Hiking is a hobby for many and can be a great pass time. It is also a great way to get outside and connect with nature. There are many places in the world that are great for taking hikes if you are an amateur or a pro. However, some hikes can be dangerous and many risk a lot when going on these hikes. For many, it is worth it. No matter if they are dodgy or not all of these hikes present the hiker with an amazing view along the way and at their destination.

If you like to hike it may be worth considering going to some of the places on this list. It could present you with a new world you never thought existed. Many hikers like to hike new places because it gives them a sense of adventure and these 20 places will definitely scratch that itch. There are so many places to hike and more and more are being discovered daily, so if you are a hiker looking for a new place to explore look no further! It is time to find your new favorite hiking spot!

20 Scenic: Long Range Traverse In Newfoundland

The Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland can be a daunting hike at first glance. However, when hikers begin their hike it makes it all worth it. The Long Range Traverse has several trails going through it that range from valleys to hiking up mountains. There are several precautions that hikers must take when taking on the long hike. Specifically in this area of Newfoundland fog can become a big problem for hikers. This means that hikers must come prepared to have location devices and know exactly where they are going even when they can't see. On the right day, the trail can be unbelievable even for the most experienced hikers.

19 Dodgy: Kalalau Trail In Hawaii

Many hikers who have hiked most of America would agree that the most spectacular and one of the most dangerous hiking trails is located in Hawaii and is known as the Kalalau Trail. The hike itself ranges to about twenty-two miles in total and has the ocean in view most of the way. This is a perk of having a hiking trail on an island like Hawaii. Many people take the hike in short spurts as it can be dangerous to take on too much of the trail at once. There are several mountains with no railings that lead straight down to the oceans below. However, if you have others with you and are extra careful the hike is definitely worth it.

18 Scenic: Caribou Tracks In Alaska

Alaska may seem like a strange spot to go on a hike but if you go during the right season the results can be amazing. The trail itself stretches to be around 30 miles long and is surrounded by spruce, willow, and alder trees. Considered an easier hike for the experienced explorers, many enjoy the wildflower fields including bluebells and prickly rose during the springtime. With a spectacular view stretching the entire trial thanks to both the Mentasa Mountains and the Noyes Mountain range, this trail is nothing short of an amazing sightseeing adventure for even the novice hiker.

17 Dodgy: Aonach Eagach Ridge In Scotland

No surprise that Scotland would hold amazing hiking trails, however, Aonach Eagach Ridge is no ordinary trail. With its rigid and high trails, along with being known as the narrowest ridge in the region, this trail is not for the faint of heart. Even experienced hikers are wary of this trail. However, if one is brave enough to take on the challenge, the ridge gives an amazing view of the Scottish Highlands along with its rocky mountain peaks. This is a once in a lifetime hike that only a few dare to try but it is worth the risks.

16 Scenic: The Olympic National Park In Washington

With almost a million acres of land, The Olympic National Park is an old and vast piece of wilderness that holds many different terrains for hikers to enjoy. From low forests to high mountains and glacier peaks, the trials in this national park will not disappoint. Though the park is most busy in the summer months, this park has open trails throughout the year. With over 70 miles of coastline, these trails have something for everyone. Through the diverse terrain, the beautiful views are never ending, and with so much to explore these trails will have you coming back again and again all year long!

15 Dodgy: Cascade Saddle In New Zealand

The Cascade Saddle in New Zealand is located between the Dart Valleys and West Matukituki Valleys and River. With large descending rock faces leading into the valleys, along with high altitudes, this trail is only for the experienced hikers. This trail is only open during the summer months and is only permitted to be traversed when good weather is expected. A one-way, two-day walk, this trail offers amazing views of the surrounding valleys and rivers all along the way. The trail also offers unique wilderness sightings, such as the Kea parrot, the only known parrot in the alpine terrains. For the experienced hikers, this trail is a must!

14 Scenic: The Sierra High Route In California

Known for its height and remoteness, the Sierra High Route offers seemingly endless rock and mineral views, along with amazing mountain views in the near distances. Though a bit rigid at times, these trails are fairly straightforward and offer amazing scenic routes. Although the temperatures can get a bit high in the summers here, these months are the best to guarantee blue skies through the whole hike. With such clarity, the views are worth any rugged routes you may encounter here. With a bit of experience, hikers are in for a treat with this trail!

13 Dodgy: Maroon Bells South Ridge In Colorado

With some of the most recognizable peaks in the United States, Maroon Bells holds amazing mountainous terrain for experienced hikers. With a 12 mile trek up to the top, this trail is known to make some dizzy and disoriented. With unpredictable winter weather, this trail is often traversed through the summer months, which makes for great sightseeing views with the clear skies. This trail holds a lot of loose rocks and steep climbs, but rewards hikers with an amazing mountaintop view. Surrounded by valleys and other mountains, many seem to forgo the risk for such a beautiful reward.

12 Scenic: Franconia Ridge In New Hampshire

A very popular hiking spot in the North East United States, Franconia Ridge offers amazing trails for the entire family! With very basic but breathtaking routes, this Ridge offers a 9-mile hike, easily completed in a day for the average hiker. With the best views, the White Mountains have to offer, the trail opens with forests all along the trail, though very quickly you will find yourself looking over the trees thanks to the bit of incline. Even in the winter months, this easily accessible trail gives amazing snowy views, changing the green forests to white fields as far as the eye can see. An all year round destination, this spot should definitely be on your family vacation list!

