The beauty of travelling is that everything, or at least most things, are subjective. Regardless of what you may or may not read online, you're always going to make your own assumptions based on what you experience, and that's a good thing. Allowing others to influence your decision-making doesn't always pay off as many would hope, and as a result, the art of travelling is so open to interpretation - now and forever.

With that being said, the list that you're about to read details our own personal experiences of exploring the world for everything that it has to offer. Of course, while we believe in the ideology that we just laid out, it's impossible not to go somewhere without forming an idea in your mind of what it's going to be like, regardless of whether or not you've read it online.

When you head to Paris you're going to be on the lookout for the Eiffel Tower, when you go to London you'll want to catch a glimpse of Big Ben, and so on and so forth. There are certain places that aren't too high and they aren't too low because instead, they do exactly what they say on the tin.

However, some locations are bound to leave you coming away feeling a sense of disappointment whereas others will have you feeling pleasantly surprised. You won't be too shocked to discover that many of the 'over' entries are well-known destinations, meanwhile, a handful of the unders won't actually be all too well known amongst some of you out there.

That's the fun of it all, and as we strap on our keyboard-proof vests, we're fully prepared for some lively debates in the wake of this being published. Of course, all of these are subjective to the individual. So then, let's have some fun.

20 Rome (Overhyped) - History, Colosseum, and A lot of graffiti

Upon just hearing the name 'Rome' it's hard not to get carried away. The word 'history' was pretty much invented in the Italian city, and the Colosseum alone is enough to get your juices flowing: but that's kind of where the magic begins and ends for us.

There's a horrendous graffiti problem that, while sometimes can be charming, doesn't suit the tone of the city whatsoever. It's extremely scruffy, the prices have inflated massively over the last few years, and it all feels a little bit run down for a city so rich in prestige. Just go, see the Colosseum, then fly back.

19 Santiago (underrated!) - Give it a chance and you'll love it

We haven't shown all too much love to the Americas throughout this list, but we're rectifying that with Santiago. The capital of Chile strips away all of the things you thought you knew about the country and replaces them with memories that will last you a lifetime.

The Andes mountains serve as a lovely backdrop, the art deco is breathtaking, and the vineyards alone will make you feel like you're in the heart of California. Places like Santiago are never really given a fair chance, but trust us, you'll leave there with a completely different outlook. It's not paradise, but it can certainly feel like it.

18 Berlin (Overhyped) - Unlucky local interactions can dampen a visit

Germany is a great country, and we're going to make that clear from the get-go. It's full of colour and vibrancy that directly contradicts its historic past, and across many of their top cities you're likely to find yourself having a great time: especially in Munich.

Alas, with Berlin, that spark just wasn't there for us. First off the city as a whole is far too big, and contrary to popular belief, their transportation isn't as clean and concise as is advertised. Some people will argue the safety of the city, especially if they're dealt with one or two unlucky local interactions, and that's a shame.

17 Manchester (underrated!) - A city with So much character

London is great. If you go to London and don't have a good time in some way, shape or form, then you're doing it wrong - but Manchester can be even better. It's a cheaper and more cheerful version of the capital that's located in the north of England, and you could argue that has more character than half of the cities on this list combined.

It's the focal point of music in the United Kingdom for most, and it's at the forefront of the digital business world with dozens upon dozens of start-up companies building their foundation in Manchester. It's a city that never sleeps, and it's a city with a heart bigger than most.

16 Los Angeles (Overhyped) - Hollywood will never meet your expectations

People travel far and wide to make it to Hollywood, whether that be in search of stardom or simply in search of catching a glimpse at how the one percent lives. The novelty is there, much like Orlando, but to say that it wears off quickly would be a dramatic understatement.

There's an awful traffic issue that will likely never subside, the locals can be arrogant and judgemental, and it isn't really built to be a city that welcomes tourists. The impact of Hollywood means that it'll never live up to the image that you have in your head, and many parts of LA can only be described as ordinary. If you want the Cali experience, head to San Francisco or Monterey.

