I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” —Mark Twain.

Planned a vacation? Picked your destination? Who are you traveling with? Lists and plans and shopping and food. Admit it, the selection of people you are traveling with can make the trip an amazing one or a miserable one. Ensure that you have a travel buddy who can add value to your trip. Hence prefer someone who has similar travel likings and personality traits. Learn how to be a good travel mate or to choose a good companion to maximize the potential for a hella-good time.

A great travel buddy can make your trip a real happening and sensational one, or be a total spoiler! Which do you prefer? The answer's obvious here. One travel group could gel up well but a few can land you up in trouble for just nothing at times. We all know the excitement of dreaming and actually living a travel dream! So jot them down and pick your best buddy. Your wife? Your friend? Your dad? Mum? Who's it gonna be?

20 Your Partner Is On Schedule (Good travel buddy!)

Missed your flight? Ouch! That is a true pain! Especially when the fault is not yours and most importantly when you are on your much planned and dreamt off vacation. But, if your partner is taking the cab at the right time and reaching the destination on time or before, he/she is your perfect travel buddy!

There are places where timing is important and if you do not reach on time, the whole experience can become negative. What if you and your partner have travelled more than a day just to catch a glimpse of the most beautiful sunrise on earth, but failed to arrive in time? The sun won’t wait for you or your buddy to wake up.

Let’s consider another situation where friends decide to split up and shop for their family on their last day of the trip. Your friend meets you an hour late than the decided time. This can create a lot of panic because there's a chance that you miss you flight back home.

A partner who is on schedule every time and everywhere can be anybody’s best suited travel buddy. Travelers would love to have such company.

19 Your Travel Partner Is Responsible (Good travel buddy!)

The aspect that irritates the most to a typical person while on travel is dealing with irresponsible travellers along the way. Being irresponsible in normal life may be occasionally accepted, but it is totally unacceptable while you are on a trip. Trip rules, buddy!

Suppose, while abroad, you go for night out with your friend in a bar. For instance, your bar or night club is far away from your hotel and your partner forgot the room keys in the room itself, even though they took responsibility to carry the keys. Under such situations, chances are that the unlocked room could be robbed while both of you are far away. In addition to your travel fun being spoiled, you may have to face a big financial loss.

It is best to travel with a knowledgeable, smart and caring partner because all these qualities indicate the responsible nature within him/her. Another plus point of having a responsible travel partner is that you would feel secure throughout your trip and you can get to be the irresponsible one sometimes (hehe)!

18 They love Your Idea Of Instagram (Good travel buddy!)

For few travellers, Instagram acts as an inevitable fact of life, while for others, it is of negligible significance. If you and your travel partner both have interest in social media platforms like Instagram, it would be great. The reason is both of you can enjoy capturing moments. In addition to bringing joy though uploading and amassing all those likes, it would also secure your happy moments in a safe way. Travel fun adds up when countless photographs are clicked at the best of the destinations and doing the craziest of things!

Do you have a travel partner who equally likes sharing travel moments on Instagram? If yes then just take that person to the trip with you without giving a second thought. The travel partner who admires your opinion of Instagram is your true companion as he/she is the one who can thoroughly help you realize your passion for capturing “snap-happy moments”.

Sharing Insta-Stories and news feed is a love to many travellers, and they just cannot go without the idea of missing it. If your travel partner does not completely agree with your opinion of Instagram, look for another travel partner! Simple!

17 Similar budgets (Good travel buddy!)

Imagine paying for all the cab rides? Or meals?

Do you prefer having a clash with your travel partner every now and then while you are on a trip? The answer is obviously not. A great travel partner is the one whose opinion matches with yours when the matter comes to budget. The budget is one of the crucial aspects to consider while travelling. This is because careless budget planning can cause conflict when one person is forking out for the bill every time.

When partners share a similar budget, it would be quite easy to carry out different activities while travelling. If there is clash on spending the amount on different activities, the travel fun might deteriorate. In addition to that, if yours and your travel partner’s budget is similar, you would have a similar understanding on where to spend and where to cut back.

