking in your favorite activity along with the amenities provided a dream cruise for many knitters.

Many people brought their families with them to experience the vacation together while others made new friends at the group activities involving the knitting. It was a standard fun cruise with great dining options and a few beautiful stops with knitting as the main theme to bring everyone together.

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2 Walker Stalker Cruise

The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular shows on television over the past decade. It only made sense a cruise would start to bring the passionate fanbase together to interact with some of the leading stars of the show with many activities involved.

The Walker Stalker Cruise has featured stars from the series like Norman Reedus, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chandler Riggs, and many others interacting with fans. Activities like costume contests, panels, and parties provide variety for the fun during the week. The cruise has been around for a few years now with plans for a 2020 return.

1 Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride

Pop star Kesha found huge success with her first cruise titled Kesha’s Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride. The fans of Kesha joined the cruise to witness her perform along with other musical acts and beloved drag queen performers.

Many of the activities like Pilates, bingo, karaoke, and trivia contests were hosted by the talent on the cruise to add more fun to the experience. Kesha found such success with the first Weird and Wonderful Rainbow Ride that a second cruise is scheduled for 2020.

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