Switzerland is on just about every tourist’s bucket list. It’s a country full of mountains, lakes, and villages, and is famously known for the Swiss Alps. Additionally, tourists recognize the country as the biggest European-eCommerce center in the world, which explains why everything is so insanely expensive.

Price pretty much goes out the window, though, when it comes to Swiss craftsmanship. It’s on another level of beauty and perfection. Switzerland provides carefully crafted items that will dazzle and intrigue tourists, much like the country itself. So, forget the price tag and take home these 10 awesome Swiss souvenirs now! Trust us, they will be no regrets!

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10 Jewels Are Their Specialty

Since the country is known as a banking and finance giant, it’s no wonder they specialize in bringing Americans the best jewelry brands, especially watches. Time liberality rules Switzerland as watches are a prime symbol of accuracy and supreme design. This country is the mad scientist behind some of the biggest watch manufactures in the world, such as Rolex, Omega, Swatch and Cartier. Now that’s a collaboration no one saw coming! Additionally, Switzerland makes jewelry pieces like no bodies business. Next to theirs, American jewels look like a Walmart knock-off! Their designers put on the most spectacular display of bracelets, brooches, earrings and cuff-links ever seen! Who wouldn’t want to take home this Swiss jewel?

9 Buy Photographs Of Zurich

Watches and diamonds make a great birthday gift or a holiday present, but photographs last a lifetime. There’s no jewel on earth that can replace a memory. When traveling to Switzerland, tourists should make a stop at Zurich and visit the Zurichfoto shop. There they’ll find prints and photographs of beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of Zurich. Some even include black and white photos of landmarks, such as the St. Peter Church. Who knows, a single photograph could even complete the entire redesign of the living room. Definitely stop into a photography shop and purchase some cool picks to take back home. One photo can take us right back to Switzerland in a flash.

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8 Their Toys Are Made With Love

Time may be a big deal in Switzerland, but so is quality. Their products are made with care and carry a wholesome essence. When it comes crafts, the Swiss make everything from scratch. Nothing compares to the real deal. Their handmade craft toys are one-of-kind. Americans are used to their kids playing with Legos, Barbies and toy cars. Even so, only a handful of stores in the U.S. sell hand-made toys. The opposite is true for Swiss stores, as most shops feature everything from wooden farm cows to people. These traditional toys could make a timeless gift to someone who understands Swiss craftsmanship.

7 Switzerland Has The Best Chocolate In Town

Obviously, Switzerland has many things to be proud of. They make the best watches in town and will put any American toy shop to shame. The list continues with their ability to produce the greatest tasting chocolate ever. Switzerland’s biggest kept secret isn’t the chocolate alone though, it’s the milk! Farmers raise their cows grass-feed, meaning there’s no traces of steroids or fertilizers. Everything is produced naturally, thus bringing us the best chocolate ever! Don’t believe us? Just check out the awesome Funky Chocolate Club shop and take a few pieces for the plane ride back home.

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6 Take A Piece Of Cheese On The Flight Back Home

Chocolate truffles aren’t the only foodies Switzerland is known for. Like Chocolate, Cheese is another famous staple of the country, and it rightfully has earned that title, given the 450 grades to choose from! So why is Switzerland’s Cheese the best? Again, it all comes down to the main ingredient, milk. Switzerland’s unpasteurized milk has more flavor than the regular milk consumed here in America. While the thought of eating raw-milk cheese sounds down-right gross, it’s a healthier option. It protects against heart diseases, while also producing healthy fatty acids that are good for us. In addition to the few pieces of chocolate, take a few slices of Swiss cheese and snack on them during the plane ride. It’ll be life changing!

5 A Family Tradition

By being the very mammals responsible for producing the freshest dairy milk ever, it’s only right they deserve recognition. The Dairy Cows of Fribourg, Switzerland wear the Cowbells or as some German farmers call them Kuhglocke , as an important tradition of Swiss farming culture that has lasted 900 years. These bells all come in decorative styles that’ll make for a great holiday gift. Though, they’re used for more than just decoration. Farmers usually adorn their favorite cow with a decorative bell displaying significant dates and family memories. As a souvenir, tourists can take their own ornately decorative cowbell home to share with their loved ones.

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4 A Tradition That Never Dies

Another traditional item hailing from Switzerland are music boxes. Spectators have traced their origins back to different parts of Europe, though, the most concrete evidence shows that the music box originated from 17th Century Switzerland. The design of a music box has evolved over time, from the traditional 96-teeth and interchangeable brass cylinder of the early 1800’s to the discs, which offered more music variety in the late 1890s. Now in the 21th Century, music boxes come in a variety of shapes, colors and components. While some boxes come in ornate designs others resemble snow globes or come in transparent glass that allows the owner to see the inner workings of a music box! Who wouldn’t want to take home a music box for Christmas?

3 Like To Journal? Write With Swiss Pens!

Swiss engineers are not only the mad scientists behind jewelry, watchmakers and music boxes, but they also specialize in Pens. It seems cliché to buy a writing utensil as a souvenir, but tourists won’t just be buying any ol’ pen. Swiss-owned companies, such as Prodir and Caran d’Ache, are the kings of the writing world. If travelers are looking for a really good pen, then check out Prodir’s DS9 pen that came out in 2016. It comes in a spectrum of colors, such as cement grey, denim blue and sunset orange, just to name a few. Caran d’ Ache takes things a step further by creating pencils that carry pleasant aromas. Whether a plain or colored pencil, their utensils carry the distinctive scent of the dark Swiss wood from which they are made. Try journaling about your trip to Switzerland with these fun pencils!

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2 Swiss Army Knives Are The Best

Many of the items on this list play an important part in Swiss culture. The Swiss Army Knife doesn’t seem all that special at first glance but it carries Switzerland’s name for a reason and should be recognized as such. Since the 1800’s, they have been one of the top-selling items in the country. Some buy a swiss army knife to add to their collection, while others simply enjoy all the tool combinations that come with it. They even come in a range of sizes; some are even small enough to fit inside your pocket! Tourists even can take a tour of the Victorinox location where late 1890s Swiss inventor Karl Elsener invented the tool! Thanks to him, tourists can enjoy this Swiss treasure and pass it along to their children.

1 Traditional Swiss Wear Is In Season

Purchasing Swiss clothing is also a souvenir worth taking back home. Not many know that the country prides itself on being the “cleanest in all the land.” Their clothes are eco-friendly, made entirely from material that not only protects their bodies but the environment as well. Additionally, tourists can treat themselves to stores that still sale traditional Swiss wear, such as traditional tights. Though predominantly a male clothing, some tights were made for babies and girls. Another popular clothing item was embroidery, which back in the day, was stitched onto hats, scarves and shirt cuffs. However, the accessory has been limited to a tourist attraction, making it unique. People can take home the traditional wear of early Alpine farmers!

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