Traveling to Las Vegas is a bucket list item for most of us. Even for those who aren’t crazy about the whole casino scene. It’s become pretty well known that Vegas offers more than just blackjack and slots. The city has upped its game and has become a world-class destination for just about anyone who is looking to have a good time. Beyond the high stakes casinos that it’s become known for, Sin City has some of the best entertainment shows in the world, along with more than your fair share of options for food, bars, clubs and poolside lounging.

It’s a given that the average person will make an appearance in Las Vegas at some point in their adult life. There are bachelor and bachelorette parties to plan in Sin City. There are honeymoons, birthday trips, and just traveling for the sake of letting loose and having a memorable time.

The big question isn’t so much what you are going to do when you arrive, but where are you going to stay? Half the fun is choosing which one of the incredible properties in the city will be hosting your vacation. With plenty of options for those who are on a tight budget and just as many choices for those who have some serious cash to spend, here’s your guide to choosing the best hotels for your desert destination!

20 BIG SPENDERS: The Venetian Las Vegas

Located on the Strip, the Venetian is a five-star property and is easily considered one of the city’s most famed and sought after hotels. Nearly unmatched in luxury and the incredible features throughout its property, paying the hundreds of dollars it’ll cost to stay here are well worth the price.

The hotel theme of Italy makes for a beautiful stay with its ceilings covered in paintings much like the Sistine Chapel, its high end marbled floors, cobblestone walkways, and its waterfront space that offers guests real gondola rides. The hotel also offers its own high-class casino, massive pool, and is home to the city’s famed TAO Nightclub.

19 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Fremont Hotel & Casino

For less than $100 a night and sometimes even as low as a mere $40 if you avoid the peak seasons and weekends, the Fremont is a pretty good bargain. Located in downtown Las Vegas, the hotel comes with a pretty beefed up casino to go along with nightly entertainment shows. On the property, you’ll also find two bars and four restaurants to go along with a coffeehouse.

Although not in the Strip and located in a more reasonably priced part of the city, the Fremont is a steal!

18 BIG SPENDERS: The Bellagio

Not just one of the city’s most well-known properties, but established throughout the world, even appearing in many of cinema’s biggest films because of its famed water fountain display in front of the property, the Bellagio is pure luxury and class.

The property, one of Las Vegas’ most beautiful, offers a casino, hosts many high-end boutique retailers including Prada, Chanel and Gucci, has its very own conservatory garden, and is home to five heated pools. The property offers all the amenities you would expect for the price, but also provides its guests with unmatched elegance throughout the site.

17 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Downtown Grand Las Vegas

Although traditionally priced slightly above $100 a night, it is fairly easy to find this property at far below that mark on any number of nights. With a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on, the Downtown Grand is a hotel that delivers on the money!

One of the more up to date and modern looking properties on our budget list, this hotel also offers a casino of its own to go along with a café, a bar and a rooftop terrace with a pool overlooking downtown.

16 BIG SPENDERS: Caesars Suites at Caesars Palace

More specifically called the Anthology Suites and Villas at Caesars Palace, this five-star property is a subset of the famed Caesars Palace. The hotel offers a full-service spa and sauna to go along with twelve best in class restaurants and seven bars and lounges.

Guests can also choose from seven outdoor swimming pools and of course, access to the casino at Caesars Palace, one of the city’s most expansive and visited.

15 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Excalibur Hotel Casino

A three-star hotel located right on the Strip, this price simply cannot be beaten. Regularly priced below $100 a night, it’s hard to find a room in this area for anything less. The small tradeoff is that this hotel is a bit on the older side and not nearly as luxurious as some of its more popular and visited neighbors.

If being located on the Strip is a priority, this is an ideal booking as it also has its own casino, two outdoor pools, a spa, and three bars.

14 BIG SPENDERS: The Signature at MGM Grand

The sister property to the well-known MGM Grand Hotel and Casino gets to reap all of the benefits and features that come with the famed property. The Signature, located within the same complex as the MGM, offers upscale hotel rooms and easy access to the countless entertainment venues, including the site to many of boxing’s biggest matches.

The property offers one of the city’s biggest and best casinos, famed and known the world over.

13 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Main Street Station Hotel, Casino and Brewery

Regularly priced right at $100 per night, this property is located in downtown like many of our other budget-friendly hotels. Main Street is modeled after a train station with an antiquated wooden look, taking you down a trip to the past.

With a great vibe that resembles historic Vegas, this is a great three start location with a casino, a buffet restaurant, a lounge, and a microbrewery serving specialty crafts.

12 BIG SPENDERS: Encore at Wynn Las Vegas

Located on the Wynn property, the Encore is an exclusive five-star property with some of the best entertainment features of any hotel listed. Famed for its activities that cater to adults, the Encore at Wynn is home to XS, a club frequented by many celebrities and named one of the best in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. It also has the Encore Beach Club onsite, which offers parties during the day at its three pools.

Also home to a European pool for adults looking to take in the full experience of European beaches, this hotel caters to those looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Don’t forget to try any one of its award-winning restaurants run by chefs.

11 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

One of the few four-star resorts on our budget-friendly list, the Golden Nugget is a staple of Las Vegas. The name is synonymous with gambling in Sin City.

