Only a few athletes could say they’ve been champions in the WWE and in the UFC. In fact, there were only three in recent memory: Ken Shamrock, Ronda Rousey, and Brock Lesnar. Brock is currently working on getting back to UFC form and is rumored to be challenging current champion, Daniel Cormier. He was, also the longest WWE Universal Champion at 504 days before current champ Roman Reigns defeated him last August in SummerSlam 2018.

Colleagues and work friends think of Brock as a machine, they say he just goes in, goes to work, and then goes back home. This may be true when it comes to working, Brock just likes to get focused like a laser when it comes to his livelihood. But that doesn’t mean he does not dial down the beast and spend laid-back moments with his friends and family. Here are some images collected through the years of Brock Lesnar spotted in random cities in the United States. Whether it’s before or after work, after an event, or the actual event, Brock Lesnar has a “human” side to him that us fans rarely see. Since he is a Canadian resident, we’ve also collected 10 random places he’s been spotted in Canada.

20 In the USA: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

We always see celebrities and superstar athletes watching a UFC event. But for one to enter the octagon and shove the newly-belted champion is a little unheard of. This scene is UFC taking a page out of the WWE playbook for some drama and tension between Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar. UFC’s Daniel Cormier has just won his second title in the UFC, making him that rare and special fighter who currently holds two weight class championship belts at the same time. This post-fight scene in the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena is one sign that Brock Lesnar may be fixing to go back to the UFC.

19 In the USA: Wisconsin

Brock is a hunting enthusiast. We have seen him endorse quite a number of hunting-goods brands, and saw him in videos hunting game and wildlife. This is a picture taken in Wisconsin of Brock Lesnar taking down a whitetail deer and posing in front of the camera. This picture is shared and posted by the guys who manage central Wisconsin managed property that controls the whitetail deer population. The whitetail deer is native to South America, Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They are considered pests in some areas and hunting them is one way to control their population.

18 In the USA: New York

This image is a little confusing. Definitely, it was taken backstage, or in one of the locker rooms in the Madison Square Garden. But is it right after a New York Knicks NBA game? No, it isn’t. This happened back in March, where they had the WWE Madison Square Garden Live event. Brock bested Kane and Braun Strowman in a triple threat match. Afterward, a fellow superstar, Knick center Enes Kanter, visited Lesnar’s locker room and tried to swap Brock’s belt with his Knick jersey. Brock wouldn’t be fooled, he’s a Kristaps Porzingis fan, haha! Joking aside, Brock and Enes had a really good time posing for the camera.

17 In the USA: Minneapolis

Not everyone may know this, but Brock Lesnar actually tried his hand in pro football. Here we see him in a Viking uniform donning the jersey number 69. He trained with the NFL team the Minnesota Vikings as a defensive tackle. For two months, he was part of the Vikings Training Camp but, unfortunately, was cut before the regular season began. This was a lifelong dream for Brock, he played high school football in his senior year. it’s a great thing he had the chance while he could still compete, now he is unleashing all his energy in the UFC and WWE.

16 In the USA: Bristol, Connecticut

The ever-serious Brock Lesnar means business. Even in this goof he surprisingly agreed to do with ESPN. He posed as ESPN security and got posted in the security booth. He was the one checking vehicles coming into the ESPN lot in Bristol. It was a really funny show, and Brock was a natural behind the hidden camera. We don’t know if he has some acting skills or he just straight up took the gig seriously as a security guy. Whichever it is, this is some of the rare good times Brock’s done in his career. Just ask NFL Hall of Famer and current sports analyst Cris Carter.

15 In the USA: Los Angeles

One can see how young Brock was when this picture was taken. This was back in 2011, Brock was the new face in the MMA world. He has not been christened in mixed martial arts and Brock’s first fight would have been against this giant of a man, South Korea’s Hong Man Choi. Stylistically, this would have been an epic fight, but Hong Man Choi had a health issue and had to bow down, the fight did not happen. At the last minute, the replacement was pummeled by Brock in less than two minutes, and that bolstered Lesnar’s confidence and gave him enough momentum to get the UFC heavyweight championship belt.

