Before the infamous MTV show Cribs, the lifestyles of the rich and famous were aptly displayed for interested viewers in Robin Leach's TV show bearing the same name. It is not just millennials who are fascinated with celebrity culture - the public has always had a fascination with seeing how celebrities and those closest to the 1 percent live. Whether it is seeing the extravagant homes of our favorite celebrities, or watching with envy as the high-end and luxurious cars are casually mentioned, there is something alluring about getting a peek into the beautiful homes of the stars. The shows gave us a glimpse into the private lives of the mysterious world of celebrities and usually proved that they indeed are living their best lives, in homes the general public could only dream of living in.

While Hollywood celebrities tend to splurge on their homes, they also tend to travel quite a bit. With endless income and flexible schedules, it makes sense for a lot of stars to invest in property abroad, to have a home to stay in on their vacations, instead of having to rent out summer homes every year. And while Beverly Hills certainly has its share of mansions, they pale in comparison to the views in the south of France. Take a look at some of the most beautiful properties owned by celebrities around the world, and some of the more overrated houses that are closer to home.

20 10. 50 Cent's Connecticut Mansion (Overrated)

The thought of owning a 50,000 square foot home may intimidate some, but it was an obvious choice for the famed rapper. While he may have wanted to settle in his hometown, the lavish mansion clearly was too much for him to handle, and he has spent years trying to sell it, with no luck. The mansion boasts 19 bedrooms spread across the 17-acre estate, 25 bathrooms, an indoor basketball club, a nightclub, a recording studio and a home theater.

The home will be showcased on Million Dollar Listings, and the price has been slashed significantly throughout the years, with the latest drop going from $18 million to a surprising $4 million.

19 9. Michael Jordan's Chicago Home (Overrated)

When your home is listed for sale for over 6 years, with no movement, you know you are in some trouble. The legendary basketball star has been trying to offload his massive, 56,000 square foot home in Chicago for years, but hasn't been able to close the deal. The home was originally listed for $29 million, and the price was then dropped to $14, 855,000. The home has 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a basketball court (obviously), a poker room, a putting green, a fitness studio, and a tennis court. For fans, the house is easily recognizable by the '23' that adorns the large entrance gate to his home. Jordan was so desperate to sell, he sweetened the deal by offering the buyer every pair of Air Jordan's ever designed. Perhaps all the customized features are a turnoff for potential investors - you have to be a massive Jordan fan to want to live in a home adorned with 23 everywhere you look.

18 8. John Travolta's Home with Runways (Overrated)

John Travolta's love for everything aviation is no secret. He is a certified private pilot and owns several of his own private planes and jets. So it comes as no surprise that his home is equipped with two separate runways and is basically his own airport. The runways were originally located further away from the home, which Travolta remodeled so that they go directly to the front door of his house.

It sounds cool (and it actually is), but when it comes time to trying to sell his home, he likely will have some difficulty. While most people look for extra garage space, this home boasts extra plane space, and the home itself is outfitted with aviation-themed designs, paintings, and fixtures. Perfect for the next plane lover, but a bit of work for anyone else.

17 7. Dr. Dre's Massive LA Mansion...with a Moat (Overrated)

The famous rapper and producer purchased the massive mansion that was custom built by NFL star Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen. The home was purchased for a reported $40 million dollars and is fit for a King- literally. The property comes with its own moat, as well as an infinity pool that looks out to the ocean, a full-sized gym, pool cabanas, outdoor kitchens, and lavish grounds. The home is located in Brentwood, California, and mimics a French Chateau in the middle of the city. As if the home was not big enough, the rapper reportedly has plans to dig up a portion of the grounds, that is the same size as the massive castle, to build a basement, as well as adding retaining walls and a guard house- since the moat was not enough security on its own.

16 6. Drake's "YOLO" Estate in Hidden Hills (Cheesy and Overrated)

While his Toronto home made the list for luxurious homes abroad, the concept of a YOLO estate is as cheesy as it sounds. The controversial rapper purchased the property for $7.7 million, and while the home is likely as extravagant as his tastes, it was the massive pool with its own grotto and flat screen TV in the man-made cave that caught his attention. There is also a large outdoor theater that seats 25 people, stables, a mechanical bull, full sized tennis and basketball courts, and a bookcase that swings open to reveal the master bedroom. The rapper actually had a 'YOLO Estate' sign outside the property- but it was quickly stolen each time it was resurrected.