Located in downtown, the location away from the Strip allows for a more reasonable price while still offering incredible amenities including a first-class casino, two outdoor pools, five bars and lounges, restaurants, a waterslide, nine restaurants, and a 20,000 gallon shark aquarium!

This hotel has everything you’d hope for in a Sin City property.

10 BIG SPENDERS: Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa

This five-star resort is one of the few major properties on our list of big spenders that isn’t located on the Strip. In fact, the Red Rock is located over ten miles away from the heart of all of the action in Las Vegas.

But this property doesn’t need the Strip to sell its quality. On its own merit, the Red Rock is a property that can offer guests the full experience they’re looking for. It offers live entertainment, a massive casino, fine dining restaurants, a pool complex that takes up a large part of the property and a full-service spa.

It also has its own bowling alley and movie theater with 16 giant screens displaying the latest films. There might be no need to even travel into the city when you stay here.

9 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Polo Towers by Diamond Resorts

This property joins our list as one of the more unconventional hotels on the Strip as it is different from what you’d find in most Vegas stays. A resort rather than a hotel and casino like others, this property doesn’t have its own onsite casino.

Rather than providing its guests with a standard hotel room, Polo Towers offers fully equipped studio apartments or one and two bedroom condos. Here you get to feel like you’re at home while being right in the middle of all the action. The site also offers a pool and its own children’s splash pad.

8 BIG SPENDERS: Mandarin Oriental

Located on the Strip, the Mandarin Oriental is a five-star resort property that isn’t necessarily known by its name to most of the public. That’s probably because of its higher priced rooms which make it fairly exclusive. If luxury and high-end details are important to you, this hotel is nearly unmatched as its guest rooms offer high-end bedding, Egyptian Cotton sheets, video game consoles, free newspapers, spacious suites and bathrooms fit for the rich with some of the best views of the city.

7 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Luxor Hotel and Casino

Home to the Criss Angel Mindfreak official store, along with several retail stores that sell a variety of items including jewelry and clothing, the Luxor Hotel and Casino also has a 12,000 square foot luxury spa that is one of its main attractions. Also boasting its very own casino, five bars including one that is poolside, this property is a great value at less than $100 per night when you search a bit for some sales on any number of booking sites.

6 BIG SPENDERS: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Another five-star property on our list, The Cosmopolitan is one of the city’s most posh and modern hotels. Built recently in 2011, this 52 story hotel offers its own onsite upscale casino, incredible entertainment venues for world-class shows and performances, its very own ice skating rink, and a full-service spa.

It’s also home to five restaurants, many of which are considered some of the best in all of Las Vegas, to go along with three pools with poolside bars.

5 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Also joining our budget-friendly list, this hotel is located right on the Strip and is typically priced a bit over $100 per night, but it’s fairly normal to see it on sale on many travel sites for far below that mark. When you find a sale, snatch up a room.

This property has its own casino, a family friendly pool, an adults-only pool, spa facilities with sauna rooms, and five bars. Known for its loud and over-the-top color schemes throughout the rooms and public spaces, this hotel will make for a lively stay in Vegas.

4 BIG SPENDERS: Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay

Many are familiar with the world famous Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, often seen on prime-time television as it is home to some of the biggest boxing matches the sport has to offer.

For those who want to take it up a notch, booking a room at the Delano, the property associated with Mandalay Bay, is the way to go. Guests have full access to all of the features offered at the Mandalay Bay which includes the casino and the entertainment shows, but are treated to their own world of exclusivity. The Delano offers its guests high-end services including a spa resort, private bars, and restaurants.

3 BUDGET FRIENDLY: Cancun Resort by Diamond Resorts

This three-star Las Vegas property is much like the Polo Towers property which is also on our budget-friendly list. Not a hotel and casino property, but rather a resort which offers expansive fully equipped villas, this location is a bargain with prices falling under $100 dollars a night depending on when you book.

With their smallest villa at 700 square feet, you’ll have plenty of room to spread out and make yourself at home. The resort has two pools and a waterslide all while making their guests feel like they are in Mexico with a theme that resembles that of the Aztecs. Be sure to check out the pyramid temple waterfall.

2 BIG SPENDERS: Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas

With prices starting well into the thousands per night, the Dignitary Discretion is one of Las Vegas' most expensive and luxurious properties. Although the property does not have a casino onsite like most others, this hotel is a five-star location with all the details and amenities you’d expect when paying $2,000 a night.

With suites nearly 1,000 square feet and some with several bedrooms and over 3,000 square feet, this hotel offers class throughout every detail of the property. Offering some of the best views of the Strip from guestrooms, the Dignitary Discretion will make you feel like royalty during your stay.

1 BUDGET FRIENDLY: The LINQ Hotel and Casino

Located on the Strip, the LINQ is a four-star property and is one of the best bargains on our list for adult travelers. With its own upscale casino and its extravagant pool, this property offers plenty of fun. The pool features a bar in the center with full-service drinks and food with 4 flat screens and over 30 seats. The property also has a full-service spa and grants you some of the best access to the restaurants, bars and stores located right on the Strip.

Right on the cusp of being on the higher end, this property offers sales that can get you under the $100 mark on occasion.