Ireland is one of the most historic destinations in Europe worth visiting. Besides its numerous historic sites, the country is also endowed with amazing scenery and impressive sites which are perfect for some adventurous activities. For those who can only take out 7 days for this historic country, here are some of the things to see.

10 Grafton Street

Grafton Street is a shopping area in Dublin and one of the busiest places in the country. Restaurants, bars, shops as well as museums and galleries are lined up in this densely populated part of Dublin. It's a perfect place to get an in-depth relationship with the locals, eat delicious Irish food, and also learn about the history and culture in the museums and galleries on the street.

9 The Cliffs Of Moher

Ireland is a place of scenery and landscape beauty and the Cliffs of Moher is one of those places to see this scenery. The 14 kilometers long, 214 meters high cliffs are located in the Burren region and it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Ireland drawing in approximately 1.5 million people yearly. The serenity one will enjoy here is inspiring but the views of the sea, unique rock formations, and nearby mountain range the cliffs present are the best parts of the experience. So many trails with amazing viewpoints are located on the cliffs in case you want some change of scenery.

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8 The Ring Of Kerry

Far from being an actual ring, the Ring of Kerry is actually a scenic route in County Kerry, South Western Ireland. Despite being just a driving route, it is one of the most touristy parts of Ireland due to the rolling green hills, colorful towns, stunning stone forts, and many other stunning attractions one gets to see on the trip. Travelers will get to explore a mountainous national park with a beautiful waterfall, see impressive castles, and also enjoy beautiful ocean views while on the trip.

7 River Shannon

River Shannon is the longest river in Ireland with a length of 224 miles. On the cruise across the river, there are many attractions to see including - a 17th-century castle, a famous monastic site, a museum, a 6th-century monastic settlement, and adventurous parks with zip lines and boat riding activities. Along the way, one can also enjoy the taste of whiskey from a distillery and explore beautiful wildflowers spread out across the shores.

6 Dublin Castle

Ireland is endowed with lots of castles and the Dublin castle is one of the most significant. Located at the center of Dublin, the site first hosted a Viking fortress before the medieval Dublin Castle was built in 1204. This castle has been the seat of British power in Ireland for over 700 years. Today the site hosts several historic and colorful buildings which now serve as venues for presidential inaugurations, exhibitions, and other important events.

5 Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

Guinness storehouse is the place to explore Ireland’s most beloved beer - Guinness. The storehouse is located at St James Gate brewery and tours are the best ways to explore the production process of this beer as well as its history. But the tours are not just learning as they are also great opportunities to taste different types of Guinness.

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4 The Dingle Peninsula

The Dingle Peninsula is a peninsula out of Ireland’s mainland extending to the North Atlantic Ocean. Its appeal lies in the charming beaches, stunning cliffs, and impressive islands nested on the ocean. The unique landscape makes the region perfect for hiking, biking, horse riding, kayaking, and surfing. The peninsula was named after Dingle - a town in County Kerry and besides its visual appeal, the experiences and food one will enjoy here are well worth the visit.

3 Skellig Michael

An amazing adventure awaits at Skellig Michael - a remote island off the edge of Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry. The Island has been an appealing destination for adventure seekers but it became more widespread after scenes from the Star Wars; The Force Awakens was shot on it. The island is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and tours offer its history as well as information about the hundreds of birds that constantly fly around the area. Climbing the hundreds of steps to the island’s summit is the most exciting thing to do here as the views are nothing short of amazing.

2 Mizen Head

Mizen head is often described as being at the edge of Ireland and also the most south-westerly part of Ireland. Its exact location is at the tip of Mizen head peninsula in County Cork. The region is characterized by stunning cliffs standing at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the history is just as fascinating as the views one will meet here. The life-saving Mizen Head Signal Station, the visitor center, and the impressive Mizen Head FootBridge make up the list of must-see things on this Peninsula.

1 The Rock Of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is one of the most important sites in Ireland with a rich history. The amazing site is actually located at Cashel county Tipperary and hosts a Gothic Cathedral, a Roman chapel, an abbey, and a tower house within its premises. Standing on a hill, this attraction presents spectacular scenery with the surrounding green hills and beautiful sky views which are more pronounced at sunsets.

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