Congratulations! You've made it official with your better half, and now it's an ideal opportunity to loosen up and celebrate. Whether you're the kind of couple that wants to encounter mouth-watering food and unforgettable architecture, or explore a rare place, or basically laze around the world's most exotic beaches, we have you secured. Planning a wedding, while exhilarating, can also be quite stressful– and your vacation is likely going to be your first genuine opportunity to appreciate some quality time with your partner. The destination ought to unwind, and suit your needs and elegance as a couple. While some pairs long for an impeccable, picture-perfect honeymoon with resorts, pristine beaches, cruise rides, and classic sunsets, some are hungry for extraordinary encounters that are not at all like anything they've ever observed or done before, and are not likely to forget soon. Not all couples have similar opinions on a perfect honeymoon. And all things considered, joining all of your wants into one holiday can be overwhelming, and time consuming. Which is why we’ve prepared a tailor-made list just for someone like you.

Here are some of the world’s most overrated honeymoon destinations and 10 so underrated, you’ll want to get there right away, spouse or no spouse!

20 Overrated - Paris, France

From the highest point of the Eiffel Tower to the profundities of the Catacombs, there are a larger number of things in Paris than any guest could possibly experience in a lifetime. But that doesn't mean all the conceivable attractions are worth visiting. Overrated, tormented by long queues, and just basically pointless, there are a few points to leave off the agenda.

Many tourists complain that the City of Love is dirty, overcrowded, and not really safe for them.

Additionally, the amount of homeless people on Parisian streets is ever increasing and its main attractions are filled with locals frequently trying to sell you souvenirs that you don’t really want.

19 Overrated - Venice, Italy

Venice is so famous that it's really battling with the volume of vacationers it pulls in. The capital of northern Italy's Veneto area, it is built on 100 little islands in a creek of Adriatic Sea. The Italian city of only 55,000 inhabitants cops around 30 million visitors every year. And a lot of tourists claim the place is losing its charm. Words like ‘smelly’, ‘expensive’ and ‘decayed’ get used quite frequently for this romantic city that famously uses canals as the main mean for transport.

18 Overrated - Dubai, UAE

“The Las Vegas of the Middle East,” as it is often called, Dubai is known for its sleek buildings, luxury shopping, and bustling nightlife. This Emirati city is UAE’s most glamorous metropolis, drawing about 16 million tourists every year, thanks to attractions like Burj Khalifa, super-malls, five-star hotels and desert safaris. However,

Dubai is considered artificial and overrated by many tourists,

and the half-finished buildings from 2009’s economic crash stand in stark contrast to ultramodern skyscrapers that define this Emirate.

17 Overrated - Singapore city, Singapore

Singapore is a standout amongst the most prevalent travel goals on the planet for many reasons, one of them being its less stringent visa policies. Consolidating the high rises and trams of a contemporary, princely city with a variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian impacts alongside a tropical sky, this Garden City makes an awesome stopover or entry into South-East Asia. Unfortunately, as a honeymoon destination, it can’t seem to hold its own. Many travellers said the city appeared artificial and overpriced, with nothing to show apart from its man-made attractions.

16 Overrated - San Francisco, U.S.A

San Francisco is evolving rapidly—blink, and you may miss something. With individuals from over the globe channelling in for its creative enterprises and dazzling views, the city is by all accounts changing quick. And just like other overrated cities on the list,

it is often overcrowded and filled with fellow travellers during peak season, making it less than ideal for a honeymoon getaway.

Life—and particularly holidays—is too short to invest on time wasters. San Francisco, for all its vibrant culture, isn't insusceptible to having its own tourist traps, that’ll burn away large chunks of your precious time there.

15 Overrated - Bali, Indonesia

With top-notch surfing and diving, a diverse landscape of hills and sea, countless archaeological attractions, and a colossal scope of housing options, Bali is one of the world's most well-known island destinations. Also called Island of Gods, it has a deeply spiritual culture that attracts a varied group of travellers to visit it every year. However, Indonesia is a tropical country, and many visitors have disliked the rampant bug and mosquito infestation they faced throughout their stay here, and some also complained about the mediocre service they received in upcoming hotels.

14 Overrated - Cancun, Mexico

A popular spring break capital, Cancun is located on the lovely Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, and is known for its beaches, night life and abundant resorts – both luxury and budget. The past year has seen an increased violence in the city, but nevertheless, young population coming here every summer has been on a steady rise. Travellers say the city has become very touristy and crowded, which is something nobody wants on their honeymoon, right? If you’re still interested in exploring the region’s gorgeous sandy beaches and Mayan ruins, head on to nearby coastal towns like Tulum for a far more authentic experience.

13 Overrated - Sydney, Australia

Sydney is certainly wonderful, but at the same time it's frustratingly scattered, and in some places, staggeringly overcrowded. Ticking off the manual "must-dos" here could take up more than a week, and will keep you from encountering a portion of the city's different, better delights. Take the Bondi Beach for example. Iconic as it is, you’ll spend an hour arriving here on a hot, swarmed bus (if you take the public transport). And when you get here, you'll discover the sand hurling with raucous hikers, overpriced restaurants, and almost no place to lay back and take in the splendid views of the sea.

12 Overrated - New York City, USA

We get it, New York can be overwhelming, and a list of things to do makes it easier to cover this gigantic city. But some of the checklist places are so overrated – actually even the list of overrated places in New York is overrated – and yet sometimes there are no alternatives. Explore the city’s many rooftop bars for a similar, if not better view of its spectacular skyline rather than the Empire State Building; And make sure you expand your horizons beyond Manhattan to revel in the magic of New York’s other, upcoming boroughs.

