10 Of The Weirdest Travel Destinations (10 Of The Most Boring)

There are so many different places in our world. Some of them are so strange that if feels like you are in another planet or in a set of a fantasy movie. In these places, you can find the things that you can't see anywhere else in the world. For example, would you like to take a look at a desert rose and finally find out what Sting was singing about back in the year 2000? Or do you want to see a giant hand sticking out of the sand in a Chilean desert? Or, maybe, you dream of taking a look at a hole that seems to be draining water from the Pacific Ocean? Visiting these places, you'll get a one-of-a-kind experience that you'll never, ever forget.

But, since our world is full of contrasts, you can also find a bunch of boring places that don't have any special charm. Some of them are large cities that seem to be too clean to the point of being sterile, while others are small towns that offer absolutely nothing. Even though they might have beautiful sites, there's still something important they lack, compared to other cities. Of course, it doesn't mean that these places are bad. It only means that it's better to avoid spending too much time there or choose more interesting sites over them.

So what are the weirdest places on our planet that you need to add to your bucket list? And what are the boring locations that you shouldn't even bother visiting? Let's go ahead and check it out!

20 Weirdest: Socotra Island, Yemen - Unique Vegetation

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Would you like to find yourself on a sci-fi film set? You don't have to visit Hollywood for it. Go off the beaten track instead, because you can actually do it... in Yemen!

Located in the Indian Ocean, Socotra Island is the largest of the Socotra Archipelago. It features 250 species of plants that can't be found anywhere else on Earth. The hallmark of this place is a canopy-topped dragon's blood tree. Its resin has a bloody red color that will run down the trunk, if it gets pierced. Besides, there's a desert rose growing on this one-of-a-kind island. It can grow up to 10-feet tall, its trunk is bulbous, and it swells with water right before the dry season starts!

19 Most Boring: Nagoya, Japan - An Industrial Center

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In October 2016, Japan Times called Nagoya the "most boring city in Japan". The reason for this harsh title is simple: Nagoya is the industrial center and there's nothing much to see there. If you happen to come to Japan and have a couple of extra days, you can go to Nagoya and see a couple of museums and walk around its city center. But if you choose some other city instead, you certainly won't lose a thing. After all, Japan has so much to offer to tourists. Why would you lose your limited time and spend it in a boring city?

18 Weirdest: The Hand in the Desert, Chile - A Symbol Of Loneliness

Via: Charismatic Planet

Looks incredibly weird, right? Of course, this hand sticking up out of the sand isn't a natural phenomenon. It was created by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal, who's known for creating works of art associated with suffering.

For sure, most people who see this strange sculpture would like to know what was on the mind of the sculptor. Well, in fact, he wanted to demonstrate loneliness of a person by creating this enormous hand and placing it in a secluded location. When you think about it, this giant hand really looks like a cry for help. But no one seems to hear it, because there's no one else in the desert. So sad...

17 Most Boring: Frankfurt, Germany - A Financial Hub

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The large part of Frankfurt was destroyed during World War II and now it has turned into a financial hub, whose huge airport serves as a transit point for numerous tourists every day.

The city itself has very little to offer to its visitors. There is only a small part called Altstadt, or Old City, where you can take a nice walk, as well as the Palmengarten, which is a large botanical garden that features numerous kinds of palms. You won't find anything interesting there, especially if you're not into modern architecture. So don't bother lingering in Frankfurt and proceed to the next point of your trip right away.

16 Weirdest: Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada - So Psychedelic

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The Spotted Lake in Canada is one of the most psychedelic places on the planet. Every year, from June to September, water in the lake evaporates due to the hot weather and leaves these weirdly shaped rings. The water gets different colors due to its mineral content: calcium, magnesium, silver, and titanium give it blue, green, and yellow shades.

Like many other unusual phenomena, the Spotted Lake got a spiritual meaning from the peoples inhabiting the land around it. They believe that water in the lake obtains healing properties, when these rings form. But you can't get any water to check it for yourself, because it's prohibited to come close to the lake.

15 Most Boring: Casablanca, Morocco - Not As Romantic As The Movie

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When you hear the word Casablanca, most likely you start thinking about the movie right away. Probably, you picture this Moroccan city in a glamorous and romantic way, like you saw it in the film. But, in reality, it's much less interesting.