15 5. Nicolas Cage's Many Homes (One Had Ghosts)

Nicolas Cage has had many box office flops and almost as many bad real estate purchases. A number of his homes have been foreclosed and resold at a much lower cost than originally purchased. The pictured home was picked up by the actor in 2007 and has been dubbed the "Most Haunted House in America" because of the previous 19th century Madame who owned the home and was known to kill and torture slaves there.

The home has now been sold to an owner who has remodeled it, but it is still spooky enough to be featured in the third season of American Horror Story. Another one of his homes included a castle-like home in LA that the bank took possession of that was covered in purple velvet wall coverings and Egyptian stenciling on the ceilings- leaving the bank with a ton of work to do before flipping it to the next buyer.

14 4. The Spelling Manor is Luxurious but Overrated

Built by famed producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy, the largest privately owned home in California is the epitome of opulence and wealth. The home had previously been listed for $200 million, making it the most expensive home to ever be sold in LA. The 56,00 square foot home has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms- but the rooms are mostly fitted for specific purposes. The house has a humidity-controlled silver storage room, a room for cutting flowers, rooms made specifically for wrapping gifts, a room for Candy's doll collection, a barber shop and an entire floor of the home is an actual walk-in closet. Extravagant? Yes. Ridiculous? Without a doubt.

13 3. Will Smith's Compound with his own Zip Code is Overrated

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is actually the Prince of Calabasas, where he and his wife Jada Pinket-Smith took 7 years to build their massive dream home that is essentially a compound for their family. The estate is so large that it actually has its own zip-code. The home comes with everything you would expect- massive bedrooms, imported materials, a meditation room, multiple pools, and a recording studio.

However, the couple spent so much time building it that they admitted that by the time it was complete, their styles and idea of dream home actually changed as so much time had passed. While it is nice to be able to afford a massive home, this one just seems to scream unnecessary excess.

12 2. Shaq's Superman Themed Mansion is Customized and Overrated

Shaquille O'Neil's waterfront Florida mansion is up for sale for a cool $28 million. The 31,000 square foot home is fit for a superhero and is customized with the Superman symbol throughout the home. Along with the expected features of any celebrity mansion (full-sized basketball court, massive swimming pools, large living spaces, customized gyms), the home has some unique features such as an ancient Egypt themed room, and a full sized wall mounted truck aquarium with a life-size photograph of the basketball star in the front seat. The game room, garage, and gym are all superman themed, along with the master bedroom suite with a Superman-themed bed.

11 1. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch is Outdated and Overrated

Whatever your thoughts are on the undeniable King of Pop, the concept of a massive estate with an amusement park and large zoo seems like it would a slice of heaven for kids of all ages. The problem is that when Michael Jackson purchased the property, he didn't have any kids of his to enjoy the estate. The ranch now sits largely abandoned and has been renamed as the Sycamore Valley Ranch. The rides have been taken out and sent to the California State Fair, and the trains that transported guests around the large estate have also been removed. The zoo is empty and the home has been completely remodeled to remove any trace of the late singer. While the property certainly captured the fascination of the public in the 90s, a visit to the ranch today would be an entirely different experience.

10 20. George Clooney's Summer Villa in Como Lake

You know you are famous when the local City Council in a quiet village in Italy has to pass a specific regulation that protects your privacy after you move into the area.  When George Clooney purchased the eighteenth-century villa located on the western shore of Como Lake, the paparazzi quickly got wind of his travels and extravagant parties that were thrown with his celebrity friends and began to take over the otherwise quaint and quiet village.

The local council quickly took action, passing a regulation that ensures that Clooney and his friends can relax and vacation in complete privacy. The villa comes complete with 25 rooms, an outdoor theater, and of course, a massive swimming pool.

9 19. Cindy Crawford's Cottage in Muskoka (Canada)

Forget the Hamptons, the hottest spot on many celebrity lists is north of the border in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Home to several beautiful cottages on the lake, the small town has seen its fair share of Hollywood celebrities who have recently discovered the hidden gem, including Cindy Crawford and her model family.  The family has been spotted spending their summers in the area, and recently documented their adventures which included fishing, swimming, eating and of course, beer pong.

The former model captured the view as they arrived at their lakeside cottage for her fans on Instagram, highlighting the exclusivity of the cottage which is located on Lake Joseph.

