“I could never have envisioned doing this,” Levesque told The Sentinel last week. “I got into [wrestling] to be great at it, become a star and be a main-event player. I knew it was a physically demanding business, so I figured if I could get in it, do well . . . and be smart with my money, I could open another business, maybe open some gyms since I’ve always been passionate about fitness and health. But as I got more into the business side of wrestling, I would see these guys like Blackjack Lanza, Chief Jay Strongbow or George Steele, guys who were big, legendary characters but stayed around WWE. I realized you can really do this forever, and that became my passion.”

This is the story of Triple H’s journey from the man himself transitioning from wrestler to Executive, to arguably both these days. He started attending some of McMahon’s boardroom meetings - an obvious issue for The Game was the lack of development in terms of younger talent. Since he’s been given the chance to foresee that part of the operation, Hunter has completely run with it. He also continues to excel in other roles as the WWE’s top Executive. In this article we feature some of the more memorable places Hunter has traveled to as a wrestler and as an Executive. The guy is literally WWE’s version of Superman, rocking the suit one day and tights the next. Enjoy the article, folks!

20 Wrestler - Tokyo, Japan (Raw 2005 Episode)

3,054 kilometers away from Shanghai, China, is Japan. By flight that’s roughly 3.39 hours. Unlike WWE’s lack of programming in China the company has enjoyed various programs over in Japan. As a matter of fact, Hunter was part of one of them back in a 2005 episode of Raw. He defended the World Championship against Edge on the night.

These days in his role as an Executive, Hunter has interest in furthering his partnership with Japan. Among the ideas, Hunter admitted to being open to a cross-promotion type of arrangement with the Japanese wrestling company New Japan.

19 Executive - Mumbai, India (PR Events & Performance Center Announcement)

Expansion in India was another hot topic for Triple H and the WWE. The company was looking to grow in the area – so much so that it is said that Jinder Mahal was given the championship to please the audience in the country. However when subscription numbers fell flat in India, Mahal lost the championship and instead of defending the belt in the country, he was involved in a losing effort to, well you guessed it, Triple H.

The visit was still an important one as Triple H launched a Performance Center along with signing a variety of future wrestling stars from India for the Performance Center. He also took part in various rituals upon his arrival at the Mumbai airport.

18 Wrestler - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (SummerSlam 1995)

For Triple H and his WWE journey, it all started in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for his first ever PPV experience. The venue that hosted the 1995 SummerSlam event is the old Civic Arena. Hunter was victorious on the card defeating Bob Holly. His fellow Kliq members highlighted the show. Shawn and Razor stole all the headlines for their matchup while Kevin Nash, the WWE Champion of the time, highlighted the show in the main event spot.

These days the WWE and Triple H visit the Pittsburgh area rather frequently. However instead of the Civic Arena, the company typically puts on shows at the Consol Energy Center. Without a doubt he’ll never forget this experience.

17 Executive - Cannes, France (Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity)

Triple H has both competed in, and attended Paris, France as an Executive for the company. Alongside Stephanie McMahon (his wife), Hunter recently attended the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Both Hunter and Stephanie spoke and took part in the event. The two also enjoyed a number of sightseeing destinations such as the Eiffel Tower.

Stephanie attended the event solo the year prior. Among the top guests alongside Stephanie was the great Will Smith. Although that’s pretty darn cool, it must have been that much greater spending the following year at the same destination alongside husband Triple H.

16 Wrestler - Santiago, Chile (WWE Live Event)

“Might’ve taken 15 hours to get here, but every moment in front of #WWESantiago made it worth every second. #ThankYou.”

Chile might not be the closest destination, however it didn’t stop Triple H from stepping foot in the ring even despite nearing his 50s and taking on an Executive role within the company.

Hunter made the trip and his involvement was a one-on-one bout with Rusev. Clearly judging by Hunter’s remarks made via Instagram, he loved every minute of it despite the travel. The aftermath might have been even better as he danced around the ring alongside The New Day.

