Every destination has its merits, but some reflect the personalities of their visitors more than others. If you had to boil the types of traveller down to just two kinds, you would get the introverts and the extroverts. Some people travel for peace and quiet, for wonder and introspection - others travel for the food, the night-life and the unforgettable people they meet along the way. Whichever category you identify with the most (maybe both depending on your mood), I have compiled a list of some of the most incredible and unforgettable destinations in the world - sure to suit your needs as a voyageur.

From remote islands to booming nightclubs, expansive deserts to bustling shopping malls, this is the most concise yet comprehensive list you will find of universally beautiful yet starkly-contrasted travel destinations. This list covers the whole world with something from every continent - except Antarctica! Some I have been to myself, others are still on my bucket list, but whether or not you are planning your own trip this year, take a look at some of these incredible places - learn something new and maybe get some inspiration for a trip you never knew you had to make! Good luck and I hope you find your next incredible destination somewhere on this list.

20 Introvert: Goa, India

While the Goa province is renowned for some of the most beautiful beaches in India (complete with the obligatory resorts and tourists) as well as being a destination for the psychedelic EDM sub-culture, it's also home to incredible forests, temples, and other places of significant spiritual importance to the Indian people. In fact, there is much of Goa that the local population would probably rather you don't visit - making it perfect for the introverted traveller on a spiritual mission. Just remember to be respectful of your environment as well as the spirits and deities you may (or may not) encounter along your journey.

19 Extrovert: Ibiza

Located in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Spain, Ibiza is a world-renowned destination for spring break and just about every other excuse to let it all out that you can think of as the island is pretty much one giant party all year-round. The preferred destination of British youngsters travelling abroad by themselves for the first time, many a summer romance has bloomed on this exciting and beautiful Mediterranean island. Weather is excellent all year-round, and you can party by land or sea with many small cruise-yachts available for private parties to wealthy travellers or groups of friends. Just remember to at least try and take all things in moderation and like any destination, brush up on the local customs and laws as there are a few locals living there who don't always want to be a part of the party!

18 Introvert: Bhutan

Bhutan is truly the crowning jewel of the Himalayas and a well-kept secret amongst travelers and locals alike. It's one of the few places in the world to have held its independence for centuries and has never been conquered in recorded history. For this reason, the Bhutanese government and its people have always been fiercely protective of their boarders and their identity - severely limiting and taxing all entry into - and tourism within - the country. However, if you can afford the thousand-dollar-a-week visa to enter the country, it is without a doubt one of the most incredible and culturally rich locations in the world - not to mention a peaceful and highly spiritual location.

17 Extrovert: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is possibly my favourite city in Europe - ahead of places like London or Paris. There is just something truly special and unique about the city. It has some of the friendliest locals of any capital city on the continent, and is also one of the tidiest and cleanest cities around. Not to say things don't get messy - they just have whole armies of street-sweepers ready to clean the city from top-to-bottom every morning! After spending an entire evening in one of the cities many bars, why not join the locals for a bike-ride home at closing time. Literal crowds of dozens - even hundreds - of bicycles carry their tipsy riders home spanning the streets like some kind of a marathon.

16 Introvert: Isle of Islay, Scotland

Islay may be the most well-known and southern-most island of the Hebrides but that doesn't mean it's some kind of bustling metropolis - far from it. Follow in the footsteps of Parks & Recreation's Ron Swanson and take a tour round the Lagavulin distillery or any of the dozens of other whisky distilleries for that matter. Countless poems and theses have been written atop the heather-coated moors of the island, its singular and unique beauty serving as a muse to those who traverse its rolling hills. Islay is the best place in Scotland for those who truly wish to get away from it all.

15 Extrovert: Miami, Florida

Synonymous with retirees, spring break and 80's pop culture - Miami is a true fun-lovers destination for young and old alike. You won't need to be Tony Montana to feel like a star cruising along the incredible boulevards that are as beautiful in the hot Florida sun as they are under the neon strip-lights of the Miami night-life. Don't worry if your more of a cultural extrovert as Miami is also home to the second-largest performing arts centre in the US as well host to hundreds of musicians and orchestras every year. If there is any advice to give potential visitors it would be this - don't go in the height of summer as it gets incredibly humid including storms and rain.

