10 Spots Justin Bieber Would Honeymoon (And 10 Places Hailey Baldwin)

When the news broke in that Justin Bieber had proposed to supermodel Hailey Baldwin while they were enjoying a holiday trip in the Bahamas after reconciling only a few weeks before, we were all pretty much speechless. And probably their exes were, too. Hailey had been linked to singer Shawn Mendes only a few weeks before their reconciliation and even Justin had only recently broken up with his on-and-off ex-flame Selena Gomez.

Fortunately, their exes were both pretty much happy to hear the news and wished them nothing but the best. Selena wore a black Storets T-shirt with “only the strong survive” written on it (probably a small message for the young couple?) but appeared happier than ever while hanging out with her friends. Various sources confirmed she was actually happy for Justin and thought they were off for the best.

Shawn's reaction? Even too mature for his age. In an interview with Australian show The Project, Mendes said about the engagement: “I texted Hailey the day of, and I said congrats. That’s what it is. I think everybody wants there to be more - there’s not.”

So after realizing there was no drama or bad blood between the four, the world started focusing more on the actual forthcoming wedding. And even though there’s no official date yet, speculations of all kinds have been made on when and where the wedding is going take place. Is it gonna be a huge event or an intimate ceremony? Who are the bridesmaids and who the groomsmen? Unfortunately, we cannot answer these question with absolute certainty, but we can make predictions. So after making some research, here are 10 places Justin Bieber might enjoy for the honeymoon and 10 Hailey Baldwin would prefer!

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20 Justin’s Favorite: the Bahamas

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It seems that literally every time Justin is on a break from touring or making music, he’s hanging out in the Bahamas - whether he’s there alone or in the company of others. He went there for the first time in 2010 and seemed to have enjoyed the trip to the point he went there on various occasions after.

For instance, he split for the Bahamas in 2013 for a romantic tropical getaway with the then-girlfriend Jacque Rae Pyles. He was also spotted by TMZ playing with some local nurse sharks in the turquoise waters of Staniel Cay.

And let’s not forget that’s also where he asked Hailey to be his spouse. So we wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the first choices for Justin when it comes to choosing a location for the honeymoon.

19 Hailey’s Favorite: Turks And Caicos

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When Kylie Jenner turned 19, the celebration lasted for around a week and was concluded with a trip to the islands of Turks and Caicos with her closest group of friends, including Bella Hadid, Justine Skye, then-boyfriend Tyga, her sister Kendall Jenner - and Hailey of course!

Tagging along was also the young New York photographer Renell Medrano, graduated at Parsons School of Design who was there to capture it all as the Jenners and their crew frolicked and fraternized.

Hailey then proudly showed off a few shots of her perfect bikini body on Instagram and seemed more than happy to be enjoying a trip in such a paradisiac place. Maybe she’d like to go back there to take a few more breathtaking photos - this time in the company of the Biebs!

18 Justin’s Favorite: Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is not the easiest of destinations to get to - an 8-hour Air Tahiti Tui flight from Los Angeles takes you to Tahiti, the capital of French Polynesia, then you have to take another 40-minute flight to the island - but once you see the silhouette of Mount Otemanu towering over the small South Pacific island, you forget all your travel woes. And this is a thought Justin probably shares, too - because the singer definitely enjoys a trip here every once in a while.

In particular, during one of his trips to Bora Bora, the “Sorry” singer stayed at the Overwater Royal Otemanu, a beach villa at the popular The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort which is known to have one of the largest suspended pools in the South Pacific. The pop star definitely likes treating himself! However, for the honeymoon, the Royal Estate suite would be more suited as it’s known to have hosted other celebrities honeymoons in the past. Who knows, the two lovebirds could choose this one for their own honeymoon, too!

17 Hailey’s Favorite: Caribbean Islands

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The Caribbean Islands probably hold a lot of beautiful memories for the young supermodel. She was on a New Year trip in the Anguilla island when Justin shared their relationship publicly for the first time on Instagram. The shot framed the two sharing a passionate grip and kiss.

And this is also where Hailey spent her 21st birthday with fellow models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid as well as her bestie Justine Skye and a few others members of the crew. She then shared images from the tropical vacation on her Instagram page, leaving her followers green with envy as she showed off her incredible figure wearing a two-piece and some gold hoop earrings.

We seriously think the Caribbean Islands could be on Hailey’s top list for the honeymoon.

16 Justin’s Favorite: Acapulco, Mexico

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In 2017, Justin decided to spend one of his days day off from his Purpose world tour lounging poolside in Acapulco, Mexico. The singer stayed at the luxe Banyan Tree Cabo Marques resort and rented one of the property’s priciest villas, which includes a private infinity pool and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. The magnificent resort is built atop stilts and extends over sheer cliffs, offering unparalleled privacy. This beach paradise is the perfect place for a star (or couple!) seeking absolute solitude.

Even though this one vacation wasn’t of the romantic type, we’re quite sure Justin wouldn’t mind spending the honeymoon surrounded by these breathtaking views again. And who knows, Hailey might like the idea, too!

