Nature is fascinating in many ways. There are things about nature that are extraordinary compared to what humans are typically used to. Although people know about the laws of gravity, there are places that do not seem to abide by these laws. These are places where the pull of gravity does not work.

Such places vary from one to another and features are different from one place to the other. As a result, exploring such places is interesting such that one gets a chance to witness these wonders and learn the explanation behind them.

10 Mystery Spot, California

Mystery Spot is a place in the Santa Cruz region in California that does not obey the laws of gravity. The spot shows very clear gravitational anomalies. It is a section that was discovered in 1939 and has been open to the public for a long time. The Mystery spot is characterized by a “mystery shack” that appears to hang and almost fall over. As a result, people are able to walk in this area in a titled position. Objects are also able to roll up the hill freely.

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9 Hoover Dam, Nevada

The Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA is one of the Dams that have features that defy the force of gravity, and people visit the dam to experience this amazing phenomenon. At the dam, whenever one pours water from a bottle, instead of dropping it, it moves upwards. However, scientists have found out that the anomaly is created by the design and updraft of the dam. Due to the structure, the powerful updraft creates an upward push around the area, resulting in the water "flowing" upwards.

8 “Reverse” waterfall, England

The waterfall is called a “Reverse” waterfall due to the behavior of the water, which moves upwards towards the sky. It is a waterfall found around the Hayfield region of England. Due to the reverse movement of the water, the waterfall looks more like a fountain. Many people believe that this phenomenon is a result of the law of gravity. However, there has not been enough research to prove that for sure there is no force of gravity. Many people still visit this 78-foot waterfall to witness the magic.

7 Mount Aragats road, Armenia

On the foot of Mount Aragats, there is a road section that defies the law of gravity. It is found at the border of Armenia and Turkey. The behavior of gravity on this road has fascinated many visitors. At the claimed section, one can turn off a car engine and the car will continue moving up the hill on its own. According to many people who have visited the places and experienced the phenomenon, they claim it is easier to drive uphill as compared to downhill.

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6 Magnetic Hill, Canada

Canada is another place one can find a region that does not obey the forces of gravity. It is called the Magnetic hill, or gravity hill. The mystery hill, or gravity road, defies the laws of gravity. One of the special features of this place is that there is a strong optical illusion that makes downhill slopes appear uphill. This phenomenon is what makes it a mystery spot. Additionally, objects seem to easily move uphill when people expect them to move downhill.

5 Magnetic Hill, India

Magnetic Hill in India is found in the Ladakh region. It is along the Leh-Kargil-Baltik national highway. The hill gets its popular name because upon their approach, the cars are pulled uphill. Some people have also claimed planes passing over this section get an increase in altitude. Other people have also tried switching their car’s engines off or putting their vehicles in neutral and continue moving upwards. It is considered a magical hill and many people travel to visit and experience the strange phenomenon.

4 The Golden Boulder In Myanmar

The Golden Boulder in Myanmar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It is characterized by a huge rock covered in gold and hanging on top of a pagoda. It has been in existence for more than 2,500 years, with the rock hanging there without any support. According to people, some believe it is the hair of their Buddha holding the rock, while there is a good number of people who believe it is a result of a weak gravitational pull in the area.

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3 Mysterious Road, South Korea

Although this mysterious road in South Korea is not very popular with the outside world, the area defies the laws of gravity. It is a section of a road found on Jeju Island. It is an uphill road and tourists have visited it many times. On dropping an empty can or bottle, it rolls and moves uphill on its own. It is not just that, as there is also a plaque close to the road that exhibits the same gravitational anomaly.

2 Stone of Davasko, Argentina

According to the law of gravity, objects are pulled downwards once in free fall. However, this does not happen to the Stone of Davasko, which can be found in Argentina. The stone hangs on a rock edge without any suspension. According to the angle, it should fall, but it doesn't, even when it is very windy. Many people visit the place to date to witness the strange phenomenon. The route to the location of the stone is also a good hiking trail.

1 Electric Brae

Electric Brae is a hill found in the Ayrshire region in Scotland. It is considered a gravity hill due to its feature of defying gravitational pull. Many people have tested the hill and found this to be true. Upon putting a car on freewheel, it is able to move uphill on its own, and this has been attributed to the pull of gravity. Another phenomenon here is an optical illusion where downhill seems like uphill. This is the second proof that the hill defies the law of gravity.

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