10 Signs It's Time To Switch Resorts (And 10 Signs You Need To Return)

Choosing to book a resort is a type of trip lots of travelers enjoy due to the easiness of it all. Resort lovers daydream about hitting the beach while indulging at the resort's finest restaurants. Sadly, we live and we learn and this scenario isn't always the one that unfolds. In this article we take a look at both the good and the bad that can take place while at an all-inclusive resort. Certain problems should not be tolerated and in some cases, should cause travelers to switch resort altogether.

Other signs instead would make you not want to return to the destination. We’ll also feature the positive aspect of booking a resort. We feature 10 positive signs that not only is the resort a good one but it could be a spot worthy of a return. Topics we’ll discuss in this article include room quality, the entertainment provided on a resort, the food quality and much, much more. If the waiter carries the breadsticks in his pants, that might be a good sign to look elsewhere!

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share this link with a fellow traveler. For those of you out there who love a resort-type of trip on a beach, then this is a must-read for you. Without further ado here are 10 signs it's time to switch resorts and 10 signs you need to return. We start with a basic problem that drives travelers’ crazy: a resort over booking!

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20 Switch Resorts - Overbooked


This one is a traveler’s bad dream come true. After a long flight you get to the destination only to see it littered with way too many people. Some resorts have a tendency to overbook, this can lead to a terrible experience. Overbooking causes a lackluster resort maintenance along with various other problems. You surely won’t get the optimal customer service treatment when a resort is packed and is over capacity.

If you want a trip that’s stress-free and one that’s quiet, make sure to read reviews and contact the specific resort to ask what the audience is like. For those that desire such an environment, a 21+ resort is likely what you are looking for.

19 Return - Staff Knows Your Name


The quality of the resort staff is one of the most important features in a fine hotel. This usually separates a good experience from a great one. Some resort staff go the extra mile and create a personal connection with the client. If those working at the lobby and pool bar know you by name, that is a great sign. This can enhance a traveler’s experience.

Think about the top resort trips you have ever taken. In all likelihood a type of bond was formed during that trip with a member of the staff. The way resort workers treat the traveler should be of the utmost importance.

18 Switch Resorts – Lazy Entertainment


The entertainment part of an all-inclusive resort can make a big difference in your personal experience. However it isn’t an optimal point at all resorts. Some destinations that are closer to the city tend to cheap out on this element. Instead promoters push that you go off the resort and visit some of the outside locations. That should not be the case and a top resort would make you want to stay. From daily activities to night shows the entertainment factor can be the best part of a traveler’s experience.

Laziness is not something you want to see out of the staff. This can be a sign that it is time to change resorts or at the very least can cause you not to return. Do not settle.

17 Return – Quality & Quantity Beach Accommodations


Let’s face facts, if you’re heading down south the biggest priority is a top of the line beach. It is up to the resort to make this experience one you won’t forget. Things to look out for include a clean beach (the resort workers should keep it clean at all times), massive quantity of beach chairs (it should have more than plenty to go around) and quality beach items (we don’t want chairs with the legs half off).

Those are three important factors to look out for. Last but not least the most important has to be customer service while on the beach. Resorts usually pamper their clients with beverages and various other amenities while on the beach.

16 Switch Resorts - No Dress Code

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This one can hurt the experience and overall quality of a hotel. When booking a resort make sure that you see signs of a dress code. The last thing you want to be doing is hitting one of the fancy resort restaurants while sitting next to someone wearing a shirt that’s half torn or heck, no shirt at all for that matter.

Top resorts usually have a dress code whether it be at a buffet or resort restaurant. Although it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea it enhances the experience of a traveler for the better. The usual prerequisites are more than alright and nothing out of the ordinary.

15 Return – Daily & Nightly Entertainment


We spoke about this earlier in the article as a reason to skip out on a resort. The opposite holds true as a reason why you return to a certain location. The entertainment is crucial especially during the long days. Just sitting there might be okay at first but as the trip goes on you’ll want to be doing something.

