10 Places Nikki Bella Has Traveled To Alone (And 10 With John Cena)

Putting their relationship status aside, John Cena and Nikki Bella are among the top travelers within the WWE. Let’s take John Cena for example; not only is he working on several gigs outside of the WWE but his return is set to take place in just a couple of days all the way over in Shanghai, China. Talk about traveling the world, huh?! However like the WWE owner Vince McMahon, Cena’s all about sticking his neck out for the company and expanding the brand globally. For that reason he’s also featured on various overseas tours. Heck he even went out of his way to learn Mandarin.

Nikki’s no slouch either when it comes to traveling. Like John she’s been away from the WWE over the last couple of months spending time with her various companies along with shooting footage for both Total Bellas and Total Divas. As if all that traveling wasn’t enough she’s now back on tour with the WWE. In just a matter of two weeks Nikki has already visited Toronto and various New York areas. Oh, the road life!

In this article we take a look at some of the more memorable spots Nikki has traveled to alone. These locations include the setting for her bachelorette party overseas along with various beach hot spots. On the flip side we’ll feature places she went to alongside John Cena. Some were for pleasure, including a certain secret trip they took just months ago. However most of the trips taken by the two were either (WWE or outside of WWE) work gigs. These are 10 places Nikki has traveled to alone and 10 with John Cena. Enjoy the article, folks!

20 Alone - Paris, France


She calls Paris, France her favorite place in the world. It was only fitting that Nikki decided to go to the destination for her bachelorette party. Bella called it a dream of hers and something she can now cross off of her bucket list. Nikki, alongside her sister and close friends, enjoyed a tremendous trip while renting out a stunning residence during their stay.

Nikki got the full Paris treatment, indulging at some of the finest and most luxurious restaurants the city has to offer.

The women also enjoyed a masquerade party set up by Brie Bella, Nikki’s sister. Ultimately it was a lengthy trip (lasting 9 days). The Total Bellas cameras caught the footage of the group’s experience.

19 With John Cena – Lake Tahoe

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This one is extremely puzzling. It was reported that the two were officially separated, however a secret trip told us otherwise. Back in July the couple took an under-the-radar type of trip to Lake Tahoe. The only problem is that a fan caught the couple. In one particular photo Cena poses alongside a young fan while Nikki’s clearly in the background.

Other video footage also shows the couple together at dinner having a blast alongside Nikki’s entire family. The motive of the trip and why it went down remains unknown. Perhaps it was one last attempt to make things right before moving on for good?

18 Alone – Las Vegas, Nevada


Back in 2016 Nikki headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the shooting of Total Divas. It wasn’t the first time the Total Divas crew headed to the destination, as they also did some filming at the location for Lana’s bachelorette party.

It was a difficult trip for Nikki as she was the only one riding solo. Both Brie and Daniel Bryan were at the Las Vegas destination for the filming. WWE broadcaster Renee Young and WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose also took part. Via her YouTube channel Nikki looked a little bummed to be in Vegas alone. Nonetheless we have no doubt that various of the Nevada hot spots helped put her mind at ease. Both Renee and Dean know a thing or two about the area, currently residing in Sin City.

17 With John Cena – Newburyport, Massachusetts

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During the holiday season it is all about family. That’s no different for both John Cena and Nikki Bella. Now this never aired on Total Divas or Total Bellas, but Nikki posted to her YouTube channel that the former couple was headed to Newburyport, Massachusetts for the winter holiday season in order to spend some time with John’s family. Cena currently resides in Tampa, Florida.

Family time seems to be few and far between. When he gets the chance, on occasions such as Christmas, Cena returns back home to visit various loved ones (both friends and family). Unfortunately Cena might be taking the trip alone in 2018...

16 Alone - Rochester, New York


For some this might be a weird destination to travel to alone. However Nikki recently attended the New York area for work purposes. It was a special moment for Bella as she finally returned to the ring. What made the return that much better is the fact that she joined forces with her sister Brie. The current plan is for Bella to return on a full-time basis.