11 Dodgy: Huayna Picchu In Peru

The Huayna Picchu hiking trail known as the Incan Trail is one of the most known and most dangerous trails in the world. The trail itself sees a lot of hikers attempting to hike it but many end up turning back in fear. The trail itself isn't very sturdy and presents hikers with a climb of around a thousand feet that leads up to less than a mile. The trail has many rotting pieces of wood and crumbling rocks that make it hard to keep your footing. The trails have seen many unprepared hikers attempting the daunting task in just flip-flops. Many are advised to give up before they even started.

10 Scenic: Overland Track In Australia

Australia is well known for its vast wilderness, but Overland Track offers a surreal, remote hike like no other. Over 40 miles of trails, this hike is host to amazing mountain views, waterfalls, and the infamous Lake St. Clair. Though the weather is often unpredictable, this scenic route is beautiful in any season and is great for both the new and the experienced hikers. Known for the rare sightings of Tasmanian Devils, this wilderness offers a variety of welcomed surprises to natives and tourists alike. Over the course of the five-day trek, you will never know what to expect on this hidden treasure of Australia!

9 Dodgy: The Maze In Utah

Utah sees many trails and hikes that many wouldn't dare attempt. One of these trails is known as The Maze which is located in Utah. The Maze is located in the Canyonlands national park and sees upwards of 2,000 thrill seeking hikers a year. The Maze gets its name from the sheer amount of dead ends when traveling the trail. The area also sees it's fair share of flash floods forcing many hikers to improvise on their trek. Luckily most novice hikers have turned away unless they come equipped with emergency plans like good contact methods and plenty of food and water.

8 Scenic: The Everest Base Camp

When people hear "hiking Mt. Everest" you may think that this entry would be in the dodgy section of the list. While it could also fit there we argue that it is more scenic than it is dangerous (at least base camp that is.) Specifically, the base camp is the least dangerous part of your hike. Many believe that you have to be the fittest person in the world in order to attempt climbing Everest. However, this is a common misconception. Many people have simply heard the horror stories of Everest climbers and simply assume the hike spells doom. This has led many to stay away from an otherwise beautiful hike.

7 Dodgy: Mount Hua Shan In China

If hikers want to take on something much more dangerous, and less cliche, than Mt. Everest the Mt. Hua Shan in China, will serve this purpose. Many have coined this the most dangerous hike that hikers can attempt in the world. The hike itself sees that hikers must have careful footing as they traverse the small walkways that lead up the mountain. The walkways are made out of thin pieces of wood and are extremely old. While this isn't the only thing that holds you up it is one of the main supports on this dangerous hike. The scariest part of this hike is the steepness of the mountain and the height you are at. There is no second guessing yourself when you get up on the mountain!

6 Scenic: Pacific Crest Trail In California

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the most beautiful places to hike for the western portion of the United States. While the trail reaches through most of the western coast some of the most scenic portions are located in the California section of the hike. The entirety of the trail stretches through 25 national forests and 7 national parks. So you will definitely be able to see your fair share of wildlife and connect with nature. The trail offers different environments from high top mountain peaks to dense forests. You definitely won't want to miss this trail the next time you are on the west coast.

5 Dodgy: Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

The Drakensberg Traverse, or as hikers like to call it "The Berg" is located in South Africa and is a bit dodgy due to many different factors. One of these factors is the fast-changing weather located in the area. The weather can at times be unpredictable and leave hikers in an unexpected predicament. Another reason the hike is so dangerous is the number of venomous snakes on the path. These snakes are hard to see as they blend in with the surrounding environment. Pro hikers recommend you to be at least at a novice level of hiking to take on "The Berg".

4 Scenic: Tour Du Mont Blanc In France

The Tour Du Mont Blanc in France is deemed one of the safest and most beautiful trails in the world. The Huffington Post deemed it "the perfect first solo hike". This is because the hike is well marked with several points and is hard to veer off from. You can also find plenty of other hikers on the same trail as the Tour Du Mont Blanc is a very popular trail. There are also several huts and wood cabins built for hikers on the trail to stay in during the nighttime. If you complete the trail you will have ended up walking through three different countries all of which have breathtaking views.

3 Dodgy: Mist Trail, California

The Mist Trail is probably the shortest hike on this list being completed in 3 to 5 hours depending on the hiker. However, in that short time span, things can get a little dodgy. The main thing that makes this hike dangerous is the steep cliffs it presents hikers. There are also at times slippery spots on the trail which could slip up hikers if not cautious. However, it has been deemed Yosemite's signature hike. Anyone who is traveling through Yosemite or near it should definitely check out the Mist Trail hike. Just be cautious and make sure you maintain your energy.

2 Scenic: Te Arora Trail In New Zealand

The best thing about the Te Arora Trail in New Zealand is the trail known as Maori which stands for "long pathway". The trail leads through many different parts of New Zealand and is a great way to bring in the countries culture and atmosphere. The trail is very long taking up to weeks and months to finish. If you are a hardcore hiker and haven't tried to hike the Te Arora Trail you are missing out on a long strenuous, but beautiful hike. It is also a great way to explore the culture of New Zealand.

1 Dodgy: Angel's Landing In Utah

Utah has made itself known to be a dangerous area for hikers wanting to find a challenging hike in the United States. That doesn't exclude Angel's Landing. The hike is extremely challenging and presents a danger in the way of extreme heights with no real safeguards to prevent people from slipping. Most of the incidents that have happened where inexperienced hikers will attempt to hike Angel's Landing in just their flip-flops or whatever shoes they were wearing that morning. This doesn't stray away from the fact that Angel's Landing is one of the most dangerous hikes in America and it is only recommended that experienced hikers take on this task.