Nowadays travelling is a big part of everyone’s life. Most people enjoy travelling to explore the world and go on amazing holidays with friends and family. However, for celebrities travelling is just part of the job. Although, these famous stars have more than enough money to waste on luxurious flying habits, some of them choose to travel in economy and do not feel the need to have the extra legroom or fancy meals that first class or flying private provides.

Of course they do not always choose to travel in economy but it is always a treat when you see someone famous in person, especially if you are the lucky one they are sitting next to for a couple of hours on a plane. Other celebrities would not dream of travelling in coach and will always choose a more expensive and luxurious way to travel such as hiring/owning their own private jet or paying extra to be sat in first class with special treatment.

I mean, you can’t blame them can you? It must be exhausting living in the spotlight every where you go, I imagine it to be quite peaceful travelling in your own plane and not having to deal with fans watching your every move or waiting for your luggage at the airport. However, some of the biggest A-listers slum it up in economy with us “normal” people, some that may even surprise you. Get ready to be baffled by some of the celebrities that you may encounter flying in economy next to you!!

20 Slumming it in economy: Rihanna

Ri Ri shows us that besides all the paparazzi following her around, she really is just like us! On a flight to NYC we can see her slumming it and sitting with all the average folk.

We don't often see Rihanna dressed down and relaxed, she is usually under a spotlight and scrutiny, and when she's not changing the makeup world, and acting as the spokesperson for her hometown, Barbados, we know she is jet-setting off to exotic places. Or should we say Economy-setting?

Don't worry, we will also see her later down in the list living it up in style on a jet!

19 Travelling in style: The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a big dude and travelling is not always the most comfortable for those who are bigger than average.

He chooses to travel in style on his private jet, where he can study for his next roles and interviews (Boat International).

He is a busy man, who frequently needs to travel and this is the way he chooses to do it. This way he can sit back, enjoy his spacious flight without fans gawking and asking to take selfies.

18 Slumming it in economy: Neil Patrick Harris And Bill murray

This one is a double whammy! We got a little bit of a selfie from Neil Patrick Harris, but also him showing off a very normal Bill Murray right behind him on the same flight.

In this picture we got two A-listers showing off how much they are 'just like us' and take economy. 

Although there are always multiple fans asking for autographs and taking pictures, they still enjoy travelling in economy and seem extremely friendly with all passengers. Fans have even told stories of Bill Murray where they have seen him give up his seat in first class to sit in economy because there were more empty seats in the back.

17 Travelling in style: Cristiano Ronaldo

This world-famous soccer player is known for his luxurious getaways on yachts and his love for expensive cars. So it is no surprise to know he also flies in style with his own private jet that has his initials engraved on the side of it.

According to Liberty Voice, he even got four private jets to fly out his entourage to support him during the World Cup in Brazil.

If you had more money than you knew what to do with you’d probably buy a jet as well.

16 Slumming it in economy: Madonna

We all know this celebrity! She is one of the most iconic singers of our time, so you would probably expect her to always be flying in her private jet around the world. But according to the daily mail she was spotted flying in economy from London to Lisbon with Air Portugal.

Fans had such an amazing surprise when they saw her sitting in a normal seat by the window on their flight.

Not only was she humbly sitting in economy she was also dressed in normal, comfy attire. Maybe not such a “Material” girl after all!

15 Travelling in style: Oprah Winfrey

This self-made celebrity is one of the most beloved and generous people in the world. She has been very open about her struggles as a child and her harsh upbringing and is now a billionaire able to afford all the luxuries in life.

According to The Travel, this businesswoman always flies in style and prefers the comfort of her own private jet or at least first-class so that she does not have to be disturbed by her fans during long travelling times. After accomplishing so much in her lifetime, travelling in style is just a small bonus.

14 Slumming it in economy: Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

For those of you who know Kanye and Kim, which is everyone, this may come as a surprise to you! This famous couple was spotted flying together in economy to Armenia.

This must have been an exciting day for the fans that got to fly next to them and see them catching some Z’s like us “normal” folk.

According to the DailyMail this photo got a lot of attention on Twitter and fans were very pleased to see Kimye's more humble side.

13 Travelling in style: Beyoncé & Jay-Z

This billion dollar couple perform all over the world so it is understandable that they enjoy travelling in private and not having to deal with people “fanning” all over them all the time. According to Beam Aviation Beyoncé bought her hubby a $40 million jet for Fathers Day.

This allows the family to travel at a higher level of comfort during their business trips and also when they decide to make their quick getaways to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

12 Slumming it in economy: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Brad and Angelina were spotted travelling to France with their six kids in economy. Fans were startled as they watched this famous couple tuck away their bags in the overhead compartments and acting like any normal family flying together for a well deserved holiday (Daily Mail).