15 Bordeaux (underrated!) - Beautiful France that isn't paris

France is a beautiful country, and naturally, most people point towards Paris as the main source of tourism - which is accurate. Still, we're overlooking the fact that there are stunning cities and towns from the north al the way down to the south, and Bordeaux is amongst the best of the best.

You don't need to love wine to love this city but it certainly helps, and it also helps that you can get return flights for around €30 from most European nations. It's a breathtaking city with a series of preserved buildings on display, and it feels like a place that was made for the term 'weekend break'.

14 Milan (Overhyped) - Watch out for pickpockets

It's hard to define Italy as a nation because every single part of it is different. You've got the holiday destinations, you've got the cities with historical value and significance, and then you've got somewhere like Milan, which at time seems to showcase every negative value that the country has to offer.

The pickpocketing problem there is worse than any other city I've been to in the continent, the architecture falls flat beyond the cathedral, and the rough areas really do leave you looking over your shoulder more so than you'd like. Even the supposedly iconic shopping leaves a lot to be desired, and it just doesn't feel inclusive in the slightest.

13 Boulder (underrated!) - The best of both worlds

Across the United States of America you're bound to find a wide array of locations, and let's be honest, not all of them are great. The values and principles play a big role for many people when it comes to their overall view of a specific city or town, but with Boulder, there's very little not to love.

The scenery looks like something out of a painting, and it's bizarre to think that this is somewhere you can actually live on a permanent basis. Boulder is located at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains, and it's almost as if you've got the best of both worlds with the climate and lifestyle. The possibilities are almost endless.

12 Venice (Overhyped) - So beautiful yet so cramped

From the outside looking in it looks like we're painting a pretty bad picture of Italy, and we can understand why it comes across that way. Funnily enough, there are actually plenty of places in the country that we adore, but rest assured, Venice isn't one of them.

Obviously, the concept of the city is great, wonderfully unique, and it's always going to be popular. But when put into practice, it just doesn't feel right. It's very cramped, the gondolas are much more expensive than the number you're thinking in your head, and the smell of sewage doesn't really scream 'romantic getaway'.

11 Gdansk (underrated!) - Live like a king on a tiny budget

We've spoken about how great Germany is, but from top to bottom, Poland certainly can make its case for the best city in Europe. Every single major city is absolutely gorgeous, from the patterned buildings all the way down to the delightful food and tremendous serenity.

Gdansk, in particular, is sensational. It serves as Poland's main seaport, and we aren't exaggerating when we say that you can live like an absolute king on a very low budget over there. You won't be short-changed with the quality of what you're buying, either, making Gdansk the perfect getaway city in more ways than one.

10 Dubai (Overhyped) - Activities will run out quicker than you think

Dubai is a place that will likely be on the bucket list of most people reading this, and that's hardly a surprise. If you're a wealthy individual then it's an absolute goldmine for high-end living and luxurious shopping, which are two attributes that will appeal to many.

Alas, that doesn't make it all that interesting. It's still a city in the developmental stage and as a result, it's pretty barren compared to most other offerings around the world. You'll find yourself running out of things to do quicker than you'd anticipated, and if you aren't taking huge stacks of cash out there, then you may as well save yourself a trip.

9 Perth (underrated!) - An authentic Aussie experience

As the capital of Western Australia, Perth is a symbol of a completely alternative side of the country than we're used to seeing. It may not have the natural appeal of Sydney and Melbourne due to name value, but it's just so much warmer from a human interaction perspective - and that can go a long way. Plus it's usually warmer weather-wise as well.

Beyond that, it's absolutely beautiful. In Perth, you're likely to be moving at a non-stop pace throughout the majority of your visit, which will definitely provide you with the full Aussie experience. Kings Park is one of the most astonishing places on the planet and the wildlife alone make you realise just how unique Australia is.

8 Athens (Overhyped) - History and that's about all

When the majority of people begin their preparations for a summer holiday, one of the first countries that come to mind as a possible destination is Greece - or at least, the Greek Islands. There's plenty to see and do especially if you're only really planning on sitting by the pool and enjoying the view, but the same can't be said of Athens.

The capital can almost be described as a wasteland and can be argued that beyond the ancient history that is associated with it, has no real character. When visiting, it honestly can feel like the Greeks themselves don't care too much about the upkeep of the place, which leaves you wanting to leave sooner rather than later.

