Taylor Swift doesn’t know about you, but she’s feeling 22. Or more like 28 now, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Swifties around the world come out just to see the ‘1989’ singer perform on stage at arenas all over the globe. Some even travel specifically to wherever she’s having a show just for the chance to see her live. Everyone knows that she has some of the most loyal fans out there.

The country-turned-pop superstar has had an impressive career and accomplished so much at such a young age. She is also an incredible role model for a wide range of people of all ages. With so many fans, her good girl image has gotten her far. But she’s also no stranger to controversy (hello, Kanye).

But hey that’s all behind us now, I mean the old Taylor Swift is ‘dead’ right?

Whether it was for concerts, lovers or with her friends—it’s no secret that Taylor has done her fair share of traveling the world. Even if that means having to leave behind her two beloved cats Meredith and Olivia Benson for a little while.

Check out some of the amazing locales she has hit up for her music career and others that were just for fun or romantic getaways. After all, even the biggest mega-stars need some quality time to escape the paparazzi and swarm of fans from time to time. You do you, Taylor. We feel you.

20 For music: New York City - It’s Been Waiting For You

Welcome to New York! One of Taylor Swift’s most popular songs paid homage to NYC, which is now the place she calls home. But back before she lived there, she travelled there a lot to propel her music career.

Taylor started popping up onto the scene with hits like “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops On My Guitar.” She performed on Good Morning America and The Megan Mullally Show back in 2006 with her Tim McGraw inspired tune as one of her first public appearances. No wonder New York is so near and dear to her heart. The Big Apple helped her get her start.

19 For music: Kansas - Star-Spangled Banner

Before the world knew her name, the country-focused Taylor Swift sang the national anthem for the NFL on Thanksgiving Day. The great honour took place on November 23rd, 2006 in Kansas City.

She sang the star-spangled banner and put her name and face on the map which further propelled her career. She was mostly just known for her single “Tim McGraw” still at this time (and signature blonde curly hair, of course). The Swifties were just starting to get to know her!

18 For music: Las Vegas - America’s Got Talent

What you may not know about Taylor, is that very early on in her career she performed on the hit TV series America’s Got Talent.

She took to the stage for an emotional performance of her second single “Teardrops On My Guitar.” The performance took place on AGT’s second season finale. This was all the way back in 2007, where Taylor was making more of a name for herself in the music industry. Vegas is the place to do just that.

17 For music: Nashville - CMA Awards

Taylor headed over to Nashville, Tennessee aka the country music mecca. She performed her third single “Our Song” for the Country Music Awards back in 2007.

Now Taylor was really making headway into her career at this point by performing for the biggest awards show in her genre. Her quirky personality, catchy songs, and talented writing skills were her claim to fame right from the very beginning. It was easy to see from her first few singles that Taylor wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon and that her career was only just beginning.

16 For music: Burbank - Ellen

In 2008, Taylor landed herself not one but two appearances on the biggest morning talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Early in the year she went to Burbank, California to perform her hit “Our Song” on the show.

Later that year she returned, this time performing “Love Story” and “Should’ve Said No” which was off her second wildly popular album called Fearless. Besides getting a lot more exposure with the new platform, she also began a friendship with Ellen that would stand the test of time. It was truly a win-win trip!

15 For music: Sydney - Sound Relief

Now jump forward to March of 2009 when Taylor travelled to the Land Down Under for a performance of epic proportions at Sound Relief.

She got the opportunity to explore the absolutely stunning Sydney, Australia and sing her heart out with some of her most popular hits: You Belong With Me, Our Song, Love Story and Change. Fans were very welcoming and ecstatic to have Taylor out in Australia to perform her catchy tunes.

14 For music: Tokyo - Sukkiri Morning Show

Back in 2010, Taylor landed an exciting and fun opportunity to perform on a popular morning show in Tokyo, Japan. She absolutely loved the culture and all Japan had to offer while visiting there, as she should.

It also proved how many Swifties there were lurking in Japan and what an international star she already was at this point. Taylor took the stage of the Sukkiri Morning Show to perform one of her greatest hits “You Belong With Me.” She wowed the audience in true Taylor fashion.

13 For music: Rio de Janeiro - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Rumoured to be about her high-profile ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is easily one of Taylor’s biggest hits to date.

Taylor has always been known for writing her songs from the heart with some not so subtle hints about who they’re about, which is part of what makes her so different than other artists. She’s very relatable which is part of the reason why her career took off the way it did. Taylor travelled to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to perform on TV Xuxa back in 2012.

12 For music: Germany - Shake It Off

Taylor sent a strong message out to her fans and the world about shaking off those pesky haters. She mentions that whether people say she stays out too late or goes out on too many dates—it doesn’t matter what they think. The powerful anthem is one of her greatest hits with its wicked beat and catchy lyrics.

She travelled all over with this song, urging everyone to just shake it off. One of these places happened to be Marl, Germany for the country's Radio Awards back in 2014 to perform this hit for the crowd.