11 Overrated - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The name Amsterdam has become synonymous to charming canals, multi-coloured tulips and relaxed bike rides. And because all that of it is true, Amsterdam is also one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, facing visitors throughout the year, no matter the season. Large businesses have trapped the booming tourism industry, and

most ‘local traditions’ and practices are passed off as expensive must-dos in this Venice of the North.

Not the best place if you’re looking for some peace and tranquillity on your honeymoon.

10 Overrated - London, U.K

Any first time visitor to London has an extensive agenda – London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, The Shard, and the Big Ben are constantly high on it, yet ask any local about their opinion, and they'll prompt you otherwise. Moreover, it rains almost every other day, and locals and tourists alike bemoan the over-the-top prices of most things here. Don’t get me wrong, London is a beautiful beast, and while these sights contribute to a major part of magnificence, you can still escape the tourist traps and go for the lesser known, more historic parts of the city.

9 Underrated - Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is a standout amongst the most reasonable and off-beat places to travel, and Hvar has everything you could ask from a European honeymoon, all on a budget! Settled on a coast in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is additionally a perfect spot for sea lovers who need a little unwinding and romance after a hectic wedding. The city is known for its chilled out vibe, and has an awesome party culture too. Head on to the Adriana Spa hotel for luxury spa and drinks. Take a dip along the coast and feast on fresh seafood, and for some privacy, explore Hvar’s exquisite coves.

8 Underrated - Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

For some place remote and genuinely out of the way, the Quirimbas Archipelago is one of Africa's concealed treasures. For the gutsy adventure, go to Ibo Island for astounding kayaking, diving and angling. For a rustic vibe, remain in one of the manors that speck the island, they offer you some serious rural extravaganza. Or go on a safari, where lavish, lateen-fixed dhows can take you out for a romantic cultural cruise, and give you a first-hand vision of Mozambique’s unfettered corals and the thriving marine life beneath your feet.

7 Underrated - Lapland, Finland

Finland is a niche destination that largely appeals to a few, and others, maybe not so much. Be that as it may, there's really no comparison to seeing the fantastic Aurora Borealis illuminate the night's sky to celebrate the start of your married life.

This is a place to encounter supernatural beauty and serene disconnection from the outside world. Despite the fact that winters in Lapland are cold, the best time to visit to see the Northern Lights is from November to March.

Simply pack a lot of layers and plan for a ton of snuggle time!

6 Underrated - Bariloche, Argentina

Argentina’s Bariloche city is well known for being called "Patagonia Light." Located in the country’s Patagonia region, this mountain-town is likewise a prominent base for climbing and skiing the surrounding mountains close to the Lake District. Go cruising at Lake Nahuel Huapi, enjoy your evening nibble at the famous chocolate shops of Bartolomé Miter, white water-raft in Manso River, and relish the stunning Swiss-Alps styled chalets around you. Welcome to one of the most underrated travel destinations on the planet!

5 Underrated - Belize, Central America

This underrated gem may be a small tiny country, but Belize is a tropical heaven – without all the run of the mill vacationers to spoil your perfect honeymoon.

With such a large number of Caribbean islands close-by, it is often overlooked. However, that is the thing that makes it ideal for the couple searching for something less ordinary!

With its pristine beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, lush inland jungles in Cayo District that offer a wealth of cascades and rich wilderness to trek through, Belize is ideal for adventure seekers and beach lovers alike!

4 Underrated - The Azores, Portugal

Most of the world still knows close to nothing, if anything, about this far-flung archipelago amidst the Atlantic. But then it is difficult to envision a place that satisfies nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, or anybody searching for the perfect answer to eco-tourism. Located a mere 1000 miles off the coast of Portugal, the Azores is a small archipelago of only nine islands, but visit it once and you’ll find yourself in love with one of Europe’s most captivating natural landscapes.

3 Underrated - Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Sitting 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador, The Galápagos archipelago is comprised of over 120 individual islands and isles. Galapagos Islands are perfect for an animal loving couple, but they’re also ideal for those just looking for an interesting honeymoon filled with snorkelling and exploring the unknown. With its untamed landscape and famously bold animals – from sea lions to iguanas – the secluded isles of the Galápagos draw those searching for invigorating experiences in nature. The seclusion and near undiscovered nature of the isles have made natural play area for wildlife where birds, ocean and land creatures are more inquisitive and receptive to visitors than any other place on earth.

2 Underrated - Quebec, Canada

Quebec is radiantly lovely and loaded with love. Not only is flying to Quebec cheaper than flying abroad, Quebec also has the power to immediately transport you to a beguiling European city. This Canadian city, renowned for its castles, citadels and cobblestone alleys, is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. More and more couples vote for Quebec as their honeymoon spot in Canada, and rightly so. With copious spas, romantic restaurants, ski resorts, and honeymoon suites dotted all around the pretty province, you’ll never run out of things to do on a Quebec honeymoon.

1 Underrated - Maasai Mara, Kenya

Located in East Africa, Kenya is known for its vast plains and lush grasslands. But more than anything else, it is famed for its exquisite wildlife, found in abundance here. The Maasai Mara National Park is rich with animals like zebras, hippos, gazelle, wildebeest, Nile crocodile, and of course, the famous ‘big five’.

A honeymoon in Kenya is best suited for adventure and wildlife lovers, and not for the fainthearted.

But there are many luxury options available for those who want to seek in Kenya’s majestic beauty from the ease of a bathtub or a hot-air balloon ride!