Cuba is unquestionably among the most charming, culturally-rich regions in the Caribbean. It is a mixture of captivating history, beautiful beaches, American muscle cars, and little Technicolor towns. And below it all runs a rhythmic salsa beat, bringing together a muttering island-nation that, despite its complicated past, today it's relaxed as it gets.

Cuba is an incredible destination that is elegant and mysterious in many ways. There is more to it than meets the eye. From tropical beaches to tobacco fields; something about the romance of Cuba stays with us. Below are things that would make someone fall in love with Cuba.

10 Havana

To appreciate this city, one has to see Havana personally. Pictures don't do the colorful streets, vintage motors, and colonial buildings complete with exhilarating fumes. It is a city that could not have been custom-built by an architect in its current-day state. Its current design is a consequence of neglect; with colors charmingly faded, one would think the sun-bleached them on purpose. And then there is the salsa with plenty of clubs, and this is where dance and music are at their most raw and prevalent.

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9 Tropical weather

The sun in Cuba is pleasurable and, like any tropical nation, the rain is plentiful too. Heavy downpours can be frequent in Cuba and tropical thunderstorms can occur without any warning. For example, the clouds change from light blue to dark gray within a short time, the tranquil waters get rough, and large water droplets fall from the sky. Chunk in a bit of rumbling and lightning, and one gets to witness an incredible display of nature at its best.

8 Delicious food

Cuban side road foods are delicious; one should try out manis (roasted peanuts), tamales, and Cuban sandwiches served with plantain, cheese, and onions. That's not all for those that love to dine at a resort. Then it even gets better to enjoy a variety of dishes and seafood such as the Lobster. Cuba's Rum is considered among the top best in the world.

7 Cocktails

Lost cost cocktails in most regions of the world are low quality. But that is not the case in Cuba. One can pay a large amount of money for an exquisite cocktail in Cuba, but one can also move around and get to a dive bar. One gets to enjoy a top-notch, traditional cocktail for loose change. Cocktails play a big part in the Cuban culture, so they tend to pay so much attention to them; hence the quality of these beverages cannot be compromised.

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6 Live Music Everywhere

People are bound to music in Cuba, whether kicking back on an island beach or strolling the Malecon in Havana. Day-to-day activities in Cuba move to timba, reggaeton, son, and salsa rhythms. Almost all the restaurants and hotels in Cuba offer live music. Cuba provides the best live music in the Caribbean, and one gets to enjoy Afro-Cuban art and music at its best in Callejon de Hamel. In this beautiful central Havana attraction, people start to party at noon.

5 Outdoor Living

Cubans might get indoors during the winter months, but one is unlikely to notice the season's turnaround. The Cuban way of living emphasizes the outdoors. Visitors can enjoy outdoor living, outdoor dining, and a stroll along the water at any time of the year apart from the rainy season. By the way, it snowed once in Cuba in 1857.

4 The Sweet Sugar

Soft drinks and sodas are highly available in Cuba even if well-known international brands are hard to find, but there's a far sweeter treat to offer. Once one gets to Cuba, they should try Guar Apo Frio, partially squeezed sugarcane juice. It is an accurate revelation that provides a dose of unrefined sugar, making it healthy. One would never want to drink soda again. Note that if served with ice cubes, one should consume it quickly because if the ice cubes melt, it dilutes the sweetness of GuarApo Frio.

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3 Cigars

Smoking is harmful to one's health, yet there is something oddly stylish about the prevalence of cigars in Cuba. They are hand-rolled in factories in large quantities, and their quality is top-notch. Smoking laws in Cuba aren't strictly enforced, so one has to put up with someone puffing their cigar next to their table in a bar.

2 Beaches And Beautiful Waters

Cuba is an island, so there is a high probability that one might spend most of their time relaxing on the white sand. The beaches in Cuba are the stuff that the Caribbean dreams are made of. Endless white sand and clear blue waters line the coast from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, and the lack of coastal development led to palm-studded bays with a deep natural feel. The good thing is that the beaches aren't crowded, so there is space for recreation and privacy.

1 Cuba Is Heaven For Architecture Lovers And Classic Cars

Moorish, modernist, baroque, colonial- Cuba boasts some of the most impressive eclectic historical architecture in the contemporary world. The most amazing one is the city of Cienfuegos's habitat to one of the most stunning collections of Neoclassical Architecture in the Caribbean.

Cuba is also heaven for petrol heads. Nowhere on earth that one gets to see are an assembly of classic American cars and the streets of Santiago de Cuba and Havana classic car museums to these obsolescent vehicles.

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