If you strive to see real-life Casablanca with your own eyes, one day will be enough. The only thing to see there is the Hassan II Mosque. It doesn't have the historical flavor most tourists are seeking and even its markets aren't that interesting and bright as those in other Moroccan cities. So take our advice and head to Fes or Marrakech, if you're traveling to Morocco.

14 Weirdest: Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA - Man-Made Wonder

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This surreal geyser that looks like it came straight from a fantasy movie is actually man-made. It was created by accident in 1964, when someone tried to create a farm in this part of the desert. They drilled a well and touched the geothermal waters that immediately began coming up to the surface like a fountain. They left the geyser alone and gradually its cone began to form. It's still growing every year and the red and green colors appeared due to the growth of thermophilic algae.

The Fly Geyser is located at a private property and recently it was purchased by organizers of the Burning Man festival, who plan to provide controlled access to it for the festival's participants in the future.

13 Most Boring: Ottawa, Canada - A "Coma City"

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Some people call Ottawa "the most boring city", as well as "coma city" and "the city that fun forgot." Of course, it's weird to see that all these titles go the the country's capital. But, in fact, there's the truth in them. Even though Ottawa features nice parks and museums that might be interesting for the visitors, the atmosphere of the city is still kind of dull. It seems that nothing is going on there and all people do is go to work.

So if you plan a trip to Canada, better choose Toronto that's much more dynamic than Ottawa, or Montreal that has its special charm and numerous sites to visit.

12 Weirdest: Thor’s Well, Oregon, USA - A Hole In The Ocean

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No, it's not a waterfall. It's a hole that seems to be draining Pacific Ocean's waters. It's called Thor's Well, or Spouting Horn. It's interesting that even though this hole seems to be bottomless, it's, in fact, only 20 feet deep.

You can have a look at Thor's Well, if you take the Captain Cook Trail from the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. But however mesmerizing this giant hole can seem to be, stay away from it and be careful, if you don't want to be swept right into the maelstrom. Of course, you can take photos and gaze at this one-of-a-kind hole, but remember that if there's a storm or if the tide is high, you shouldn't approach it.

11 Most Boring: Zurich, Switzerland - A Sterile City

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You might be surprised to see Zurich listed here as one of the most boring cities. After all, it has a very beautiful Old Town part, as well as amazing views of the Alps. But, even though it has something to offer to its visitors, Zurich is still not as interesting as some other cities. A lot of tourists, who visited it, say that Zurich was so tidy and clean that it seemed to be sterile.

Besides, the fact that a large population of bankers live in Zurich doesn't add much fun to the city. So if you want to visit Switzerland, head to Lucerne or Basel for a more exciting vacation.

10 Weirdest: Red Beach, Panjin, China - One-Of-A-Kind Beach

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Red Beach in Panjin is different from what we're used to understand by the word "beach". There's no sand, but it's covered by seaweed. In fact, this beach features the largest reed marsh area in the world!

Panjin beach doesn't have this bright red color all year round. In spring, the sprouts of seaweed are green and by summer it gets a yellowish green color. Only in late summer (around August) till the middle of fall, the seaweed are blooming and explode into a number of shades of crimson. You can explore the limited section of this unique beach from a special wooden jetty that stretches into the sea and allows to safely observe the amazing views.

9 Most Boring: Nassau, Bahamas - Overcrowded And Overpriced

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We can't argue that Nassau offers a number of attractions for tourists. There are duty-free shops and mega-resorts, as well as beaches, gardens, and forts. When you come to Nassau for the first time, you might even think that it's a fun place, but you'll soon see all its drawbacks.

First of all, it's overcrowded, so the activities offered on the resort won't be as enjoyable as you think. Secondly, be ready to spend a huge sum of money, because everything is so expensive there. Thirdly, all activities are organized for you, which leaves to room for spontaneous stuff. And what can be more boring than sticking to a rigid schedule?

8 Weirdest: The Nasca Lines, Peru - Explore The Mysterious Drawings

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If you take an air trip over the ancient Nasca into Pampa de San José in Peru or walk up the viewing tower, you'll see something amazing. The figures of various animals and birds were drawn on the ground by clearing the stones from its surface. Many of these figures are over 160 feet (50 meters) wide and some go up to 650 feet (200 meters) in length.

The origin and purpose of these figures still remain a mystery, even though there're multiple theories about it. Some of them say that the animals and birds represent totems of the peoples living in this territory in the ancient times. What we certainly know is that everyone should visit this one-of-a-kind place at least once in a lifetime.