15 Executive - Toronto, Canada (NXT: TakeOver)

Working behind the scenes with NXT Hunter has various areas he loves to visit with his brand. Among his favorite destinations includes Brooklyn, New York and Toronto, Ontario. Hunter loves Ontario for the hot crowds and the fact that it’s filled with die-hards that truly understand the business. Hunter appreciates the feedback he gets from the Toronto crowds, thus he has made TakeOver events a yearly ritual in the north market.

Hunter must have a soft spot for Toronto considering he recently also took part in a meet-and-greet at a fan expo at the location. Given his packed schedule, meet-and-greets tend to be few and far between, however Toronto is a rare exception.

14 Wrestler - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Super Shown-Down Event)

This one hasn’t happened just yet. However in early October the WWE is headed down under for this mammoth event set to take place in the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It’s another area the WWE is trying to conquer; the company will definitely do their best to fill up an arena that fits a whopping 100,000 people.

One way to add some interest is by having WWE legends Triple H and The Undertaker headline the card. Triple H is typically featured in massive shows overseas given his name recognition and name value among fans worldwide. Surely with such names on the card it’s going to be a packed house at the show scheduled for early October.

13 Executive - London, England (NXT UK)

Speaking of expansion there is always room to grow in the UK. Triple H is well aware of that and the location has become arguably his favorite outside of North America. Hunter has held various tournaments in the area along with attending a variety of indie wrestling shows as an Executive.

He took his love for the area to the next level with the announcement of NXT UK. Wrestlers from the UK now have their very own show. Due to the plethora of talent from the market, this is a wise decision from Triple H and yet another developmental avenue for the company.

12 Wrestler - Paris, France (WWE Live Event)

In April of 2016, Hunter took the corporate suit off and actually wrestled in Paris, France. He took part in a live event matchup alongside Kevin Owens. As you’ll see in this article it isn’t uncommon for Hunter to take off the suit and put on a match overseas these days. The company is all about expanding globally and if Hunter stepping in the ring helps the ticket sales, he’ll oblige without a doubt.

The tag match main-evented the live show. However Triple H was on the losing end in his big return as he and partner Kevin Owens, lost the bout to Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn.

11 Executive - Shanghai, China (First Ever Chinese Signing)

When he’s wearing the suit Triple H has a number of priorities. One of them is making sure the company is expanding globally. He went all the way to Shanghai, China in order to ensure the WWE’s progression in the location. It was a historical day as Hunter signed the first ever Chinese talent to a WWE deal, Bin Wang.

The company also recruited various other talents from the area throughout the years. It was a historical moment and one Triple H was front and center for as a WWE Executive. He might not have a history of wrestling in China, however he did perform in Japan in the past. Speaking of Japan.....

10 Wrestler - Dallas, Texas (WrestleMania 32)

Looking back at all of his great accomplishments, perhaps one that he took part in well into his 40s will be among his more memorable matches. Despite his older age Hunter had the honors of main-eventing the biggest WrestleMania of all-time in front of 101,763 fans.

Now the match wasn’t all that well received by the fans at the venue and viewers watching at home. However take nothing away from the experience; it isn’t every day you are taking part in the final match at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. To this day it is the biggest crowd both Triple H and the WWE have ever performed in front of.

9 Executive - Bristol Connecticut – ESPN Headquarters

“Just arrived @espn. Headed to @SportsCenter and @FirstTake to discuss the #MaeYoungClassic... #GameTime @WWEonESPN.”

Not only is he expanding the brand globally, but Triple H is also WWE’s spokesperson when it comes to dealing with the likes of ESPN. Back in the day it was unthinkable for WWE to partner with the sports network giant. However given how much the business has cleaned up these days, it is now a solid partnership.

Hunter has appeared at the ESPN headquarters several times in the past promoting various WWE events such as the Mae Young Classic. He also took part in an interview on First Take alongside his wife Stephanie. discussing the expansion of WrestleMania throughout the years.

8 Wrestler - New York City, New York (Survivor Series 2002)

Ask any passionate WWE fan and most might tell you that the company’s unofficial home is New York City. More specifically the home venue is Madison Square Garden, the home of the first WrestleMania.