16 You're keen on seeing the same places (Good travel buddy!)

Perfect travel buddies are people who have the same sense of humor, identical topic that you are fanatical about, identical adventure goals (whether to eat, shop, swim, dance, or enjoy a cultural experience) – and this list continues.

To make the trip wonderful, just make sure you and your travel partner are after the same plan. For example, if you wish to chill on a beach, then you need a kind of travel partner who is a chill-axer. It is obvious that a city-trotter or who doesn’t like the concept of beaches would not be happy lazing around; hence, you need to straighten out your intentions and find a person with similar interest of destination.

Say the identical interest of destinations are –hiking the beautiful mountain ranges, close to clouds and sky or chilling on the beach the whole day by some cocktails or exploring cities and visiting every museum in the town or moving from party to party?

It may be possible that both of you prefer to have a good balance out of all of such activities. In order to avoid an embarrassed and silent trip, if you got a great travel partner, just make sure that you have (at least) one interest in common with him/her – irrespective of if being mountain hiking or photography or anything else.

15 You Dance to the same tunes (Good travel buddy!)

Dancing takes you in a totally new world or say a different world where you can just be yourself, get in the tunes and relax your mind and soul. It is a great exercise as well. If you desire to make some memorable memories, then you need to take somebody who can dance along and the moments get unforgettable for each other. Dance is an art which brings entertainment in unique way and helps you stay refreshed. People indulge in dance whenever they desire to feel refreshed and energized.

Travelling may seem interesting and exciting at first instant but it is tiresome as well. In order to not get exhausted and stay sustained with energy, dancing at one of the bars, restaurants or even in the hotel room can help a lot. The feeling becomes even more wonderful when you have a travel partner who matches with your tunes while dancing. This is because the travel partner will let you realize the exquisiteness of the bits and lyrics of songs played while dancing or just the rhythm itself.

14 Doesn’t Mind Clicking Countless Pictures (Good travel buddy!)

Pictures are the perfect things to help you cherish happy moments you enjoyed abroad. After the passage of five to ten years, it is possible that you may not recollect where you travelled, how you travelled and with whom you travelled. Thank you pictures, you can do that for us.

In today’s fast world, it happens that as time passes, we may not exactly remember the pleasurable moments spent during travel. When you glance at the series of pictures clicked during your trip, you would realize how time flies and how magical that moment was.

Irrespective of how expensive your travel trip is or irrespective of how many places you visit during your travel, the real joy is incomplete if there is absence of sense of togetherness. This feeling can be brought in a simple and convenient way: clicking countless pictures. Saying 'Cheese' with your travel partners shows you're bonding. The travel partner can be your friend/brother/sister/parents/cousin/colleague, etc., just make sure that they know how to use operate a shutter!

13 Your Travel Partner Is A Real Foodie (Good travel buddy!)

Is your travel partner crazy about food? Voila! The best companion then! A person may have passion for dancing, singing, swimming, etc., and just like that, a passion for food is unique and interesting as well.

Just think,  you go shopping the whole day and then you ultimately get exhausted and look for food. What if your travel partner isn't good company? Seems awkward, doesn't it? Hence, having a foodie partner alongside you is a good thing. He/she may demand food every now and then, but believe me, these demands are important to keep your trip interesting and full of energy.

12 Your Travel Partner Is Clearly Not A Judger! (Good travel buddy!)

Order! Order!

Oops! No judgments here please, we are travelling! Everyone has their faults, Also, each one of us have certain limitations and nobody is perfect. Finding faults of others is good in normal life as it may help a person to improve on that but when abroad, it feels embarrassing. We go to trip for fun and enjoy some crazy moments out of our hectic schedule. What if your travel partner keeps on judging you for your mistakes every time? It is completely embarrassing, isn’t it?

It can be your snoring and your sleep talk, your dull choices on food, bad shopping habits, etc. Even if these things annoy them, they must never judge you for it.