John wasn’t there as he continues on with projects outside of the WWE. However he is also set for a return in just a matter of days. The destination John is currently in is a little more intriguing; Shanghai, China. He won’t have any problems getting around considering he speaks fluent Mandarin. It also helps that he recently worked a film alongside Jackie Chan – we assume Chan gave Cena some tips on must-see destinations.

15 With John Cena – Orlando, Florida

When the couple was together this destination was probably the most special one, holding a place in both of their hearts. It was in Orlando, Florida that Cena finally popped the question. The WWE star kept things on the down-low the entire time, the only person who actually knew about his intentions for the night was the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

Following their first WrestleMania match together against The Miz and Maryse, Cena asked Nikki to marry him in the middle of the ring at Snickers Stadium. They definitely weren't alone surrounded by over 75,000 WWE fans. Seeing as Cena is a WWE guy, always sticking his neck out for the company, the proposal circumstances made total sense.

14 Alone – Napa Valley


Napa Valley is another destination that holds a special place in Nikki’s heart. She visited the destination at various points. In one of her most recent wine-tasting experiences Bella took part in the trip alone alongside Brie, Daniel and various other family members. She was with Cena at the time, though he didn’t make the trip. It was a special moment as Nikki and Brie got to sample their new wine, Belle Radici.

The former couple initially planned on getting married in Massachusetts, John’s hometown. However that would later change as Nikki requested a vineyard setting in Napa Valley. Cena agreed and the wedding planning began - though sadly Bella was once again alone for the arrangements.

13 With John Cena – New Orleans, Louisiana

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It was surreal to see how much had changed between the two in just one year. Although they attended WrestleMania 34 together, according to various rumors the couple had already split at that point. The rumors were proven to be true as just days later the official announcement of the separation was made public.

Bella attended the event as a fan. She was backstage for the Louisiana show alongside the Total Bellas cameras. Nikki had a brief encounter with Cena – although they attended the Hall of Fame ceremony together. They went from being engaged to broken up in just a matter of 12 months.

12 Alone – Toronto, Canada

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With Nikki recently returning, she is now touring with the WWE. Bella is expected to take on Ronda Rousey at the first ever all women’s WWE PPV. That’s quite the honor for Nikki. For now she’s back on tour and enjoying some of the hotspots the company is set to visit, such as Toronto, Ontario. Bella posted a great picture enjoying the beautiful nature Toronto has to offer.

WWE loves heading to the destination – it’s definitely one of the company’s favorite locations. They plan on returning to the city once more next summer for one of the biggest WWE PPVs, SummerSlam.

11 With John Cena – East Rutherford, New Jersey

We go back in time for this one. Nikki’s career was just getting started at that point while Cena continued to solidify his status as the marquee man in the WWE. It was a different experience for the two on the night. It was supposed to be Nikki’s first WrestleMania, however sadly her match got cancelled due time constraints.

As for John Cena he got to headline the New Jersey event in front of 80,000 fans. He defeated The Rock in the main event match winning the WWE Title. As for Cena and Nikki, their relationship was still fresh at the time. It is believed that the first date took place at some point in 2012.

10 Alone – Brooklyn, New York


Nikki returned to the WWE in time for the summer’s biggest wrestling event: SummerSlam. The show took place in Brooklyn for another year – however as mentioned earlier, Toronto is the plan for next year. Bella took part in the show sitting ringside during Ronda Rousey’s WWE match. Her last time in Brooklyn was under difficult circumstances as she was backstage for the Raw 25 show. Cena was also there, however according to speculation the couple had just separated prior.

As for Cena missing the Brooklyn event it was a tough moment for the WWE star. It was the first time he wasn’t at a SummerSlam event in the last 15 years.

9 With John Cena – New York City, New York


There is always something special when the WWE heads to Madison Square Garden. It is the home of the first WrestleMania and although the WWE chooses the Brooklyn arena a little more nowadays, the venue will always have a special place in WWE owner Vince McMahon’s heart.

It was also a special moment for both John Cena and Nikki Bella as a couple. The two took part in a live event match together at the MSG venue. It was their first official match together as an engaged couple. It doesn’t get much better than wrestling alongside your fiancée in one of the most historical venues in the world.

