Traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and get away from all of the daily stresses of life that we experience. It’s an activity that most people aspire to experience as it not only helps us hit the reset button in life, but allows us to discover new places we would have never been able to see. Vacations are pretty much what so many of us look forward to with families planning their entire year around these trips, saving for months in advance.

Once you have selected the destination of your dreams, figuring out how to get there is a dilemma that has to be sorted through. There are a lot of ways to travel, but there are two that definitely stands above the rest – flying by plane or on the ground by train.

Both of these modes of getting around have been around since the dawn of transportation. They each have their pros and cons as they differ a great deal from one another. While the cabin pressure of airplanes will suck all the moisture from your skin, the unbearably long rail journey just might make you tear your own hair out.

So how do we compare the two against each other? Here are ten reasons why train travel is better than air travel and ten for why flying reigns supreme.

20 CHOOSE TRAIN: The Space is Everything!

Unlike an airplane which is well known for the cramped spaces and inability to stretch your legs, trains offer more space than most will even know what to do with. Being able to recline, stretch out and in many cases, even lay down for a nap, the comfort that trains offer is simply unmatched when it comes to travel.

Much to the relief of tall people, trains do not discriminate against their kind, unlike planes which are a nightmare for anyone over six feet tall.

19 CHOOSE PLANE: The Efficiency Cannot Be Beat

Probably the number one reason why travelers choose airplanes as their primary method of traveling is the efficiency of air travel which simply cannot be beaten. Planes can travel from one side of the country to the other in a matter of a couple hours, reaching speeds of 500 miles per hour.

Although many travelers dislike a lot about the aviation industry, they continue to come back because the ability to travel great distances in the shortest amounts of time is too much to pass on.

18 CHOOSE TRAIN: You Get to Take The Scenic Route

Although planes offer the best efficiency compared to the many hours trains can take on the ground, there’s still something pretty fantastic about the scenic routes they offer.

Sure, you take longer to get to your final destination, but being able to speed through the open plains, past mountains, wooded areas and over lakes, is an opportunity to take in the breathtaking beauty of the often unseen parts of the country. Trains offer travelers a great way to get to enjoy some of the best views of hidden gems that would otherwise remain secret scenery to most of the world.

17 CHOOSE PLANE: There Isn’t A Safer Way To Travel

Despite the commonly accepted notion that planes are incredibly dangerous, they are actually the safest form of any kind of transportation available. It is pretty normal for travelers to be afraid of boarding a plane as the fear of flying is one of the most common phobias, but it truly is without cause.

There are over 100,000 airplanes in the air on any given day of the year and it is normal to go several months without a single incident. The math says that the chance of failures in the air is rarer than being struck by lightning or winning the lottery.

16 CHOOSE TRAIN: You Arrive In the Heart of the City

Unlike planes which have to, for the most part, arrive great distances outside the center of major cities because of all the clearing and space needed for landing and taking off, trains deliver you right to the heart of just about all major cities. Most train stations are strategically located in the center of cities, specifically their downtown areas, making this the most convenient option for the average traveler. Not to mention, most downtown areas offer the best aspects of a city for those looking to visit all the tourist spots in their destination.

15 CHOOSE PLANE: The In-Flight Entertainment Has Upped Its Game

Long gone are the days of only having the option to skim through the airline magazines found in the pockets of the seatbacks in front of you if you forgot that great book at home. No worries as the flight industry has made a concerted effort to offer passengers the best in-flight entertainment options imaginable. With great WiFi options for those looking to use their own smartphones and tablets, that pretty much takes care of most passengers.

Beyond that, the bigger planes ready to take on longer flights have built-in screens into each seat so each passenger can browse through a list of carefully selected TV programs and movies, most of which are pretty much free nowadays!

14 CHOOSE TRAIN: You Don’t Have To Show Up Hours Before

One of the perks of traveling by train is the convenience of the arrival before boarding. Unlike an airport which requires travelers to show up hours before takeoff because of the long lines at security, the time needed to get to your gate and the boarding times, train departures are much easier.

You simply have to arrive no more than half an hour before your train is scheduled to set off and you should pretty much be set. The ease of mind and no-nonsense madness of it all is actually pretty refreshing, especially compared to the stressful airport procedures.

13 CHOOSE PLANE: Sometimes It’s Your Only Option!

Some folks might prefer train travel, but there are times when they are going to have to purchase a plane ticket because it’s the only option. With remote destinations becoming more and more popular, there are times when the only way to reach certain areas of the world is by flying there.

Also, if you are traveling to the other side of the planet across an ocean, well, unless you are going by ship which is pretty much a non-existent option, flying is the only way to go.

12 CHOOSE TRAIN: The Costs Are Consistent and Straightforward

One of the great perks of traveling by train is the lack of inconsistency when it comes to ticket prices. Unlike an airplane ticket price which fluctuates all the time based on seasonality, how close it is to the day of the flight and a number of other variables very few people are privy to, a train ticket pretty much remains flat.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing it months in advance or the day before, it’s pretty much going to cost you the same, so the stress of having to book way ahead of time to save large amounts of money - common practive for flying - is a non-factor.

11 CHOOSE PLANE: The Views When Arriving Are Unmatched

Although trains take the scenic route through the country and offer a great way to see the country up close and personal, sometimes the views from the heavens are too breathtaking to pass on.

