Over the years the United States has been a great contributor to the international community in various areas. Apart from its peacekeeping functions and global leadership, the acclaimed world leaders have also largely contributed to the fast food industry across the world, thereby churning out a large number of obese people.

Thus, if you are a great lover of fast-food, just keep your fingers crossed. Because what you’re going to see here may either excite or frighten you. It all depends on how you choose to take it. First off, do you know that the United States has the highest the number of junk foods in the whole world, with burgers contributing to at least 50 percent of total food expenditure in the country?

Oh Yeah! That’s a clear fact. While the fast-food industry keeps rising by the day, also the number of unhealthy foods available for consumption by the public keeps hitting the roof. Most of the public has developed a certain kind of addiction for these fast foods not minding the detrimental nature of this food.

It’s sad to know that at least 60 percent of chronic heart diseases or obese related diseases that affect many people today are as a result of high fast-food intake which is sold by these fast food chains. We’re not saying that you should totally stop visiting these restaurants, of course, you won’t stop. Rather, we’re saying you should reduce the intake of this food which could turn out to be a health risk to you in the long run.

However, we will be sharing with you in this post 10 of the unhealthiest fast food chain in the globe and 10 specifically in the US. From the list, you’d notice that almost all of these fast food chains are from the US, but some have an international global presence – while some only have their location in the US.

First off, 10 Of the unhealthiest fast food chains around the globe.

20 Around The World: Starbucks

Before you try to defend Starbucks on whether they should be on this list, wait till you know the reason why it’s here. No doubt, they provide you with a menu that may seem irresistible but for your health’s sake, you may have to put them in check. This global American company, which is located in different parts of the world, serves a yummy red velvet cake called crème Frappuccino.

It’s pretty easy to crave for this moist, ruby-hued dessert but with the number of calories in it, we tag this one unhealthy. In the fat category, it contains 0.5g trans-fat and 14 g saturated fat. That’s not all. This dessert packs 600 calories, 3 g fiber, 87 g sugar, 360 mg sodium, and 9 g protein.

I’m sure you’re quite sad right now but if you must have this dessert, it’s best to go for the Halo top’s red velvet pint. The reason why this is a better option is the fact that it contains fewer calories when compared to the Frappuccino.

19 Around The World: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Oh yes! KFC made it to this list thanks to their highly unhealthy chicken pot pie. This may be hard for you to take in because you may want to defend the vegetables you encounter as you dig into the pie. But if the chicken pot pie came packed with carrots and fiber-filled peas only, it would have been declared healthy.

Now the reason why this menu has a large billboard that reads unhealthy attached to it is the fact that this global company took it a step further to recreate it in their own way by lacing it with appetite-spiking MSG. They also made it a duty to touch it up with hydrogenated and inflammatory oils.

If you’re not convinced at this point, then wait till you know that this calorie bomber contains 790 calories, 66 g carbs, 7g sugar, 29g protein, 3g fiber, 46g fat, 2120 mg sodium, and 37 g saturated fat. Hence, it’s best to avoid this.

18 Around The World: Burger King

I know you’re practically salivating for this juicy and mouthwatering sandwich that screams “eat me now” every now and then but before you decide to go and grab one, it would interest you to know that Burger King lost its kingship on this meal.

You shouldn’t be surprised about this because if it’s on this list, then it’s pretty much unhealthy. To avoid sentiments, I need you to wipe out every memory of the slogan that the global company Burger King made you believe for a long time, which says “you can never have much bacon.” What does that even mean anyway?

Well, what it means is when you eat this meal you are getting a wallop of heart-taxing trans and saturated fats because each of the burgers contains 1,150 calories, 2150 mg sodium, 3.5 g trans-fat, 79g fat, 31g saturated fat, 61g protein, and 49g carbs.

17 Around The World: Pizza Hut

If you’re a meat lover and you enjoy giving yourself a treat by eating Pizza Hut’s 18-inch pan pizza, then your bubble is about to be smashed. The reason isn’t far-fetched. It’s simply due to the fact that the global company serves its customers a meat-centric pizza that would do nothing but hunt your health with a nightmare.

This pizza is obviously a carnivore’s dream with the combination of beef, bacon, ham, pepperoni, two types of sausages, and mozzarella that comes with it.

Before you decide to make one slice your dinner, you have to know that each slice contains 33 g fat, 1 g trans-fat, 66 g carbs, 1,580 mg sodium, and 680 calories. If each slice contains 680 calories, imagine what eating a whole pizza all by yourself will do to you. (Yes, just visit a doctor right now)

16 Around The World: Domino’s Pizza

When a global company like Domino’s pizza comes up with a recipe like cinnamon bread twist you should divert your attention from the sweet smell of the food and detect the trouble that comes with snacks.

It’s more like sweet trouble that not only makes your tummy insatiable with few bites, thus you need so many bites to help quench your hunger for it. At the end of munching on this food, you’d come to the realization that you’ve consumed more calories than you bargained for.

