10 Pics Of The Most Outrageous Hotel Pools (10 You Can Actually Afford To Stay At)

A great vacation is going to likely include some fundamental essentials. There should be a nice, clean room with plush bedding, attentive staff that anticipates your needs before you even have any, great food, and a fantastic pool.

Taking a vacation without a pool seems a bit incomplete, like cutting corners.

Not all vacation getaway pools are created equally, however. Some of them are beyond incredible like we can only visit them in our wildest dreams incredible. Others are surprisingly affordable, and less gross than you would imagine.

Here we take a look at both: the ones that we will never dip our toes into, but so want to, and the ones we can swim around in until our hearts are content, without having to take out a second mortgage out to enjoy.

20 Infinity Pool At Marina Bay Sands; Singapore Is A Dream

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If you like drama, the pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is going to be right up your alley. It is the largest pool of its kind, offering visitors a million-dollar view of the city. Remember that recent box office hit movie Crazy, Rich Asians, yep! This is the pool you saw in the film.

19 Don't Look Down At The Market Square Tower Pool In Houston, Texas

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This high rise oasis is located some five hundred feet above the streets of Houston, Texas. This means that it is the tallest in the entire state, and Texas is a pretty darn big state! It boasts a glass-bottom pool, which extends some ten feet over the side of the building. Talk about a mad rush!

18 The Library Pool In Koh Samui, Thailand Is Out Of This World

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Go ahead and wade around in the waters of a legit dreamland. Located just outside of  Chaweng Beach, this pool will transform into a golden color if you visit it during peak sunset hours. The Library Hotel only allows its guests to frolic around in its glorious waters, and this posh place isn't cheap, either.

17 You'll Never Get Out Of The Katikies Resort Pool In Santorini, Greece

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Santorini is one of those places that is hard to top after you visit, especially if you end up staying here at Katikies Resort. The bight blue colors against the white-washed surface areas are enough to make us go gaga over this stunning swim space. There is no way that visitors won't leave here feeling anything but peaceful and relaxed.

16 The Twin-Tiered Cascading Pool At Hanging Gardens In Bali, Indonesia, Is In The Middle Of A Rainforest

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The Twin-Tiered Cascading Pool at the Hanging Gardens Resort in Bali is something to behold. This pool is so incredible that it snagged the title of "World's Best Swimming Pool" by Conde Nast Traveller, which is nothing to balk at. One week here and you will never want to go anywhere else again.

15 The Hotel Villa Honegg Pool In Lucerne, Switzerland Offers 360 Views

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Please. Can we just bottle up these views and keep them with us forever. This place is so incredible; it almost doesn't look real. Real it is, though. The best part of this picturesque place is that even non-guests can enjoy the heated waters and surrounding Alps by purchasing a four-hour pass. Yes!

14 Città del Mare Resort Village's Pool In Terrasini, Italy Is Packed Full Of Fun

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Adventurers and thrill seekers need to look no further than the pool and water slides of  Città del Mare Resort Village in Terrasini, Italy. Three full decks of slides and pools will deposit you directly into the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Guests here surely sleep like babies after swimming in these pools all day long.

13 Gold Energy Pool At St. Regis; Lhasa, Tibet Is Blinged Out

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Check out this blingy pool located at the St. Regis Hotel in Tibet. This hotel encourages its guests to wade around in a pool completely plated in 24-carat gold. There is also a full butler service here and large marble bathrooms. Mountain views surround the property, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

12 You Might Share This Chongwe River House Pool In Zambia, Africa With Elephants

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It doesn't get any more impressive than sharing your swim space with actual elephants! Okay, so the wildlife doesn't actually swim in the pool, but they might as well be considering how close they can get to guests. Nature and excitement make this exclusive and private place truly special.

11 San Alfonso del Mar's Waters In Algarrobo, Chile Boasts The Biggest Pool In The World!

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Here is the ultimate pool, the largest in the whole wide world!  The San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile spared no expense when it came to constructing a monstrous pool for its lucky guests. It spans 20 acres and holds roughly 66 million gallons of water. Not only is it huge, but it also gets deep. One part of the pool reaches down into the ground some 115 feet.

Can't afford these luxury stays? Check out these ten gems that might be more up your price point alley. You're welcome!

10 Como Point Yamu, Phuket, Thailand Is A Steal

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This private luxury hotel is tucked away on a secluded island. Not only will travelers get an infinity pool that overlooks the blue ocean waters, but this place also comes with airy rooms, its own restaurant and a shuttle service to nearby beaches. At only $422 a night, it's relatively affordable.

9 Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort In Indonesia Gives Travels Plenty To Choose From

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This luxury property is located on Bali’s southwest shore and gives customers everything they could ever want out of a dream vacation at an affordable price. The hotel boasts four pools that travelers can choose from, including an infinity pool that offers stunning sunset views. At around $200 per night, per kayak.com, you really can't beat this place.

8 Boucan By Hotel Chocolat, St. Lucia Is Set In Paradise

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If the tropics are your jam, then this little boutique hotel is your place. The pool is small in size compared to some of the other big hitters on this list, but it is dropped right down in the middle of a jungle paradise! Can we talk about that view for a minute? Per jetsetter.com, This place will only set you back $450 a night.

7 Hotel Kompas In Croatia Will Blow Your Mind, Not Your Budget

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This Croatian paradise is only three miles away from Dubrovnik and will cost those looking for an affordable getaway less than one hundred dollars a night. The hotel offers guests a seaside pool, views of the pristine Adriatic sea, a wellness spa, and three bars. For that price, sign us up!

6 Gaya Island Resort Is Full Of Beauty, Not Inflated Prices

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We are baffled at how this gem can only set travelers back about $200 a night! With a five star rating, an on-site spa, golden beaches aplenty, and affordable prices, we doubt anyone will regret booking this trip of a lifetime. Be right back; we have to go check a few flight options!

5 Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai In Thailand

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This place looks like it is right out of a fantasy with its lush gardens and peaceful ambiance. For roughly $300 per night, guests can enjoy four restaurants and several winding pools during their stay. If we ever spent a week here, we don't know if we would ever be able to leave.

4 Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort In Jamaica Hits The Spot

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Jamaica is known for giving travelers amazing experiences at affordable prices. For a great deal, check out The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort in Jamaica. Not only are the pools incredible, but this place includes atriums, a spa, seven restaurants, and 16 bars. A night here is only $260! Get ready to turn up!

3 The Conrad Algarve Of Portugal Is About As Good As It Gets

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We are all about vibing in Portugal, especially when we can do it here for $300 a day. Give us allllll the pools! If you do happen to tire from this hotel's scenery, then the beaches of Vale do Lobo and Praia do Ancao are about a ten-minute drive away. Win-win!

2 Take Us To Casa Cook Kos, Greece

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Greece has it going on, and you don't have to break the bank to enjoy stays like this. The Casa Cook Kos is a five-star hotel with about a million-star pool. You can free up funds to do so many things outside of this hotel with all that money you save by booking here are not somewhere more pricey. It's only about $160 a night!

1 We Are Jumping Right Into Munduk Moding Plantation Hotel's Pool

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Hold the phone. This stay will only cost visitors about $160 an evening. Heck, at that price, let's just live here. That pool might not be gigantic, but you can not beat the view. We bet it makes for some great pics that guests can post to their social media pages too. #goals

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