Arriving to your destination with the city below can be a stunning way to say hello to your home for the next couple of days. Flying over Manhattan at nighttime as the sea of lights from New York City stretch for an eternity with the skyline looming below can be inspiring and too beautiful to compete with.

10 CHOOSE TRAIN: It Still Has Its Antiquated Charm

Traveling by train has long been associated with our past. Men in business suits with their hats and briefcases boarding the train are normal images of 1950’s America. Although the trains being used today have been updated significantly with a sleek, modern design, traveling by train still has an antiquated charm about it that has been lost in the flight industry.

Being seated, reading the newspaper, having dinner in the cart, and having a ticket taker walk by to check everyone’s boarding passes and help with luggage can make one feel like they are visiting yesteryear in a very nostalgic way.

9 CHOOSE PLANE: The Cost is Well Worth The Value

Sure, plane tickets are more expensive than just about any form of traveling, train included, but this is still one of the great perks of flying. The cost might seem exorbitant at first glance, but the reality is that the product paying customers are receiving when flying is pretty well worth the price. Being able to travel from one side of the country to the other, 1,300 miles away within a mere three hours for a few hundred dollars is actually pretty great.

In year’s past you had to essentially be wealthy to fly, but nowadays, it’s a pretty cost-effective option. To be able to wake up in sunny New York City in the morning and have brunch in Los Angeles before noon for a hundred dollars more than a train ride which will take days… well that’s pretty hard to beat!

8 CHOOSE TRAIN: You Get to Pack For A Month Long Trip

One of the greatest stresses of flying is figuring out what to pack and what not to pack because of the strict luggage rules and costly baggage fees. Unlike the flight industry, with trains, you aren’t limited to one carry-on luggage and a personal item the way flyers are.

You also don’t have to pay out of this world fees to check your bags. On a train, you can pretty much bring all the luggage you want. There is a limit, of course, but you can essentially bring up to 200 pounds of baggage for next to nothing in fees!

7 CHOOSE PLANE: Great Time to Take A Quick Breather

Whether you are traveling for business or for a personal vacation, life can be hectic and there’s always a need to take a quick breather. Boarding a plane can be the perfect opportunity to just unwind and hit the reset button. If there isn’t any WiFi available on your flight, your phone pretty much becomes useless which is an opportunity to put it away for a couple of hours. Getting a nap in, doing some writing or reading a great book are all perfect ways to just breathe and spend some quality time with just yourself.

6 CHOOSE TRAIN: You Are Now Free To Move About the Cabin

“You are now free to move about the cabin”. We’ve all heard this phrase while sitting in our plane seats, but are we really free to move about the cabin? The answer is no, not really. You can get out of your seat once the sign comes on and you are pretty much limited to walking down the aisle to the restroom and back to your seat.

This sign isn’t necessary when traveling by train because you are essentially free to move about the cart at most times and the space you have at your disposal is pretty liberating. You can move from cart to cart and visit different sections of the train which might have a diner for eating, giving you a real opportunity to stretch your legs.

5 CHOOSE PLANE: There Are No Limits to Your Destination

Unlike a train which, for the most part, bounds you to landlocked cities, a plane is essentially limitless with where it can go. Traveling by air allows folks to choose a vacation destination regardless of where it is located. Travelers can choose to vacation halfway around the world on some remote island or get to the middle of a country for some wilderness hiking.

Unfortunately for those traveling by train, the number of places one can get to is limited to where the train tracks lie.

4 CHOOSE TRAIN: No Weather Delays

When you travel by air, even with all its perks about optimal efficiencies, everyone is at the mercy of Mother Nature. If the weather is bad, be it thunderstorms, strong winds or any other kind of event, expect to see plenty of flight delays. In fact, some of those delays can get out of hand, resulting in nightmare travel stories.

With a train, barring some major event like a hurricane or tornado, no rain or storm is going to keep a train from departing on time which is a pretty nice perk!

3 CHOOSE PLANE: You Can Visit Anywhere at the Last Minute

Should there ever be an emergency in your life taking place a thousand miles away, the beauty of planes is the ability to be there to take care of the important stuff within hours. If you have to get to family or friends who are in need, hopping on a plane and being at their side by the afternoon is a pretty powerful thing, even if the ticket price increases tenfold.

There’s just no betterer way to make last minute adjustments on the fly in emergency situations than by air.

2 CHOOSE TRAIN: There’s Plenty To Do During Your Commute

Unlike a plane, which, admittedly, does offer some pretty great in-flight entertainment options, it still has its limitations as far as what you can do to keep busy. Trains on the other hand, because of the space and ability to move around, allow for maximum comfort and fun.

Those traveling on tracks get to use all that space to bring aboard board games, eat comfortably, dine or have a drink at the train restaurant or bar, walk around and mingle and oddly enough, build a sense of community with fellow travelers because of the number of hours spent together in close proximity. The fun to be had is part of what makes taking a train so great!

1 CHOOSE PLANE: There’s a Bucket List Feel to Flying

Flying is one of those activities that elicit a wide range of emotions from people, whether it be excitement, fear, or a variety of other feelings. Either way, flying is sort of a bucket list item that everyone wants to check off their list.

First-time flyers go through the excitement of making their way through the airport and overcome jitters before takeoff, making this a once in a lifetime event everyone should experience at least once!