This might be a dilemma you’ve faced with a partner in the past. Took book an all-inclusive resort or not to book? As you’ll see on this list there are lots of reasons both for and against booking a resort-type of trip. If a beach and relaxation are at the very top of the totem pole for couples, then a Caribbean destination is definitely a place worthy of the dollar bills. However, if a couple loves to sight-see while planning ahead this type of trip might fall flat. After taking a couple of pictures by the pool and beach, it might get old rather quickly. Yes, a traveling couple can always leave the resort and visit other areas, however you won’t get the same experience compared to a rich sight-seeing destination such as Italy or France.

At the end of the day this trip is all about what a traveling couple desires most. What makes trips so unique is the fact year after year couples have different tastes. Some fly 24 hours away to enjoy a memorable sight-seeing trip while others take a plane for a mere 4 four flight (all that couple needs is a good beach and an open bar!).

Enjoy the article folks as we compare the highs and lows for a couple booking a Caribbean resort. Like always make sure to share the article with a fellow traveler. Let’s get started!

20 Should - Relaxation Guaranteed

This is the biggest difference between a sight-seeing type of trip compared to booking a Caribbean resort. Although sight-seeing trips create memories that last a lifetime, couples might end up feeling drained once they get back from the trip due to the amount of movement involved.

Couples won’t face this issue booking a Caribbean trip. Relaxation is of the utmost importance with everything just a couple of footsteps away. Resort workers also ensure that you won’t even need to move a finger for a fresh drink by the pool or beach. Heck, some resorts also include 24/7 room service completely free of charge. If a couple needs some relaxation, then a resort is definitely worth it.

19 Shouldn’t - Boredom Might Set In

Relaxing is definitely nice, however it might get to the point that you and a partner start to get a little bored. Caribbean resorts tend to be a little too repetitive at times. If you decide to stay on the resort 7 days in a row, the beach, pool, bar and buffet routine might get a little old – especially if you and your traveling partner tend to be thrill-seekers on trips.

Caribbean resorts do offer a lot of variety, however it’s easier to fall into the boredom feeling once day three or four of the vacation hits. For that reason a sight-seeing type of trip might be the better alternative with so many more options.

18 Should - Money Isn’t Necessary

Let’s face it, getting a hotel at another destination that doesn’t feature an all-included price point can add up rather quickly. From the hotel to the shopping to the transportation to the food, it can get pretty costly.

The beauty of booking a Caribbean resort is the simple fact that all those issues go out the window. No need to worry about transportation or needing to go out and paying for dinner (or late-night snacks), at a Caribbean resort this is all-included in the price and totally free of charge. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is bringing a couple of extra bucks to tip the crew at the resort for their fine work.

17 Shouldn’t – Repetitive Food Options

If a couple loves change and diversity then the food at a Caribbean Resort might fall flat. What’s so unique about visiting a sight-seeing location is getting the chance to try different restaurants and cuisines.

Unfortunately the buffets available usually offer the same foods during the week (at least for the most part).

A la carte restaurants are also included with different styles of cooking. However the issue in some cases is that the restaurants offer similar foods that could be found at the buffet. The only difference is that they are usually combined with other foods and presented on a menu...

16 Should - Open Bar

At least for the younger couples, this is one of the top reasons to book a resort. It might sound like heaven but the reality of a Caribbean resort is free alcohol whenever it is needed, whether it be by the pool or during some late night fun. Caribbean resorts also tend to stock the entire mini-fridge in a couple's room to the rim.

At a hotel where nothing is included, a couple might pay a hefty price for something as simple as water from the mini-bar.

As for a resort, the bar is filled up on the daily and in the event that it isn’t, a simple phone call to the front desk will get everything filled up in no time. You won’t have to worry about dehydration at an all-inclusive!

15 Shouldn’t - The Ambiance Might Not Be To Your Liking

If the ambiance isn’t to your liking during a sight-seeing type of trip, the way to remedy this is quite simple: just get up and leave. However it isn’t all that easy at a Caribbean Resort. Trying to change resorts can lead to a serious headache, especially due to the fact that everything is already paid for beforehand.

