There is no doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z enjoy a life of privilege, excess and luxury. They are frequently photographed vacationing in exotic locations around the world and attending exclusive events suitable for Hollywood Royalty. While most of the world is enamored with their lifestyle and want to follow their every move, Blue Ivy is one of the lucky few who literally gets to do so. By the age of 6, Blue Ivy has seen more countries than most people have seen in their lifetime. She has flown on private jets, swam on private yachts, and posed on more red carpet events than the average celebrity.

And while we would love to tag along with the billionaire power couple, Blue Ivy isn’t as easily impressed. She is often seen looking completely unimpressed with her surroundings, even in the most exciting of places. And the best part is that she doesn’t care to hide her emotions- leaving the internet filled with Blue Ivy memes to capture almost any situation. Take a look at few of the places that meet Blue Ivy’s high standards and few that weren’t worth her time.

20 20. Enjoying Life On a Yacht in Italy

When most of us went on family vacations when we were younger, we usually packed into a station wagon and trekked across the country, while trying to assert a position of power in the backseat with our siblings. For Blue Ivy, her family vacation involves sipping a mocktail on a private yacht in Italy, while sailing through the Gulf of Naples. Of course, this is done in pure Blue Ivy style, with a ruffled one-piece bathing suit, cat sunglasses, and a sophisticated top knot bun. It doesn’t hurt that the yacht reportedly cost $1.3 million a week to rent- setting the bar a bit high for their next family vaycay.

19 19. Jumping for Joy on a Balcony in Paris

If we had a room in the Shangri La hotel with an unobstructed view of the coveted Eifel Tower, we would probably be jumping for joy as well. Or if we were anywhere in the world, standing beside Beyonce as she held our hand, we would be equally thrilled. Blue Ivy may not realize how an exclusive hotel room in Paris that allegedly goes for $19,000/night is not the average vacation for a 6-year-old. She seems to be thrilled with her matching mother-daughter outfit and is living her best life while touring Europe.

18 18. Laughing at Grandma’s Wedding

In 2015, Blue Ivy’s grandmother Tina Knowles tied the knot with actor Richard Lawson. The event was held on a yacht (of course) and was attended by close family and friends, including Kelly Rowland, and of course, Solange and her husband. Following in the footsteps of Beyonce, all of the guests wore white to symbolize purity and love. Blue Ivy acted as the flower girl and stole the show in a white tutu styled dress, topped with a tiara. She seems to love being on boats, and being on a boat to celebrate your grandmother’s wedding seems to have made her particularly happy.

17 17. Dancing in Hawaii

The Carters love to travel and have recently become more open to sharing intimate pictures of their family vacations for their fans to enjoy. Beyonce regularly posts pictures to her official website and Instagram account that provides a glimpse into what life on vacation is like with one of the world’s most powerful couple. Recently, Beyonce shared pictures of their family vacation in Hawaii, and captured a moment of pure bliss between Blue Ivy and her father, dancing away on a large deck, overlooking a private infinity pool and views of the ocean. It was enough to make even the hardest critic in the family smile!

16 16. Happy in Cannes

With sold out worldwide tours, the Carters are globetrotters for both work and pleasure. On a recent trip to the south of France, Beyonce and Jay-Z took a break from their rigorous schedule of performances for their One The Run II tour and shared pictures of their mini-vacation with their family. The picture perfect setting on a dock surrounded by boats is nothing compared to the gleaming smiles on the faces of Mr. and Mrs. Carter, and the perfect pose by Blue Ivy. She seems to be enjoying the vacation while posing with her cat ears and perfectly styled hair.

15 15. All Smiles at Beauty and the Beast

While basketball may not be Blue Ivy’s forte (see number 9 below), a trip to the red carpet premiere of the Beauty and the Beast movie left her with nothing by smiles. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy all attended the premier and stole the show with their stunning Gucci outfits, and adorable family pictures. Beyonce was visibly pregnant at the time, and Blue Ivy was visibly thrilled to be one of the first to see the live-action adaptation of the film. Beyonce once again shared pictures of the family outing, including all the details the fans were dying to know (Red Vines and Sour Patch Kids were the snacks of choice).

14 14. Channeling Michael Jackson

It is no secret that Beyonce is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, as she has often paid homage to him in her performances and has credited her style and love for entertaining to the King of Pop. In perhaps one of the most epic Halloween family costumes of all time, Beyonce channeled her inner Janet Jackson and dressed up her mini-me in a classic MJ outfit. While the outfits may have been lost on Blue Ivy who is too young to appreciate the cultural relevance of the duo, she is clearly impressed with the choice and is rocking the red jacket almost better than the original.

13 13. Wrinkle in Time Premier

Blue Ivy seems to be living her best life at the movies. While most of us remember lining up for tickets to our favorite movies to come out in theatres, Blue Ivy gets to attend the premiere of her favorite films, being one of the first to actually see a screening of the movie, and sit side by side with the stars of the movies at the same time. She attended the premiere of a Wrinkle in Time with her mom and most likely rubbed shoulders with some of the stars, including Oprah, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon. Not bad for a Sunday matinee.

12 12. Happy With Her Puppy

Some things in life are universal truths regardless of the amount of money in your bank account. One of them is the guaranteed fact that little kids love puppies. Despite touring the world and sleeping in the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world, Blue Ivy is all smiles as she takes a puppy for a walk close to her home in New York. She is seen with her mom who shared photos and videos on Instagram, clearly enjoying the warm weather in Manhattan while taking their new dog for a walk.

