10 Places For The Young At Heart (10 Aimed For Millennials)

What you want from your adventures is different for each person but one thing we can all agree on is that travel is a fantastic and valuable experience that is good for everyone, regardless of age.

Travel has the ability to challenge us and expand our perspectives, but it also offers an escape from the drone of everyday life. There are benefits to traveling when you’re young because it forces you to become independent and learn to budget like a pro. And then when you’re older, it gives you more appreciation and opens you to new experiences because you’re less likely to want to do the same things you did in your youth.

For young people, the expectations of what makes a good trip are often quite different from that of the older generation, and there are certain destinations that suit different age groups better than others. For senior travelers, a relaxing trip may be just what you’re after, or perhaps a place that’s filled with culture-rich activities, historic sights, and beautiful beach holidays, while the younger generation may be more interested in summer parties, water parks, and pub crawls.

Below are 10 places that are perfect for younger people, and 10 places that are more suited to the older generation.

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20 Older: Enjoy The Slower Pace Of Life In Key West, Florida

Via The Crazy Tourist

Key West is an island city located in Florida, known for its warm tropical weather and for being a place to relax and enjoy the beaches. It’s also a destination ideal for those who enjoy a slower pace of life, and according to Trips To Discover, it’s one of the best places for seniors or retirees to visit.

In addition to being relaxing, there is also a number of things to do, from water sports and sunset sailing cruises to listening to jazz.

19 Older: View The Natural Beauty And Charming Towns On An Alaska Cruise

Via Alaska Tours

Alaska is a destination that is thought to be on the bucket list of things to do after you retire, but you don’t have to be retired to enjoy this beautiful continent. It's known for its diverse terrain, mountains, wildlife, and small towns, and you can see some of these charming towns and natural beauty by taking an Alaskan cruise. Cruises are popular options for the older generation because they offer extreme relaxation as you sit back and watch the surroundings.

18 Older: Ireland Is A City Where You Will Never Be Bored

Via National Geographic

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and a wonderful place to learn about the country’s heritage, admire the architecture, experience the culture, and explore the trendy bars. Travel And Leisure lists it as a country to visit when you retire, and that’s because there is so much to do in this beautiful country and multiple cities to explore.

Frommers notes that as a senior in Ireland you can benefit from a number of discounts, including reduced admission to some of the best sights.

17 Older: River Cruises Through Germany Are Perfect For A Relaxing Break

Via Southern Travel Agency

A trip on the sea is not for everyone, and despite the fact that ships have stabilizers there is the possibility of getting sea sickness or feeling overwhelmed by the thousands of passengers onboard. A river cruise is usually done on a much smaller scale, meaning less waiting to embark, and according to CBS News, river cruises are rising in popularity among retirees. As for the most popular cruises, these travel on the European rivers the Danube and the Rhine.

16 Older: Spain Has A Warm Climate And An Appealing Way Of Life


Spain is so popular with older people that instead of choosing one city we have featured the entire country. Many people end up retiring in this country, and the appeal is pretty obvious; the people are friendly, the cheap prices (in comparison with many other European countries), the foods and wines are fantastic, and, of course, there is the warm climate.

According to GlobeLink, it is also a country filled with natural beauty and excellent cultural attractions, made easier by the fact that around 27 percent of the population speak English.

15 Older: Williamsburg, Virginia, Is The Perfect Place For History Buffs And Culture Lovers

Via rbryantltd

Of all the places on this list, Williamsburg, Virginia, may come as the biggest surprise because it’s not as well known. Trips To Discover names this city as an ideal destination for retirees, and considering how much is on offer in this charming town, it’s not hard to see why.

Williamsburg is filled with world-class living history museums where travelers will get the chance to experience what it was like to be one of the original settlers. But is also a destination ideal for outdoor adventures, the arts, and shopping.

14 Older: The Azores Islands Are A Nature-Lovers Dream Destination

Via Proenti

The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal, and the islands are filled with fishing villages, beautiful landscapes, and green pastures. According to the Visit Azores website, things to do while here include bird watching, geotourism, golfing, hiking, and yachting. So, keeping these activities in mind and the stunning setting in which you will find yourself, it’s hard to imagine a place that would be more appealing for nature lovers.

Cheapism also reports that according to Azores Getaways, 45 percent of their clients are older than 65.

13 Older: Nova Scotia, Canada, Is A Popular Destination For Seniors

Via Canada Visa

Nova Scotia is one of the Maritime provinces in Canada, and according to the Nova Scotia website, there are a lot of must-do experiences including birch bark canoe building, and the lobster fest and Pegg’s cover adventure.

According to Cheapism, the best time to visit is in summer and the location is among the top destinations for older travelers, who are drawn to the many outdoor activities. The publication suggests one of the activities to do is whale watching on the Zodiac boat.

12 Older: The People In Thailand Are As Warm As Its Climate

Via Phuket

The Thai people are incredibly friendly, and the country has established itself as a popular tourist destination. Of course, there are different parts of Thailand that appeal to different travelers and people of all ages, and you can go on boat trips and soak up the sun, explore the historic monuments or temples, or simply stroll through street markets.

According to Globe Link, visiting this country as a senior is fantastic, but it’s advisable to do some research before picking your destination. One of the factors to consider is your health and fitness, for example, you would want to avoid hilly destinations if you are not a good walker.

11 Older: Tuscany Is Filled With Fascinating History

Via Thomas Cook Tours

Tuscany is a region in central Italy, and this is a place where people come to marvel at the beauty of the countryside and enjoy good food and wine. Globe Link reports that for the older generation, history is often very fascinating and this region is definitely filled with history, especially Florence, the capital. According to TripAdvisor, sights include Florence Cathedral, Uffizi Gallery, and Ponte Vecchio.