This couple was always known for keeping things down-to-earth and setting a great example for their children.

Of course they still travel more often in first class, but it is nice to see them flying coach from time-to-time.

11 Travelling in style: Celine Dion

This famous singer enjoys travelling in luxury. According to Paramount Business Jets she has her own private jet that costs $8000 per hour to charter. To most of us that does not even seem possible to have that amount of money to spend on an hour of travel, but for Celine this does not even make a dent in her wallet.

She is the image of luxury and class.

She has also been known to own multiple mansions and even her own private island. Miss Dion, would you please adopt me?!

10 Slumming it in economy: Ellie Kemper

In an interview by Julia Glum in 2018, Ellie Kemper really showed how down-to-earth she is by talking about how she still lives her life as a “normal” person just with a bigger fall back bank account. She still chooses to travel economy most times, as she constantly books her flights at the last minute and does not mind the lurking fans. She will even take random selfies with them and enjoy a chat during her flight. There is no way not to love this quirky, comical actress.

9 Travelling in style: Jennifer Lopez

This gorgeous Latina singer/songwriter likes to travel in style. According to the Daily Mail she has been seen on multiple occasions travelling in her private jet with her boo.

She and her partner are known for their luxurious getaways and according to E-news they even spent over $350,000.000 on a trip to France where they flew private to Nice and Paris, spent days on yachts, stayed in the most amazing Hotels and ate at the most refined restaurants. Now that is a holiday!

8 Slumming it in economy: Kate Middleton

We all know that this A-lister is a very classy and gorgeous woman but seeing her flying economy was a shock to all the passengers who had the pleasure to fly with her.

According to Refinery29, she was seen flying commercial from London to The Netherlands on her first solo trip.

She seemed very comfortable and had no problem with fans taking her picture during this flight. This may not be her normal form of transportation but it was definitely a treat to see royalty travelling in economy.

7 Travelling in style: Chris Hemsworth

Thor travels in style! Chris Hemsworth is one of the biggest actors at the moment, he doesn’t really have the time to be waiting at airports and signing autographs for his fans every step he takes.

He prefers to travel in his own private jet, with his friends or family and feel as comfortable as possible.

His Instagram page is full of nice pictures jet-setting around and going on amazing holidays with his gorgeous wife. According to he recently hopped on his plane with his buddies to go support Conor McGregor in his fight in Vegas. Jealous much?!

6 Slumming it in economy: Prince William

Just like his gorgeous wife, Prince William was seen travelling solo in economy on one of his stateside trips (Best Life Online).

This Royal Family member has always been considered a very humble Prince.

Although always surrounded by protection and staff members he is still willing to jump on an airplane and fly with the rest of the “normal” folk and insists on being treated like an equal. It’s not every day that you will be able to see a Prince sitting next to you on a flight now is it?

5 Travelling in style: Justin Bieber

This singer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like him or not, you definitely know who he is! He has posted many pictures in a $60 million jet on flights from New York to his home country, Canada (Daily Mail) during Christmas time, and is constantly living his life in a luxurious manner.

He is one of the most famous singers and his fan base is huge, so it is no wonder he enjoys some privacy when in the air.

4 Slumming it in economy: Nicolas Cage

Although an article in, states that Nicholas Cage usually tries to fly incognito when flying coach, this however, does not always work out for him.

He has been spotted plenty of times travelling in economy.

He does not often like to engage in chitchat with the other passengers and he tries to keep his private life private but he always seems friendly and has even taken some “selfies” aboard with his fans. Unfortunately, these “selfies” are not always the most flattering! Poor Mr. Cage!

3 Travelling in style: Nicki Minaj

This famous female rapper has caused a storm with some of her lyrics and her ability to roll with some of the most famous male rappers ever. Throughout her career she has made a name for herself and made some serious cash along the way.

She is living it up in fancy cars, houses and of course planes.

In a video posted on Vlad Tv, Nicki shows off her amazing private jet with a welcoming caption to those who would like to ride with her. Don’t mind if I do Miss Minaj!

2 Slumming it in economy: Amy Adams

This redheaded actress, known for her role in Superman, is loved by all and is popular for her generosity. On a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles she was seen giving up her seat in first class so that an American soldier could travel in her spot (Today, 2016).

She then proceeded to sit in economy and socialise with those around her and even take some selfies with passengers. Although she usually travels first class, she is seen travelling economy on certain occasions. What a classy lady!

1 Travelling in style: Rihanna

This multi-millionaire pop singer is known for her lavish travelling habits throughout the world. She has posted many pictures on her Instagram showing off her private plane on her trips around Europe, in the U.S. and back home to Barbados on multiple occasions (The Travel). This fashion Diva deserves her privacy when in the air because there is no way she can wander the streets without fans falling at her feet and cameras in her face all the time.