Friends turned into a giant, and that’s no secret. The cast of six became millionaires. Clearly they can live off the backend of the show alone. Most would assume that the cast loves to indulge on various trips given their wealth, but that’s only true for half of them. Monica, Rachel and Chandler love a good beach. The three tend to take yearly trips. Chandler’s favorite destination is Cabo. He even bought a house in the area. He enjoys laying by the beach and free-writing.

However not all the cast members love to travel. LeBlanc is often on the road but as you’ll see in the article, all that moving around has a lot to do with work more so than actual pleasure. Lisa Kudrow also travels far less than anyone else. She even recently sold her stunning Deer Valley cabin. As for David Schwimmer, he isn’t the biggest travel enthusiast either. In fact, while shooting Friends, Ross admitted to not wanting to go out in public due to his massive fame. The sitcom star wasn’t able to get too far without being noticed.

From South Africa for work purposes to a recent trip to Tahiti taken by a couple of Friends stars together, we take a look at 20 destinations traveled to by the cast of Friends for both business and pleasure. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Work: Matt LeBlanc – Lesotho, South Africa

Matt LeBlanc hasn’t taken many trips for pleasure in the last couple of years – at least of what we know. A lot of that has to do with the travel aspect on his show Top Gear. As you’ll see in the article LeBlanc gets to travel the world on the show. In all likelihood he settles down back at home when he’s off the road.

One of his best pit-stops took place in South Africa. Matt posted some breathtaking photos of the destination. Some of the landscapes he visited truly took our breath away, such as Lesotho. He’ll cherish these memories forever especially due to the fact that he recently stepped down as the host of the program.

19 Pleasure: Matthew Perry – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Sadly, David Schwimmer (aka Ross) rarely travels for pleasure. In fact, the Friends star even admitted to hiding away during his success on the popular sitcom. We can’t say the same for Matthew Perry though, who’s quite the opposite. Chandler loves to travel for pleasure. He sat down with the CN Traveller last year discussing some of his favorite spots to visit.

Perry loves a beach, for that reason Cabo San Lucas remains one of his most desirable destinations to visit. This is a growing trend among athletes and celebrities. Chandler admits he loves taking to the beach while free-writing. It also helps that he has a house in Mexican destination.

18 Work: David Schwimmer – South Beach, Miami

As we stated earlier Schwimmer has a rare history of leaving for pleasure. However he has left for business in the past. A couple of years ago David attended an art event in Miami alongside ex-wife Zoe Buckman.

The Art Basel event that Schwimmer took part in was a for-profit art fair. This exclusive event takes place is Basel, Miami and Hong-Kong is among the pit-stops. The event sells art from both upcoming artists and those that have an established name in the scene. Perhaps Ross was looking to invest some of his money in the art world?

17 Pleasure: Courteney Cox – Northern Ireland

Monica loves to travel, however her usual destinations of choice consist of a beach and resort. She went to Ireland a couple of times in the past. That’s due to her current husband, Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid, who is from the area.

Just months ago Metro News reported that the two got married in Northern Ireland, McDaid’s native land. It’s like when Ross goes to London and marries Emily... This time around, we hope Cox said the correct name and not “I take the Chandler.” Cox might be staying in Ireland permanently with current rumors swirling that the couple is looking for a place.

16 Work: Matt LeBlanc – Sri Lanka

He’ll definitely miss Top Gear, at least for the travelling part of the gig. Back in January LeBlanc posted a stunning photo of the beautiful mountains in Sri Lanka. Matt described the scenery perfectly via his Instagram caption; “Top Gear Sri Lanka. Epic.”

Located just south of India the country is known for its breathtaking landscapes. The beauty of the South Asian country is the diversity of landscapes. A traveler can find beautiful sandy beaches along with rain forests. As LeBlanc posted a traveler can also find highland along with stunning mountains. If scenic landscapes are your thing, then Sri Lanka is definitely worthy of a visit.

15 Pleasure: Matthew Perry – Florence, Italy

Perry loves the beach and he considers himself a sun lounger. However he also admitted to having a weakness for a certain European country: Italy. This isn’t all that surprising. Just this year the European destination enjoyed an influx of tourism with some of the biggest names from both the sporting and acting worlds.

