Who doesn't want to go on a cruise? Seriously, everyone wants to go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime. Well, maybe people with a fear of the ocean and/or boats. Sadly, not everyone can afford to relax and enjoy the sea because of seasickness. But also, cruises are some of the most expensive vacations ever. If you're rich and can afford to throw away money like it's nothing then we suggest finding a cruise to a destination you love, and blowing way too much money on a suite. Cruises have rooms that are nicer than hotels, and crazy fun activities. It's more like walking around on a floating island of fun then going on a boat ride.

For those of you who haven't cruised (we haven't either, we just research things we can't afford a lot), cruise ships not only allow you to visit multiple countries in one trip for a smaller price than flying, but also keep you entertained on board. Personally, we would be more the 'stay in the room and order room service the whole time' type, but there are people who like to socialize and do things. Different cruise lines and ships have different activities, so we're here to discuss the top 10 most expensive cruise ships of this year (that have everything you could ever dream of), and the top 10 that are amazing for you and your budget! It's time to start saving guys, because after this all you're going to think about is going on one of these ships.

20 Expensive: Seven Seas Explorer

This majestic beauty is the Seven Seas Explorer. Although it was first christened and sailed in 2016, it remains one of the most luxurious and popular cruise ships out there. It can hold 752 passengers which we're guessing adds to the 'exclusive' feel of a trip on it. It has over 500 staff on board, meaning anytime you need something there's always someone waiting to serve you. Which sounds really bad but hey, they get paid to travel around on a cruise ship so they're not doing too bad.

The on-board amenities include a casino, connoisseur club, theater, three exclusive lounges, eight different places to eat, a spa, a business club and of course super expensive shopping. What are the rooms like you ask? Well, they're all suites so that should explain everything. From $7,699 (seriously the cheapest) to $88,000, you could be on your way to a luxurious destination, and be broke when you get back!

19 Expensive: Crystal Serenity

Look at that...Titanic remake anyone? We're kidding, that would be way too overdone by people on cruise ships. This is the Crystal Serenity. It holds 1075 passengers, so you get to be a little more social on this one, but all so the buffet lines are longer. It was launched in 2003 but with multi-million dollar upgrades the Crystal Serenity is still one of the most luxurious ships out there today. From $3,800 to $14,000 you could have one of the many outside, cabin or suites this ship has to offer.

As well as comfort and luxury the activities on the Crystal Serenity are super fun too! Spa treatments, golf practice, gyms, on-board babysitting (we don't know about leaving our children with strangers? Why bring them on board if you don't wanna hang out with them?) as well as kids play areas are just some of the fun things. Now for the important part, what food do they offer? Cafes, bar & grills, ice cream bars, espresso coffee places and more. Basically a heaven for the ultimate cheat week. So, yeah, we may be looking up itineraries now...

18 Expensive: Liberty of the Seas

Okay so now we see that the other two cruises are more for older people who want to relax and watch the waves roll by quietly. But the Liberty of the Seas? That's for anyone who wants to have 24/7 fun, just look at that waterslide! The Liberty of the Seas is a Royal Carribbean cruise ship, it holds 3798 passengers and 1400 staff, and was first launched in 2007. You can see why it's still a really popular ship, though, and why we need to get on it immediately. Now let's discuss all the activities.

The ship actually has five waterslides, a surf simulator, rock climbing wall, ice rink, mini golf course and a basketball court. That's just the start, it also offers a kids' waterpark , 3D cinema, outdoor movie screen above the pool (hopefully they don't play Jaws), a Broadway musical and the theater, casino, spa, gym, 22 bars, and about 15 different restaurants. From $700 - $1500 at the moment, this luxury ship is a hidden bargain! Just wondering, how can we permanently live on board?

17 Expensive: Riviera

Even the name of this one is appealing to us. Riviera. Before we even know where it sails or what on-board activities it has, we're planing tickets. This one holds 1250 passengers and was launched in 2011, but is still a super popular cruise ship. If we're being honest, we've never come across a cruise ship we haven't liked. Another reason to love the Riviera? It often cruises around Greece and Italy, can you even imagine how amazing the view would be? Sign us up!