Triple H has taken part in several memorable matches at the venue in the past. Perhaps the most memorable was the Elimination Chamber bout back in 2002. Hunter was enjoying the prime run of his career at the time as the World Champion. However he was dethroned on the night losing to his good real-life buddy Shawn Michaels. The roar of the MSG crowd is a part of WWE history that fans won’t ever forget and that includes the loser of the match, Triple H.

7 Executive - New York City, New York – Raw 25 PR Event (Empire State Building)

Not only is New York the home for the WWE’s first ever WrestleMania, but it is also the home of Monday Night Raw. Back in January of 1993 the company launched the first episode which took place in the Manhattan Center. It was only fitting for Triple H and company to return to the venue for the Raw 25 Special Anniversary Show.

Prior to the show Hunter was playing the role of Executive promoting the event across various New York areas. One of his pit stops included the Empire State Building alongside his wife Stephanie and WWE ambassador Dana Warrior.

6 Wrestler - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – The Greatest Royal Rumble

After working on a lengthy agreement, WWE finally agreed to a mammoth show set for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Although it did feature lots of controversy (including no women on the show), the company pocketed rather nicely.

In terms of the show itself, the return of WWE legends was a huge selling point for the event. The company plans on returning in the near future with more legends set to highlight the program – a couple of rumored names include The Undertaker and Kane. As for the event in April featuring 60,000 fans, it was another event that saw Triple H in the spotlight getting the honors of putting on the first match at the location against none other than John Cena.

5 Executive - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (WWE Tryouts)

It was another double duty type-trip for The Game who went to Saudi Arabia prior to the talent. Hunter took part in an open tryout featuring wrestlers from the location. The company ultimately signed eight to a WWE developmental contract and some were even featured on the show.

That wasn’t it for Hunter. He took part in numerous PR appearances throughout his stay. It was all capped off by a supper the night before the show. It featured lots of Saudi Arabia higher ups along with the top Executives and talents from the WWE, such as Vince McMahon, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Roman Reigns, just to name a few.

4 Wrestler - Minehead, England – WWE Live Event (The Shield)

We discussed Triple H’s love for the UK earlier in the article. These days he’s playing a crucial role in expanding the business in the area. However he’s also laced up the boots most recently going on tour with the WWE during their UK Tour. It just goes to show how highly Triple H thinks of the location.

Among his stops included Minehead, England. Hunter put on the gear in a strange matchup teaming up with former foes Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Despite the unlikely combination Hunter was all-in taking the place of Roman Reigns on the tour. He even went as far as to rock The Shield vest alongside his tag partners.

3 Executive - Boston, Massachusetts – CLF Impact Awards

His WWE career ended early due to concussion issues. However this would not be the end of the road for Nowinski. He would put his Harvard background to good use becoming the co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation. His impact in the field continues to be a profound one with various books and seminars.

Triple H showed his appreciation for Chris and his work attending the CLF Impact Awards. Hunter’s usually in the Boston area for in-ring purposes, however this time around he was featured as a WWE Executive taking part in the award ceremony.

2 Wrestler - Orlando, Florida (2016 Royal Rumble)

Orlando is a special place for Triple H. Not only is it the home to his other baby (NXT), but it is also the place where he was crowned as the WWE Champion for the last time.

Back in 2016 at the Amway Center WWE pulled off a surprising twist with Triple H featured as the final mystery Royal Rumble entrant. The real kicker is that the championship was on the line in this Rumble matchup. It was a shocker seeing The Game get his hand raised with the championship belt at that point in his career. It was a special moment and the perfect place for the title change.

1 Executive- Lisbon, Portugal (Web Summit)

“An amazing crowd in Lisbon, Portugal tonight.. Looking forward to seeing 15K here at #WebSummit tomorrow! #BackInTheSuit #WWELisbon”

Not even Vince McMahon himself was pulling off such drastic changes. Back in November of 2017, Hunter played a little double duty. He was competing in the ring at a live event on one night and then the next day, Hunter was set to appear at a Web Summit talking in front of 15,000 people. This time he was putting the aggression and tights away rocking the suit and talking about business. He’s an extraordinary man doing extraordinary things. It isn’t every day you're performing in front of thousands in a wrestling ring one day, and discussing business in a suit the next!