Perry calls both Florence and Venice the two destinations that lived up to the hype the most. His only regret was the length of both trips. During his interview with the CN Traveller Perry stated that he would have loved to have stayed longer, exploring more restaurants and other sightseeing destinations the Italian spots have to offer.

14 Work: Jennifer Aniston – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Aniston continues to keep busy. She spent most of her summer in Canada. Jen, along with Adam Sandler, filmed a new movie coming out in 2019. Both were spotted in numerous MTL locations. Sandler took things a step further posing with a couple on their wedding day!

Aniston definitely didn’t lock herself up in a room during her Montreal stay, either. The Canadian city is among the most beautiful in all of North America. Aniston was spotted at several spots including the beautiful Old Port location. She also took to the movie theater downtown and was briefly spotted at a hair salon.

13 Pleasure: Jennifer Aniston – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Although she works a heck of a lot and she’s constantly on the road, that hasn’t stopped Aniston from taking all-inclusive types of trips in the past. She’s definitely a sun lounger. Similar to Chandler, one her favorite vacation destinations happens to be Cabo San Lucas. Monica is another Friends cast member that adores the destination as well.

Jennifer recently returned to Cabo in early 2018. According to various publications such as People, Aniston took the trip in an effort to save her marriage. However it didn’t work out, as she split from partner Justin Theroux a few months ago. Hey, at least she got to visit Cabo again!

12 Work: Matthew Perry – London, England

He travels for pleasure but Perry also travels for work. We’ll discuss the Friends cast visiting London a little later in the article, however Perry was there before filming for season 4, and after the show wrapped up as well.

One of his most memorable stays took place while taking part in a play. When asked about the best hotel he’s ever stayed at, Perry deemed The Dorchester in London among the very best. He explains in an interview with the CN Traveller;

“The Dorchester in London. It's very fancy, with huge, open-plan bedrooms, but it still feels a bit like home when I check in.”

11 Pleasure: Courteney Cox – Turks & Caicos

Not only do Cox, Aniston and Perry share a close bond in real-life but they also have similar tastes when it comes to booking trips. Like the other two, Cox tends to be a sun lounger loving the beach and water. For her 50th birthday, Cox rocked a bikini while enjoying a getaway alongside Johnny McDaid at the beautiful Turks and Caicos location. This is another highly visited area by both athletes and celebrities.

As one might expect her trip didn’t come cheap. According to Travel Pulse, Cox fully indulged for her 50th birthday selecting a villa that starts at almost $2,000 per night.

10 Work: Matt LeBlanc – Tokyo, Japan

This time around the Friends star visited Japan for real! Who can forget Joey’s lipstick for men commercial that only aired in Japan? Clearly Chandler didn’t watch the tape! Okay, all of that might have been made up, however LeBlanc recently took to Tokyo for real - once again as a part of the Top Gear program. Matt posted a photo to his Instagram account when at the destination.

It’s one of the many pit-stops he enjoyed throughout his run with Top Gear. Maybe now that the show is done with and he’s travelling less, LeBlanc might start to indulge on some pleasure type of trips. He should give his buddy Chandler a call for some advice!

9 Work: Jennifer Aniston – Maui

Since the ending of Friends there hasn’t been a busier cast member from the show than Jennifer Aniston. She’s translated her sitcom success into one heck of a film career. Aniston has taken on various projects around the world. One of her most notable assignments took place with the film Just Go with It. The location really wasn’t too shabby and one most Hollywood stars might accept without thinking twice; beautiful Maui!

Ironically the movie makes the claim that Jen and the crew are at the Waldorf resort in Hawaii. Instead they’re at the Grand Wailea resort in Maui. The hotel is actually owned by the Waldorf hotels and resorts.

8 Pleasure: Lisa Kudrow – Deer Valley Utah

Her character on Friends is quite wacky. However in her personal life Lisa Kudrow lives a tame life and one away from the spotlight. She loves her family time alongside her long-time husband and son.

One of the typical family getaways took place at the Black Diamond Lodge located in Deer Valley Utah. The family loves to ski, though Kudrow admits she was usually watching the family from the cabin. Lisa recently made a fortune selling the stunning condo estate. She sold it for $3.6 million. According to People it cost $1,700 per night to rent out a lodge, yikes!

