These days, there are restaurants dedicated to just about any type of food you could imagine. From cuisine from different countries to food that features only specific types of ingredients, there's a lot for foodies to choose from when they get hungry.

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One really popular food trend that has become a huge deal in recent years is vegan food. A vegan diet involves cutting meat, dairy, and all other animal products out of your diet. It isn't always easy to find food that fits your dietary restrictions, but luckily, vegan food has become more and more popular recently. To see the 10 best places to get vegan food in Los Angeles, keep reading!

10 Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine

Azla Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine is a vegan restaurant located in Mercado La Paloma in Los Angeles. The restaurant opened after Azla noticed that many of her children were transitioning to vegan and vegetarian restaurants, causing her to change her cooking style to include less meat and animal products.

In 2013, Azla and her daughter, Nesanet, came together to open the very first Ethiopian restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant has a focus on delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine with a vegan twist. Their menu items are either served with flatbread or brown rice and visitors can order their own combination of dishes.

9 Native Foods

Native Foods was founded in Palm Springs, California, and has since expanded to multiple different locations around the country, including one in Los Angeles. Native Foods has become a really popular vegan restaurant in all the cities where they've opened shop - and for good reason.

Along with using sustainably sourced vegan ingredients in all their dishes, Native Foods is dedicated to being eco-friendly in every way possible. That means that their packaging is recyclable and their restaurants are energy-efficient. Their menu is completely plant-based and the items can change depending on what's in season.

8 Tocaya Organica

Tocaya Organica has locations all over California and Arizona. There are a couple of offerings on their menu that aren't vegan, but their menu does specify which items are vegan, gluten free, or vegetarian, so it's easy for someone trying to cut back on their meat and dairy to choose.

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Tocaya Organica is a restaurant that specializes in really tasty, modernized Mexican food. This restaurant takes traditional Mexican dishes and puts a tasty twist on them to make them super unique to Tocaya Organica. They exclusively use fresh, organic ingredients and locally sourced produce.

7 Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend is a bar and restaurant located in Echo Park that specializes in vegan and vegetarian food, along with the drinks that definitely keep people coming back for more. They have happy hour every night, at different times depending on the day, so they're a great place to get together with friends for a drink and a bite to eat.

Mohawk Bend is located in a really interesting building, having made its home in what used to be a theater. It'll definitely give you something to look at while you're waiting for your plant-based, locally sourced food to be cooked up or for your California IPAs to be poured.

6 Equelecuá Cuban Cafe

Equelecuá Cuban Cafe is a restaurant located in Inglewood, California that specializes in Cuban cuisine. It was opened by Caro Lafaurie and Julito Ortega and became the very first vegan Cuban restaurant in Los Angeles when they opened.

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Even though some of the menu items may sound like they've got some spicy meat in them, the entire menu is completely plant-based. Their menu changes seasonally in order to ensure that they've got the freshest locally sourced ingredients, but no matter what they're serving up, it's tasty.

5 Veggie Fam

Veggie Fam is technically not a restaurant, but it's too tasty and popualr among vegans living in LA to be left out of this list. Veggie Fam is a pop-up vegan food vendor that is primarily known for serving up their food at farmers markets in Silver Lake, but has also been known to appear at other events and markets as well.

They have a huge variety of different types of plant-based fast foods. Everything from cauliflower onion rings to "chick'n" sandwiches can be found on the menu at Veggie Fam whenever they put up their vendor stand at an event in LA.

4 Pura Vita

The chef at LA's Pura Vita, Tara, has been a vegan for three decades. She's from Brooklyn and decided to bring a taste of vegan Italian food to LA after working in other restaurants across the country.

Pura Vita is located in West Hollywood and is a 100% plant-based wine bar and Italian restaurant. This restaurant serves up a ton of delicious Italian dishes with no meat, cheese, or other animal products. With everything from garlic parmiganio potato wedges - with parmesan made from macadamia nuts - to lasagna made with cashew ricotta on the menu, all the Italian food you could want is featured at Pura Vita.

3 Au Lac

Au Lac is a restaurant located in Downtown Los Angeles that serves up authentic Vietnamese food. Although Vietnamese food typically features a lot of different kinds of meat, Au Lac is completely different. Everything at Au Lac is completely plant-based.

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This restaurant uses the freshest organic produce and ingredients that are sourced by the owners of the restaurant specifically for their food. Au Lac has a really creative way of taking traditional Vietnamese favorites and making them vegan friendly for all visitors.


By CHLOE. is a vegan chain restaurant that was started by Chloe Coscarelli, former winner of the Food Network series Cupcake Wars. Although she left the restaurant and is no longer involved, they've kept her name and still serve up the delicious vegan food that they opened with.

This restaurant has taken all of our fast food favorites and put a really trendy, vegan twist on them. By CHLOE. has locations across the United States, but is definitely a favorite for vegans in LA who are tempted by other burger joins like In-N-Out Burger but want it plant-based.

1 Café Gratitude

Café Gratitude is a restaurant that has multiple locations and is definitely a favorite of Los Angeles vegans. The food at Café Gratitude is locally sourced and is made from ingredients that are fresh and in season. Along with being completely vegan and plant-based, Café Gratitude is dedicated to treating the Earth as well as we treat our bodies.

This restaurant has multiple locations around Los Angeles and their menu has a huge variety of different plant-based offerings. This means that no matter where in the city you are or what you're craving, Café Gratitude probably has something for you.

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