Top resorts include lots of activities from various sporting games on the beach to lots of other fun games poolside. The night entertainment also provides an interesting variety, whether it be a show or something light-hearted like a game. Some resorts go the extra mile setting up a beach party at night as well. Especially on rainy days the entertainment value can make all the difference.

14 Switch Resorts - Poor Room Service


This can be another sign that it is time to switch resorts. Have you ever called the front desk and asked for something only to have it arrive hours later? This is a constant problem lots of travelers face on the regular.

Problems can include a broken air conditioning unit or a traveler wanting to switch rooms. Who else had the experience of a hotel telling you that someone’s coming to pick up your stuff and transport to another room only to still see it there hours later.... That is not a good sign. Room service needs to be of the utmost quality and you definitely should not settle.

13 Return – Mini-Fridge Restocked Constantly


We discussed this in previous articles; dehydration can cause lots of problems during a trip. Especially when you’re on a hot resort; make water a priority on the regular. High-end resorts don’t even need for you to tell them.

Some resorts have the maids fill up the mini-fridge while they clean the rooms. That’s fine but the better resorts have a specific employee passing by the rooms multiple times throughout the day ensuring that your fridge is stocked to full capacity. No need to worry about water, it’ll be more than full on the regular. If you have to ask for a mini-fridge refill more than once, then that is not a good sign and it might be an indication that the resort is either overbooked or just flat out lazy.

12 Switch Resorts - Outdated Food At The Buffet

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This is something all travelers need to be on the lookout for. Make sure when you enter a buffet that the food available is of the utmost top quality. If you really want to ensure the freshness of the food keep an eye out during the breakfast and lunch buffets. If you see the same foods available, that is not a good sign. That can be even worse if the same foods are used during the dinner time buffet.

Freshness is the key when it comes to buffets. Quality resorts restock and freshen up every item during breakfast, lunch and dinner. You also won’t find the same foods available after each meal. Be on the lookout for this.

11 Return - High Quality Dining Experience

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Along with the beautiful beaches we pick a resort so that we don’t have to deal with the headache of eating out. Top of the line resorts include a buffet for all meals along with several a-la-carte restaurant available. A positive sign that’ll make you want to return is the quality of the a-la-carte restaurants.

From the food quality to the professionalism of the service this is another factor that would make you want to return to a resort. Lots of hotels go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their customers. Make sure you have such an experience while at the finest restaurants the resort has to offer.

10 Switch Resorts - Dirty Drinking Water


If your drink turned brown then that might be a sign to switch resorts. It is common knowledge not to drink the water out of the faucet. However most resorts stress the fact that the bottled water and bar water is more than okay. Nonetheless make sure the standards stay consistent throughout the trip. The last thing you want to be doing is drinking dirty water.

Top resorts ensure the well-being and safety of their guests with fresh bottled water stocked in their rooms and at the hotel restaurants and buffet. Make sure the water quality meets you standards throughout the trip.

9 Return - Friendly Bartenders


The little things can make all the difference during a trip. Whether it’s a smile or conversation with the resort bartender, such an experience can be welcoming for a traveler and even a memorable one. Heck if you ask resort goers their favorite hotels from the past they likely remember the name of the bartender. My personal favorite was Eddie from a trip I took 8 years ago!

A friendly bartender goes a long way and sets the mood for a trip. There truly isn’t anything worse than a miserable employee. That just dampens the mood – something you don’t want during a vacation you waited so long for.

8 Switch Resorts – Staff Walks With Their Head Down

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The exact opposite also holds true and can be a reason to switch resorts. The staff truly sets the mood when it comes to the quality of a trip. Top resorts feature the staff smiling and greeting the guests regularly. Entertainers on the resort are also all smiles and always willing to engage with the guests at a hotel. This can only enhance one’s experience.