8 18. Johnny Depp's Village in France

Having a vacation home or a second home abroad is a nice luxury for the lucky few. But why settle for a simple home abroad when you can purchase an entire village and live there whenever you please. Johnny Depp purchased the 37-acre parcel of land in 2000 and spent millions updating the buildings and facilities in the village in the South of France.  Complete with its own village square, the land also features a church that has been converted into a guesthouse, a full restaurant with a professional kitchen, and other buildings that are all fashioned to look like actual businesses. His home is a modest 4,300 square feet and if that is not enough room there are several guest cottages throughout his village.  The entire village is listed for sale for $55 million.

7 17. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones' Mansion in Spain

While currently on sale for $40 million, the international superstars have had a hard time trying to sell the beautiful seaside villa in Mallorca. The 19th century home sits on 247 acres with a prime sea view location and boasts 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a home cinema, a customized gym, and its own vineyard.

While the Hollywood couple was once known to host extravagant parties for their equally famous friends such as Tom Cruise and Michelle Pfeiffer, the couple has recently retreated from the home with hopes of selling it.

6 16. Tom Hank's Modest Home in Greece

Tom Hanks and his Greek-American wife Rita Wilson purchased a beautiful villa on six acres of property on the island of Antiparos, away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and the tourist scene of Mykonos or Santorini. The couple travels to Greece frequently and is often seen by locals enjoying Greek cuisine and hosting parties in their large stone home. The couple reportedly loves their summer home so much that they recently purchased another villa on a smaller island named Patmos.  The home is said to be right on the water with stunning seaside views and a large terrace to enjoy the fresh air.

5 15. Prince's Mansion in Toronto

Prior to his sudden death, the legendary artist owned a beautiful home in Toronto's exclusive Bridle Path neighborhood that was recently listed for $12.7 million.  The home was spread across 14,280 square feet on 2 secluded acres of land. The listing highlighted the floor to ceiling windows, a private tennis court and swimming pool, and a heated outdoor cabana and outdoor full sized kitchen.

Prince reportedly lived in the home for five years, until 2006, when he divorced from his Toronto native wife. Making sure the entertainer never had to be bothered with attending a spa, the basement of the home features a full-size salon, complete with individual salon stations and massage tables.  The home was listed for sale after his passing.

4 14. Drake's Mansion in Toronto

When one legendary musician leaves the Bridle Path, another one enters.  Fans have been teased for months with pictures of Drake's custom-built mansion in the exclusive area in North Toronto. Drake purchased the land for $6.7 million and began building the home of his dreams in his hometown.  The plans include an NBA sized basketball court (fitting as he is the Toronto Raptors ambassador), a museum of jerseys, and a separate room specifically for all of his awards. The home will house two full-service bars, as well as an indoor pool to ensure his guests can enjoy the amenities even in the freezing temperatures of Toronto's winter.  This is all in addition to the two saunas, massage rooms, piano room, theater, and a full-size gym.

3 13. Sting's Tuscan Villa

Sting's villa in Tuscany sits on 900 acres and is available to anyone who can afford to rent it for private events. The 16th-century estate is located near Florence, among the rolling hills of Tuscany and is an active farm that produces honey, olive oil and, of course, wine. Guests are able to rent out one of the six cottages that are located on the estate and will have access to a large swimming pool, Sting's private wine cellar, and other leisure activities such as a large chessboard in the middle of a garden. There is enough room for you and 50 of your friends, so pack your bags and scrounge together the $ 10,000-week price for a vacation of a lifetime.

2 12. David Copperfield's Private Island

For a measly $57,000 a night, you too can enjoy the privacy and luxury of the magician's retreat in Musha Cay.  The entertainer reportedly bought the entire island in the Bahamas for over $50 million in 2006, and millions more in remodeling and upgrading the home, as well as acquiring smaller islands around the main island. While the price is hefty, you will get complete privacy, access to the outdoor theater, your own speedboat and luxurious accommodations.  With over 40 private beaches on the property, you can take your pick of where you want to spend your time, and how you want to, with access to paddle boards, jet skis, kayaks and more.

1 11. Rihanna's Barbados Condo

Rihanna has always been proud of her heritage and hometown of Barbados. She is often seen returning home and vacationing at some of the most exclusive resorts on the islands. After renting out the beautiful property at One Sandy Lane resort, Rihanna purchased the mansion for $22 million. The 10,000 square foot home has 5 bedrooms, each with their own private terrace and views of the ocean. The beach is a short walk away from the property, but the main draw is the privacy and exclusivity that the resort offers.  Stars such as Simon Cowell and Oprah Winfrey have stayed at the same complex, which prides itself on providing the utmost discretion and privacy to its high profile guests.