14 Introvert: Honfleur, France

Situated on the coast of Normandy, France, Honfleur is known as "the city of artists" and it's easy to see why. Its beautiful harbour replete with sailing boats has been an inspiration to painters for centuries, including the likes of Monet, Courbin and Boudin and is a crucible of sorts for the emergence of the Impressionist movement in art. Why not take your watercolours with you to this picturesque town and join the other painters in silence as you create your own masterpiece in this calm and peaceful place. When you're done painting you know there will always be somewhere fantastic to eat, stocked with some of the freshest and best seafood this side of the Atlantic.

13 Extrovert: Tangiers, Morocco

Morocco's very own party-city, Tangiers can be an overwhelming experience for westerners but it is absolutely worth the trip. During the day, take a walk around the bustling market stalls, haggle with vendors and take selfies with the many inquisitive locals before stopping in to a tea-shop for some sweet and refreshing mint-tea. Then at night, marvel at the high-class scene of bright lights and casinos, play a few rounds of baccarat before retiring to your suite in one of the many luxurious hotels. As with all trips to foreign countries, the culture and laws can differ enormously from your own so make sure to arrive informed and aware so as not to step on any toes during your visit.

12 Introvert: Naqsh-e Rustam (Tomb of Xerxes), Iran

While there are many ancient wonders more famous than this, that is where it's true beauty lies. Few monuments can compare to the incredible scale of these tombs. Four whole tombs can be witnessed, replete with reliefs describing various battles, tributes and meetings with gods. In the foreground of these massive reliefs is the "Cube of Zoroaster" - a smaller yet no-less impressive and more accessible monument that mimics the tomb of Cyrus the Great at Pasargadae. Such a vast amount of Persian history lies within these walls that anyone who looks upon them will surely feel a part of it and this site alone makes a trip to Iran worthwhile.

11 Extrovert: Monaco

Feel like James Bond with a trip to the classiest city in all of Europe. While it's true that you will probably want to take your platinum card with you on this trip, nothing can compare to this jewel of the French Riviera. Restaurants, casinos, yachts and luxury super-cars are the order of the day here and you can try all of them to get a feeling of the high-society lifestyle. The city of Monte Carlo is especially interesting during Grand Prix season. The Formula 1 racetrack isn't a track at all but rather a particularly devilish circuit around the actual streets of the city. While the race is a destination in itself, if you're not into Formula 1 you will probably want to choose a different time as the race can make moving around the city rather more complicated than usual.

10 Introvert: Australian Outback

When you think of the Outback, you tend to envisage dusty red deserts that extend for eternity but this vast region stretching from coast-to-coast actually encompasses just about every climate you can think of including tropical forests and monsoonal areas. The sheer size and wild nature of the region contributes to its reputation as a dangerous destination, and you definitely want to be as prepared as you possibly can before setting off but if you take the right precautions then nothing else will compare to the sheer exhilaration of pitting yourself against nature in this beautiful yet savage part of the world.

9 Extrovert: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is the second largest city in Brazil and one of the most populated in all the Americas. Rio is bustling all year round but the most obvious time to visit for the full Rio experience is during Carnaval, the largest of its kind in the world. There is no more palpable a feeling of celebration and lust for life than while wondering the streets during Rio's Carnaval, as you experience Samba parades, floats and masked revellers that all come together to make up the rich cultural tapestry of the event. There is no end to the fun and excess during this time, just remember - Jesus is watching you (literally)!

8 Introvert: Kluane National Park, Yukon, Canada

Situated in the Canadian province of the Yukon, near the Alaskan boarder, Kluane Park covers eight and-a-half thousand square miles of beautiful wilderness. The best time to visit for some semblance of civilisation is between May and September, when the campground at Kathleen Lake is open. From here you can embark on numerous hiking trails as well as launch a boat out onto the lake for some of the best freshwater fishing to be found anywhere - trout, salmon and arctic char are all present and numerous, as well as pike so there is something for every kind of game fisherman in this beautiful lake.

