Okay, we all know that vacation feeling — sometimes you feel like taking a photo of everything and capturing the whole experience and other times it's literally the last thing you'd like to do. And it seems as if celebs are no exception to feeling that way, as today's list of pics of Beyoncé and Jay-Z on vacation will prove. While the two love taking photos of their daughter Blue Ivy pretty much all the time, it seems as if they themselves are not always photo-ready. In particular, it looks like Jay-Z would rather just enjoy the moment than have a camera shoved in his face!

Alright, here they are — 10 images Beyoncé And Jay-Z didn't want to take on the road, followed by 10 they certainly didn't mind taking!

20 Let's Start Off With This Pic Of Blue Ivy And An Absolutely-Not-Ready Jay-Z

First of all, we have to point out that 7-year-old Blue Ivy always seems to be photo-ready, and judging from the photo above — it's not something she got from her daddy. Jay-Z was 100% not ready for this pic to be taken, but hey — all eyes are on Blue, so he shouldn't care!

19 But Let's Be Real — Even When Jay Is Ready He Still Looks Uncomfortable

Seeing Beyoncé take pics of Jay-Z while they're on vacation honestly just cracks us up! The 49-year-old rapper always seems pretty uncomfortable in front of a camera, which usually results in an awkward smile — just like the one you can see in the photo above!

18 No One Seems To Be Saying Cheese In This One, But The Background Is Amazing So We Forgive Them

Here's a vacation photo of the whole family in which it seems as if neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z were ready. We're not surprised that the only one who is always ready for that camera spotlight is Blue Ivy. Granted, the photo still turned out pretty amazing, mainly because the location is stunning!

17 And Here's A Quite Annoyed Bey Trying To Get Jay And Blue To Pose With Her

We can imagine that Beyoncé is the one who makes most of these vacation photos happen — by forcing Jay-Z and Blue Ivy to pose with her pretty much at every gorgeous location they go to. And as you can tell from the pic above — getting their attention doesn't seem to be that easy!

16 Here's Proof That Beyoncé Can't Have Privacy Even While Meditating On A Yacht

First of all — how amazing does the deck of that yacht look? Seriously, meditating in your PJs on a yacht that looks like that is definitely a level of luxury we will never experience. Whoever took this photo — thank you for making us super jealous!

15 Someone Let The Girl Enjoy Her Coffee Without Having A Camera Showed In Her Face

Here's another peaceful vacation moment that was probably ruined by the fact that someone (probably Jay-Z) felt like they needed to capture it on camera. Okay, we take that back —there's probably nothing that could ruin that peaceful moment of sailing along the coast while drinking a cup of coffee.

14 And Here's A Tired Jay Just Trying To Be A Good Husband/Instagram Photographer On The Road

Honestly, this photo of Beyoncé making Jay-Z take a photo of her in her vacation outfit while they're in an elevator about to head out and go do some sightseeing is honestly something every couple can relate to — minus the fancy hotel and designer clothing!

13 Every Boyfriend/Husband Is Probably Painfully Relating Right Now

Here's a photo of the couple in Florence, Italy where Beyoncé — once again — made Jay her personal photographer. Well, to be fair, if there's one person who can boss Jay around like that it should certainly be the diva! Besides, who wouldn't love taking pics of her?

12 Yup — We All Know What That Face Means

We are totally cracking up over this photo of Jay-Z checking out their camera roll! We're just hoping that he didn't accidentally delete a photo that Beyoncé really liked — but judging from her face in the pic above she doesn't seem to be too happy!

11 Our Last Pic That Bey And Jay Didn't Want To Take On The Road Is This One — They Are Clearly Not Up For It

Here's a pic of Beyoncé and Jay-Z not looking too excited once they spotted that paparazzi that are taking pics of them while they're chilling on a yacht. Honestly, we totally get it — everybody wants some privacy while they're on vacation, especially the rich and famous!

10 Taking Pics Of Their Daughter Blue Ivy, On The Other Hand, Makes The Parents Extremely Happy

Okay, it's time to move on to the pics that Jay-Z and Beyoncé definitely didn't mind taking — and what better way to start that part of our list than showing you this photo of them capturing their daughter Blue Ivy's shenanigans on camera!

9 Here's A Happy Family Portrait In Greece

How absolutely stunning is this family photo the three took while they were on vacation in Greece? Honestly, little Blue Ivy is one lucky girl because not only are Beyoncé and Jay-Z her parents, but they also take her on trips all over the world!

8 And How Adorable Are The Two Posing On A Beach In Hawaii?

First of all — Beyoncé keeps serving us vacation look after vacation look and we can't seem to get enough of it! This time the diva rocked a stunning floral bodysuit while posing at a beautiful beach in Hawaii with her husband Jay-Z. Honestly, relationship goals!

7 While We're Pretty Sure Bey Forced Jay To Take This — He Doesn't Seem To Mad About It

Let's move on to this photo of the two posing for a selfie — something Beyoncé probably initiated. Either way, Jay-Z seems to be totally okay with capturing this happy moment that the two shared — as they both look like they're having the time of their lives while taking a selfie.

6 Here's The Couple Chilling In The Dominican Republic

Seriously, this might just be one of the most relaxing celebrity vacation photos we've ever seen — Beyoncé and Jay-Z chilling on chairs with their feet up while having a drinking and looking at the stunning view of the Dominican Republic is what dreams are made of!

5 And Here's Beyoncé Taking A Pic Of Jay-Z And Blue Ivy Dancing In Hawaii

Judging from all these vacation photos of the family, it seems as if Blue Ivy is one happy girl who loves fooling around and having fun. In the photo above you can see her dancing with her daddy in Hawaii, while her Beyoncé is recording the whole moment for the memory book!

4 How Cool Is This Pic That The Diva Took In Louvre

While visiting Paris the family obviously had to go and check out the Louvre Museum, where Beyoncé seemed to have plenty of fun with the art. We are totally obsessed with this pic of the diva taking a selfie in front of a statue that looks like it's also taking a selfie!

3 And Speaking Of Paris, We Will Just Drop These Pics For You Here

Well, while it's really difficult to pick our absolute favorite vacation photo of the family, this one is surely a strong candidate! Beyoncé and Blue Ivy wearing matching floral dresses while jumping on a rooftop terrace during a Parisian sunset with the Eiffel Tower in the background are honestly too much to handle!

2 Nobody Does Vacation Pics Like Beyoncé And Jay-Z Do Them

It seems as if the family always travels with a professional photographer as their vacation pics seem to be too good to be taken by an amateur. But hey, if we had the money for it we would probably bring a photographer along as well — so we're not judging!

1 Lastly, Here's Both Of Them Taking A Pic (And Loving It) Of Their Baby Girl In Cannes

But let's be real here — the true star of today's list is Blue Ivy and her parents definitely know that! We can't wait to see what the future holds for the 7-year-old, but whatever it is we are sure her parents will take plenty of pics!