Traveling on a plane is something that is either loved or hated. A lot of people have a fear of flying, which means they try to avoid air travel as much as possible. Some people like it, which would make it easier for someone with a traveling job. One of the most unliked parts of a plane trip is the food. It's kind of bittersweet because on one hand, you'll be starving and there are no other options. On the other hand, plane food isn't exactly the most delicious thing anyone's ever tasted. As a seasoned traveler, you will know the best way is to bring your own snacks on board, and this is also the tastiest way!

If you're traveling internationally you will most likely have to finish all your snacks on the plane or before boarding. Remember to take note of what you have left, if anything, and make sure to declare it because if not, the serious fines will cost you. If you're not a seasoned traveler then it is time to pay close attention to this list. By the end of it, you will have all the airplane snacking knowledge that you need. It'll be one less hassle you have to worry about when traveling, especially if you need to travel with young children. In this list, we will be discussing 10 foods that are ideal for a long plane ride, and warning you away from 10 that would be a mistake to take on a flight.

20 Bad foods: Soup

This one definitely seems really obvious to us. Taking soup anywhere is an unnecessary hassle. Taking it on an airplane is just silly. The most obvious reason is it's liquid, so it's bound to spill. The second reason is that you cannot heat up soup on a plane, and who wants cold soup.

We're sure that in the history of flying, someone has taken a container of soup. We are glad that it's kind of a thing that no one does now. We would hate to be seated next to someone who tried to eat soup and spilled it everywhere.

19 Bad foods: Fresh Fruit

We mentioned fresh fruit earlier and it's worth mentioning again. We suggest it's best to just skip fresh fruit when you're packing foods for a long flight. It may be a healthier option but all the hassle that comes with it is just not worth it.

Fresh fruits are most likely going to be an issue when you arrive at your destination anyway. You're tired from the plane and want to get to your hotel, so you don't want to declare everything. Just eat before you board and that way you sail through customs when you get there.

18 Bad foods: Boiled Eggs

We're not sure why anyone would take plain boiled eggs anywhere to snack on. Taking them onto a plane where no one can leave and has to be trapped in next to you with the smell of boiled eggs would be unpleasant.

Cleanliness wise boiled eggs are probably a good idea. They're quick and right now experts are saying eggs are good for you. They're just not good for your neighbor, or the plane, who have to live with boiled egg scent on the flight.

17 Bad foods: Tuna

Like the boiled egg situation, why on Earth would you take tuna on a flight? There are so many other options to satisfy your hunger on a flight, we don't understand why tuna would be a go-to option.

We understand people want to keep healthy but while you're on a flight, especially for a vacation, just have a cheat day. Delicious snacks that won't scare any other passengers on board. If you're that serious about healthy food just wait until the plane lands at least.

16 Bad foods: Pizza

Pizza seems like a good idea, but it's really not. A lot of people like cold pizza, which is okay, but it's a lot of effort to take on a flight. You have to bring a container, which takes up more room. Bringing out a slice of leftover pizza really isn't the best look on a flight.

Plus the oil won't make you feel better if you're a bad flyer. It will make your stomach heavy and be uncomfortable. It's best to just eat your normal snacks, or try to enjoy the in-flight meal which is served.

15 Bad foods: Cereal With Milk

We don't think this is a popular thing on flights but people can be surprising. As we explained earlier cereal is a great idea for flights. Having a bowl of cereal with milk mid-flight isn't the easiest snack to have.

We're sure some early morning flights offer breakfast, but the idea of packing your own cereal and milk is silly. The struggle of having to take up space in your carry on to allow milk. With the TSA liquids rule, this most likely can't happen anyway.

14 Bad foods: Burgers

Do we even have to explain why? One thing that needs to be confirmed is we're not saying don't order a burger if it's offered as the in-flight meal. That's fine. We're saying don't try and pack a burger to bring with you onto the plane.

If you grab McDonald's before your flight, make sure you've eaten all you can, and throw out the rest. There is no way that stashing a burger in your carry on is hygienic. Seriously, guys, trail mix isn't that hard to find.

13 Bad foods: Hot Coffee

This one we suggest not to take with you or order. Flights can be extremely long and tiring, and a hot coffee often sounds like the perfect remedy. While it can be, it's also not healthy for you.

As we know planes are already so bad for your body, especially your skin. People with naturally oily skin will still be dried out. Adding coffee to that will only make it worse, and give you headaches. It's best to just leave it and drink water.

12 Bad foods: Spicy Food

We know you can probably handle your spicy food really well, but it's just in case. Spicy food can be really unsettling for your stomach, and one place you don't want to be extra uncomfortable is on a long plane journey.