According to CBS News, it’s cheaper to go outside of Florence, but retirees should find accommodation that has access to popular tourist sites around the region.

10 Younger: Amsterdam Has More Than The Obvious (Red Light District) Things To Offer

Via Netherlands Tourism

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and it’s a city with an interesting nightlife, including the Red Light District. It's known to be a place that is filled with free-thinking individuals who want to experience something different, but there are also fantastic museums, canal cruises to enjoy, and big open parks you can cycle through (according to Culture Trip, bicycles outnumber humans in Amsterdam).

With all that there is to do, maybe it’s not surprising Travel and Leisure reports this is a fantastic city to visit in your twenties.

9 Younger: Tel Aviv, Israel, Is A Vibrant City With No Shortage Of Things To Do

Via The Times

Tel Aviv is located on Israel’s Mediterranean coast and is considered one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It’s also a city that is really not short of things to do and according to Tourist Israel, travelers to this unique city can marvel at UNESCO recognized architecture, soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, or explore the cultural and nightlife.

Refinery29 also names Tel Aviv as one of the best places to visit for young adults, and not that you need more convincing other than the aforementioned points, but the publication notes that the city is an international metropolis and offers travelers relatively inexpensive lodging.

8 Younger: Bali Offers Luxury Island Living At Very Affordable Prices

Via Hotels Combined

Bali is an Indonesian island that offers tourists a chance to relax on the beaches and avail of the low cost of living. The exchange rate of most currencies means that traveling here is very affordable, and you may be able to enjoy a lot of experiences that you couldn’t necessarily justify spending on, back home. Narcity claims that the food and hotels are very cheap and that you can enjoy meals for under a dollar.

If you’re planning on visiting, the publication reports that April, May, September, and October are the best times to travel.

7 Younger: Machu Picchu Is Peru’s Most-Visited Site And It’s A Multi-Day Hike To Get There

Via National Geographic

While not the only reason to visit Peru, the ruins of Machu Picchu are definitely one of the most popular reasons for travel and according to Trip Advisor, the most-visited site in Peru. Located in the Andes mountains, tourists can hike the multi-day trip to reach the limestone architecture, which dates back to the mid-1400s. But for those of us who are less fit and adventurous, there is always the option of taking a train, although the experience may not be quite the same.

As for why this site is best to visit when you’re young? Well, the Inca Trail will not be as easy to hike when you’re older!

6 Younger: Travelers May Never Want To Leave The Canary Islands

Via World Atlas

Home Away reports that the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwestern Africa, are a great spot for young people. There are seven main islands to visit, including Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, with Tenerife being the biggest and one of the most visited places by young people. According to Culture Trip, some of the draws to this island include the fantastic climate, the sandy beaches, Mount Teide cable car rides, and a number of water parks.

5 Younger: Take A Dip In A Thermal Bath In Hungary’s Capital City, Budapest

Via Lonely Planet

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and if you are traveling on a budget then this European city that is fantastic because backpackers can find really affordable deals. Budapest is an architecturally beautiful city and among the landmarks is a UNESCO World Heritage site, Buda Castle, but it is also a city that has great nightlife and, perhaps even more appealing, thermal baths According to Lonely Planet, the baths range from Ottoman-era baths like the Király Baths, which they note are very authentic, to beautiful Art Nouveau swimming pools like the Gellért Baths.

4 Younger: Las Vegas Is A City That's Cheap, Cheerful, And Really Never Sleeps

Via Wikipedia

Las Vegas, Nevada, is a destination that has a lot to offer, and it’s appealing for people of all ages, but it’s also a must-visit location if you’re in your twenties or early thirties. The reason for this, as Refinery29 notes, is because it’s a place to party all night (and all day), wear sequin dresses, and try your hand at gambling.

You can also pick up a bargain while visiting Sin City, and many of the hotels are cheap, leaving you more money to spend on other things.

3 Younger: It's Hard Not To Be Convinced To Visit Mykonos, Greece's Party Island

Via Royal Caribbean

Mykonos is a Greek island -- located in the center of the Cyclades island group -- that is perfect for a summer vacation. Not only is this island picturesque (and will make for an enviable selfie) it’s also known for its entertainment, Visit Greece reports. The publication reports that this island is the perfect place to celebrate summer and attracts many different travelers from college students to celebrities, allowing them the opportunities to either relax on the beach and experience the culture, or enjoy the party scene.

2 Younger: Ibiza Is Celebrated For Being A Party Destination

Via Forbes

Ibiza is one of Spain’s Balearic islands and it has a bit of a reputation for being a party destination, and while that is by no means the only thing that this city offers, it is one of the reasons why it has become a hot spot for young people who want to have a good time.

Lovin even lists Ibiza as one of the places you have to visit before turning 30 and notes that there will never be a time when you don't have fun here during the summer season.

1 Younger: Prague Has Something For Every Traveler And Won’t Break The Bank

Via Variety

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is a city that is incredibly popular with tourists because it really has something for everyone. It’s also a lot cheaper to visit than many other European destinations, which makes it more accessible, especially for those on a budget. According to Happy To Wander, there are a diverse number of things to do here if you are a young person, and these include everything from pub crawls to visiting the Lennon Wall monument -- a graffiti site that is dedicated to the late Beatles musician John Lennon.

References: Trips To DiscoverCBS News, Globe LinkGlobe Link, Trip Advisor,CBS NewsUNESCO, Lonely Planet, Refinery29

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