Low quality resorts feature the opposite; staff workers walking with their head down and trying to avoid conversation isn’t a good sign at all. This means unprofessionalism and just flat out laziness. Be on the lookout for the way the workers of the resort interact with you. High quality resorts make this a priority, low quality resorts do not.

7 Return – Optimal Room Service


We spoke about room service earlier in the article. It can make or break a trip experience. The way a resort's staff responds to your needs is a telling factor on whether or not you should return to the resort. Quality hotels meet the needs of their clients ASAP. If you ask for an extra bathrobe, there tit is just minutes later waiting at your door.

Quality resorts make room service a priority with specific employees working to accommodate the needs of the traveler’s. Lower-end resorts have employees that wear different hats. The sign of poor room service is a hotel employee taking way too long to attend to you due to the fact that he was off doing something else for the hotel.

6 Switch Resorts - Poor Restaurant Quality

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If the waiter carries the bread sticks in his pants, then it’s time to change resorts.... Okay we’re exaggerating but seriously the professionalism needs to be of the utmost quality. A poor dining experience can destroy a traveler’s vacation.

Anything from small portions to the food being served cold should not be tolerated. Most resorts also encourage seconds, if they deny you with an additional plate during the service that is not a good sign. I can remember being turned down when asking for more salad during a particular meal! No, I never returned to the destination following that type of treatment. Once again you shouldn’t settle - be on the lookout for quantity and quality.

5 Return - Spotless Resort

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A dirty beach should not be tolerated as we discussed earlier but neither should a dirty resort. The overall maintenance of a destination is something of the utmost importance. There is nothing worse than walking to the beach and seeing cans of paint just laying on the floor next to rooms, or glasses from the previous night still out and not cleaned up.

Resorts of high quality make the experience one you won’t forget especially due to the cleanliness standards. A freshly cleaned pool bar in both the hotel and lobby just improves the experience that much more. Top resorts have employees specifically working to keep the resort clean at all times.

4 Switch Resorts - Overall Resort Maintenance


The exact opposite holds true for making you not want to return to a resort. However, how clean the area is shouldn’t be the only factor to look out for. In such hot climates you expect a cool interior. Some resorts struggle to meet that standard. This can turn into a nightmare for a traveler.

A reoccurring problem is a broken AC unit in a room. The way a resort responds to this problem is what matters most. If there is nothing they can do to fix the problem it is totally unacceptable. Making matters worse only switching the accommodations the next day is also something that should not be tolerated. Problems need to be taken seriously and attended to immediately.

3 Return - Amenities Galore

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A positive sign of a great resort is one that is filled with amenities both inside your room and on the resort. Quality hotels try to give you the best experience possible by providing the traveler with everything they need. From soaps to shampoos to restocked fridges on the regular you should have more than enough amenities throughout the trip - if you only have one towel in the room, that’s a big time no-no. There should be more than enough and more than you need.

The same should hold true throughout the resort. You shouldn’t have to ask for something. Top resorts have everything you need without having to ask.

2 Switch Resorts – Room Quality


The room quality can make or break a trip experience. You must make sure that it meets the standards not only once you arrive but throughout the trip. The fact that the room is clean should be of the utmost importance. Make sure that the room stays in great and optimal shape throughout the trip. A quick cleaning should not be tolerated and neither should a worker showing up in the late hours of the afternoon to clean the room.

Finding insects or stains also should not be tolerated. It can be a telling factor for you not to return to the resort.

1 Return - Upgrades Available

via:The Cliff Lipe Resort

A staff that goes out of their way to please the customer is one worthy of an extended stay. A great sign is a resort staff going the distance and beyond your expectations. Say you tell them it’s your anniversary and they provide you with a free bottle of champagne, that is definitely a good sign that you’re in great hands.

Even if your room doesn’t meet the standards you hoped, the situation can turn out for the better. Some hotels really try to make it up to you providing an upgrade with an even better room and one that’s at the same price with no additional charges. This type of loyalty will make you want to return!

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