With Halloween coming up, it’s putting us all in the mood for some horror and scares – and the bravest among us might even want to take a vacation to some spots that only the most courageous go. These hotels are said to be among the most haunted in the world, with plenty of reports from its guests of the ghosts that lurk within – including some reports where the details match, even if the guests had never spoken to each other.

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Surely that can’t just be a coincidence?

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, reading about these hotels and the stories that have come from within them will raise goosebumps on your arms.

10 Adelphi Hotel And Spa In Liverpool, England

Supernatural investigator Tom Slemen named this hotel as the most haunted in the United Kingdom, and it doesn’t take much digging to understand why. He claims to not only have heard many stories from guests of haunted occurrences but to have actually seen ghosts himself – such as three men in naval uniform who definitely do not exist in our timeline.

Other reports include someone hanging from a window in a locked room and a grey lady in the basement. But since this is the oldest hotel in the city of Liverpool, it makes sense that it has a few spooky stories to accompany it.

9 The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada

This hotel in Canada apparently has one specific haunted room – Room 202.

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Many guests have reported visits from a lady in a white ball gown in this room and, more chillingly, some guests even reported feeling a presence in the bed beside them.

The most obvious sign of supernatural activity, however, was a security guard finding ten candles in the shape of a star that he swears he didn’t arrange himself. Yikes!

If this is all true, there’s undoubtedly activity going on inside of this hotel that isn’t human. I’m not sure any amount of money would persuade me to stay in Room 202.

8 The Famous Hollywood Roosevelt In Los Angeles

This hotel is said to be extremely haunted, making many wary to stay in it when they visit Los Angeles. The most famous of all the rumored ghosts is Marilyn Monroe, who is said to wander the hotel and frequent her old room there. Reports here of ghostly sighting are pretty scattered, but most of those reports involve dead celebrities who used to stay at the hotel. Maybe this hotel has some sort of supernatural pull that brings celebrities back to it even long after they’re gone?

For the ghost hunters who want to see more than just a regular ghost, this is apparently the place to spot celebrities. A real hotspot for any aspiring paranormal paparazzi.

7 The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

When Lily Collins was filming The Mortal Instruments, she stayed at The Shelbourne, Dublin. She said she awoke to feel a presence in her room and heard giggles and door slamming.

It might be easy to rationalize this with sleep paralysis, but Collins isn’t the only one who’s given reports of haunting inside this hotel. Apparently, many have been haunted by the ghost of a girl named Mary Masters, which lines up with the giggling Collins heard just a little too spookily. She died in the buildings which are now known as The Shelbourne Hotel, and although there’s no record of her, a medium apparently gained her identity a number of years ago.

6 The Driskill, in Austin, Texas

The Driskill has been rumored to be haunted for a number of years, with an increasing number of reviews claiming to have had paranormal experiences within its walls. It doesn’t look haunted – it’s a luxury, comfortable hotel, not one of the stereotypical old-fashioned ones with dark hallways and creepy portraits that you might associate with ghosts.

Which might even mean that the reports of hauntings are all the more genuine, especially with the dark stories that have taken place in this hotel. The hotel was built in 1886 – that’s plenty of time for some horrible things to happen and breed ghosts.

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5 The Isolated Stanley Hotel in Colorado

Unlike the Driskill – modern and unsuspecting – this hotel actually looks like it might be haunted. Set in the middle of a park, it gives it an isolated and eerie look, especially after the sun has set. Maybe that’s why it’s apparently the perfect setting for ghosts.

If the appearance alone doesn’t convince anyone, it’s worth noting that this hotel is one that Stephen King and his wife once stayed alone in and a novel was born from it… yep. This hotel is the one that inspired The Shining, and anyone who’s read that book or seen that movie now knows exactly why this hotel is known as a scary location to stay.

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4 The Creepy Mermaid Inn In The UK

Appearance-wise… it seems it just gets creepier.

Located in Rye, England, this hotel actually seems to play on its reputation of being haunted to draw in tourists. It’s a pretty clever marketing ploy that seems to work – some people love horror and fear, which is probably why people are eagerly scanning this list looking for somewhere they can get an adrenaline rush from while they try to sleep. The Mermaid Inn embraces its reputation of ghostly visions and rocking chairs, all cliché haunting images – but guests increasingly report seeing and hearing those things, so it seems that there might be a basis to the bragging…

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3 Another Haunted Canadian Spot, The James Bay Inn

The James Bay Inn looks very unassuming from the outside – even quaint. It looks too pretty for a place that ghosts might flock to in an effort to torment the guests who choose to stay in it.

Apparently inside though, this place looks just as creepy as the stories paint it to be. There are dark rooms that not many people would like to be left alone in and sightings of many, many unexplained people, from an old man who likes to hide things from the staff to a young girl. Even the washrooms are apparently creepy – don’t let the outward appearance fool you.

2 The Old-Fashioned Battery Carriage House

And next is Charleston’s most haunted inn. There are a number of ghosts sightings reported here, including (but not limited to) a ghostly congregation, a headless torso, and a gentleman ghost. Each of these sightings tends to be unusual and descriptive which means that if any of these hotels are actually haunted, this one is definitely up there – the descriptions are too spot on and detailed for everyone to be lying or exaggerating, surely!

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What’s even creepier is that one of the guests reports feeling the presence of a ghost as ‘unfriendly’ and someone not to be trusted. Very spooky.

1 The Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver

The Lady In Red is one of Canada’s most famous ghosts, and legend has it that she can be seen at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. She’s said to be a woman who walks along the top floor in a red gown and pauses at all of the windows to stare out at the city.

Although she’s one of the most famous, at least this ghost sounds relatively harmless. Still probably spooky to spot her, though, but if I had to run into any of the ghosts mentioned in this list… I’d probably pick this one. At least I’m not likely to come to any harm.

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