14 In the USA: Virginia

The WWE gives back to the community almost every chance they get in cooperation with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Brock was fortunate enough and was really honored to meet the strongest boy on Earth. Charles is 11-years old and in his young and innocent life is battling a blood disorder, a condition that should never happen to a child and that Charlie and his family vowed never to tap out on. Charlie is a big WWE fan, and he was so happy to meet one of his idols in Brock Lesnar. The two seemed to have a great time together. The boy meeting an idol, and the man meeting a real-life inspiration in the flesh.

13 In the USA: SportsCenter Studios, Los Angeles

Brock Lesnar was scheduled for an interview with SportsCenter and while in the lounge area of the SportsCenter Studios, Brock showed a softer side most of us never knew. While we learned that Brock loves to hunt as a hobby, he is also a dog person. A mountain of a man who loves dogs, we always pegged him as a cat person. While waiting for his segment to come up in the SportsCenter Studios, Brock passed the time playing with a cute little dog. We don’t know if it was his pet, but the two looked great together on camera.

12 In the USA: University of Minnesota

Brock Lesnar still seems so huge even when he is sitting beside a giant gopher mascot. This photo was taken at one of the University of Minnesota Volleyball games. The team’s official mascot is the Gopher, and that guy under the mascot uniform was lucky enough to snag a quick selfie with the WWE and UFC superstar. This place is important to Brock, he attended the University of Minnesota a while back and he’s been seen to visit the campus and watch games every once in a while. But to be caught on camera in a friendly pose with the school mascot, that’s golden!

11 In the USA: Phoenix

Athletes seem to frequent other shows and events during their downtime. A different sports event is a common venue for these hardworking sports professionals. This was exactly the case at a NASCAR event at Phoenix International Raceway. Baseball star Josh Reddick was in attendance at NASCAR and while there, he spotted Brock Lesnar. Reddick is a right fielder for the Houston Astros competing in Major League Baseball (MLB). Josh took to Twitter and shared his nice moment with Lesnar to all his social media fans. Brock seems to like all the other sports out there, maybe he could try out in the MLB, too.

10 In Canada: Regina, Saskatchewan

The Farm Progress Show in Regina has been held for the last 40 years and attracts an average of 40,000 participants from fifty or more countries. The Farm Progress Show is one of Canada’s most popular events, every year it showcases technological advancements in agriculture, networking and business ventures. It’s a 3-day show held in the capital of Saskatchewan, the city of Regina. Brock Lesnar grew up on a farm and this kind of thing is familiar territory for him. He was seen in attendance and even was gracious enough to pose with fans for a quick pic and some small talk.

9 In Canada: Alberta

Hunting game and wildlife can be really a fun adventure, but it also comes with rules and responsibilities. A person could pay a hefty fine, possibly face some jail time, and he or she could receive other non-monetary penalties. Brock Lesnar faced the music with three violations according to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Act. He was fined about $1,700, but we think what hurt Brock more was that his hunting license was suspended for six long months. For a busy guy like Lesnar, taking away one of his hobbies and downtime activities could be a real pain. We’re sure he did not do those violations on purpose. Next time, he better read the rulebook.

8 In Canada: Saskatchewan

It is official, Brock Lesnar is a resident of Canada. More specifically, he is a resident of Saskatchewan. He resides in the municipality of Maryfield, a town just northwest of Minnesota. Brock likes it up north, he has a farm there and he likes to stick to his roots. Years ago, we heard Saskatchewan former Premier Brad Wall, seen here in this picture with Lesnar, joked that if Lesnar decides to move in and settle in the Canadian province, that he can have whatever house he wants. Brock Lesnar is not an extravagant person, his house is not flashy. But he has a big backyard if one could call it that.