7 Vienna (underrated!) - stunning views around every corner

Due to its reputation for being somewhere that can only be appreciated by those in relationships, Vienna has never really received the praise it deserves. The whole country of Austria is magnificent and we'd recommend it to anyone, but Vienna is something else entirely.

Walking through the streets you'll find yourself appreciating just how clean everything is, as well as how polite all of the locals you'll meet are. There are stunning views to be found around every single corner, and it despite being a notable city, it still feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of more 'in your face' locations.

6 Sydney (Overhyped) - Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Anything else?

You're going to notice a clear category that emerges in regards to one attraction being fun to visit, and that's about it. With Sydney, we've got the Sydney Opera House which truly is a divine piece of architecture, nestled next to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, but that visual alone just isn't enough to justify the hype surrounding the city.

If you're looking for anything to do outside of that you'll be hard-pressed to find much of a reason to stay longer than 48 hours, and that's no exaggeration. In summer you can certainly justify a bit of a longer visit to explore the beautiful beaches, but if the weather's poor it's another story. Considering it's on the other side of the world it needs to be pretty special to warrant the travel time, and to put it bluntly, it just isn't.

5 Agra (underrated!) - Wonderful India without the crowds and noise

Travelling can often be about flying away to leave your troubles behind, and Agra is the perfect example of why that can be such an effective therapy in your day to day life. The Tāj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpūr Sikrī can all be located in this wonderful city that's tucked away in Uttar Pradesh.

At times it'll feel like you've been taken to a fictional land, as you're left to ponder whether or not anywhere can truly be this mystical. That sounds a little bit hyperbolic but it couldn't be more accurate, as Agra escapes from the loud and crowded stereotype that many associate with India.

4 Madrid (Overhyped) - You need lower expectations if you want to leave satisfied

With the majority of major European nations, some of the biggest and 'best' cities are often put up against one another so that tourists can compare and contrast which is more superior. While Madrid holds name value, it's hard to differentiate it from many other cities around Spain.

When put up against Barcelona and Valencia there's surprisingly little to do, and the actual 'attractions' that you'll find on any given tourism guide aren't really worth your time. There's nothing that is out and out wrong with Madrid, but you'd have to come in with pretty low expectations to walk away with a high level of satisfaction.

3  Budapest (underrated!) - something for everyone

If you're a hardcore traveller then you'll know all about Budapest, but just in case you aren't, you need to learn a little bit more about it. The Hungarian city is known not only for its outstanding nightlife but also for architecture, food, drink, how cheap it is, and for the volume of activities to do.

You'll find yourself forever searching for new things to try out like the legendary thermal baths, the castle, the zoo, the ice skating, the old town and so much more. There's something for everyone which is why it's such a perfect destination because it doesn't matter if you're with your girlfriend, your mates or even your parents.

2 Rio de Janeiro (Overhyped) - Look beneath the surface

Take a good, long look at that picture. It looks pretty nice, right? That's probably because Christ the Redeemer is the focal point of the image, and you're too far away from the skyline to really examine any of the issues that the country faces on a daily basis.

The poverty there is still shocking to this day and many areas are very dangerous. They're in so much debt that you're left to wonder how they managed to pull off hosting the World Cup and the Olympics in a two-year span. It can be a remarkable city if you experience it right, but if you don't, it can be a very unhappy place.

1 Amsterdam (underrated!) - Beyond the stigma lies so much culture and beauty

The Netherlands, in a nutshell, is quite a 'cute' country. It's very flat and is extremely small compared to some of the nations that surround it, but the Dutch are spirited and they've certainly got a sense of humour. Beyond that, though, The Netherlands is home to one of Europe's most controversial cities: Amsterdam.

Courtesy of the stigma surrounding its red light district and openness to controversial habits, Amsterdam never gets the credit it deserves. It's full of high-quality museums, a phenomenal nightlife, it's one of the leaders in technology in Europe, and it's a place that's very welcoming.

It's virtually impossible to leave there without a smile on your face, and not just for the obvious reasons!