If you really want that kick of heat just leave it until you land. That way you have another extra thing to look forward to. Stick with the boring foods on the plane, and hopefully, you'll spend the rest of the time relaxing and napping.

11 Bad foods: Strong Drinks

It's very popular for a lot of people to have a drink or two on a plane. Whether you're a businessman who likes a glass or a nervous flyer who needs to calm down, a lot of people choose strong drinks.

You should never choose them, however, as they can dehydrate you further, and you don't want to be under the influence when you land. This is definitely important if you're a solo traveler or taking a trip with the kids, there's a lot to traveling so you want to keep your mind focused.

10 Ideal: Popcorn

Popcorn is a good snack for a lot of reasons. It has been popular in movie theatres for years and years as it's tasty, cheap and quiet. The sound of popcorn isn't heard as it would be with chips, so it doesn't interrupt the movie.

The same reason is good for planes. It's quiet, delicious and doesn't flake everywhere (if you can help it). If you're traveling with kids it might get a little messy, but not as bad as it could be with some other delicious snacks.

9 Ideal: Chocolate

We never mentioned this list was going to be a list of healthy foods to take on the plane with you, and chocolate is a great plane snack. It is tasty, easy to carry and pack away and the only real issue is if it melts. When you're hungry on a plane, there's no time for it to melt.

The other reason it's good is that chocolate has been proven to make people happy. It releases chemicals and happiness in your brain which makes plane rides a whole lot easier. When traveling with children it sure helps when bribing them.

8 Ideal: Dried Fruit

Fruit is one of those things it's better to finish on the plane or eat before you board. For some countries it can be in serious violation of what they allow in, so make sure to declare it if you have any left on you.

Dried fruit is great for the plane because you can just reseal the bag and go. Fresh fruit may be delicious and healthy but it can also be messy and hard to just throw in your bag. Young children can make a mess out of almost anything, but imagine the damage they could do with a fresh banana.

7 Ideal: Trail Mix

Trail Mix is tasty at any point in time, but plane rides are one of the best times to eat them. The good thing about trail mix is you can make your own so you know exactly what ingredients are going in.

The reason it's so good for a flight is it's filling and all the variety makes it super extra tasty. Also, the fact that the bag can just be sealed and packed up easily is even better. If you make or buy trail mix with nuts, remember to declare it.

6 Ideal: Crackers

Crackers have pros and cons to why you should take them on a plane. We'll start with the pros, they're yum, filling and easily stored. Also, they probably won't be taken by customs or told you can't take them because they're just crackers.

The main con for taking crackers on a flight is they're messy. They crumble up and you might leave crumbs everywhere. This is more of a concern for a young child who takes no notice of crumbs, or an extremely messy eater who just can't help it.

5 Ideal: Granola Bar

Granola bars are the perfect breakfast for someone on the go. You still get all the nutrients and fiber you need, but without the mess, the time to eat or the cleanup. That's what makes them so perfect for planes.

They will fill you up on a long-haul flight. They'll give you extra energy which is definitely needed, more if you have connecting flights and have to wait in the airport for a while. They're relatively clean, meaning you only have to worry about the wrapper.

4 Ideal: Dry Cereal

Like granola and trail mix, dry cereal is great for a flight because it's such an easy snack. When eating on a plane, there's no time to worry about whether you have all the ingredients. It's more about eating and being able to clean up in your seat.

Dry cereal is fantastic for this as you can just bag it up, snack on the plane and dispose of the bag at the end of the flight. This way your bag will be a little lighter, and you won't have to worry about bringing food to your destination.

3 Ideal: Chips

The pattern we're seeing with good flight snacks is dry snacks. Chips are included on this list because they're tasty and easily disposed of. The con of this option, as we mentioned before, is that chips are loud.

If you're planning to eat chips on your flight, make sure it's at the start when everyone is awake. There's nothing more awkward than the sound of silence and a random crunch. Beware, as chips are also messy for little kids.

2 Ideal: Salad

This one is for those of you who have been thinking that there needs to be a healthier snack on this list. Salads are a great idea for a plane. We suggest not making your own but buying a single serve packet at the airport.

Eating a salad before or during your flight will keep you feeling refreshed. Flights take a lot out of your body, so replenishing some nutrients with a salad is a great idea. By buying a container from the airport, it's disposable and you can throw it away.

1 Ideal: Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky has always been one of the best on the go snacks there is. It's quick, filling and easy. This is no different whether you're traveling by car, bus, train or plane. As long as you eat meat, there's plenty of jerky options for you.

Since it comes in so many flavors and varieties now, we're sure you could find something that will suit you. Just be cautious as meats are especially tricky when going through customs. It's probably easiest to make sure you finish all your jerky on the plane.