7 In Canada: NHL Game

Being a resident of Canada means watching Canada’s favorite pastime, ice hockey. We have not seen Brock Lesnar ice skate, not yet at least, but we have seen him watch an NHL game. Here in this picture, we see him chilling and enjoying a game with his kids and wife. This game was held in the neighbor city of Winnipeg, just little away from his Mayfield residence. The team and the players showed how honored they were to have Lesnar as one of their fans that day by inviting Brock to their locker room. Brock was equally honored, as well, but he did something that may have gotten him banned for life. Check out #8 below for the answer.

6 In Canada: Toronto

Brock went around the world as a WWE professional wrestler. In 2016 alone, he went to Canada three different times, and once in Mexico. The second to the last time Brock Lesnar had an event as a WWE superstar in Canada happened on March 12, 2016. It was the WWE Roadblock 2016 and it featured nine matches, Lesnar’s match was against Bray Wyatt. Of course, Brock won that fight. The event was held in Toronto, Ontario, at the Ricoh Coliseum. WWE may have taken its toll again on Brock Lesnar, he is currently on the crossroads, weighing his options between the UFC and the WWE.

5 In Canada: Calgary

Calgary annually celebrates everything about rodeo, cowboys, cattle, horses, lassos and everything else there is. It’s a yearly celebration held every July in Alberta, Canada. Brock Lesnar was spotted by the common folk at this event. He was with his wife and children. It seemed like a regular day out for the Lesnar family, but when a superstar like Brock visits any kind of event, the regularity of the day becomes special, especially to Beast Incarnate fans. The festival is a show of all sports rodeo (and then some more) and we’re sure Brock was there to have a great time with the family.

4 In Canada: Bourgault Charity Auction, Regina

The Delta Hotel was the venue for Regina’s charity auction sponsored by Bourgault Dealers, a farm equipment manufacturer, and dealership, and Brock Lesnar was one of many satisfied and happy Bourgault customers. This charity auction happened four years ago in December. We see in the picture Brock Lesnar lending a hand and supporting the cause. The event was called the Bourgault Dealer Day, and it was held for the Saskatchewan Children’s Hospital Foundation. Brock was kind of the guest of honor in this event, and at this time he was not yet a resident of Saskatchewan, but he was already contributing to the community.

3 In Canada: Winnipeg

Here we are again with Brock Lesnar in the locker room of a sports team. This time around, he is the esteemed guest and visitor. Brock is a fan of hockey now that he resides in Canada. He visited the locker room of the National Hockey League’s Winnipeg Jets. What’s entertaining about this whole situation, but not very pleasing for the players and the whole team, is the sacred belief of the team that Brock, point blank, but very unintentionally, broke. The Jets believe that crossing that big team logo on the floor of the locker room is bad juju, and that’s exactly what Lesnar did. Oops!

2 In Canada: Woody River

Back in 2010, Fusion Ammunition teamed up with Brock Lesnar to promote and to power his campaign for the defense of the UFC Heavyweight belt against the interim heavyweight champion, heavy-hitting Shane Carwin. Fusion released a series of videos displaying their products being used by the MMA beast, Lesnar seemed to be enjoying himself as he is one full-blown hunting enthusiast. The videos were filmed at the Woody River in Saskatchewan. The campaign must have had a good effect on Brock Lesnar because he submitted (with a beautiful arm-triangle choke) Shane Carwin in the second round of their bout to unify the Heavyweight title.

1 In Canada: Air Canada Center, Toronto

Brock Lesnar’s last match in the WWE that was held in Canada was at the WWE Survivor Series 2016. It was a rather disappointing one for Lesnar fans because the fight just lasted about 90 seconds. It was the main event and it was a surprisingly short one. Too bad for their Canadian fans who waited for the last event only to witness a short one. This was the last time Brock put on a show for Canada, and it was two years ago. Now that Brock is a Canadian resident, people are hoping that his next match, whether it is a UFC main event or a WWE one, will take place in Air Canada Center again.

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