Big Sur is a no-brainer included on the list of must-see places in Central California and receives 5.8 million visitors every year. It has a 90-mile stretch that features the most stunning scenery on Highway 1. From seaside cliffs and beaches to oceanfront restaurants and villas, Big Sur offers so much that visitors would need not worry about what to post for the gram. To help future road trippers, here is a list of ten of the most Insta-worthy places in Big Sur:

10 Point Lobos SNR

Point Lobos is the place for it all. They feature great scenery that is perfect for painting, photography, picnic, and studying out. Every angle in Point Lobo deserves every post on Instagram because it has a crystal white sand beach and clear illuminating waters. The clear water would even make great deep diving photographs. Plus, divers may be able to check out some rare flora and fauna that are the main reasons Point Lobos became a state reserve. It is the crown jewel of California for a reason!

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9 McWay Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

For tourists who want to see a waterfall rolling straight to a white sand beach, McWay Falls is popular for this unique feature. It is a stunning 80 feet cascade that falls from an enchanting cove and through saddle rocks. The sandy cove was due to a landslide that built up the sand below the waterfalls. Other than that, rare and beautiful flora grows around the cover which makes every spot Instagram-worthy. It was named after a pioneer in the area, Christopher McWay.

8 Rocky Point Restaurant

This restaurant has been in Big Sur since 1947 and has been popular for its spectacular views of the coastline. Starting as a lunch place, Rocky Point has emerged to become an all-in-one diner for families, couples, and for those who just want to enjoy the views. In front of every customer are the overlooking lush green fields, colorful flora of flowers, and blue waters. Moreover, the owners have developed the area with a more Instagram-worthy ocean front making it one of the scenic areas in Big Sur.

7 Garrapata Trail

After a meal at Rocky Point, tourists can head on to Garrapata Beach which is only a few minutes away. This part of Big Sur features its rugged section of huge rocks and waves that are perfect spots for unique photography sessions. Moreover, photographers can take advantage of the fog because it is also the foggiest part of Big Sur. Garrapata is located along the main Highway 1 route; tourists should look for the modest roadsign because many people drive past without noticing it.

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6 Bixby Creek Bridge

This bridge is frequently referred to as the golden gate in Big Sur. It is one of the most iconic places on the coast, and arguably the most Instagrammable as well. It was built in 1932 and stands 260 feet from the canyon steep it's built on. It is named after the creek from where it is built – the Bixby Creek. The bridge features the most beautiful sunset views at the south end, which should not be missed for great Instagram-worthy photos.

5 Hurricane Point

If one longs for a view of the hillside and cliffs along the coast, Hurricane Point is the place for that. Its name is due to how windy the area could get. It is only a few minutes away from Bixby Creek Bridge, which happens to be visible from the point. Although it is one of the many scenic places in Big Sur that has no signs, it is hard to miss, due to the number of cars pulling in.

4 Pfeiffer Beach

Pfeiffer Beach might be the most unique beachline in Big Sur. It is popular for its iconic rock which has a hole to pass through and has been regularly captured by professional photographers. It is most beautiful at sunset because the beautiful colors of the sunset reflect the colors of the rock. At the winter solstice, the sunlight perfectly angles through the keyhole and creates a blaze of golden light that is undoubtedly Instagrammable. The beach can be accessed through Sycamore Canyon Road.

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3 Point Sur Lighthouse

Point Sur used to be a town with families living in it during the 90s. Now, it is a ghost town and the lighthouse is what brings the people back in again. It is now known as California State Historic Park due to its played history in the cold war. The most Instagrammable spot here is the lighthouse that sits 316 feet from the Pacific Ocean. It is open for tours from the naval facility to the lighthouse every Wednesday at 1:00 PM and Saturdays at 10:00 AM.

2 Mission Ranch

This ranch is also a hotel and restaurant, which is located on the north end of the coast. It is the perfect stop for an idyllic and unique dining set-up with a view of their large field of wandering ranch animals. They are most well-known for their famously grazing sheep. Historically, it has been producing dairy since the 1800s and was only restored by Clint Eastwood, the former mayor of Carmel. It is an iconic spot for Instagram-worthy ranch-themed photoshoots.

1 Alila Ventana Big Sur

Perhaps this is the most unique glamping location that vacationers could ever find in Big Sur. Yes, it is not all beaches and landscapes – it has more to offer than just that. Ventana has been on the mission to champion Big Sur since the 1970s. It has perfect views of both beautiful nature and the stunning Pacific Ocean. The amenities are in a minimalistic design with a touch of natural colors. Everywhere one looks from the villa to their pool is Instagram-worthy!

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