10 Of The Most Rad Airbnb Spots (10 Of The Strangest)

Traveling became for millennials the number one activity to do when they have free time or holidays. They will take the time to leave and explore the world with or more often without a lot of money. There’s always three things that are really important when you travel for any generation. Transportation, food and "Where the hell are we going to sleep tonight?!" Some will always take the hotel, you book it, you become the king of the place and you just enjoy your trip until you come back to your 9 to 5 in 3 weeks.

A lot of young folks that have less money decide to go for hostels, it’s cheaper and you get the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world. BUT, something arrived in our society some years ago and it started to change our way of traveling forever... AirBNB.

You get the chance to meet amazing people and live in real local areas. It can be cheap for low budget or more luxurious for travelers who have a bigger wallet. You can definitely find almost anything. Here’s the top 10 Airbnbs you would really want to sleep in at least one time in your life and the top 10 of the strangest that have been found.


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Located in Malibu, California, this Airstream was redesigned into a large studio with three large frameless glass panels that open to an awesome deck with the craziest view ever. Out of the city, you are a little bit in the wild and it is the perfect place to relax and to really enjoy your trip. A little gypsy-esque, it is the perfect Airbnb for those who always dreamed to have their RV or a Westfalia but never got the money to afford one.

To be honest it’s even better, you got the most beautiful Airstream ever designed without paying the price of buying one. Let’s be clear though, it is not cheap! With that style and especially that view, you can have it for $869 CAD for only 3 people. It is not for parties but for taking the time to breath again after a whole year of stress working.


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Maybe you already knew about this one because it is already pretty famous but it still needs to be part of this list. When you rent the place you literally have the whole property… the 2 shells are yours with a private pool. The owners/architects live next door and for many years nobody really knew that it was for rent, it is just like a hotel but without the crowded lobby and pools.

If you are a fan of Cancun, this could be a new option for you instead of going to the normal resorts and instead explore the area of Isla Mujeres. For approximately CAD$400 (about $300 US) for 4 people, you could experience sleeping in a shell that is as spectacular inside as outside. You would literally feel like you are inside of an actual seashell.


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You probably wonder when you look at this, like most of the people do at first sight, “What the hell is that?!” Well, it's La Muralla Roja, and it was built by a famous architect named Ricardo Bofill in 1973. If you like architecture and art, this is the best place to stay for you. Rooms can sometimes be a little plain and not really extravagant depending of the owner's style. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t want to stay inside when you'll see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in front of you. Be ready to explore a little city in another city and lose yourself in this huge pink, blue, red and purple maze.


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This place is going to make you feel like you are a local of the desert. Grab your camel and your sunscreen. It might look strange and scary from the outside but the inside is pretty "basic".

But it's what you don’t see that will wow you just as much. The commodities you have while staying there: There’s a 5+ acres lush garden and big vistas of desert and mountains. You can also use the hot tub. So, this is the place for people who love nature and want a restful weekend with family and/or friends.


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You love the beauty of nature but you are at the same time a little bit too “bougie” to sleep on the ground in a tent or in a creepy cabin. Well, maybe this is the best spot for you. Not really far from the city, you can experience the prettiness of Mother Nature by still staying comfortable just like home! During the day, you can do any nature activities you want, do some yoga on the redwood yoga deck or just staying lazy with a great book on the hammock that you can see on the picture.

Another great thing is that it doesn’t get super hot in the glass box like a lot of you might ask. You can put something on the ceiling of the box to be sure to have no sun in the morning. Also, because of the trees, you are also hidden from the sun because of their shadows so nobody can be scared of being too hot in there.


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It is by far the craziest place to sleep in and this Airbnb from Boston is not for everyone. But literally, not for everyone! Only short or mid-range people can fit in this box. So, if you are 6 feet tall or higher, you need to erase this from your bucket list because you have no chance to fit in.