On-board activities for this magnificent ship are: A proper English afternoon tea, spa, gym, amazing pools, really expensive shopping (so we would count this one as 'window shopping' since the cruise already cost most savings), casinos of course, bars & lounges, a library (this one is cool) and of course all the different cuisines you could eat. A voyage on this wonderous ship will cost between $1,710 and $25,560. Count those pennies, people.

16 Expensive: Silver Muse

Silver Muse is the newest of our luxury cruise ships so far as it was launched only last year. It holds 596 passengers and although it's expensive, it's definitely saving for. Like before, this ship is so rich every room on board is classed as a suite, and yeah they're amazing. As for the entertainment and dining (we knew you'd be curious), Silver Muse is more of an adult's journey. Sorry kids, but hey the Liberty of the Seas is still cool. Silver Muse has eight restaurants on board and they're all very high class. There's pizzas, tapas, Japanese, a bar & grill, French dining, another grill, Asian dining and classic Italian recipes. It sounds perfect for a food coma.

The entertainment on board this one is more adult (*cough* boring *cough*) with an art gallery, a lounge (a room to sit), the pool deck, gym, a bard, Dolce Vita (yet another room to sit), casino spa and an extra two lounges. Hey, we might've just come across a cruise ship we don't like that much. If you're interested in this extremely relaxing cruise then the prices range from $2,430 - $20,000.

15 Expensive: Seabourn Ovation

The Seabourn Ovation has taken over as the newest cruise ship in our list! This ships maiden voyage was only a couple of months ago in May. We're starting to get the feeling that the one common thing all these luxury cruise ships have in common is that all their rooms are suites. There are no interior rooms for this price! Seabourn Ovation has the Wintergarden Suite, Signature Suite, Owners Suite, Penthouse Spa Suite, Penthouse Suite and the Veranda Suite. Sounds fancy.

As for entertainment, the Seabourn Ovation doesn't disappoint. It has five on-board restaurants, gym, spa, swimming pools, hot tubs, movies, a movie screen above the pool (still so cool), three bars a casino and a salon. Imagine getting your hair done at sea. All this can be yours for a minimal amount of time, and for only between $5,499 and $30,000.

14 Expensive: Harmony of the Seas

Is it just us or does the Harmony of the Seas look better than any theme park you've ever been to? We just want to jump right in. This one's a relatively new one as well with Harmony of the Seas being launched in 2016. It holds an astounding 5,479 passengers, making it one of the biggest cruise ships in the world. If you're interested in socializing and making friends on a cruise, this would be the ship to do it at.

The entertainment this ship offers is an ice rink, Aqua Theater, trivia, basketball, poker, amazing pools, carousel, amusement arcade, casino, a lot of bars and more. We don't think it would be humanely possible to get bored on a ship like this. You can have your turn on the gigantic monster that is Harmony of the Seas for the surprising bargain of $961 - $1500. Count your lucky stars.

13 Expensive: Symphony of the Seas

There's a lot of Royal Caribbean ships on here and they've well earned their place. You go Royal Caribbean. They make some of the most exciting cruise ships and the Symphony of the Seas is no different. It made its debut this year in March and it's basically a gigantic boat of fun. The Symphony of the Seas holds 5518 passengers, so there'll always be something going on.

The entertainment for this ship is amazing, starting off with a surf simulator, zip line, laser tag, rock climbing, multiple (and extremely fun looking) water slides, an escape room, pools, hot tubs, arcades, cupcake making classes and more. There's so much we can't even fit it all in! As for the dining, the Symphony of the Seas has pretty much every cuisine you could think of, and some you haven't even discovered yet. For your turn on this amazing ship, a room will set you back between $1,142 - $2,942 and those are for the cheapest ones we could find.

12 Expensive: Scenic Eclipse

This one is super cool because not only is it Scenic's first ever ocean cruise ship, it's an cruise YACHT! If you don't feel rich travelling on the Scenic Eclipse then you're not doing it right. On the downside, this one has the matching price tag as a ticket on this ship starts from $12,000 and just goes up from there. Thanks for the luxury and class offer Scenic, but we'll stick with cheap and waterslides, thank you.

