Scotland is a country that receives a high number of tourists every year. The country of Scotland received more than 150 million tourist visits in 2019 alone. This shows how popular the country is across the world. It is this popular for a good reason and many people still want to go and experience it.

However, for many people who have never been to Scotland, or are planning to visit the country, the main question they may have is on what makes it so beautiful. Understanding what makes the country beautiful is also a good way of finding out the best places to visit.

10 Castles

Castles are number one in making Scotland a beautiful country. The country is full of thousands of historical castles that are still standing and beautiful to date. It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 castles in Scotland.

Many people will visit Scotland to see the castles and it is worth it. The medieval castles offer visitors the best opportunity to learn about the history of the country and its beauty. With many castles built as early as the 13th century, they still remain a beautiful feature. One of the popular castles to visit is the Stirling Castle.

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9 Northern Lights

Scotland is quite popular for the northern lights. Due to the country’s location, seeing this amazing natural phenomenon is quite easy. One does not have to travel far into the country to experience these beautiful lights at night. Witnessing the Aurora Borealis' beauty has attracted many people to visit the country.

Along the countryside, driving at night creates a magical experience because of these lights and they can be seen from many parts of the country.

8 Highlands

The Scottish highlands are another feature that makes Scotland a beautiful place. The highlands are huge and in abundance such that it is easy for everyone to identify them and they give the country its geographical look. As a result, these highlands offer an amazing landscape for people to cycle, hike, and do road trips.

The highlands also provide a home to some of the best national parks in the country which are good for travelers to explore and hike. These national parks include the Trossachs, Loch Lomond, and Cairngorms National Parks. One visiting the country should consider visiting Glencoe for a spectacular driving experience.

7 Wild Beaches

Scotland is a country with many wild beaches that are beautiful and make the country amazing. Although the country does not have a hot climate, the beaches make it beautiful as they blend very well with the rest of its huge highlands landscape.

The country’s coastline is very beautiful and attracts a lot of tourists. One of the famous are is the Isles of Harris and Lewis.

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6 Picturesque Villages

In Scotland, one will come across amazing remote villages tacked away from the cities into the mountains, parks, and scattered along the coastline. This is a system that makes the country really beautiful. With the country having great mountains, valleys, and long coastlines, finding these villages hidden on river banks and behind mountains is the most beautiful thing.

The good part is that these villages offer a unique environment for visitors. One can spend time in their cottages and enjoy the countryside.

5 Green Glens

Green glens also mean steep-sided valleys. Scotland has enough of these glens that are natural with many natural features that will leave any visitor surprised. Finding many rolling mountains and these beautiful valleys is a common phenomenon.

The best part is that these valleys provide a great habitat for different animals and plants. Additionally, they have rivers and other great features that make them attractive and beautiful. Visitors to the country have enjoyed visiting these valleys for hiking and camping.

4 Architecture

Architecture plays a key role in the beauty of Scotland. Scotland is a country with a unique type of architecture and makes it beautiful. When visiting the country one will come across many architectural structures that define what the country is.

When visiting the country’s capital Edinburgh, there are many structures that truly show the history of the country in terms of architecture. Visiting the old town chambers, Royal Mile, and museums one can quickly appreciate how beautiful the country is.

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3 Tranquil Lochs

The Gaelic term loch means "lake". As a result, there are thousands of water bodies or lakes in Scotland that give the country a unique look and make the place attractive. These lakes are scattered all over the country such that one cannot travel for a long distance before seeing one. With more than 30,000 such water bodies, there are scenic areas below its mountains and other areas outside the towns.

Although most of these water bodies are away from the cities and towns, they define the country in a special manner and give its beauty.

2 Mountains

Scotland is home to several dramatic mountains that bring its beauty. It is a country with many rolling mountains that give it a very attractive landscape. The mountains are of varying heights with some of them being above 3,000 feet. The highest mountain is Munros, with others such as Cuillins and Cairngorms offering the best hiking peaks.

For a tourist looking for a place to hike, camp, and view the scenic landscapes of Scotland the mountains will provide a perfect opportunity.

1 Whisky

Whisky is a big deal in Scotland and for a good reason. With the county having a variety of whisky brands, there are more than 100 distilleries that offer the best whisky tastes in the country. Whisky has been in the country’s history for a long time and Glasgow and Clydside are the most popular distilleries. Fun fact: the drink is spelled “whiskey” in Ireland and the United States, but drops the “e” in Scotland and Canada.

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