If you ever want to book a night in the little green box, you need to prepare a budget of $55. If you think this is a joke, we need to tell you that it was initially an experimental art project that was created by sculptor Jeff Smith. He wanted to push further the concept of the “Tiny House Movement”. Smith said that the house has a lot of favourable features like the six porthole windows made with repurposed pie plates and a white front door with a small slot. All made with recycled wood.

If you've ever wanted to see what lying in a coffin felt like, this would probably be pretty close.


via : Airbnb.com

I have to say that the Airbnbs in Joshua Tree are always the most beautiful/crazy ones. I don’t know what happened there but all the artists or architects seem to love creating amazing places for the tourists. This one is no exception!

The place is splitt in two, one like a little barn and the other like a bigger one. The architect/designer, Malek Alqadi, wanted to blend indoor and outdoor living like you can see in the picture. He created innovating modern, minimalistic design and luxury. Everything is really luxurious but always really simple.

Alqadi wanted that people could have a retreat in his cabin so that's why nothing is too extravagant. The best thing with this Airbnb is the price, only $400 to $600 CAD and six people can sleep in.


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If you like scary things, this is the best Airbnb EVER!

Let’s start with the beginning real quick. Monsignor Thomas Wallace opened in 1890 his church and when he passed away in 1907, he loved his church and his chapel so much that he requested to be buried there. A crypt and a mortuary chapel were added to the actual church and Monsignor Wallace stayed there until 2009 when the church unfortunately closed. His body has been buried in a cemetery since then.

The new owner had the brilliant idea to give another life to Thomas Wallace and opened the crypt to rent it as an Airbnb... Just let that sink in for a second.

He doesn’t believe in ghosts but the owner said that he sometimes feels chills in his spine. When someone asks him if he’d stay one night in there, his answer is a big “HELL NO”. Would you pay to sleep in Monsignor Thomas Wallace’s crypt?


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If you like bold but also comfortable places to stay in, this is the best place to go if you travel to Barcelona. Literally inside of the city close to the Magic Fountain, you would never think that you are in busy Barcelona because you will be in your own bubble.

If you enjoy great architecture, great design and you also love nature and flowers, this is the best place because you will fall in love in this lush patio. You won’t want to come back after you enjoyed this patio during the beautiful summer nights of Barcelona with your friends and family.

You could have this oasis for $780 CAD (about $590 USD) for 6 people, there’s also a pool if you want to stay there instead of going to the ocean.


via : Airbnb.com

Let’s be honest, this is far from being ugly, it is a cute place but can we all agree that the nature theme is a lot! If you like themed things/apartments, it’s a place that you have a high chance to like.

Here’s the owner description on Airbnb.com : “Pretend you are lost in a magical forest as you perch on a log or curl up in the swinging chair. Soak in the tub, then fall asleep in a heavenly bedroom with cloud-painted walls and twinkling lights. And when you wake up, the espresso machine awaits."

A place for the nature lovers when they need to stay in the city or for the fantasy lovers. The perfect Airbnb for people who like to be a little extra quirky.


via : Airbnb.com

If you like being in the desert or you want to experience it for the first time, you might want to try it while staying in this stylish Airbnb.

With a really modern architecture and design, you will feel just like home. There’s a little tub if you want to stay relaxed while dipping your feet in, or an actual hot tub to enjoy a beautiful Saturday night with your family and your friends and look at the thousands and thousand stars in the sky.

There are also beds outside if you want to stay comfortable and enjoy the great view of the desert and mountains. How much? It goes to$505 CAD (about $380 USD) per night for 4 guests.


via : Airbnb.com

Obviously not for tall people, this Airbnb was made with a 1964 Piper PA-28 cherokee airplane to be able to please the people who love a mix between history and airplanes. The house is not only the airplane, in fact the tiny house is under the aircraft.

It is an Airbnb to experience if you like things that are uncommon because it is a really, really, tiny, tiny house that is underground. It looks and feel a bit like a bunker. The owners have built an outdoor area for the shower and the toilet too. Thankfully, you'll be staying on the ground in this plane.


