Everyone has a dream place they'd love to visit. It's different for everyone, but for many people, that city is Paris. Paris is the capital of France and a city known for its food, fashion, and history. There's a good reason that Paris is so high on the bucket lists of so many people.

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There are a lot of wonderful things to do in Paris. There are a ton of popular tourist destinations and places to enjoy world-class meals, but one thing that many people want to do while in Paris is pick up some souvenirs to remember their trip by. Luckily, there are a ton of places in this historic city to shop.

To see 10 of the best places in Paris to go shopping, keep reading!

10 Born Bad

For the most hardcore fans of rock music, finding a record store that's full of all kinds of rock 'n' roll records and albums is a dream come true. Even though digital music has become really popular in recent years, going to music stores just to browse the racks of CDs and records is still fun for people that really love music.

Born Bad is a record store in Paris that has its own record label. this store and record label has been responsible for signing quite a few French rock bands and is a popular destination for anyone that loves music.

9 La Crèmerie

La Crèmerie is part wine bar, part restaurant, part shop. No matter what you want to consider it, there's one thing that's certain: La Crèmerie is a delicious, uniquely French experience. Some of the first things that many people think of when they think of France are cheese and wine, so why not stop somewhere to sample a little of each?

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La Crèmerie has a really small, intimate location where you can sample some small plates of cheese and enjoy a glass of wine or grab an order of each one to take back to where you're staying with you.

8 Paulie And Me

Over the years, a lot of really famous and influential fashion and jewelry designers have called Paris home. Although there are a ton of luxury shops around Paris where designer goods can be purchased, buying things from up-and-coming designers can be a little bit more difficult.

But, if you're looking to buy something unique from a designer that has yet to really blow up in the fashion world, going to Paulie and Me in Paris is a must. This boutique features clothes, jewelry, and other accessories that are handmade by designers from around the world. The designers and items that are featured rotate, so there's always something new.

7 Shakespeare And Company

Shakespeare and Company is among the most famous bookstores in the world. It opened in Paris in 1919 and has become a really popular tourist destination for book lovers and writers alike ever since then.

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For writers that are passing through Paris and need somewhere to stay, Shakespeare and Company offers them a temporary home. In lieu of payment, these writers are asked to help out in the bookstore for a few hours a day by stocking and rearranging shelves or helping customers. This tradition started in the 1950s when the store changed hands and it has yet to be suspended.

6 La REcyclerie

La REcyclerie is a really unique store, restaurant, and social venue located in Paris that is completely different from any others in the city. Although Paris is home to a ton of restaurants and eateries, this is one of the most unique ones because of the fact that it has such a heavy focus on being eco-friendly.

La REcyclerie has delicious meals and products that are produced in a completely eco-friendly way. Along with serving up food to hungry customers, they also offer classes that teach cooking and other DIY skills that help people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and host various different social events.

5 Maxxi Games

Paris is a city known for fashion, fine food, and fine wine, but those aren't the only things that can be purchased in this city. If you're someone that's more into video games than Valentino, visiting Maxxi Games is definitely something that needs to go on your bucket list.

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This store has a massive selection of games. Whether it was just released yesterday or it's a rare game from the 80s that you've been struggling to get your hands on, Maxxi Games is sure to have the game you're searching for.

4 Les Fleurs

Lucie Deniset opened her first Parisian shop back in 2004. She started selling her own jewelry creations as well as those made by up-and-coming creators from around the city. Since then, Les Fleurs has gone through some major changes, but it still has the same mission that it did back when Lucie opened her first store.

Today, Les Fleurs still sells unique pieces of jewelry that are made both by Lucie and by other amateur designers. If you're looking for a new piece of jewelry that you can't find anywhere else or a unique gift for someone who loves fashion, Les Fleurs is the place to go.

3 Tombées du Camion

If other stores around Paris are just too "normal" for you and you're looking for something a little more quirky, you don't have to look far. Tombées du Camion is a vintage shop in Paris that is truly unique. While many other vintage shops have things like rock band t-shirts from the 80s, leather jackets from the 50s, and hats from the 30s, Tombées du Camion has a more eclectic mix of things.

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This store has just about everything you could imagine - as long as it was created before the 1980s. It has a variety of unique and truly unusual things. The collection ranges from the late 19th century through the 1980s and includes things like discarded doll parts, postcards, and old jars.

2 Un Regard Moderne Bookstore

If you're someone that loves all things literature, there are a lot of places around Europe that need to go on your travel bucket list. But if you're into the more quirky, edgy side of the literary world, there's only one place that you need to go.

Un Regard Moderne Bookstore is a bookstore located in Paris that isn't like your average Barnes & Noble or other local bookstores. You won't be finding the New York Times bestsellers here. Instead, you'll find a quirky selection of graphic novels and quirky books written by independent authors.

1 Les Mauvaises Graines

Les Mauvaises Graines is a really unique concept store located in Paris. For people that like to truly have a totally different experience when they go shopping instead of just being in a typical store, this store is a must-visit.

This store is one that sells a variety of different plants that are perfect for the home of anyone living in Paris. Although this store isn't exactly one that someone just visiting will be able to buy much from, it's still a fun place to browse. This store is almost like a serene rock garden and plant boutique all rolled into one.

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