Booking a penthouse suite is a fairly big deal for the average person. For millionaires, it’s probably just another event that doesn’t cause a second thought. But for most people, shelling out thousands of dollars for an overnight stay is about as big of a decision anyone can make. It isn’t an easy one which often results in a lot of weighing of pros and cons, determining if the money is worth the luxury and decadence that often comes with a hotel penthouse.

The real question is why would anyone pay so much money for a room? The truth is that beyond the material items and features that come with these incredible spaces, it’s also the statement that is made when booking such a lavish room for the night. Sometimes people want the world to know that they are spending big. Other times the reasons are much less about appearances and more about the experience or celebration of a major life event. After all, if a vacation honeymoon or bachelorette party is in store, there are no better ways than to go big with an expansive suite. But is it really worth it? Here are ten reasons why a penthouse suite is worth the money and ten reasons why it isn’t.

20 WORTH IT: Complimentary Airport Service

This isn’t always a given, but depending on how much is being spent on the hotel suite, complimentary transportation to and from the airport is included. This tends to be included on bookings with penthouse suites that are on the higher end of pricing. If costs really do skyrocket, some of these private airport shuttles can include high-end vehicles like limousine service or expensive statement vehicles.

19 NOT WORTH IT: The Amenities Are Sometimes The Same As A Standard Room

The room almost always meets guest’s expectations, but it’s the amenities that sometimes let them down on occasion. When someone has spent $5,000 for a stay, a pack of pretzels just isn't gonna cut it. Expectations for the little things might be sky high and that includes the details. Penthouse patrons might be surprised to find that some suites do not come with complimentary snacks and drinks and have to pay just like they would in a standard room. Be sure to either check beforehand or temper expectations.

18 WORTH IT: Complimentary Chef

For those forking over some serious money for the best penthouses around, it is not unheard of to be provided with a complimentary chef. These chefs are prepared to cook up some of the best dishes your palette can dream of and it’s all included in the cost of the stay. Bear in mind, chefs being included in the price often come with suites that start to costs upwards of $10,000 a night.

17 NOT WORTH IT: High Expectations to Spend

This might not be a major issue for the truly wealthy who have more than enough to spend, but for those who are splurging on a weekend stay in a penthouse, this could be a downside. When a guest stays in an expensive penthouse suite, it is sometimes assumed that they are able and willing to spend on all of the extra amenities, gamble big in the casinos, as well as provide big tips to the service personnel.

If you fall into the average person category, the downside to going all out is also having to make sure you can cover all of the extra services that are being afforded to you with such a high end stay.

16 WORTH IT: Complimentary Butler Service

Some of the most expensive suites in the world come with complimentary butler service and this is definitely one of those perks that make getting a penthouse totally worth it. Often a service that comes with suites that reach prices in the $20,000 range, butlers are ready to provide anything patrons ask for whether it is a drink at the bar or help with pressing clothes. This is a service that takes the cake and makes any patron feel like royalty!

15 NOT WORTH IT: The Price

This one is rather obvious, but it has to be stated. The price is sometimes just not worth it. There are varying degrees of what is considered a penthouse suite with some starting as low as several hundred dollars a night while other luxury penthouse suites can get as high as $40,000.

While that range is extreme, depending on the city location and suite type, sometimes the price simply is out of this world.

14 WORTH IT: Complimentary Concierge Service

Most penthouse suite stays come with complimentary concierge service which can be a useful perk, especially if a big event is being celebrated like a honeymoon or a birthday. It is common for hotels to provide penthouse guests with the use of personalized concierge assistance which helps with setting up or obtaining different services like scoring tickets to a theater performance or entry into a club for the evening.

In fact, sometimes concierges will grant suite guests with VIP access to some of the best nightlife events in town.

13 NOT WORTH IT: Glorified Standard Suite

This one is a bit tricky, but it all has to do with making sure you and the hotel are aligned with the definition of “penthouse”. It is not uncommon for websites to promote certain suite rooms in a manner that may come across as a luxurious penthouse, but in reality are simply a larger standard hotel room with a living room.

Although these are more commonly known as a standard hotel suite and can be a fantastic bargain deal, they aren’t exactly a penthouse suite which is more like an entire home and all the features and amenities that come along with one.

12 WORTH IT: Pillow Menu

Although this is a rather small feature in the grand scheme of things when paying several thousand dollars, it is a nice detail that really puts the finishing touches on the luxury of a penthouse.

Many of these rooms come with a complimentary pillow menu which quite literally allows guests to view and select through a series of different pillows that best fit their comfort. It’s a minor touch that really brings the experience of comfort and relaxation together!

