People say that if you want to see something strange, go to Google Maps and explore some random locations there. Sooner or later, you are bound to find something so bizarre that you won't even want to know how it got to the maps. After all, there are plenty of weird places on this planet, from unique natural formations that resemble human faces to man-made structures that have a very questionable look, if you see them from above.

Apart from helping us quickly find any location in the world, we want to visit, the chance to see these bizarre places is one of the reasons why we love Google Maps and why we should be thankful to its creators. They gave us so much food for entertainment and for thought about all the mysteries our world contains.

But if you're not really into looking at our planet from above but still want to see something interesting, go ahead and watch photos captured by GoPro cameras. Many of these photos are absolutely unique because they can catch the coolest moments, from parasailing above a volcano to turning the darkness into light with a single shot. It's impossible to take this kind of photos with the help of usual cameras, so GoPro shots are notable for their coolness, especially for those photographers, who are into extreme sports.

So let's take a look at 10 bizarre places caught by Google Maps and at 10 impressive photos taken by GoPro cameras and check out for ourselves what amazes us more - mystery or coolness.

19 Google Maps - The Badlands Guardian, Alberta, Canada

Sometimes it seems that humans are complete egomaniacs because they can notice faces literally everywhere, from a starry sky to an electric outlet, to a bell pepper cut in half. But even if at times the resemblance they see isn't so obvious, there are instances, when it's totally uncanny.

Let's take this Google Map image as an example of the latter. This natural formation in southeast Alberta, Canada, known as the Badlands Guardian, has an intense resemblance to a human head wearing an Aboriginal Canadian headdress. What is it doing there? Is it really guarding the people? Or is it just an outcropping created by erosion? I think the latter is true, but still...

18 Google Maps - A Giant Pink Bunny, Piedmont, Italy

Umm, what now? Is a huge pink bunny with a creepy face just lying about somewhere in Italy? Truly, we live in a mad world...

But, in fact, it's not just some random 200-foot toy someone threw away as useless. This bunny even has a name - it's Hase. And it's not a toy, but a massive art project knitted by Gelitin, a Viennese art group. They spent 5 years to create the bunny and placed it on Colleto Fava Mountain in northern Italy's Piedmont region for visitors to play with it. They say that Hase is going to completely decompose by 2025, so you still have time to see it either on Google Maps or with your own eyes.

17 Google Maps - Spooky Dolls, Nagoro, Japan

Everything about this image and the dolls depicted on it is creepy. They have an extremely spooky look and they have an eerie story behind them.

Let's start from the very beginning. The village of Nagoro in Japan used to have about 300 inhabitants, but by the modern times many of them died and others left for the city. As a result, only about 30 people remained there. Some time ago, Tsukimi Ayano returned to the village to take care of her father and soon made her first doll to place it in the field, where he had worked. Later she made about 350 other life-size dolls to replace all other inhabitants of Nagoro and placed them in the places she associated with them - in the field, near the river, on the road, etc. Even a local school has dolls as students.

We should sympathize with Ayano's loneliness, but we can't help but notice how creepy her dolls look on the Google Street image...

16 Google Maps - Swastika-Shaped Figures, Kazakhstan

Over 50 geoglyphs were discovered across Northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia by researchers using Google Maps. FYI, geoglyphs are "large designs created on the surface of the ground, usually made by arranging stones or sculpting the earth." They were found in numerous shapes and sizes in Kazakhstan, from rings and crosses to squares and swastikas. But don't think that these swastikas were designed by the Nazis. In fact, it's an ancient symbol that appeared long before Hitler decided to use it. To name a few, swastika means prosperity, good fortune, and power.

These geoglyphs were created about 2,000 years ago, but how and why they were designed at these exact places remains a mystery.

15 Google Maps - Mysterious Patterns, Gobi Desert, China

Recently a range of mysterious patterns and structures was found in the Gobi Desert on Google Maps. Immediately, a discussion sparked on what these structures are and why they're there. It seems that they look too orderly to be a natural phenomenon. There is still no explanation for the nature and purpose of these patterns, but experts agree that it must be a secret military base used for multiple purposes, from spy satellite calibration to weapons testing.