The ambiance can become an issue rather quickly. Whether it be because of excessive partying or screaming children, couples can get irritated of the atmosphere very quickly. However this can be fixed up, a couple can easily book a 21 and over resort which usually features a more relaxed and mature crowd without any children.

14 Should - Day & Night-Time Activities

Boredom might set in but that all depends on a couple’s activity levels and willingness to participate in group activities. If a couple is out-going, then a resort can offer plenty of distractions throughout the day and night. Caribbean resorts offer a plethora of activities such as various pool games, aerobics, drinking games and volleyball tournaments.

As for the night-life, the party just keeps on going with the entertainers providing shows for the travelers. Beach parties can also take place along with various other activities, including some fun with a partner at the resort nightclub.

13 Shouldn’t - Might Not Be Cost-Effective

This one depends on the resort a couple books. However there is the possibility that a Caribbean resort is not as cost-effective as some might think. Various travelers have found cheaper options at Caribbean destinations by booking Airbnb-type locations. These tend to be right on the beach. The cost to buy some goodies along with eating at a local restaurant can be dirt cheap as well. In some instances a traveler ends up paying half the price while eating like a king outside of a resort setting.

Of course this very much depends on the type of resort a couple selects. Do your homework beforehand; a different option might be more cost-effective along with providing a greater overall experience.

12 Should - Everything Is Walking Distance

If the right Caribbean resort is booked by a couple, it can turn into a dreamland. Sight-seeing trips don’t offer the possibility of everything being walking distance - there comes a point where you’ll either have to rent a car or hitch a cab.

This issue does not exist at a resort. Everything from the snack bar, restaurants, buffets, beach, pools, room and bars are just a couple of footsteps away.

This is not only convenient but it also helps in terms of the ultimate relaxation factor. Walking way too much can drain a traveling couple and their overall experience.

11 Shouldn’t - Not Much In Terms Of Sight-Seeing

If a traveling couple loves to explore and sight-see then they might be disappointed. You won’t get much of that at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort. Yes, the beaches and water are beautiful and definitely picture-worthy, however after that there really isn’t much.

Going off the resort can be an option, however the culture isn’t as rich in comparison to other sight-seeing destinations (such as various places in Italy and France, for example). In terms of rich sight-seeing experiences, a couple just won’t get that when booking an all-inclusive Caribbean resort. If that happens to be at the very top of the wish list then this type of trip should be avoided.

10 Should - Excursions

A Caribbean resort might not be the best trip to book in terms of sight-seeing, however excursions can make up for that. These activities tend to be the most memorable part of a trip down south. There is so much to do, whether it be swimming with the Dolphins, going zip-lining down a cave, visiting some old ruins or museums or ripping it with some ATVs.

These activities are also extremely easy to book and it can be done very comfortably on the resort. Due to various cases of scamming in the past, it is highly recommended to book on the resort and not off of it.

9 Shouldn’t - Language Barriers

Prior to taking a trip to the Caribbean, it is recommended that couples at least know the basics of the language spoken. For too often travelers assume everyone speaks a bit of English but at times this is not the case. For that most part, taxi drivers and resort workers understand the language but have difficulty communicating. This could lead to lots of miscommunication and frustration.

If this seems like a burden, then booking a Caribbean resort might not be for you. A place where English is the primary language might be a lot more convenient for travelers looking to avoid any type of hassle whatsoever.

8 Should - No Transportation Needed

A sight-seeing type of trip can be a lot of work (just thinking about renting a car or finding a taxi ride from place to place is a lot).

Just the very thought can turn into a burden for traveling couples. Let’s not forget to discuss the traffic factor in highly populated tourist attraction areas.