A great travel partner is the one who brings fun while you are travelling instead of judging you. The real happiness while travelling is accepting the partner as he/she is.

11 Has That Fantastic Sense Of Humor (Good travel buddy!)

Do you have a type of personality within you that lets you finds things amusing often, rather than getting serious? Do you have the ability to say funny things and watch the funny side of things? Fantastic! you then have a great sense of humour. This type of nature helps you a lot while you head on for a trip.

It is natural that everything has its own pros and cons and the same is true for travel. Going on a travel definitely brings you happiness, lets you feel like heaven and let you experience many wonderful things which you have not felt so far. However, it does come with certain risks and threats occasionally.

For example, your travel bag got stolen, or your passport is missing or someone in the hotel in which you stay behaved rudely with you. All these and many other situations occurs while you travel but if you have a good travel partner with fantastic sense of humour, the tough times can pain less. “Oh, Lost your purse? I’ll buy you a new one, now stop being a cry baby” , you see that?

They would keep up your state of mind even after flight delays, cultural faux-pas, stomach bugs, etc. You would find yourself laughing about such things in no time with your travel partner’s having wonderful sense of humour.

10 They're controlling (Find someone else)

An important factor is to have an opinion. What's more important is for your partner to value that opinion. Do not always say “You decide”. If you had to plan everything for the trip, why should you take them as a companion? Everyone should have the responsibility of contributing. Maybe some prefer to plan, which is okay. But don't plan every day without the opinion of your travel buddies.

Do what you are best at. If you can capture memories in a camera well, then that’s your job. If you're a great negotiator, then take charge of taxi haggling. Take some time out, talk out indifferences and choose a partner who can be compatible with your travel style.

9 Are You Paying For The Cab Rides and Meals? (Find someone else)

While the saying goes “opposite attracts”, when it comes to setting budget for travel it can be unraveling to have opinion difference. Right from choosing a flight, one could want to fly first class and choose a private room while the other would not mind taking economy class. You would want to dine at multi starred fine-dining restaurant but you partner would prefer street food or not so expensive eateries. There is also a possibility that your partner ends up paying your bills for food or taxi. But sometimes it can also drive you crazy if your partner keeps count of even 0.1 cent. Pay your fair share and also accommodate each other’s expenses if you are in a healthy give-and-take relationship.

Try not to compel your partner to splurge on stuff they cannot manage to afford. Money is the root of all evil. Hence it is very important to avoid these unpredictable situations by having an honest conversation on how much you can spend before the journey. Avoid taking a companion with whom you have already had bitter experiences regarding money matters.

8 When You Don't Share The Same Interests (Find someone else)

Trekking or Paragliding or deep sea diving? Relaxing on a sandy beach or indulge in shopping? What do you want actually want to do in this trip?

If your aim is to hike and climb to the top of a hill, pairing up with a friend who wants to relax in a resort or beach is not going to bring in lot of fun. Be specific about what activities you wish to pursue. Prefer a companion who also wants to do the same things. Certainly, the rhythms are not going to match all the time, but it is very important to not to be sensitive and adjust to your buddy’s travel style.

If you have anticipated that that your trip will involve a lot of physical activities, try to get a partner whose energy levels are also spirited. It is not so welcoming if your partner keeps pulling you into activities which you are not comfortable with. While, it is actually OK to sometimes split up and do individual activities, when you travel with a partner, it is fun to do at least few things together.

7 "Hold on, I'm on the phone!" (Find someone else)

Checking for important messages and updates on social media are fine but continuously using it while you are on a trip is not at all recommended. Do you carry a partner along with you who is addicted to their phone? Either it's time for the phone to go, or the partner.

Staring down at the screen the whole day actually makes the trip boring. Remember that you have planned to go on trip to see incredible sights, not to text your cat and dog back home every second of every day. Plus, you'll get a stiff neck when it's cranked down at a device all day, and you'll probably walk into a pole at some stage.