15 Hailey’s Favorite: Jamaica

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Just at the beginning of this year, Hailey took to Instagram to share multiple shots during her holiday vacation in Jamaica. In particular, the 21-year-old model posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini and relaxing on a surfboard as it drifted along the water in what looks like a cave.

She also posted a video of herself jumping into the blue waters from an extremely high cliff while it was raining. Without a doubt, the enviably toned Tucson native seemed to be having a ton of fun. So much fun that she might be willing to go back there for her honeymoon with the Canadian pop singer?

14 Justin’s Favorite: Cape Town, South Africa

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During one of his Purpose tour stops when passing through the South African city, Justin Bieber made himself at home at the One & Only Cape Town hotel - and it’s easy to see why. With an enviable spot in the city's fashionable Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, One & Only Cape Town overlooks the town’s marina with panoramic views of Table Mountain.

The five-star resort also proved the perfect setting for the singer to make an impromptu video of himself getting dance-y after some iced coffee and an Instagram live session enjoyed by four hundred thousand fans. The pop singer without any doubt had much fun staying at One & Only, the question is whether he enjoyed his stay to the point he’d like to take Hailey there for their honeymoon.

13 Hailey’s Favorite: Brazil

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Believe it or not, Hailey Baldwin is actually half Brazilian! Her mom, indeed, Kennya Deodato was born in Brazil and is the daughter of Eumir Deodato, a pianist, and producer of big names such as Tom Jobim, Aretha Franklin, and Frank Sinatra.

During an interview with Vogue Brazil in 2016, Hailey had a lot to say about her roots, “I am too Brazilian. I grew up listening to my mum and grandmother talking in Portuguese and eating rice and beans. I am just sorry to don’t speak the language with fluency”. However, at the Late Show with James Corden in 2017, she gave proof of being able to flirt in Brazilian.

What if the model wants to spend her honeymoon exploring around her mother’s birthplace?

12 Justin’s Favorite: Hawaii

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On top of Justin’s favorite tropical holiday destinations, there’s probably Hawaii. In 2016, the pop singer splashed out for a well-deserved holiday with friends by hiring a luxurious Cliffside property known as the Waterfalling Estate, which costs $3976 per night.

It may be pricey, but this holiday home is arguably worth every penny. This four-story property offers incredible views over the Hawaii coastline and sits above two picturesque waterfalls which lend the estate its name. A dream location no doubt.

Hailey might not actually like the idea to spend the honeymoon here, though. Indeed, the “Love Yourself” singer hitmaker spent the vacation there surrounded by models (uh! And his nudes were also leaked!) while the two were reportedly getting closer. After all, the honeymoon location should never bring back some bad memories!

11 Hailey’s Favorite: Miami

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The supermodel has surely touched down at the Miami city on multiple occasion throughout the years. She was seen celebrating the first January this year with some friends on Miami beach while showing off her new pink hair and matching bikini.

She also decided to take another quick trip to the city only a few weeks before reconciling with Justin. The model looked indeed happy to be enjoying some time off as she chatted up a friend by a pool in the city. She appeared to be in great spirits as she giggled with her gal pal while also dangling her feet into the cool water. For the casual occasion, the 21-year-old bombshell flaunted her incredible figure wearing a simple strappy black bikini as she tanned in the sunshine.

Two times in just one year? Sounds like Baldwin is a fan of the city after all!

10 Justin’s Favorite: Dubai

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You guessed it, even the Biebs is a Dubai fan. The “Baby” singer is a frequent visitor to Dubai, known for its over-the-top hotels like Burj Al Arab, megamalls, and man-made islands (not to mention the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa!).

Not too long before reconciling with Hailey this year, Justin has been spotted partying with some friends at Zero Gravity. During the holiday he also straddled a quad bike to take on the sand dunes at speed, visited the just-opened Apple Store in The Dubai Mall - and even saddled up a camel for an early-morning desert trek.

With the variety of activities, the Biebs enjoyed in Dubai, we wouldn’t be surprised if he chose this location for his honeymoon with Hailey!

9 Hailey’s Favorite: Paris, France

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As for every other model in the industry, Paris holds a special spot in Hailey’s heart. The supermodel achieved so much in so little time (she’s been modeling for a little more than 2 years now!) and has been lucky enough to touch down in of the most beautiful (and glamorous!) cities in the world.

She's been taking London, Paris, New York and Milan Fashion Weeks by storm during August/September 2017 - and again in March this year! She has walked for the biggest names in fashion including Dolce & Gabbana, Julien Macdonald, and Missoni.

But the capital of fashion is also a romantic destination perfect for honeymoons - and Hailey might be seriously considering it for hers!

8 Justin’s Favorite: The Hamptons

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No celebrity summer vacation list would be complete without mentioning the Hamptons at least once. This area is known to be each year a good location to spot countless celebrities enjoying their lavish holidays. Bieber and Baldwin checked this wildly popular Long Island destination off the list, too.