11 NOT WORTH IT: Paying for Small Upgrades

For some penthouses, a lot of times it becomes evident that a lot of the hefty price is mainly covering the costs of small upgrades which you might not even end up using. This includes small changes that you wouldn’t see in a standard room like having state of the art hand blow dryers in the room or salon style shampoo and soap versus the everyday toiletries provided.

Although these enhancements are nice, they are sometimes minor, but very noticeable in the price hike.

10 WORTH IT: The Size of the Rooms

Depending on the price you are paying for your penthouse, some of these spaces can get quite massive in size. In fact, the average penthouse is easily 2,000 square feet or larger which makes these living quarters as large as any home across the country.

For those really spending serious money, there are penthouses that can exceed 10,000 square feet which sometimes means occupying an entire floor in a hotel high rise! With size like this, the price is easily worth it.

9 NOT WORTH IT: The Décor is Pricey

Much like the amenities that drive the price of the room up, the décor that is found in penthouse suites is no different. It goes without saying that the furnishings, wall art, color schemes, accent walls, and fresh flowers that are found in these beautiful rooms liven up the space and truly bring the aura of decadence together. But these small details and finishing touches are part of what make a penthouse suite cost thousands of dollars as opposed to a standard $150 dollar a night room.

Worth it if sophistication and elegance are important to you, but maybe not as worth it to some.

8 WORTH IT: The Views

Most penthouse suites can be found in major cities across the world. The best ones are found in the likes of New York City, London, Paris, Las Vegas and Dubai, all world-class cities at the forefront of tourism.

One feature that is completely worth it are the views found in these rooms because the vast majority of them occupy the top floors of high rise towers. Getting a picture perfect, unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline at night from a private balcony is worth the price alone.

7 NOTH WORTH IT: The Timeline

Although it’s hard to argue that the room will ever disappoint, sometimes the timeline of a vacation doesn’t justify the expense. If the stay is for only one weekend, there might be second thoughts when paying $14,000 for a two-day getaway that will last far less than 48 hours when factoring in check in and check out time. If the stay is going to be for much longer, maybe the vacation makes a bit more sense.

6 WORTH IT: Private Pools

This entry is a fairly easy one to grasp. There are a significant number of penthouse suites that come with their own private pool and if that doesn’t make forking over thousands of dollars worth it, nothing else will. Some of these suites come with indoor pools that are heated. Other properties have penthouse offerings that are built as villas which have private backyard pools. And there are suites sitting atop hotels with infinity pools overlooking the city below!

5 NOT WORTH IT: You Won’t Spend All Your Time in the Penthouse

For a couple days at a penthouse suite, prices can hit five digits easily, making this a serious financial investment. If the occasion for booking this room is a major event like a bachelorette party, it stands to reason that a lot of time is going to be spent OUTSIDE of the suite.

The guests will be busy having brunch, attending dinner parties, going out to a bar or club which leaves the suite for time in between. If that ends up being the case, how worth it is it to spend that much money?

4 WORTH IT: The Tubs

Often one of the most overlooked aspects of a hotel room, the tub can be the single best feature in a penthouse suite! Many times, designers of these spaces put a lot of effort into the bathroom to ensure that guests feel like they are staying in royalty, sparing no details. This means focusing on the most important aspect of the bathroom… the tub. Some suites have sunken tubs, marble tubs, gold trimmed tubs, jet tubs and so many more variations. The best ones are those situated in front of a floor to ceiling window overlooking the city or natural landscape!

3 NOT WORTH IT: You Never Know Who Your Neighbors Are

Although you get incredible exclusivity when booking a penthouse suite, there is always the added variable of never knowing who is in the suite next to you or above you. This could be a minor detail that never comes up, but if they happen to be someone who is legitimately rich or even famous, they are often allowed to run the gamut and do as they please. This could affect your stay and with a penthouse price, this could turn out to be a headache.

2 WORTH IT: The Entertainment

Included in the price of these penthouse suites is the entertainment that can be found in them which sometimes ranges from pretty convenient items to extravagant activities that will make your jaw drop. Most suites include standard entertainment items like pool tables or a media room, but there are some that move up in class with features like indoor basketball gyms, bowling lanes and full-scale bars for parties.

These venues for entertainment definitely make a penthouse suite a bargain!

1 NOT WORTH IT: The Hotel Surroundings

Some of the best hotels in the world are often going through major changes in an effort to keep up and maintain with the ever increasing demands of the hotel industry and their guests. This often includes variables like huge conventions and construction.

This might not always come up as a factor, but when paying thousands of dollars, it could be a bother to hear the sound of drills at 7am or have to deal with the mobs of crowds attending a business conference in the lobby.