Italy is home to very classic and sophisticated places many travelers dream of visiting! There are towns and cities that tourists might have never heard of, but these places deserve a great deal of attention because they house renowned things northern Italy is known for, from landscapes, chocolate spreads, and racecars. Hence, here’s a list of the ten best secret places in Northern Italy that tourists should consider visiting.

10 Saturnia Hot Springs

Saturnia hot springs are located in the spa town of Tuscany. It is dubbed Italy's best secret, but it has gained in popularity and it’s not exactly a secret anymore. It has streams of sparkling blue water that are heated by the surrounding volcano in the area. The stream of water keeps the spring at 37 degrees. A peaceful dip in one of the many pools of the spring would be most ideal especially if tourists visit at sunrise and sunset. Don't fuss, this place is for free and open 24/7.

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9 Passo Gardena

Passo Gardena translates to Garden Pass and it is a road popular with road travelers and bikers. From the name itself, it is a mountain pass that provides riders the overlooking view of mountain ranges including the magnificent Dolomite mountains. The pass also has historical purposes in its construction in World War 1. On top of the pass, there are accommodations that travelers can stay on and other shops for convenience. This might be one of the best descents of a traveler’s life!

8 Lake Orta

In the North of Milan, only a local Milanese would recognize this lake because just like how the elites pledge to Lake Como, a villa near Lake Orta is a status symbol. This lake features its vintage vibe surroundings, starting from the Alpine mountains wrapped around it and the buildings built in medieval times. Classic to lavish, the island of Orta offers various accommodations. The grand palazzos in the nearby islands are being rented by vacationers from Italy and other neighboring countries during summer.

7 Treviso

Treviso is dubbed as one of the little Venices because of its system of canals mirroring the popular canals of the city. This town is the definition of vintage because of its well-preserved buildings built in the 15th century. Tourists can stroll through Piazza Dei Signori, where the Renaissance palace, Palazzo Protorio stands. There are definitely more sites to visit in Treviso, including San Pietro cathedral, the City Walls and Gates, and Villa Emo. Just like in Venice, one should not miss strolling through the picturesque water canals.

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6 Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is where vacationers experience the natural beauty of Valle d’Aosta. It is the best secret destination for anyone seeking a remote vacation but with a splendid view of its ski mountains, hot springs for the winter season, vintage vibe accommodations, and popular hikes of the valley. Aosta Valley offers world-class activities all year round. It offers the best ski experience in all of Italy in the winter and the best view of mountain ranges through its hiking trails in the summer.

5 Alba

Alba is a retro Instagram filter in reality because of its lovely brownish lands. It is where heaven meets earth because of the hanging thick fog in the morning and at night. This town is also popular for its aromatic and garlicky flavor underneath its grounds, Italy’s most popular product of white truffles. Hence, over the past years and the growing white truffles industry, this town and its neighboring areas are home to Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants. Moreover, Alba is the home for the world’s most popular chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella.

4 Trieste

Trieste is one of the most beautiful secret places in northern Italy. It is known as the country’s forgotten city yet now serves as one of the largest producers of coffee. Hence, this town oozes coffee shops and houses, and caffeine is a scent that every tourist would naturally associate with it. Because of its cultural diversity, it is home to various cultural buildings built by the Austro-Hungarian empire. One of its hidden places is Catello di Miramare, a palace built in 1855 which overflows in history.

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3 Modena

Racecars and vinegar are two things that one could associate with Modena. Despite being unpopular to tourists, it is widely known for its Bugatti racecars. This is because Bugatti once had a factory in the city. However, the deserted factory never stops tourists from getting closer looks at the city’s collection of Maserati cars owned by the Panini family. Modena is also home to the best Italian cuisines like the tagliatelle ragu and the best Frutti di Mare.

2 Chiusa

This pretty little town has some of the country’s earliest art scenes which date back to 100 years ago. Chiusa features its medieval beauty with its gothic churches, vintage accommodations, and retro landscapes. The town flaunts its museum that houses valuable pieces from Loreto treasures, from paintings to ceramic works of Italians and Spanish artists from centuries ago. Chiusa also houses some of the best cuisines from Alpine to Mediterranean flavors within its classic to luxurious restaurants such as Turmmwirt, Gasthof Walter, Pizzahouse Torgglkeller, and Ristorante Vital Jasmin nel Hotel Bischofhof.

1 Bergamo

Cities like Bergamo are places Italians like to keep to themselves. The streets in this little town are gorgeous as vintage facades the surrounding buildings and alleys. This town is an old town that features its classic Basilica embellished with gold ceilings and accessories. Another sophisticated building is the Duomo di Bergamo, Capella Colleoni, and many more.

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