Entertainment for all 228 people that can be on-board the Scenic Eclipse are pools, yacht club (of course), yoga, Pilates, gym, spa, many cafes, shopping and a theater. Our only opinion on this ship is that at least one waterslide wouldn't have hurt...just saying.

11 Expensive: Queen Mary 2

Of course, we had to leave the mother of all cruise ships until last. The Queen Mary 2, or Titanic doppelganger as we like to call it, is probably the most recognized cruise ship in the world. It may not be the biggest as it only holds 2691 passengers, but boy is it luxurious. If you want to take her for a spin it will cost you from $539- $30,000. Quite a bit of a difference, yes.

It offers all the usual amenities, spa, afternoon tea, library, theater. What we're really excited about though is that the Queen Mary 2 is the only cruise ships that allow you to bring your pets! Yep, the on board kennel is accessible so you can bring your beloved pets on a nice journey. There are literally dogs that have been on cruises before us...

10 Affordable: Ovation of the Seas

Royal Caribbean does it again. Ovation of the Seas is one of the lines most popular ships. It carries 4180 passengers which is pretty big. It sailed its maiden voyage in 2016 but is still extremely popular because of all its attractions. We'll get to them but first, let's talk prices. All of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships are pretty well priced and Ovation of the Seas is following that pattern with cruises from $949 - $2,700.

The entertainment on this ship is also super amazing with a rock climbing wall, one of those wind tube things you fly around in, a surf simulator, pools, arcade, outdoor movie nights and even a ride that goes sky high so you can take in the amazing views around. Food-wise, this ship doesn't disappoint with pizza, pasta, fine dining, a hot dog store and so much more. Seriously if we don't get on a cruise soon we're going to riot.

9 Affordable: Star Princess

Let's welcome the Star Princess. It first set sail in 2002 but continues to be wildly enjoyed by many today. Or 2602 at a time, because that's the maximum amount of passengers it allows. The Star Princess may not be as wild as Ovation of the Seas, but if you're looking for that luxurious yet relaxed cruise at a cheap price, look not further. Star Princess cruises range from $179 - $5,218.

The ship has three main restaurants: Italian, surf 'n' turf and a buffet (delicious). They also offer cafes, a wine bar, pizza, ice-cream, balcony dining and 24-hour room service. Sign us up. Entertainment wise the Star Princess five different showrooms and lounges, as well as a spa, gym, mini golf course, pools, a movie screen above the pool, a casino and even a wedding chapel!

8 Affordable: Emerald Princess

The Emerald Princess is also from Princess cruises, but this one's bigger. This ship holds 3114 passengers. Like its sister ship (they call them that, we swear) the Emerald Princess offers a pizzeria, 24-hour room service, a soft serve ice-cream bar, buffet, and grill. There's also a special 'chocolate journey' that's exclusive to Princess cruises...yum.

As for entertainment, the Emerald Princess offers a casino, art gallery, auctions, boutiques, photography studio, pools, basketball court, library and afternoon tea. This one seems like the perfect mixture of 'good for retirees' and 'kid's dream'. Sounds good to us, and for only $399 - $5,459.

7 Affordable: Enchantment of the Seas

The Enchantment of the Seas is a very family friendly ship from Royal Caribbean. This one is one of the oldest ships we're discussing in this list as the Enchantment of the Seas was first launched in 1997. Don't think you're getting the old style or dated activities either, this ship is packed full of fun and for only $448 - $1018.

First let's talk about the dining. There's a steakhouse, ice-cream bar, cafe as well as the main dining room and a cafe that offers gourmet sandwiches and salads. The entertainment on board the Enchantment of the Seas includes shopping, designated kids areas, rock climbing, bungee jumping (sadly it's kids only), a video game arcade, spa, pools, a gym with boxing, aerobics and yoga classes.

6 Affordable: ms Oosterdam

Here is the first cruise ship we're showing from Holland America Line. This ship is the ms Oosterdam and it will make you go 'ooh'. This ship was first launched in 2003 and holds 1964 passengers. It's a pretty big ship and although it might not have waterslides strapped everywhere, it's still pretty awesome. The on-board entertainment includes a spa, lounges, casino, as well as cooking workshops for those interested in learning while relaxing.