Each piece of the cinnamon bread twist contains 125 calories, 6 g fat, 15.5 g carbs, 2.3 g saturated fat, 2.5 g protein, and 2.5 g sugar. One advice on this one is don’t be fooled by the sweet taste or your tummy’s drum roll for more because it’s quite unhealthy.

15 Around The World: Papa John’s Pizza

If you don’t plan to eat anything that’s quite injurious to your health, then you should avoid Papa John’s garlic cheddar knots. The reason why this meal is dangerous is that it’s almost impossible to stop at one. In fact, once you have tasted three, you’d want to comprise the number of calories you should eat in a day just to suit your taste buds, thanks to the cheesy twists.

This global company took it upon themselves to ensure customers are happy. However, if you keep eating this religiously, they will end up having no customers. This is because one garlic cheddar knot contains 130 calories, 260 g sodium, 1.5 g saturated fat, 1 g of sugar, 4.5 g fat, 1 g fiber, and 17 g carbs – that might just lead you to your deathbed faster than expected if you feast on it every other day. In summary, be measured with it.

14 Around The World: McDonald’s

For barbeque lovers and fans, you have to be careful with McDonald’s McRib. The name could be misleading, as this meal doesn’t help maintain a constant layer of fat between your ribs and your chest. Instead, it goes straight for your heart’s health with its ingredients like inflammatory soybean oil.

This food shouldn’t be consumed every day or any day at all if possible because other ingredients like the potassium sorbate and caramel color make it completely unfit for consumption.

Eating a piece of the McRib translates to eating 125 g calories, 15.5 g carbs, 2.5 g sugar, 2.5 g protein, and 6 g fat. Even if you’re not health conscious, consciously avoid this meal.

13 Around The World: Dairy Queen

When the weather is so hot, having cravings for that classic cookies and cream flavor isn’t a bad idea. The bad idea here is satisfying your cravings with Dairy Queen’s Oreo hot cocoa blizzard. This global company may not mean any harm on the outside based on the presentation of the blizzard but it does a lot of harm on the inside – which is what matters most.

This is obvious from the sweetness that comes from a ridiculous amount of trans-fat and added sugar. A medium cup of the blizzard contains a whopping 1,040 calories, 148 g carbs, 630 mg sodium, 20 g saturated fat, 109 g sugar, 43 g fat, 19 g protein, and an unreasonable 1.5 g trans-fat.

12 Around The World: Taco Bell

This global company came up with the triple-double crunch wrap to give its customers a triple-double dose of harm to their system. No doubt, they did a fantastic job of getting you to think you were eating healthy food with all the tomato, sour cream, nacho cheese and beef they stuffed generously in the crunch wrap to make it the ideal Mexican dish.

Well, their job is undone because now you know what this meal will do to you. Each triple-double crunch wrap contains 30 g fat, 1,550 mg sodium, 700 calories, 23 g protein, 30 g fat, and 9 g saturated fat.

11 Around The World: Five Guys

If having a big tummy is on your wish list alongside health complications in the long run, then I’d strongly recommend that you go for Five Guys bacon cheeseburger. But if you wish to see your grandkids, avoid it totally. I really don’t know what this company had in mind when they were combining mayo and ketchup, with pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

But one thing is for sure – they are quite careless when it comes to calories. This meal is an auto calorie bomber that contains 1008 calories alongside 48 g carbs, 1636 mg sodium, 13 g sugar, 2 g trans-fat, 3 g fiber, 69 g fat, 51 g protein, and 27.5 g saturated fat. The unhealthiness of this meal can’t be overemphasized hence, it’s best to avoid ingesting the bacon cheeseburger.

This list so far has been global as far as the fast food chains are concerned. However, we now narrow down to 10 of the unhealthiest fast food chains, specifically and only located in the US.

10 In The US: Sonic

One beautiful thing about the Sonic fast-food restaurant is the fact that they give their customers a different eating experience as compared to other fast food chains in the US. The customers of the US-based fast-food chain are given the comfort to make their order via an intercom, in a parking station, where they have their cars parked.

Then, they get their food delivered to them hot or cold, as they want it – like a special mail delivery system. Thus, you’d not have to wait on the counter or queue up to get your meal. However, their uniqueness doesn’t show in their menu, because they give the same greasy and high-calories burgers that other unhealthy fast-food chains would deliver.

In fact, their milkshake is highly unhealthy because of its calorie content. Thus, if don’t want to develop a heart disease, you might just have to avoid their burgers completely. s

9 In The US: Chick-Fil-A

The Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant is another fast food chain you should watch out for; especially when it comes to the unhealthy fast food menu they sell to their customers.

If you’ve had their fruity lemonade or you are a regular customer who has grown fond of taking this delicious drink, it will interest you to know that the fruity lemonade you get from Chick-Fil-A has 6 grams of fat, 580 calories, 60grams carbs, and 170mg sodium.

This appears to be the perfect recipe to get obese. Oh yes!

Maybe the Chick-Fil-A should just focus on making the chicken sandwiches we know them well for, rather than trying to send many to their early graves unknowingly.