In early July, the pair was spotted on the side of the road after Bieber’s $200,000 car broke down on the way to their getaway. Don’t worry, the car was soon taken care of and we’re sure the young lovebirds went on to enjoy the rest of their romantic getaway in no time.

They might be seeking better luck during their honeymoon, perhaps!

7 Hailey’s Favorite: Punta Mita, Mexico

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Few places in the world do world-class service and aesthetic bliss as they do in Punta Mita. Punta Mita is the type of place where heavenly dreams of idyllic tropical getaways turn to reality. The gated, ultra-luxurious locale is home to multimillion-dollar villas - which, in case, is where Hailey and Justin are most likely to spend their honeymoon. And which is also where Hailey probably stayed in 2015 when she took a holiday vacation with fellow supermodel Kendall Jenner and other friends.

With its combination of accessibility, privacy, and uncompromised splendor, it’s easy to see why the peninsula is quickly becoming a utopia for lavish luxury. Honestly, we think there’s nothing this young couple could be craving more than some privacy to spend time together and relax without any paps hiding around.

6 Justin’s Favorite: Santorini, Greece

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In 2016, while putting finishing touches on his then-anticipated new album that turned out to be a huge success, Bieber decided to stop by and visit Santorini, also called Thera in Greek - known as the island immortalized by poets and painters, thanks to its celebrated light, multi-colored cliffs, and picture-perfect sunsets.

Apparently, Justin got so impressed by this city’s beauty that he even took to his Youtube channel (where, by the way, rarely posts anything too personal) and shared a few videos from the vacation. Seems like the Canadian pop singer really enjoyed spending time there. Who knows, he might be willing to go back there for a honeymoon with his recent fiancè, Baldwin.

5 Hailey’s Favorite: New York City

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Raised in New York state, Baldwin had an astonishingly privileged background, growing up with a busy schedule in between stints of home-tutoring, ballet, and Bible study.

“I hated school. I only liked health and science. I had a hard time focusing. I had really bad ADD and I think I still do,” she told The Sunday Times during an interview earlier this year. “I have to be occupied. I respond well to having a schedule. As a child who was all over the place and bouncing off the walls, doing ballet for 12 years taught me to be disciplined, and my job now forces me to be disciplined. You have to keep it together or you fail.” Sounds like something a true New Yorker would say!

During another interview, Hailey revealed she wouldn’t probably be able to live anywhere else. She fully considers New York her home. Maybe she’d spend the honeymoon here, too?

4 Justin’s Favorite: Iceland

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By offering cheap airfare and the ability to stop over en route to and from mainland Europe, Iceland has positioned itself as a top tourist destination - for celebrities as well. The country features metropolitan amenities as well as natural wonders, including glaciers and the Northern Lights.

After Santorini, Iceland was next on the globe-trotting Canadian superstar’s to-do list. The pop singer must have been inspired by the country’s breathtaking landscape because decided to film there the official video for “I’ll show you” - one of the singles from his last album Purpose.

In the video, you can see with your eyes how much the Biebs is having fun and enjoying the cold breeze and the breathtaking sceneries only Iceland could offer. Well, we can't rule out the possibility that the pop star picks Iceland for his honeymoon with Hailey!

3 Hailey’s Favorite: Maldives

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“I try to be very strict about eating just for my skin and my body,” Hailey told ELLE.com at the opening party for Magnum's New York City store back in 2016 - which she was the face of.

But Hailey does break the rules on occasion - particularly on vacation, she admitted. “I did go to the Maldives not too long ago. I felt like that was like, super lavish, indulgent. I was eating whatever I wanted when I was there because it was just like you've got to take advantage of those moments.” Well said, Baldwin! Maybe she’ll be doing the same on her honeymoon?

2 Justin’s Favorite: Canada

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Justin has always declared himself extremely proud of his country. During an interview with Rolling Stone in 2011, the pop singer called Canada “the best country in the world” for providing universal health care. He then revealed he never plans on becoming an American citizen.

It’s also clear the pop singer tries to fly back home every chance he gets (and even as I’m writing he’s spending some time in Canada to introduce his recent fiancè Baldwin to the whole family. How cute!).

So thinking that Justin might be actually willing to spend the honeymoon with his friends and family in his hometown doesn’t seem out of the picture.

1 Hailey’s Favorite: Mykonos, Greece

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In July 2016, Hailey Baldwin decided to take some time away from her busy schedule to enjoy a relaxing weekend vacation in the Greek island of Mykonos - in the company of friends like Karrueche Tran, Christina Milian, fellow model Shanina Shaik and Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton.

Only a week before the trip the supermodel had commented on Camila Morrone’s picture of the beautiful city’s coastline, saying: “Can’t wait” - hinting at the fact that she would have probably joined her in a few days.

The popular Mediterranean destination is great to enjoy some sun and surf while also posing for photos against the island’s gorgeous landscape. Sounds like a dream for a model, like Baldwin.

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