11 For music: Chicago - Pepsi Jingle Bash

Taylor made her way to the fun and very windy city of Chicago in 2017 for one of the biggest parties the city has to offer—the B96 Chicago and Pepsi Jingle Bash in December.

She performed a lot of her major hits during this performance from multiple albums, including: Ready For It, Blank Space, Shake It Off, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, Gorgeous and of course— the edgier Look What You Made Do.

10 For escape: Tropical Vacation - Calvin Harris

These two seemed to be the real thing and fans were all about it. It lasted significantly longer than any of Taylor’s other beaus. But these two headed to splitsville after just 15 months together shortly after they spent a romantic vacation together at an undisclosed beach location.

Taylor and the DJ shared photos of their tropical days spent at the beach, jumping on inflatable trampolines in the water and writing their names in the sand. Seems like they sure did a lot of fun things together.

9 For escape: Rome - Tom Hiddleston

Love has taken Taylor to many stunning places across the globe. Back in 2016, Taylor travelled to one of the most romantic spots on earth, Rome, with her then-beau in tow.

Like any other tourists, they went for a tour of the Colosseum and then sat down for a nice patio lunch where Hiddleston can be seen being very affectionate with the “Shake It Off” singer. Hiddleston is a popular actor, film producer and musician from England. While their romance was incredibly passionate, it was also short-lived. But hey, at least they got to wander the cobblestone streets of Rome together.

8 For escape: Rhode Island - Tom Hiddleston

It was the very first time they were spotted out together in public, and the Internet went absolutely crazy. The photos came out just two weeks after her split from Calvin Harris so fans were shocked to see her so close with someone else so soon. After all, people thought Calvin was the one after they spent over a year together.

They looked madly in love, with lots of PDA—constantly hugging, kissing, and holding hands while enjoying a leisurely walk along the beach in Rhode Island.

7 For escape: Massachusetts - Conor Kennedy

It’s no secret that Taylor has been linked to lots of men but this one was kind of surprising. She briefly dated Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy.

The short-lived high-profile romance took Taylor to Massachusetts to spend the 4th of July with her man and his family. A big step for the couple as they walked along the beach together and celebrated Independence Day in style. While it didn’t last long, it seemed these two shared something really special.

6 For escape: Beverly Hills - Jake Gyllenhaal

What an absolutely stunning power couple these two made back in the day. Taylor and Jake spent Thanksgiving together in Brooklyn, New York with Jake’s family.

Taylor really hit it off with his sister, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. After the holiday, the two went back to LA and did a little trip to Beverly Hills together. Taylor was only 21 at the time and Jake is almost a decade older.

5 For escape: London - Harry Styles

Love also brought Taylor to the United Kingdom with a popular singer from the boy band One Direction. Taylor and Harry, also affectionately referred to as “Haylor” took their whirlwind romance across the pond to the UK. The two were spotted in London and Devonshire.

The “Blank Space” singer and One Direction member took a private jet to London to spend some quality time together and with Harry’s sister, Gemma. Of course, this relationship didn’t last either, but it was pretty cute while it did last.

4 For escape: Bondi Beach - Brotherly Love

Taylor spent some much need bonding time with her brother, Austin Swift at the pristine Bondi Beach in Australia.

It sure seems like Taylor likes her beaches and has traveled to a lot of them throughout the years. The brother-sister duo shared a late breakfast and then took off to the beach to explore all the beautiful surroundings of Sydney. Taylor is super close with her family, especially her mom who is usually backstage at her shows. Her down-to-earth relatable personality is what we love most about her.

3 For escape: Hamilton’s Island - R&R

This vacation was actually not inspired by a guy, but Taylor needed some R&R after her 1989 World Tour was almost done.

She relaxed on Hamilton’s Island, in serene Australia. But Taylor didn’t have much alone time here, because she treated her 125-person crew to the same vacation. Talk about generosity, T-Swift. The singer and her staff all enjoyed a luxurious stay at a resort alongside the Great Barrier Reef.

The trip was a milestone moment for Swift, with one of her biggest tours ever coming to a close and the opportunity to treat all the people who helped get her to where she is now.

2 For escape: Cayman Islands - Vacation Like None Other

Taylor hit up the stunning Cayman Islands for a vacation to get away from all the craziness of her life and have some downtime.

She flew there on a private jet on a Monday and left later that day. Hey, when you’re as rich as Taylor Swift you can just randomly take off to exotic locales for a one-day getaway.

She enjoyed a nice meal with her family at Tukka Restaurant and Bar and got her tan on at a private coastal patio. That’s all Taylor needed to feel just a little bit more restored and ready to tackle whatever else comes her way.

1 For escape: Turks And Caicos - Joe Alwyn

The popstar took off on a romantic getaway of epic proportions with her actor beau in July 2018. This is Taylor’s latest suitor and we have our fingers crossed he will be the one to take her off the market for good.

They enjoyed a very lavish and relaxing vacation working on their tans on the sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos. They seem very happy and content with each other and nothing beats a tropical vacation to bring out the romance.

Taylor has already been around the world, but it's also fun to see where she will go next and who she will be traveling with. One thing is for sure—this girl knows how to have fun and relax.