11 11. Pure Zen in Europe

Most successful people will attribute a part of their success to practicing mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis. It is no doubt, then, that Blue Ivy is well on her way to success, based on recent pictures of her relaxing in a restorative pose on a yacht in Europe. Sitting cross-legged in a hanging wicker chair on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea is enough to bring out the zen in even the most stressed vacationer. For Blue Ivy, it seems as if she has been at the meditation game for years!

10 10. Not Impressed at the Grammys

Blue Ivy first attended the Grammys in 2015, where she rubbed shoulders with music legends and greats like a pro. She attended again a year later and has also been seen on several red carpets throughout the years, posing like the professional that she already is. In 2018, she attended the Grammys and sat through performances by Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, all while looking entirely unimpressed. A night out with musical legends is clearly just a regular Carter family outing, and Blue Ivy seemed more impressed with her juice box at times than the legendary performances.

9 9. Bored at Basketball Game

Having courtside seats to an NBA basketball game is a dream come true for any basketball lover. For Blue Ivy, it is just a regular weekend with the Carters. In 2017, Blue Ivy attended the NBA All-Star game, sitting courtside with her parents in New Orleans. It seems, however, that basketball isn’t really her thing. She looked slightly bored throughout the game, despite being feet away from the likes of Lebron James and Stephan Curry. As the game progressed, however, more exciting additions like cotton candy and the mascot seemed to change her mood.

8 8. Unimpressed in France

While the stunning background alone is enough to keep most of us entertained for days, a trip to the coast in France is nothing special for Blue Ivy. While posing for a picture with her mom, Blue Ivy seemed to be more interested in her handheld device, then taking in the breathtaking backdrop of their France vacation. It’s unclear from the picture whether the device is a toy or not, but she is clearly more interested in responding to her messages than posing with mom. Maybe she was getting a text from an equally bored North West.

7 7. Not Impressed at Halloween

Along with their jet-setting lifestyle, the Carters are known for choosing epic family Halloween costumes and executing them with precision. In 2016, the couple decided to turn themselves into life-sized replications of the iconic Barbie and Ken doll, and completed their costumes with plastic packages labeled ‘Black Barbie’ and ‘Black Ken’. The couple stepped out of the packaging to pose for pictures, and Blue Ivy seemed completed uninterested in the affair. While she looked adorable in her outfit, she seemed to want nothing to do with the pictures, and was probably more focused on getting the candy!

6 6. Bored at MTV Awards

Regardless of whether you are the daughter of a billionaire couple or not, kids are simple. The idea of getting dressed up in a fancy dress complete with frills isn’t exactly the idea of fun for most kids. So when Blue Ivy showed up to the MTV Awards in 2016 in a dress that reportedly cost $11,000 dress, it wasn’t surprising that she didn’t seem thrilled. While Beyonce looked stunning in her gown, Blue Ivy, aged 4 at the time, seemed like she wanted to be anywhere else in the world but on that red carpet. When your mom is Beyonce, seeing music legends is just no big deal, I guess!

5 5. Bored at Another Sporting Event

For any avid football lover, a trip to the Super Bowl is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And a chance to be up close and personal with the Super Bowl trophy is the ultimate (and probably not realistic) dream for many. For Blue Ivy, the chance to attend the Super Bowl and take a few pictures with the trophy was nothing to write home about. When your usual vacations involve exotic yachts and luxurious resorts, a Super Bowl show will likely disappoint. Seems clear based on previous photos in this list, that sporting events aren’t really Blue’s thing- just take the girl to the movies and she will be fine!

4 4. Bored at Another Music Event

Sporting events and musical award shows don’t seem to interest the sassy 6-year-old. Similar to her appearance at the 2018 Grammy Awards, Blue Ivy was equally unimpressed at the 2017 Grammy award show and demonstrated it by a making a slew of silly faces throughout the night. Dressed in a $10,000 Gucci outfit inspired by Prince, the young star seemed completely uninterested in the performances of the night and equally uninterested in sitting with her parents. Again, when you can hear two legends performing every day of your life, the Grammys are basically amateur hour for Blue Ivy.

3 3. Bored with Toy Puppy

Proving that sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing, Blue Ivy is seen looking entirely unimpressed while taking her toy puppy out for a walk while on vacation in Paris. Earlier pictures in this post showed Beyonce’s daughter looking thrilled while going for a walk with her new puppy at home in New York, but the substitute pet while on vacation doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Looking stylish as usual, Blue Ivy stole the show in Paris, but clearly missed her pet.

2 2. Not Interested in Fine Art (Yet)

It is no secret that Beyonce and Jay-Z have a soft spot for the Louvre. They have made several private visits to the museum while taking several pictures in front of the famed Mona Lisa painting, and recently rented the entire museum out to film the video to their first single for the Everything is Love album (for a cool $17,000). While fine art and ancient artifacts may excite the billionaire couple, it seems Blue Ivy is more interested in the vents and playing with her dress than taking in the rare masterpieces at this age.

1 1. Not Feeling the Mardi Gras Spirit

In 2017, Beyonce and Jay- Z attended a friend’s wedding in New Orleans (and as expected stole the spotlight from the couple!). The family was seen taking pictures from the balcony of their hotel, in full mardi gras spirit, and even with outfits complete with colorful beads. Blue Ivy is seen wearing a number of colorful bead necklaces as she looks down from the balcony of her hotel, clearly not in the mardi gras celebratory mood. As usual, her expressive reactions were quickly turned into a meme, proving that at the age of 6, Blue Ivy lives a life well beyond the likes us regular people will ever see!