7 Most Boring: Lubbock, Texas, USA - No Active Life Options

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Lou Reed and John Cale sang in their song, "There is only one good use for a small town/You know that you want to get out." These lines can certainly be attributed to Lubbock, Texas. It seems that nothing is going on in this town. No music venues take place there, there are no active life options and even no fast-food restaurants. This is why, Lubbock has even been ranked as the most boring city in the United States.

Of course, this title doesn't mean that Lubbock is a bad city. It's just a place that's good for... lounging around and doing nothing at all.

6 Weirdest: Badab-e-Surt, Iran - Art Crafted By Nature

Via: pandotrip

The unique geological phenomenon you can see in northern Iran was formed thousands of years ago, during the Pleistocene and Pliocene epochs. Nature crafted Badab-e-Surt by sending water from two mineral hot springs down the mountain. When this water cooled down, the carbonate minerals contained in it turned into the substance that gradually hardened and created the staircase shape. One of the hot springs gave the orange color to these terraces due to the high content of iron oxide, while the water from another hot spring is believed to have healing qualities.

Only a few other places in the world are similar to Badab-e-Surt, and one of them is Pamukkale water terraces in Turkey.

5 Most Boring: Agra, India - Not-So-Exciting Taj Mahal

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Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the main tourist attractions in India, yet there's nothing much to see there. Yes, the white marble mausoleum that houses the tomb of Mughal emperor's wife is stunningly beautiful, but it doesn't make Agra, the city where it's located, any less horrible. It's dirty, dusty, and overcrowded. To make things worse, there're also a lot of people, who want to scam the tourists and sell soapstone, saying that it's marble.

Besides, if you still want to see Taj Mahal and don't care about the horrors of Agra, you'll have to share this experience with a crowd of other tourists. So don't waste your time and explore other sites in India. After all, this amazing country has so many great things to show you!

4 Weirdest: Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India - A Haunted Fort

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Even though Bhangarh might seem to be a usual fort, it's actually a very strange place you might consider visiting instead of Agra, if you aren't afraid of ghosts...

According to one legend, a beautiful princess Ratnavati lived in the fort and a sorcerer fell in love with her. He made a love potion, but she refused to drink it, so the sorcerer cursed her. Another legend says that king Madho Singh wanted to build a capital on this place. He got an approval from an ascetic to do it under a condition that the shadow from the fort would never fall on his meditation spot. But the king's successor broke the promise and the fort was cursed.

Whatever happened, Bhangarh is still considered to be haunted. It's even strictly prohibited to enter the fort's territory after sunset, because they say that it's impossible to survive a night there.

Anyone has goosebumps?

3 Most Boring: Vientiane, Laos - Opt For Other Destinations In Laos

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If you think that all cities in Asia are exciting, you're only partly right. Some of them aren't as good as others.

Located on the border between Laos and Thailand, Vientiane lacks the charm attributed to either of these countries. There are no mountains or tropical landscapes there that are so typical of other Lao and Thai cities. And it doesn't have a lot of tourist attractions, because it's very small in size.

One day is enough to see all the interesting things in Vientiane, so if your time in Asia is limited, better spend this day to see something more exciting, like Vangvieng in Laos or Chiang Mai in Thailand.

2 Weirdest: The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland - Legend Says It Was Built By A Giant

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The place known as the Giant's Causeway formed 60 million years ago after a volcanic eruption spewed out a huge mass of molten basalt on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. Over time, this mass cooled down and hardened into a series of geometrically perfect polygon columns. It's estimated that there are approximately 37,000 of them. Some of them are very high, while others are short enough to walk on. This one-of-a-kind site was given a UNESCO World Heritage status in 1986.

Even though we know that the columns were naturally formed, a local legend says that they were built by a giant, because their shape seems to be way too perfect.

1 Most Boring: Canberra, Australia - When The Capital Is The Least Exciting City In The Country

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Australia has a lot to offer to tourists, but its capital isn't as interesting as most other sites. Even though Canberra is a quiet and pleasant city, it lacks the natural beauty of Sydney and unique cultural edge of Melbourne. It's one of the greenest capitals of the world and you can find a few museums in Canberra, but they aren't really worth a visit. Besides, the capital is located miles away from the gorgeous Australian coast and it's also not walkable.

So take our advice and choose one of the other large cities on the Australian continent for a more exciting experience on your trip.

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