The elaborate grid pattern you see in the photo above is about 33 kilometers (20 miles) long and it can be a Yagi antenna array, which is a device utilized for atmospheric research and weather tracking.

14 Google Maps - Human Lips, Sudan

Here is another human-like feature found on Google Maps. This time, it's not the entire face, but something having a striking resemblance to human lips. Of course, in fact, there are no giant lips in this area. It's just a hill formation located in Gharb, Darfur, Sudan.

But if you have a wild imagination, you can think all sorts of things about these lips. For example, what if they are the mouth of a giant creature dwelling below the ground and ready to devour the surrounding area and everything it finds on it? Or what if it's the mouth of the Earth and when it opens up, anyone who's standing there falls into a black hole? Truly, imagination is a wild thing!

13 Google Maps - Desert Breath, Red Sea Governorate, Egypt

What does it look like to you? Do you think it's a message left by aliens? Or a portal to another dimension? Or maybe it's an ancient monument commemorating a supernatural being? In fact, it's none of these. What you see on the Google Maps image above is an installation named Desert Breath created not far from the Red Sea in Egypt.

This art project was designed by installation artist Danae Stratou, industrial designer and architect Alexandra Stratou, and architect Stella Constantinides in March 2007. Its size is 100,000 square meters (1 million square foot). According to the art group, "the desert was a place where one experiences infinity" and the artwork was created to address "the desert as a state of mind, a landscape of the mind".

12 Google Maps - Islandception, The Philippines

At first, you might think that there's nothing unusual with this image, but in fact, everything about it is unusual. It's a teeny-tiny island located in a lake on an island in a lake on an island. Phew, I hope I got everything correctly and didn't confuse anything.

To be more exact, this Google Maps image shows a very small unnamed island residing in a crater lake on the Volcano Island in Lake Tall. And it all is located on the Philippine island of Luzon. Does it sound clearer now? I guess it's time to explore this tiny unnamed island more thoroughly, because who knows, perhaps it also has a lake on it.

11 Google Maps - Lion King, Dunstable, UK

If you're not really into Star Wars, but prefer Lion King, this spot on Google Maps is exactly for you! You may go to Dunstable in the United Kingdom to take a look at this location with your own eyes. Of course, you won't see the lion, as we see it from above in this image, but at least you'll get to know how it looks like from the ground. You might even get a chance to touch it! Consider going to see this spot at night, because sometimes the lion's figure is illuminated!

If you're really into finding this place, here's our coordinates that can help you locate it: 51.848637, -0.55462. Good luck!

Now let's proceed to GoPro shots. Are you ready for some coolness?

10 GoPro - Falkland Islands, Penguin Selfie

This incredible photo was taken on February 10, 2015, in the Falkland Islands. This archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean is inhabited by a number of animals, including the southern elephant seal, Patagonian foxes, reindeer, and, of course, penguins!

Canadian wildlife photographer Chantelle Stobbe got very lucky on that day because she didn't only get to take incredible photos of penguins in their natural habitat. She also found a penguin that seemingly fell in love with herself or with her GoPro camera and allowed Stobbe to take the most awesome selfie possible.

Getting up-close with animals is truly an incredible experience, especially when you have a good camera with you!

9 GoPro - Epic Skydiving Shot

Have you ever dreamed of jumping off an airplane with a parachute behind your back? Or have you already tried skydiving? If you have, you must know how amazing the feeling of flight is and, most likely, remembering the day you went skydiving you have a huge smile on your face. And forgive me, if due to my questions you've just felt the urge to go skydiving again very soon!

Whether you've tried skydiving before or not, take my advice. If you ever decide to do it, be sure to take a good GoPro camera with you, because (in case you're a good photographer) you can end up taking some awesome photos, similar to the one you see above. And, of course, don't forget your parachute, too, because you'll certainly want to show these photos to your friends.

8 GoPro - Crazy Dog

Dogs like water so much. They love to jump into the water, swim, splash around and have all the fun of the world, and the photo you see above in one of the proofs of this statement.

