You don't have to cross an ocean to get stunning landscapes, mountains, and foreign flare, because, believe it or not, all of that exists right here on North American soil. Canada, specifically, seems to have it all.

You can float through French villages in the east and hike in the shadow of snow-capped mountains in the west. You can go out for a craft cocktail in Toronto or kick back at a quiet inn in Newfoundland. Whatever you're looking for in a vacation, Canada can satisfy just about any craving.

If you have a girls' trip on the horizon, this spectacular country is sure to satisfy everyone's needs — from spa days to hiking adventures, club nights, and more. So, pack your pumps and your best-hiking boots for a trip to the great white north, where an adventure beyond your wildest imagination awaits. But there are a few places to avoid along the way...

Here are 10 places to skip and 10 more you won't want to miss on your Canadian girls' trip.

20 Not Worth It: Regina, Saskatchewan

If you're planning a girls' trip to Canada anytime soon, it might be best to avoid this southern city — at least until the crime rate goes down. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan (the province in the middle, that is) and it's known for its lakeside beaches, museums, and, unfortunately, its crime.

Whether it's a spa day or a night on the town you're looking for whilst on vacation, you probably won't find it here. You might, however, find yourself in a situation you simply don't want to be in, because according to Global News, this capital city has the highest crime rate in the country. Needless to say, Regina isn't the most promising place to go for a good time.

19 Not Worth It: CN Tower, Ontario

When you Google "best things to do in Canada," CN Tower is sure to be amongst the top things on the list. No one tells you, however, that you could be stuck in a line for hours only to be met at the top by a sea of view-destructing clouds. Sure, CN Tower is an iconic Canadian landmark, but even Travel & Leisure calls the lofty needle an overrated attraction.

The admission fee is $33 per person and could be a more-than-three-hour wait, the travel outlet says. Make like a local and get a view from another skyscraper instead.

18 Not Worth It: Vancouver, British Columbia

If this British Columbian city is on your list, you might want to reconsider. That's because it ties with Toronto for most expensive Canadian city, but arguably doesn't have the gusto to contend with the latter.

Parts of Vancouver have record-breaking homelessness, according to a local newspaper, and a big problem with vehicle theft. Even if you aren't traveling around in a rental car that could get broken into, it's probably best to opt for a city that won't break the bank, or at least take the girls out in the much livelier city of Toronto instead.

17 Not Worth It: Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you're not a fan of freezing cold temps and mosquitos, then perhaps the province of Manitoba isn't the place for you, The Culture Trip says. According to the website, "it's not that there are no pros to Manitoba, but it has a lot of cons."

The capital city of Winnipeg might be one to skip on your first trip, too, considering it has a not-so-respectable reputation for being the most racist city in the entire country. Sure, Manitoba probably isn't the worst place in the world to visit, but many would argue it isn't really worth a special trip.

16 Not Worth It: The Trans-Canadian Train

There's just something so charming about traveling by train. Constantly, you see popular Instagrammers hanging out the windows of an old-school locomotive with their hair blowing in the wind and wish you could watch the miles pass by from the seat of a train, too.

Trust us: it's not as glamorous as it seems. The entire trans-Canadian train journey, from Halifax to Vancouver, could take up six days and, according to the blog Follow Me Away, delays are commonplace. If you're on a time crunch and your girlfriends aren't into "roughing it" for a week, maybe opt for a flight instead.

15 Not Worth It: Ottawa, Ontario

It might be the country's capital city, but that doesn't mean it's the most fun. According to The Culture Trip, Ottawa is a bore. The website says that one local columnist found the city so unexciting that he nicknamed it the "Coma City."

We Move The World says that although Ottawa does have theatre and museums, it's no place for "a hard core culture vulture." Underdeveloped mass transit systems mean the city isn't the easiest to get around in, either, and transportation shouldn't be a stress factor on your Canadian vacation.

14 Not Worth It: Baker Lake, Nunavut

It's no secret that Canada has a reputation for bad weather. That is, unless you find several feet of snow and negative-degree temperatures fun. This lake in the northernmost territory has been ranked as having the most miserable weather in the country by Expedia.

The flatness of the terrain leads to monsoon-like winds, but instead of rain, the most common precipitation here is snow — heaps of it, too. Expedia says the region sees about 20 blizzards per winter, and dips down to -32 degrees Celsius on the regular. You and your girls probably won't find yourselves this far north, but if you get lost, you'd better have a snowsuit on hand.

13 Not Worth It: Banff, Alberta

Perhaps the most controversial on the list is Banff, because it's the natural wonder that tops nearly every tourist's list. The national park, however, becomes as overrun as Disney World come summer sunshine, which is not only bad for your vacation zen but, according to the Calgary Herald, bad for the environment, too.

Who wants to get attacked by a grizzly bear anyway? The Parks Canada website confirms that Banff has one of the highest populations of grizzlies in the nation, and that's one animal you and your ladies do not want to mess with.

12 Not Worth It: Niagara Falls, Ontario

Speaking of Disney World, there's no bigger tourist trap than Niagara Falls. It's the iconic waterfall that Canada and the United States share, and while the rushing water is inarguably amazing, the casinos and wax museums surrounding it aren't exactly awe-inspiring.

That's what the Vancouver Sun says, anyway. Yes, even a Canadian newspaper has named one of its own on a list of 10 overrated cities to visit, saying it's littered with "tacky tourist traps" like haunted houses. If you must visit the falls (which many say is worth the trip), then a day tour from Toronto is suggested.

11 Not Worth It: Marine Land Ontario

Canada is full of spectacular nature and wildlife — as you already know — so there's simply no need to seek out sea animals that are being kept in captivity. According to The Culture Trip, all you'll find in Marine Land, Ontario, is helpless creatures kept in man-made pools — and you have to pay a hefty buck to see them, too.