8 Alone – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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A preferred destination by lots of athletes and celebrities is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was quite the adventure for Nikki Bella heading to the destination. Not only was she there as a part of the Total Divas cast (and to take part in a WWE photoshoot alongside her other wrestling peers) but she was also there celebrating her recent engagement to John Cena - though this type of trip was a women's only ordeal.

From the stunning beaches to restaurants to Nikki’s breathtaking Cabo room alongside her roommate Alexa Bliss, the trip was a fantastic one and an experience she won’t forget.

7 With John Cena – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Once again Wells Fargo Center was the home of WWE’s Royal Rumble event. Philly is another city WWE loves to visit and a lot has to do with the hot crowd that isn’t afraid to let their true feelings be known. It’s also a city filled with landmarks and sightseeing destinations.


This is another event both Cena and Bella were present for, however they were separated at the time of the PPV. It was an important night for Nikki as she entered as a surprise entrant in the women’s Royal Rumble, making it all the way to the final two. As for Cena, he also made a brief return for the event entering the men’s Royal Rumble match.

6 Alone – Trinidad & Tobago

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Nikki took part in a unique experience heading to Trinidad & Tobago alongside her friend Ellen. The trip took place last May and was documented through the Bellas YouTube channel. Bella took to the destination as a guest for the Decibel Entertainment Festival. Bella enjoyed a stunning view from her hotel room at the Hyatt Regency.

She enjoyed the beautiful weather and beaches as well. Maracas beach was one of her pit stops.

Nikki also enjoyed drinking out of a coconut – as documented by her YouTube video.

5 With John Cena – St. Paul, Minnesota


Just prior to their WrestleMania clash, John Cena returned to SmackDown in order to promote their upcoming match against The Miz and Maryse. At the time it was totally unknown that Cena was to propose weeks later. However rumors did swirl around about the possibility.

Nonetheless it was business as usual for the couple. The Minnesota show was a special SmackDown taping as it was one of the first times the two shared a ring together. However a troubling moment took place when Nikki hit a bad spear. Cena was concerned about Nikki’s neck, though thankfully she was okay.

4 Alone – West Hollywood, California

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This destination is one way before Nikki’s WWE run. She grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona but would later move to San Diego playing college soccer. However she would be on the move once again in search of fame later in her life. She moved to Los Angeles looking for modeling and acting gigs. In the meanwhile Nikki took on a job as a waitress at the Mondrian Hotel located in West Hollywood, California.

She got minor gigs while working at the hotel. However everything changed following a Diva Search audition. Nikki and sister Brie, didn’t make the cut for the show, however they got something better in return – WWE developmental contracts. As they say, the rest is history!

3 With John Cena – Sacramento, California


In the last couple of years, PPV events featuring both Nikki and John have been few and far between. One of the last SmackDown only events to feature both was No Mercy which took place at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. It must have been quite the moment for the two traveling together for the PPV event.

Both took part in main card matchups. Cena hit the ring to open the show. He was in the main attraction match of the night for the WWE Title against AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Next to hit the ring following his match was none other than Nikki. She defeated Carmella.

2 Alone – Miami, Florida

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Getting the nod for two more seasons, Nikki enjoyed her time shooting with the Total Divas cast just months ago. The crew headed to Miami, Florida. It was quite the experience and Nikki enjoyed a luxurious stay at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.

It’s one of the most expensive and luxurious spots Miami has to offer.

Her stay was a little controversial as she made the headlines for pictures alongside a certain mystery man. However this might have been more for show purposes while shooting for Total Divas than anything else – at least fans of Nikki and John sure hope so!

1 With John Cena – Los Angeles, California

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John Cena continues to make his mark outside of the WWE. Not only has John made an impact as the host of the ESPY Awards, but he was also invited back to host the  Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. It was a special moment for the couple as they got to enjoy the experience together.

It was one of their final events outside of the WWE as a couple. Given the location, Los Angeles, California, the duo certainly enjoyed their time following the award ceremony. Brie Bella also made the trip as well. Who knows if they’ll have another similar moment together one day...

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