Whether you're old or young, cartoons have probably had some impact on your life. Many people devalue animation by claiming it's just for kids when in reality, there is plenty of animation for adults and even some of the shows "meant for kids" can have themes and jokes that resonate with an older crowd.

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From Disney to Nick to Cartoon Network, many television networks have tried their hand at creating engrossing Western animation to draw in an audience. Some cartoons are so iconic they've even gained real-life counterparts. Have you ever wanted to visit Spongebob's pineapple beneath the sea? What about the iconic Simpsons family home? You might be surprised to learn you can.

10 The Simpsons house

The story of The Simpsons' 742 Evergreen Terrace replica home is more complicated than you might expect. The real-life version is located in Nevada and since its creation has become a stomping ground for avid fans of the long-running cartoon.

You would think fans would be going above and beyond for the chance to live in a home designed to appease even the most diehard fans. Surprisingly, that was never the case. Fox built the house in the 1990s. It was set to be awarded to the winner of a contest, but the woman who won took the cash prize instead. The house was eventually purchased by a new owner who has since renovated it.

9 Carl and Ellie's home from Up

Clinton and Lynette Hamblin purchased a replica of the colorful two-story abode from the whimsical Pixar film, Up. According to an article from Country Living, the home was built by Bangerter Homes. The architects took painstaking efforts to make the house identical to its animated counterpart.

The Hamblin family has had to put signs on their front lawn to dissuade traffic and curious fans from trampling into their yard and peering into the windows. The house is located in Utah, and Disney fans are known for being interested in taking photos of it. The home's interior also closely mirrors the film appearance, though that may have changed over the years.

8 Snow White's cottage

Have you ever envisioned yourself or your (seven) family members living in a fairy tale home? You could have that opportunity if you have around $1 million to spare. Last reported on in 2017, a replica of Snow White's cottage was put up for sale. The home was initially crafted in the 1970s.

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It's a darling cottage, perfect for anyone who likes to envision themselves as one with nature and all things Disney. The yard is 7.5 acres and comes with a secluded, forest-like area, and even a treehouse! Inside the home has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms. Dainty birds are painted above the windowsill, and stained glass adorns many of the windows. The home is located in Washington state.

7 Hello Kitty house

Hello Kitty is an iconic figure around the world. Created by a Japanese company called Sanrio, Hello Kitty is a staple in the media and has a seemingly unlimited supply of merchandise on everything from toothbrushes to full-size homes. In Shanghai, China, there is an entire house designed to appease the most hardcore Hello Kitty fans.

The home is bursting with pink and Hello Kitty decor, both inside and outside. Indoors you'll find each room adorably designed with pastries, bows, and the precious waving third-grade cat. Everything from the towels to the bed sheets has Hello Kitty printed on them.

6 Barbie's Dreamhouse

Barbie's Dreamhouse opened in 2013. It's a 10,000 square foot home open to the most avid of Barbie fans located in Sunrise, Florida, per the Today Show. Due to the popularity of the Barbie brand, the Dreamhouse in Florida is not the only Barbie-themed architecture in the world.

There is a Barbie-themed studio apartment located in Los Angeles and another Barbie experience in Germany. People simply can't get enough Barbie! The Florida Dreamhouse truly goes above and beyond. It features interactive areas for the guests and is something of a shrine to Barbie of the past and the future. Each room is adorned with Barbies new and old, like a museum to the infamous toy.

5 The Flintstones house

Unfortunately, the iconic Flintstones house in real life isn't located anywhere near Bedrock. Instead, it's nestled in Hillsborough, California. William Nicholson designed and built the house in 1976. It was meant as a way to experiment with dome-shaped buildings.

There is no concrete proof that it was intended to be inspired by the Flintstones but just by looking at it, that would appear to be the case due to the cave-like exterior and interior. The new owners seem to have taken the cartoon comparisons in stride considering they installed a Fred Flintsone model out front along with plenty of dinosaur statues.

4 Spongebob's pineapple

Have you ever wanted to live in a pineapple under the sea? Well, now you can, sort of. There is a life-size version of Spongebob's infamous pineapple located at the Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana in the Dominican Republican. You can rent out the pineapple for you and your family.

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Although it's not cheap to do so. Renting costs several thousand dollars per night. The interior is designed with a kitschy feel and although it doesn't necessarily look like Spongebob's home indoors, it still retains the theme with creative decorations and design schemes.

3 The Jetsons

The Jetsons doesn't just have one home built to look like it but several. It has become a source of inspiration for modern-day architecture with futuristic influences. One example is the Chemosphere which is located in Hollywood Hills. Smithsonian Magazine published an intriguing article about the impact The Jetsons has had on architecture.

The Chemosphere was built in the early 1960s and used as a location to film for many television shows and films. There was also a house built on an MGM set for an Alfred Hitchcock film that greatly resembled Mr. Spacely's old fishing cabin.

2 Star Wars mansion

Strangely enough, the house designed to look like the Millennium Falcon isn't located in the city. It is situated in the middle of the tropical rainforest in Far North Queensland. The mansion was auctioned off a few years ago and sold for more than $1 million. The house is surrounded by more than 70 acres of rainforest.

Even though the original Star Wars isn't a cartoon, it's common knowledge the franchise has spawned many iterations, and a great deal are animated. The manor rises up from a pool of water and from whichever angle you look at it, you can tell it was inspired by the iconic space opera.

1 Minnie Mouse's house

There have been many versions of Minnie Mouse's house in various Disney Parks. Her home has shown up in California, Tokyo, and at Disney World in Florida. The Florida cottage is open for guests to come inside and interact with everything available.

You can open Minnie's fridge, sit in chairs, explore her garden and even find Pluto's dog house in the back yard. The entire home is extra cute, covered in bright purple and pink colors. It's not somewhere you can live but it's fun to see the once-animated house come to life somewhere you and your family can explore.

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