When it comes to summertime most of our social media feeds are filled with snaps of our friends relaxing on a beach somewhere. If you're like us then you'll usually be inside your house all summer. We think it's about time we planned to do something exciting next summer. Or actually, planning on doing anything at all. If you plan it now then you can spend your year making the trip perfect and as a way to pass time, you'll have something to look forward to. In this article, we're going to be discussing the top 10 vacation spots that are so overhyped. They're places everyone goes all the time, and you've seen so many photos it's like you've already discovered the place yourself.

To make up for the places we're about to recommend you don't go, we will also be discussing the top 10 vacation spots that are way underrated. These are the places that absolutely fantastic to spend your summer at, but for some reason, they're just overlooked by many. This list will have a mixture of reasonable and pretty pricey places, but hey that's the point of a vacation, right? This is a great list to read if you're stuck for ideas of where to go. Of course, you definitely still have the option of picking one of the overrated spots, but we suggest considering all the options first. Save your paychecks and give all of your friends warning now, this summer you'll be going on the trip of a lifetime.

20 Overhyped: Bora Bora

We feel like it's probably a bit surprising for Bora Bora to be first on our list, but we have good reasons. First of all, we're not saying it's a bad place. If anything it's one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but it's pricey.

Bora Bora is on our list because of how expensive it is. If you want a beautiful hut over the water, there are a lot of other places to look. A hut over the water in a resort at Bora Bora can charge you up to $4,000 per night.

19 Overhyped: Australia

Another shocker! Yep, we also firmly believe that Australia is a little overhyped as a vacation destination. Sure there are plenty of beautiful golden sandy beaches, but those aren't the whole country. So yes, there is apparently at least 10,000 beaches in Australia, but the country is more dessert and cities.

Not to mention that if you're there for the surfing, then a 5-star resort at Queensland's Surfer's Paradise will knock you back about $2,000 per night. Of course, if your dream is to surf on the beaches of Australia, we wouldn't want to hold you back!

18 Overhyped: Milan

Milan is basically heaven for people who love fashion. We totally understand. While Milan may not give off the 'beach party' feel that most summer vacations do, it's definitely a special trip when you can find the time and means to go.

The reason we think it's overhyped is that it kind of is unless you're a millionaire or a model at fashion week. If you can afford to spend your time and money on some of the most expensive brand name stores in the world, we salute you. But if you can't then, the sights of Milan won't give you the fashion week feel you're looking for.

17 Overhyped: Paris

We love Paris, we really do but it's kind of like Milan. It's a wonderful experience roaming the streets of Paris. Shopping and dining in the some of the most beautiful and expensive cafés in the world. If you're on a budget, it's still a wonderful experience for sure!

It just doesn't give off that feeling you get when you look at Instagram posts from models traveling around the city. This isn't to say that you can't have a wonderful and romantic time with your loved one. There's plenty of sights to see still, so create your own adventure.

16 Overhyped: Positano

Positano, Italy has recently been getting all the hype as a lot of our favorite celebs like Kourtney Kardashian have been vacationing there. It definitely is a beautiful place, just look at it.

The reason it's on the overhyped side of the list is simply because of how expensive it is. You basically need to be a Kardashian to travel around and vacation there. Positano's most sought-after hotel Le Sirenuse will be absolutely stunning but cost you $3,000 per night.

15 Overhyped: Miami

Miami is like the original summer vacation spot. Or really any part of Florida is. We're adding it to this list basically because of that reason. It's overhyped and overdone. If you're looking for new and different fun adventures, we think it's time to move on.

If you're a repeat visitor of Miami's nightlife and you love it, props to you. We're not saying we don't like Miami, it's just always good to have a change of direction every once in a while.

14 Overhyped: Las Vegas

Not every trip to Vegas is like The Hangover. Personally, we feel like that's a good thing. Although it's a classic movie, everyone's experience with Las Vegas is a bit different. It's a good vacation spot to party and have the weekend of your life.

The reason Vegas is on our list is that it's not a summer vacation spot. We don't think many people stay there for the whole summer. Like we said it's the perfect weekend spot, but after that, you should definitely have a backup plan for the rest of the summer.

13 Overhyped: Fiji

Fiji is another popular destination for vacationing. It's a beautiful location with constant good weather and stunning beaches. We just think that like most of the other destinations on this list, it's so popular now.

Something being popular isn't an issue, but if you're like us then you'll feel almost like you've been there when you see Instagram posts. You're on this list to find spots that will feel like a new adventure for you.

12 Overhyped: Bali

Bali is just a short plane ride away from Fiji. It's another beautiful place with sandy beaches, amazing views, and relaxing resorts. In recent years it has become a seriously popular vacation spot.