One Green Planet calls the attraction "a nightmare for whales and dolphins," comparing it to the notoriously unethical SeaWorld stateside. And there's simply no need to watch wildlife in cages when you can see them in their natural habitats almost as easily anyway.

10 Worth It: Tofino, Clayoquot Sound

Instead of supporting Marine Land, go whale watching in Tofino to catch a happier, freer creature in nature's arena: the sea. This region has an extra-long whale-watching season, running from March through October. Between that time, you can watch Gray Whales migrating to Alaska — even from a kayak if you and your friends are real adventurers.

And if paddling your own watercraft isn't really your thing, then you could always opt for an aquatic safari via one of the many whale watching tours departing from Tofino on the day instead.

9 Worth It: Toronto, Ontario

No trip to Canada would be complete without a romp through its liveliest city. Toronto is the birthplace of Drake, a city full of beautiful beaches and home to a notable nightlife scene. "The six," as its often called, seems to have something for everyone.

Your girlfriends will love sipping a smoked Manhattan at Barchef and strolling through the St. Lawrence Market. The city is full of incredible architecture, Instagram-worthy street art, Michelin-star restaurants, and more. With everything it has to offer, you can be sure that none of your besties will leave Toronto feeling disappointed.

8 Worth It: Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

You probably haven't heard of this underrated gem, but it should probably be at the top of your Canada bucket-list. This stunningly beautiful terrain produces some of the country's tastiest fruits and, of course, wine. Treat your ladies to a trip to the sun-drenched vineyards of Okanagan, the official wine region of British Columbia.

The second largest wine region in Canada, Okanagan Valley serves up vino with a view. The sweeping hills are dotted with picturesque orchards as far as the eye can see, and you certainly won't have to fight hordes of tourists for a drink.

7 Worth It: Nova Scotia

If it's a peaceful, refreshing, all-around awe-inspiring trip you and your girlfriends are looking for, Nova Scotia is the place for you. This is Canada's easternmost Maritime province, surrounded by the vast Atlantic and a slew of tiny offshore islands that you can bop around.

You and your crew will feel rejuvenated after seeing the iconic lighthouse at Peggy's Cove and picturesque seaside cliffs. National Geographic recommends going for a stroll on the Halifax waterfront and getting a taste of Britain at the cutest historic village, Old Town Lunenburg, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6 Worth It: Titanic Trail, Nova Scotia

What girl group doesn't love a chick flick? If you and your lady tribe have sat around the television set sobbing at Rose telling Jack she'll never let go, then it looks like the Titanic Trail is the perfect pit stop.

The Independent explains that Nova Scotia has almost as much history with the legendary liner as Ireland does, and there's plenty to learn from the Maritime Museum of the Pacific in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia. While you're at it, you should take a stroll through the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, where the man who inspired Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Jack Dawson, is buried.

5 Worth It: Lake Louise, Alberta

Anyone who's been to Alberta will tell you one thing: don't miss out on Lake Louise. While Banff National Park made the "skip" list, this little hamlet in the park is actually worth fighting the crowds for. Why? Because it's one of the most vividly colorful lakes in the world, and while you stand at its edge gazing into its turquoise waters, you'll be able to see the Victoria Glacier and massive Canadian Rockies in the backdrop. Lonely Planet calls it "impossible to describe without resorting to shameless clichés." Needless to say, Lake Louise is a life-altering scene you'll never forget.

4 Worth It: New Brunswick

If you're traveling with a foodie crew, you can't miss New Brunswick, the seafood capital of Canada. Just a hop, skip, and jump away from America's seafood mecca — which is, of course, Maine — this northeastern province is known for its annual lobster festival, The Independent says, and "it's kind of a big deal."

Stop by the coastal town of Shediac during mid-July for a real treat — literally — where you can feast on fresh, buttery lobster until your little hearts are content. And you'll get your nature fix here, too, with the province's picturesque rock formations, lush forests, and marshes.

3 Worth It: Old Montreal, Québec

Do any of your girlfriends speak French? Even if you don't, you must go to the quaint, Francophone town of Old Montreal. This 17th-century neighborhood has charming cobblestone streets laden with lively plazas and old-timey shops. You can look at artifacts at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum, visit the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica, or practice your Français at one of the mom-and-pop coffee shops.

Old Montreal is full of rich history, stunning architecture (including the iconic Clock Tower that you can climb up for a view), museums, shopping, and more. What more could you ask for on a girls' trip, after all?

2 Worth It: Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

If you make your way up to this off-the-beaten-path province, you and your girl tribe need to treat yourselves to a night at the legendary Fogo Island Inn. One of National Geographic's "Unique Lodges of the World," the waterfront hotel boasts a unique design modeled after traditional Atlantic Canadian outport architecture.

Enjoy the unmatched views with one of the hotel's gourmet dishes and a glass of pristine vino, explore the nearby fishing villages by one of the lodge's rental bikes, or spot whales right from your bedroom window — believe it or not, that's what you can do here. The inn has won countless awards from Travel + Leisure, TripAdvisor, Condé Nast Traveler, and more.

1 Worth It: The Yukon

If seeing the Northern Lights isn't on your bucket list, then, well, you're doing it wrong. The famed lights are ablaze in the Yukon sky, especially during peak season from November to March.

According to The Independent, Whitehorse is the "main gateway for aurora borealis tourism." The town has all kinds of snow sports to get into while you wait, too, from dog-mushing to snowmobiling. So, come for the snowshoeing and hot chocolate and stay for nature's best light show.