One thing that many people do when they visit a new place is search for souvenirs to take home with them to remember the trip by. Visiting a brand new place is always a great time to pick up some unique items to take home yourself or gifts for your loved ones.

If you're going to be visiting Japan, there are so many amazing things that you can buy to bring home. From home decor to things you can actually use once you return from your trip cities in Japan like Tokyo are filled to the brim with so many amazing ideas for souvenirs.

To see 10 souvenirs you have to pick up in Tokyo, keep reading!

10 Licensed Goods

Tokyo is home to a ton of different stores that sell really fun, unique licensed goods. Tokyo is home to a massive Pokémon Center, so if you're into the Pokémon franchise, you can easily find some unique collectibles there that aren't sold in stores anywhere else in the world. Other franchises like Sanrio and various anime series are also sold in stores around Toyko.

Whoever the collector in your life is, whether it's you or a loved one, you're sure to find some adorable licensed goodies in Tokyo that fit the franchise they're obsessed with. Plus, a lot of it isn't sold outside of Japan, so it'll be really unique.

9 Fake Food Samples

One thing that you'll likely notice when you're in Japan is the fake that restaurants and stores have fake food on display instead of a traditional menu with pictures. These models became popular in the 1920s, before menus became particularly popular around Japan. Today, they're a staple of many restaurants around the country.

If you want to buy something super unique to remember your trip to Japan by, why not try to find one of these plates or bowls of fake display food? Many arcades even have keychains that are made to look like these display dishes as prizes in their games!

8 Ukiyo-e

Ukiyo-e is a genre of traditional Japanese art that became popular in the 17th century and remained a popular art style through the 19th century. The word "Ukiyo-e" is often translated to "pictures of the floating world" and was typically produced as woodblock prints of various different subjects, including sumo wrestlers, beautiful landscapes, and kabuki actors.

Today, Ukiyo-e prints can still be purchased in various places around Japan. If you're an art lover visiting Tokyo, you'll likely want to leave with some kind of traditional piece of Japanese art. Authentic Ukiyo-e pieces from the 17th to 19th century can go for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, but prints inspired by them tend to be more affordable.

7 Washi Tape

Washi tape can be purchased just about anywhere these days in a variety of really fun and unique prints and colors. But, something that many fans of this colorful paper tape don't know is that washi was originally a type of traditional Japanese paper that was invented in ancient Japan and was used for a variety of applications.

Today, you can buy washi tape just about everywhere. Some of it has a more plastic texture and isn't really like the original paper tape that was created in Japan. But while you're in Tokyo, you should look into grabbing at least a roll or two of traditional paper washi tape.

6 Bento Boxes

If you're someone that takes your lunch with you to school or work, you'll probably know how difficult it can be to find the right kind of container to transport your different meals. In Japan, a bento box is a box that people put their meals into. They often have different compartments and fit a single meal, sometimes by stacking the components on top of each other.

While in Japan, you'll be able to find a ton of different bento boxes. While they're becoming more and more popular internationally, the fact that they've been a staple in Japanese culture for a long time means that picking one up in this country would be extra special.

5 Furoshiki

If you decide to pick up a bento box while you're in Japan, you might be wondering how you're going to take it places. Luckily, the Japanese have been using bento boxes for so long that they've already come up with an adorable (and functional!) solution to that, too.

Furoshiki is a type of cloth that often comes in fun patterns and is used to put a bento box into to keep it safe during transportation. They can also be used to wrap up other things like gifts and clothes, but they're often used to keep a bento box secure while you're taking it to school, work, or on a picnic.

4 Chopsticks

Chopsticks were first invented in China, but have spread across different countries around Asia and have been used for thousands of years. Even if you weren't a chopstick-using expert before you made your trip to Japan, the odds are pretty good that you probably learned how to use them after you spent a little time there.

And if you didn't? Why not pick up a pair of nice chopsticks to take home and practice? Whether you start using them every time you order sushi or you just leave them on a shelf to remember your trip by, chopsticks are a good, simple souvenir to bring home from Japan.

3 Stationery

Some people think of stationery as nothing more than pens, sticky notes, and notebooks that are used to write down grocery lists or other reminders. Meanwhile, there are other people that are seriously into stationery and love to collect unique notepads, colorful pens and highlighters, and cute sticky notes.

If you're someone that belongs to that second group, you definitely need to track down a stationery store while you're in Tokyo. They have a lot of really unique types of writing utensils and notebooks that you won't be able to find back home. The only problem? You might not want to use them because they're too nice!

2 Edo Kiriko Glass

Edo kiriko is a type of Japanese cut glass that dates back to the 19th century. It is a method of creating glassware that combines clear and colorful glass along with intricate patterns to create really beautiful, unique pieces of glassware that have become really popular across Japan since they were first sold.

Today, Edo kirko can be found in various stores around Japan where the colorful glass is still cut and sold. If you're looking for something super unique to take home that has a long history in Japan, this is the perfect souvenir.

1 Gachapon

Gachapon is the word for a type of unique capsule toy machine that can be found around Japan. Many stores, convenience stores, and shopping centers have walls of gachapon machines that stock various different types of capsule toys. Everything from anime franchises, animals, and miniature versions of everyday items can be found in these gachapon machines.

Gachapon typically cost between the equivalent of $1 to $5, so if you're looking for a small, fun souvenir to pick up, try to find a gachapon machine that has a prize that looks appealing to you!