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This place is the best place to forget all of your problems, it’s like a peace zone. Located at the top of the whole apartment, with the triangular ceiling, the room is like a nest with is brilliant style and design. If you like sunny rooms, this one will make you the happiest person ever with all of the windows streaming in the gorgeous daylight.

You also have your own cute private washroom. The entry is shared but you will enjoy the style of the house going to your room upstairs. The loft is pretty affordable at only $310 CAD ($235 USD) a night for 4 guests or less.


Via : @airbnb on Instagram.com

This house was collaboration between the Tokyo-based architect Go Hasegawa, Airbnb and the community of Yoshino. The house was built from sustainable cedar forests located in mountains near the city. Everything is really simple: wood, wood, wood and… wood. And nothing else besides basic furniture.

The craziest place in this house is the one you see in the photo, where you can sleep or maybe read a book at the tiny table. This is for people that might want to travel in countryside Japan, love minimalistic design and that would like to support the community of Yoshino with their creation of the Cedar House.


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This Airbnb is more than “the place that you are going to sleep in tonight”, it is an experience of a lifetime. You could sleep with sharks!

Sleeping in a 360 degree underwater bedroom, you will be spending your whole night with sharks in the Aquarium de Paris. The aquarium is ten meters deep filled with three million liters of water and 35 species of sharks.

Once you arrive, the hosts will dive in the huge aquarium and they will introduce you to some of the creatures. The Aquarium de Paris is located close to the Eiffel Tower and is open since 1867 - the first in the world. The hosts have many rules for security like no selfies during the night, because sharks are sensitive to light. They also suggest not watching Jaws before going to sleep… it might scare you too much.


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This is the perfect Airbnb for the person who wants to stay alone and be cut off from the outside world. The cabin has a geodesic dome loft and a large deck in the woods. Even if this cabin looks lost and weird, it doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone now because it is one of the most rented Airbnb's in the world.

Have you ever wanted to know how it would feel to sleep in Toad’s house for a night?

If it’s one of the best Airbnb's in the world, it also means that it is not easy to book a night so you need to do it well in advance.


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Have you ever dreamed when you were little to live one day in a tree house just like the one you had in your backyard? Well, with this Airbnb, a lot of people like you could realize their dream with this enormous tree house.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room with a large flat screen can be shared between four people for $116 CAD a night ($88 USD). You would live in the wild with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the forest from the two bedrooms. The house is supported by massive eucalyptus trunks and curved wood ceilings built from sustainable timber. Is there anything better than that?


Via : Airbnb.com

This 300 year old cave has been dug by hand around an interior courtyard and the owner says that the decoration is the same as it was 300 years ago. You can find the traditional “kang” bed, wooden furniture, carpets and candles. In the corner of each room you'll find a bucket filled with clean, hot water where you can wash your face. If you want a proper shower, a camping style shower is located somewhere outside.

Obviously, it’s not the best Airbnb for those who like to stay fresh and glamorous all day. This is a place for people who want to visit countryside China and really experience life of local people.


Via : Airbnb.com

This is the best thing for the type of traveller that always considered airplanes uncomfortable. Let this place change your mindset.

Ok, you are not flying, but still, the feeling of being comfy in a plane as if you were in a luxurious hotel, this is the best feeling you can get, right? The plane is resting for a while as an apartment after crossing the globe 3675 times. The airplane apartment is located at the airport of Amsterdam and comes with all conveniences. The Airbnb is no less than 366 mwith 116 windows, a large living room, one master bedroom, two children’s bed, two kitchens and eight smalls bathrooms. This is not economy class anymore!!


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For dog lovers! You could sleep in a beagle-shaped one-unit inn if you ever travel to rural Idaho, USA. Beside the extravagance of the outside, the rest is pretty normal beside the hundreds of dog’s figurines, books and stickers. If you ever go to the the Dog Bark Park Inn you would get the chance to ask anything about dogs and they will probably know the answer to your question. They have games, puzzles and books, which are all dog themed. If you are lucky enough, you will maybe get the chance to meet the real star of the place, Sweet Willy, the dog of the two owners.

Source : Airbnb.com

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