The rooms you can get on board range from $194 - $5,609, which we think is pretty reasonable for the quality you get. We'd definitely go. The different kinds of rooms you can get are inside rooms, ocean view rooms, verandah rooms, signature suite and Neptune suite. If you'd rather go sooner inside would be fine but if you're going to cruise you might as well splurge on the luxury suites.

5 Affordable: Mariner of the Seas

We should have called this list '20 awesome cruise ships that Royal Caribbean offers'. We know we're discussing them a lot but hey they're fantastic cruise ships that go to amazing destinations and all for a pretty good price in our opinions. The Mariner of the Seas was first launched in 2003  and holds 3114 passengers, but is currently going under a $120 million dollar change to attract millennials. Trust us, we're attracted we're just poor.

On board, the Mariner of the Seas is like a dream world. They have a bungee trampoline area, surf simulator, two high-speed waterslides, an escape room, laser tag, ping pong, outdoor movie nights, sports courts, an arcade and so much more. Dining options include cafes, grills, fine dining, a Starbucks, the main dining room and more. You can enjoy all the Mariner of the Seas has to offer for only $423 - $1065.

4 Affordable: Celebrity Infinity

Time for a change of cruise line now. Here is the Celebrity Infinity from Celebrity Cruises. The Celebrity Infinity was first launched in 2001 and holds 2170 passengers. Basically, the median passenger amount for most cruises, as we're finding out. This ship has a lot to offer, with two restaurants, sushi, a cafe, and gelateria as well as a spa, bar and wine venue.

The cabins on-board the Celebrity Infinity range from inside to ocean view, to balcony and then a range of suites that lead up to the luxurious and spacious penthouses. Yes, there are literal penthouses on this boat. It's amazing. If you, like most people, are interested in a cruise on the Celebrity Infinity now, the prices range from $401 - $8,599.

3 Affordable: Royal Princess

Let's go back to Princess cruises for a little bit and introduce the Royal Princess. This ship made its maiden voyage back in 2013 so it's still pretty recent in the world of cruise ships. It can carry up to 3560 passengers, meaning it's on the larger side of cruise ships. The prices for this ship are pretty much the same as for other Princess cruises, between $959 - $7,999.

The entertainment on-board the Royal Princess is pretty awesome. There's a casino, a glass walkway so you can see all around you, theater, boutiques, art gallery, auctions, pools, sports courts, professional photography, internet cafe, afternoon tea, musical productions and movies under the stars. The dining on board sounds just as nice with special dining including four fine dining restaurants and balcony eating, yum! Normal dining includes pizza, buffet, 24-hour room service and more.

2 Affordable: Liberty of the Seas

The Liberty of the Seas is yet another cruise ship designed and ran by Royal Caribbean. It was first launched in 2007 and holds 3,798 passengers. It's still a popular addition to the many Royal Caribbean cruises and often sets sail. The entertainment on board this ship is pretty good too, including Broadway shows, dance classes, the Tidal Wave waterslide, ping pong, outdoor movie nights, an arcade, ice skating shows, culinary classes and way more.

The dining is also fantastic (who's surprised? Not us) with the Liberty of the Seas offering fine dining, Mexican restaurants, pizza, burgers, cupcakes and delicious room service. All this could be yours if you're willing to pay between $716 - $1561.

1 Affordable: Vision of the Seas

Last but not least, yes it is another Royal Caribbean cruise ship. This time it is the amazing Vision of the Seas. The second oldest cruise ship in our list, the Vision of the Seas was first launched in 2008 and holds 2,514 passengers. If you're looking for entertainment this is the place to come, with a gym, spa, pools, outdoor movie screen, hot tubs, rock climbing wall, jogging track, arcade, Broadway theater entertainment, casino and plenty of shopping.

For on-board meals look no further because the Vision of the Seas has its main dining room with breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It also offers cafes, an ice-cream bar, steakhouse, Asian-fusion and Italian restaurants. Sounds extremely tasty to us and we can get our tickets on-board the Vision of the Seas for between $474 - $3,674. Happy cruising everyone!