Just look at how happy this doggo is! One might decide that there's fear in its eyes, but I will say that it's nothing but pure excitement. This dog is so glad to jump into the water and give splashes all over its human's camera. Thank God, it's GoPro and it probably has a waterproof case, so the happy animal can gamble as much as it wants.

7 GoPro - Water Skiing

If you don't only have a good GoPro camera, but also a high-quality stabilizer that can work with it, you can tell that you've made the biggest photographer's dream come true. Due to having both of these two devices, you can take absolutely incredible shots, like the one you see above. The wave hanging over this guy, his friends cheering from the motorboat, and beautiful blue sea around... Wouldn't you want to be there, too?

But, of course, to take this kind of photos, you need to also be into extreme sports, at least a little bit. Guess it might be time to think about your priorities.

6 GoPro - Parasailing Over A Volcano

The photo you see above looks even more extreme than the previous one. Let me share a story behind it so that you can appreciate it and its author even more.

This shot was taken by adventurer Sebastian Alvarez using a GoPro Hero4 in 2016 and the person on the photo is Roberta Mancino. Wearing a wingsuit, she's flying above Villarrica, a very active volcano in Chile. It looks intimidating and you might even think that Roberta was going to land right into the boiling lava. But no worries - she safely landed at the foot of Villarrica. I'm sure both she and the photographer will remember this photoshoot till the end of their days.

5 GoPro - Northern Lights

Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis, is one of the most marvelous natural phenomena ever seen by humans. It's a unique phenomenon that can only be observed in certain parts of the world, such as Iceland, Alaska, Canada, Russia, Finland, and, surprisingly, Australia and New Zealand. It doesn't happen all year round and to see if you also need to know the exact periods of time, when it can be observed. But even though it all looks like a lot of trouble, believe me, that if you see Northern Lights once, you can never forget this beautiful view in your life.

And if you plan to watch Aurora Borealis, be sure to take a good camera with you to capture some awe-inspiring photos, like the one you see above.

4 GoPro - Rhine, Germany

What do you think about, when you look at this photo? Do you think that it looks like the surface of the moon? It actually does resemble it, but, in fact, it's not the moon. It's not some other satellite, planet, or any other astronomic body. It's the Rhine, a large river that runs in several European countries, that was photographed in Germany. Do you see this structure above the circle? If you haven't guessed it yet, it's the bridge over the Rhine in Duesseldorf, where the river dried out this summer due to the heat wave.

This trippy, 360-degree photo of the dried-out riverbed was captured in August 2018 by Lukas Schulze, using a GoPro Fusion.

3 GoPro - Amazing Water Adventure

Here is another amazing GoPro shot that makes you question reality. Everything is so perfect about it. There are these guys on a boat, who are clearly having a lot of fun, capturing amazing GoPro shots. There is the sea that forms into an ideal circle with the help of a special function at the camera. There is the sun shining brightly in the blue sky. And there are even two dolphins swimming below the boat.

The presence of these two dolphins on the photo proves how much details matter in everything. After all, without them, the shot wouldn't be so great, would it?

2 GoPro - Awesome Night Shot

You might think that the man on this photo is Captain America holding his shield above his head, but it's actually Canadian outdoor photographer Kyle Wicks, who used his GoPro camera in a very special way to make this illuminating shot. This guy certainly knows what to do with his camera's exposure to turn darkness into light and paint everything around into the most magical colors possible.

To be honest, it's one of the most amazing GoPro shots I've ever seen. I'd really like someone to teach me how to capture it. And to teach me to use a GoPro camera, for that matter.

To see more awe-inspiring photos made by Kyle Wicks, visit his page here.

1 GoPro - Helicopter Flight at Night

Have you ever guessed that a night flight on a helicopter can look so pretty? If you are a GoPro photographer, like Duffy Fainer, and know how to use night exposure setting on your camera, you might also manage to capture a similar shot.

This particular photo was taken over the skies of San Diego, but you can actually create a similar photographic masterpiece anywhere else if you know what to do with the settings of your camera.

So did you get a desire to become a GoPro photographer and take fantastic shots by yourself? Or would you rather look for the weird places caught by Google Maps?

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