We're officially crowning Bali the most overhyped of all summer vacation destinations on our list. It sure is beautiful but by the sheer amount of people you know who have been there, you might as well have gone yourself.

11 Overhyped: Santorini

If you've watched Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again recently, no doubt you'll be in love with Greece. It's one of the most beautiful countries on Earth, with thousands and thousands of stunning places to visit.

Usually on the top of everyone's list is the island of Santorini. It's a popular tourist destination and especially popular for weddings. We think it's stunning, but we also suggest checking out some other spots in Greece.

10 Underrated: Tahiti

Tahiti is heard of, but not often the #1 summer vacation spot. We think it should be. Tahiti is an island in French Polynesia with a population of around 190,000 people. Even though its main appeal to tourists are the stunning beaches and resorts, Tahiti has a lot more to offer.

The must-see attractions include a tour of the island, boat tours, wildlife tours and 4WD off-road adventures if you're up for it. If you're interested, you can stay at a resort for around $300 per night!

9 Underrated: Egypt

Egypt may not be filled with beaches and nightlife, but this one is a definite vacation spot for those interested in adventure and history! Egypt is most famous for the pyramids and ancient Egyptian history.

Maybe not the whole summer, but a good two weeks visiting all the tombs and tourist attractions of Egypt sounds like fun to us. If you're interested, tours start from only $35. It's time to start packing and remember to have at least three water bottles at all times.

8 Underrated: Montenegro

Montenegro is a less heard of place for most, but it is just as beautiful (if not more) than the destinations we're discussing in this list. It's a small country with beautiful views. This is a good destination if you get excited about going hiking.

There are so many different places to visit in Montenegro, but no matter where you go it is stunning. Get your cameras out for this one because this whole country is Instagram worthy. We're already booking flights.

7 Underrated: Hawaii

You might be thinking that Hawaii should be on the overhyped list as it's an extremely popular vacation spot for many. We're putting it in underhyped because there's so much more to Hawaii than we think.

Most trips are solely taken to Waikiki on the most popular island Oahu. With there being five more islands, there's a lot more to explore. We think that if you're thinking of a Hawaiian summer, definitely plan to island hop!

6 Underrated: Macchu Picchu

Macchu Picchu isn't the beach party summer holiday, but like Egypt, it's a good place for those interested in adventure and learning. Macchu Picchu is a historical sight in the Andes Mountains deep in Peru.

If you're interested in spending a week or so discovering a historical place in the middle of beautiful mountains, then an all-inclusive tour (food, transport + accommodation) of Macchu Picchu will set you back around $1500.

5 Underrated: Florence

The Italian city of Florence is no doubt one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It's the perfect summer vacation destination because of the warm weather and stunning Italian views.

With all there is to do, including the Churches, museums, test driving Ferrari's, authentic Italian cuisine and more, there won't be a single dull moment on your Italian trip. It's the perfect time to start planning now. The sooner you book, the sooner you can be relaxing in the sun with gelato!

4 Underrated: Switzerland

Switzerland should definitely be a vacation that's on everyone's bucket list. Although we think that visiting Switzerland would be better in the winter time - because it's so beautiful.

Switzerland has so much to offer including many different tours around the alps, as well as historical sites to visit. If you're interested in staying at the magical winter wonderland that is Switzerland, then a hotel will cost you from $200 - $1000+ per night depending.

3 Underrated: Banff

If you're a little worried to go too far from home, then a summer spent traveling around Canada would be amazing. The whole country has a lot to offer from fun snow sports to beautiful locations.

One of the most beautiful is the town of Banff. Its picturesque views make it a dream for winter lovers. To stay at a Banff resort it will set you back around $200 per night. We suggest staying close to town so you can just wake up and go!

2 Underrated: Louisiana

This one is even more close to home, or it may even be your home. Either way, Louisiana, especially New Orleans, is the perfect place to enjoy your summer. It's got such a huge nightlife, which makes it perfect for people looking to party.

Louisiana is also famous for having delicious southern cuisine making it the perfect place for foodies as well. To be right in the midst of it all, a hotel in New Orleans will cost you around $200 per night, depending on what you're looking for.

1 Underrated: The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a popular destination for good reason. The small Caribbean country is basically all hot weather and sandy beaches (and nightlife of course). The reason it's on our list is that you don't just have to fly to The Bahamas to vacation there.

A lot of cruises sail from Florida or sometimes Texas to The Bahamas. We think a summer cruise to multiple destinations is definitely an underrated way to spend your summer. It's time to get planning, because, with all these options for holidays, we're sure you already have one in mind.