Couples won’t face this type of dilemma during a Caribbean vacation. In fact, the travel from the airport to the hotel is usually completely free of charge as well. The only driving a couple might have to do is hitch a cab ride off the resort – but that’s if they choose to leave the hotel. If you don’t, then transportation is absolutely not essential with everything you need just s few steps away.

7 Shouldn’t - No Anticipation/Planning

One of the most exciting parts about a trip usually takes place before the vacation actually begins. The anticipation part is truly the best. Couples also tend to plan ahead creating an itinerary, and listing must-see places during the sight-seeing visit. This just creates an even greater anticipation.

Unfortunately that same feeling is not felt prior to a Caribbean vacation. There isn’t much planning involved aside from which excursions you might decide to select but in truth, that can all be thought of once you arrive at the destination. In terms of planning and anticipation, this type of trip does fall flat compared to a sight-seeing vacation.

6 Should – The Romantic Ambiance

Clearly the ambiance can make or break a trip. We discussed kids and perhaps over-partying ruining an experience for a couple that just wants to reconnect in peace and quiet. However, it should be noted that such destinations do exist, especially at 21 and over resorts. The atmosphere tends to be more sophisticated while the night-life caters to what couples really want at times – a romantic setting.

If the purpose of the trip is to reconnect with a loved one while sharing a relaxed and peaceful trip, then a Caribbean resort is the perfect destination.

Just make sure you choose the proper resort...

5 Shouldn’t - Restaurants Might Not Be To Your Liking

Let's say a couple is taking a trip to Ibiza, Spain, and they eat at a restaurant where the food is no good, that isn’t too big of a deal considering they’ll try a different one the next day. However

a complaint featured far too often is the lack of diversity when visiting a restaurant on a Caribbean resort. Despite the fact that the restaurant has a different name, the overall product might be the same.

A couple might be forced into eating at a restaurant that they don’t like for 7 days in a row. Granted a couple can go eat off the resort but that’ll just be more money spent when you already paid for all-inclusive luxury.

4 Should - The Beach

This is one of the main reasons traveling couples return to Caribbean destinations year after year. Sure places outside of the Caribbean also feature beaches; however that isn’t factored in with a private setting, along with VIP service, is it?

A couple can spend an entire day at the beach. Why move when the resort staff is catering to your needs throughout the day? It’s also a great time to reconnect with a loved one and perhaps enjoy a fine book under the sun. Visualizing some of those aspects is a big determining factor in couples booking a Caribbean resort.

3 Shouldn’t - Feeling Trapped

This is a common complaint and a reason as to why so many couples make a Caribbean destination a one and done type of trip. Understandably, options are a lot more limited as opposed to visiting a place like Rome. From various monuments to fine restaurants, you’ll never run out of things to do. However the same can’t be said for Caribbean resorts.

With limited options, after a while a couple might feel as though they’re being held hostage. That feeling of being trapped is no feeling any traveler should have to feel (especially while on vacation). If a couple feels this way at an all-inclusive, then it just isn’t for them.

2 Should - No Worries

This is the ultimate deciding factor for couples that book a resort. Sure sight-seeing adventures tend to be memorable, but as we discussed, they also come with so much stress.

Renting a car, booking a hotel, booking a tour guide, listing the places you want to see, shopping, eating and oh, so much more. All those factors can turn a sight-seeing trip into a burden especially for those that try to see as much as possible.

When it comes to a Caribbean adventure you won’t have to worry about any of that. All that you’ll have to worry about is slapping on a bathing suit, applying some sunscreen and hitting the beach!

1 Shouldn’t - Weather Stress

Couples pay some serious money to book a resort, so they obviously pray that it doesn't rain every single day. This is the burden of a Caribbean resort - a lot of the trip outcome  has to do with the weather. Sure a couple can have a good time without sun every day, however after a certain point it does hurt the trip experience.

The same can’t be said for a sight-seeing type of trip. Whether or not it rains while visiting indoor museums or monuments really doesn’t make that much of a difference compared to lounging around on a beach all day. The stress of predicting the weather might keep lots of traveling couples away.