7 Extrovert: New York, USA

It may not be the most original of destinations but this list simply wouldn't be complete without including New York, as it is truly deserving of its reputation. One of the liveliest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, the shopping and partying never stops wherever you may find yourself in this sprawling metropolis. There is barely enough time to stop and take pictures as you make your way around Manhattan, and personally I find the most interesting and unique thing about the city to be its people. The identity of being a New-Yorker is the only thing uniting these diverse and surreal characters that truly have to be experienced first-hand to be believed.

6 Introvert: Tristan da Cunha, UK

Tristan da Cunha is a small group of islands in the south-Atlantic ocean belonging to the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, that holds the honour of being the most remote inhabited area in the entire world. Tristan is more than 2,000 kilometres from, well, anywhere. Historically the island was only accessible once or twice a year commercially by boat as there is no airport, but this voyage was made only once in 2018 - for the first time since 2011. Your best bet for accessing this truly special place is to hop on a fishing boat from South Africa, who service the island eight or nine times a year.

5 Extrovert: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

There is perhaps no other city on earth more synonymous with the word "extrovert" than Las Vegas. The ultimate destination for those wanting to splash out and revel in excess, the city is truly deserving of its reputation. With more casinos than anywhere else, expensive nightclubs and luxurious hotels, there are innumerable opportunities to blow some cash and blow off some steam - and you can do it all at any time of day. In fact you might have to be careful and remember to work some sleep into your schedule during your visit as the sensory overload can be a lot to handle. One more thing to remember - what happens in Vegas....

4 Introvert: Okinawa, Japan

Take a trip to Japan's quieter side with a visit to Okinawa island. While it is part of Japan, Okinawa has it's own very unique cultural identity thanks to the Ryukyu people who live there as well as a much warmer, more tropical climate thanks to its more southern geographical location. While it may be a perfect destination for the more introverted amongst us that's not to say the people of Okinawa aren't sociable - warm, peaceful and reserved, the inhabitants of Okinawa are most welcoming to people who are a reflection of themselves. Truly one of the most beautiful and fascinating places on this list.

3 Extrovert: Tokyo, Japan

In many ways the complete opposite of our previous entry, Tokyo is no-less fascinating a place to visit even if life seems to go at the speed of light here. There are far, far too many things to see and do in Tokyo for me to list here but what I will say is that if you have any interest in Japanese culture whatsoever, then visiting Tokyo must absolutely be on your bucket-list. Whether it be food, entertainment, manga, karaoke, shopping or all of the above, you can go from one to the next in the space of a few minutes and a short walk. An absolutely incredible maze-like metropolis, it's easy to get lost here so make sure you meticulously plan every venture outside your accommodation and you will have one of the most incredible experiences of your lifetime.

2 Introvert: Iceland

This surreal picture of one of Iceland's many lagoons does more to describe the magic of this place than any words ever could. One of the best locations to witness aurora borealis, nature-loving adventurers looking for the perfect photograph need to put Iceland on their itinerary. Best visited in the summer as the snow can block off many of the more fascinating locations within the island, you will marvel at the hot-springs, volcanic rocks and almost luminescent lagoons while sampling some truly unique cuisine. Iceland can also be a fairly inhospitable place once you get out of the city so you will want to carefully plan your trip and always carry some form of communication with you - no matter how much you wish to be alone!

1 Extrovert: Iceland (again!)

The less-inhabited parts of Iceland may have some of the most beautiful scenery known to man but the capital city of Reykjavik has some of the most welcoming and down-to-earth people you could ever meet. The single best time to visit Iceland for a good party is at New Year's. The New Year's Eve partying in downtown Reykjavik is possibly the best in the world. Fireworks light up the sky for the whole night, with designated drivers ferrying their friends as well as complete strangers from bar to club to bar again. Climb into a stranger's car and make some new friends (with plenty of liquid-formed social lubricant) before climbing out again and making yet more new friends. There is absolutely no party quite like it anywhere else.