7 Pleasure: Matthew Perry – Boston, Massachusetts

We all have travelling regrets. For Perry a couple of his regrets consist of buying ugly Hawaiian button shirts. However he also describes Boston as one of the biggest letdowns. Perry explains to the CN Traveler that it’s a destination that lived up to the hype the least;

“I don't know what it was, but I just didn't have that great a time when I went there. I'll give it another shot, because it's a super sports town and I like all the Boston teams, but I guess I didn't love the city enough.”

Those that have visited Boston before would likely agree that it might be wise for Perry to give the city another try. Boston has some delicious restaurants and various sightseeing locations worthy of a visit.

6 Work: Jennifer Aniston – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Just imagine someone telling you that they’ve booked you a trip to the Amalfi Coast for work purposes (Amalfi is arguably Italy’s most beautiful destination). That’s real-life for Jen Aniston who attended the Giffoni Film Festival. Prior to the appearance she enjoyed some time aboard a yacht along the coast. She then took part in film festival festivities in Positano, another breathtaking spot.

LeBron James is one of the high profile names to recently visit the stunning Italian area of Positano just this summer. He did so for a family trip, while Jen did so for “work.” Oh, the life of the rich and famous!

5 Pleasure: Courteney Cox – St. Barts

St. Barts is another preferred location for Cox. She took to the beautiful island a couple of years back. Following the trip, the fun didn’t stop as the Friends star made another stop prior to returning back to LA, the other pit-stop took place at Disney World alongside her daughter and ex-husband David Arquette.

She hasn’t returned to the destination in quite some time however. Among her most recent trips includes Cabo (alongside her best friend Jen Aniston) back in 2017. She also took a trip most recently alongside Jen Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel. The trio have decided on Tahiti, we assume it was a memorable vacation for those involved.

4 Work: Matt LeBlanc – Ireland

Monica isn’t the only one that found love overseas. Matt is currently dating Top Gear producer Aurora Mulligan. She’s from the UK and LeBlanc also admitted that the two share a flat in the area. LeBlanc admits that he spends a lot of time in the UK these days.

While shooting with Top Gear, Ireland was another pit-stop for the Friends sitcom star. Perhaps he gave his old pal Monica a call? It was another enjoyable experience for LeBlanc posting several photos of the destination to his Twitter account. Maybe he’ll return at some point given that his Top Gear days are now done with. It can be a trip dedicated to pleasure this time around.

3 Pleasure: Matthew Perry – Maui, Hawaii

Although Perry admits one of his favorite views is from his own LA home, he’s nonetheless a sucker for a trip that features fantastic scenery with a beach and clear blue waters. For that reason it should come as no surprise that he considers Maui his favorite place in the world;

“Maui in Hawaii. The weather's beautiful all year and it's very pretty. The hotels are wonderful too, especially the Four Seasons. I'm definitely a sunshine-city person, although now I'm gearing up for four months in London with my new production. I did a play there in 2003 and had a great time, so I'm excited to come back.”

2 Pleasure: Jennifer Aniston – Tahiti

According to People, Aniston returned to the beach during the month of April alongside best friend Courteney Cox. People explains the reasoning for the trip;

“A source tells PEOPLE that the 49-year-old actress just vacationed on the French Polynesian island alongside pals Courteney Cox, Jimmy Kimmel, and his wife Molly McNearney. The trip was in honor of McNearney’s recent birthday, the insider says.”

Aniston enjoyed full luxury on the trip staying at Marlon Brando’s private resort island. It is said that Jason Bateman also joined in on the festivities. When it comes to a beach, sun and friends, Aniston rarely says no when she’s got the time!

1 Work: Cast Of Friends - Northwest London, United Kingdom

Most of the “trips” taken during the filming of Friends were just some fancy sets put together by the crew. However, in the late 90s the entire cast, minus Phoebe (who was pregnant at the time) took to Northwest London for the episode, The One with Ross’s Wedding. In North America this is considered the best Friends episode of all-time. However in the UK the episode received lots of criticism for the portrayal of British stereotypes. You can’t please everyone!

It was British network Channel 4 that contacted the Friends show with interest of an episode taking place in their neck of the woods. The network was the first British broadcast to carry the sitcom. Once the producers came up with a reason and a proper plot that brought the entire cast, the trip was booked! Among the notable places to be taped includes the Marriott in Grosvenor Square. Most of the episode was filmed in a Wembley studio.