6 When Your Partner Has A Differnt Style Of Planning

Planning your trip properly is crucial - working out routes and zeroing in on good places can add value to your journey.

However, to plan every minute of every day to the very smallest detail is overkill. Trips are all about discovering something new and rejuvenating, so it is good to have control over each stop, but let the wind take you to an extent.

While you are well organized planner, your partner would be having a habit of last minute changes. It is important that everyone’s opinion is heard and respected. To avoid unpredictable issues, it is always better to plan well ahead of the journey on matters of money, food and accommodation. If you are well proficient in reading maps, offer to lead the way. Collaborate, and settle your indifferences and reach up a compromise that will suit everyone.

5 Different Nightlife Preferences? (Find someone else)

Early Bird or Night Owl ?

Among traveling buddies, it is very common to find early birds and night owls. While morning people generally wake up with lot of energy it is often difficult for them to stay up late at night. Some are night owls who are booming with energy late at night. It becomes difficult if two people with exactly opposite night preferences have decided to pair up.

However, it is not impossible to have a harmony between such travel buddies. If one wants to go to bed early, the other person should be courteous enough to use small lights to read a book, use a pair of headphones to listen to music, watch a movie, or leave the room to talk over the phone.

It's not all bad here. One can certainly take advantage of the alone time.

4 Not Getting Your Personal Space? (Find someone else)

Traveling can be stressful at times. It is very important to have some personal space in between the hectic times. Invasion of personal space is one of traveler habits that can cause conflict.

You want to pursue your hobby for a short while or take a nap en route to your nest stop and your partner is ready with a life story to tell, there's gonna be a case of the grumpies.

It is very important to respect each other's private space and try not to encroach it. Your partner is on phone talking to her family members back home and you try to divert him by asking next day's plan or something as trivial as where to have your next meal. It can be truly disgusting when your partner tries to use your personal stuff without your knowledge or permission... think, toothbrush!

A sign that your partner is uncomfortable or annoyed; they may be only giving single syllable answers. Try to refrain from talking to them at that time. This is a message that they want some space.

3 Does Your Partner Panic A Lot? Even For A Lost Hat? (Find someone else)

The major reason behind not traveling with this kind of person is through their internal fear they spread negativity to people around him/her.

It is vital to keep in mind that if you wish to experience your travel moments at the fullest, leave fear at home and then join the trip. Travel involves many adventures and challenges which are unexpected while sitting on your sofa planning.

You may come across strange people on your trip, weird cultural differences, and strange animals/birds/creepy crawlies. So, if you panic a lot, it becomes very difficult to carry on your trip with such obstacles in between.

While travelling, the key aspect is to get acquainted with the people and situation instantly and try to accept the things as they are.

2 Is somebody carrying just a make-up bag bigger than your entire luggage? (Find someone else)

When you travel, keep in mind that you need to carry the necessary luggage only. The extra luggage may invite a lot of difficulties. In addition of your time being wasted in carrying on the huge luggage, you would get exhausted quickly and also you may start getting irritated.

Are you going on a trip or a fashion show? Carrying on a big make-up bag is perfectly fine if you are going to get ready for some special events or some fashion show. But it is completely useless to carry lots of make-up accessories with you during your trip. Make sure you keep only the essentials in your luggage instead!

The make-up bag stays with you after the trip and will we with you for years. But you can’t go back, again and again, to visit the wonders you missed when you were late for the bus because of your 5th layer of eyeliner.

1 Lacks Flexiblity! (Find someone else)

Nobody prefers to travel with a dead weight, the kind of partner who will be relying on you for each small decision, and waiting for you to resolve every problem. If a partner sticks to cab rides but you wish to take a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery - Oops! Not a flexible partner here!

Being flexible and compatible with your travel partner makes the trip as smooth as possible. On the other hand, a rigid mindset would mean you would clash with your buddy every now and then, and ultimately the trip gets spoiled.

It is best to learn how to be flexible on certain things. A good travel partner should try to understand his / her partner well. A little flexibility on both parties goes a long way.