8 In The US: In-N-Out

If you are not based in the West Coasts of America, then you probably have not visited In-N-Out. Well, for my folks from the West coast, hip-hop hurray for the legendary and delicious burgers made by In-N-Out. (If you just concurred with me on this, then perhaps you should start having a rethink.)

Even though your taste buds enjoyed the sweet and sumptuous taste of this awesome In-N-Out burger, I’m sure your digestive tract doesn’t agree with you on this one. The excess grease in the In-N-Out burgers is definitely nothing to write home about. The delicious burger goes “IN” but obviously doesn’t come “OUT” well for you.

7 In The US: Charlie’s Philly Steaks

The Charlie’s Philly Steaks is another US-based fast-food-chain that has done well for itself to an extent that it’s been selling unhealthy fast foods since 1986 to a large number of Americans. Apparently, you will find them in airport malls, shopping malls and what have you – not anywhere else.

Probably, the business model of the Charlie’s Philly Steaks is to have most of their locations in food courts. Or maybe, it’s because the unhealthy fast-food chain hasn’t pleased the public enough for them to expand and have more normal locations like their fellow fast-food chain counterparts.

Their cheesesteak is ranked as the unhealthiest fast-food in their unhealthy fast-food court.

6 In The US: Smash Burger

If you’re observant, you will guess that the name Smash Burger may probably be connected to the fact that this fast-food chain is out to smash the digestive systems of their customers with their “Legendary Smashing Burgers.” Why?

The Smash burger fast food has enjoyed a lot of patriotism from Americans since it first started in 2013. The best part of this fast-food chain is the fact that it has been ranked as one of the most affordable fast-food restaurants. Thus, its low prices lead customers to buy more of their high-calories and greasy fast-food snacks.

5 In The US: White Castle

If you haven’t been or lived in Philadelphia or New Jersey before, you probably may not know the White castle. However, if you have watched the movie “Harold and Kumar Go to Castle,” then this fast-food chain may ring a bell to you. Apparently, the movie was sponsored by “White Castle” fast-food restaurant – which was a way for them to promote their eatery.

Even if you haven’t watched that movie or even experienced them, it won’t be bad to get information about them beforehand. Most times when companies use the name “white,” in their brand, they try to pass a message that they are probably “pure or perfect.”

However, this fast-food chain may be called White Castle, but there is absolutely nothing “white or pure about their fast-food menu, especially its full-sized greasy burgers.

4 In The US: Shake Shack

This US-based fast food will surely give you a shake shack to the restroom, because of the heavy grease and calories found in the burgers. However, they became popular because of their milkshakes that contained alcohol. Many young people patronized them because of the booze-like milkshake that they dedicate to “Will and Grace.”

It’s one thing to have your milkshake savored with a lot of sugar, and another thing for it to be mixed with some booze. What an incredible combination both for your stomach and your liver. It’s even worse when you sell them cheap – of course, almost everyone will want to get their hands on that shake. Just try not to be one of them.

3 In The US: Chipotle

The Chipotle is a big, Hispanic, American-based fast-food chain that has its headquarters in Colorado. This fast-food restaurant started operations far back as 1993, and it has gained a lot of patriotism amongst Americans because of their sweet-flavored snacks.

Thus, you find many young chaps loving their menu. You can say, “after all their only kids, so they can enjoy whatever they want now.” True but not exactly true, because their systems become more toxic as they age, due to the accumulation of these harmful snacks disguised as sweet and delicious.

Why say this?

Well, most of their snacks are mixed with a lot of artificial flavors that are harmful to both you and your kids.

2 In The US: Pei Wei

It’s quite surprising to see this US-based restaurant here considering the fact that they mostly sell Asian cuisines which are believed to have fewer carbs and calories. Well, that’s different for the “Thai vegetables and Wofu” meal. Most people are made to think that this meal is quite healthy probably because it has some veggies in it.

Permit me to burst your bubbles on this one. It’s certain that the Thai vegetables and tofu will go perfectly for you as a delicious and well-satisfying lunch. However, before you go further with your lunch it’s important you note that the meal contains approximately 1,670 calories, 6,390mg of sodium and 66g of fat.

Do you still want to have that lunch?

1 In The US: Taco John

Before you try to shoot me on this one, I’ll let out a secret. If you’ve been treating yourself to the Taco John’s potato scrambler with regular sausage, then you’ve been swallowing “a live bullet” the whole time.

Taco John is a big fast food chain in the US that strives to please the taste buds of customers with its sumptuous meals but they blew it on this one. The potato scrambler with regular sausage menu would have been ideal because this breakfast is stuffed with healthy ingredients like onions, peppers, fluffy eggs, and poblano peppers.

However, the company decided to take it a step further to dress this menu up with two major sources of saturated fat which are nacho cheese and cheddar cheese. Each meal contains 1,190 calories, 37 g protein, 88g carbs, 5g sugar, 1,440 mg sodium, 9 g fiber, and 79 g fat which make it incredibly unhealthy.