It's not always easy to be a fan of Disney as a Canadian. With the closest Disney Parks being located in the U.S., and Disney World being located at the southern end of the U.S., it's not always easy to plan a vacation. Just because it's not easy, though, does not mean that it's impossible. In 2022, visiting Walt Disney World from Canada is easier than ever - and there are plenty of reasons why Canadians should consider the trip.

Aside from the obvious (duh, it's Disney World), Disney is hosting their 18-month-long 50th Anniversary Celebration that's slated to continue through spring of 2023. Therefore, Canadians have plenty of time to adjust to new travel requirements while planning the ultimate bucket-list Disney vacation. With the ease of travel now compared to where it was two years ago, as well as all of Disney's ongoing events for the next year, there are more reasons to go than not to.

10 The Chance To Experience Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration

The biggest draw to Disney World right now is its 50th Anniversary Celebration. Disney is officially celebrating five decades of magic, and the parks are inviting people from around the world to experience it. Now that travel between countries has become a bit easier, this is one celebration that Canadians are not going to want to miss, and includes new rides, events, attractions, and even limited merchandise.

9 Travel Restrictions Are Being Lifted As Time Goes On

Travel restrictions began easing up in the summer of 2021, and now fully-vaccinated travelers can cross the border by land without worrying about testing restrictions. For travelers who have all of their documentation in order, an international flight should be fairly simple, and Disney is also making it easy as they welcome Canadians, specifically, back to the U.S.

8 Resorts Featuring Inclusive Deals That Help Canadians Save Money

There are a few reasons to consider staying at a Disney resort. The first is that transportation is included from the hotel to the park, which saves money in more ways than one. Not only do Canadians not need to worry about renting a car but they also won't need to worry about driving themselves back and forth between each location. Secondly, dining can also be included in a resort stay for a more all-inclusive experience, which can drastically cut down on the costs of eating elsewhere or picking up meals in the park.

7 Disney's Limited Merch Is Worth The Higher Conversion Rate

It wouldn't be a Disney party if limited merchandise wasn't part of the deal! For those who treasure their souvenirs for years after a trip, Disney's 50th Anniversary is the place to go shopping. With shops featuring anniversary-specific items, this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get something unique.

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6 New Rides Are Worth The Cost Of Admission

With rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Remy's Ratatouille Adventure on deck, it's no surprise that everyone is headed to Disney World this year. Canadians who are interested in the thrilling side of Disney will have a first-hand chance to experience these within a year of their opening dates when they visit during the 50th Anniversary.

5 Finding Deals Is Easier Than Ever During Such A Huge Park-Wide Event

If budgeting is an issue, then there are ways to cut corners in order to save money when visiting Disney World. Deals and promotions, along with good budget tactics such as booking a Disney resort and having meal plans included, are good places to start.

4 Crossing The Border Is Easier, So There Are Many Travel Options

For those looking to go even further when saving money, anyone who lives on the border of the U.S. and Canada might consider driving to the states first, and then booking a flight with no stops or layovers. This opens up options for saving money on plane tickets; however, don't forget about the CAD to USD conversion rate - it's not always worth it.

3 Visiting During The Off-Peak Season Isn't A Problem For Canadians

Considering Canada is already cold, visiting Florida during the off-seasons, aka the winter, is not a problem. Waiting in line in 60-degree weather rather than 80-degree weather should feel just like home, so this is another great way to save some money on a visit and plan a Disney vacation in advance.

2 Despite The Conversion, Canadian Credit Cards Still Accumulate Travel Points When Used

The only tricky thing about this, according to, is that the currency conversion is sometimes not worth the points. Depending on what Disney guests purchase, the points could outweigh the extra cost they're spending during the conversation to purchase said item - but this all depends. Either way, it doesn't hurt to rack up some points for future travel.

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1 Determining Conversion Rates And Setting A Budget Is Easier Now Than Ever

With multiple apps out there to track currency exchange rates and a good rule of thumb is to set a daily budget, then use the currency calculator to stick to it. This way, Disney guests have a constant tally of how much they've spent and how much they have left to spend!